Blood of the Unicorn (mm celeb mc fant)

This story contains scenes of gay sex, and is intended for ADULT READERS only! But then, you probably knew that already.

This story is copyrighted by the author, and not intended to infringe on any copyrights owned by the producers of Port Charles.

A chill autumn wind whistled through the woods, causing the branches of the trees to sway, their brilliant red-and-yellow leaves rustling in the fading sunlight. Jack Ramsey shivered slightly, pulling the plaid jacket closer around his lean, muscular torso. "I'm starting to think is a wild-goose chase," he muttered, his voice even deeper and breathier than usual due to the deepening cold.

"It'll work," his companion rebuked him firmly. Rafe Kovitch's intense hazel-green eyes looked straight into Jack's, as if to project his certainty. "When we find the unicorn, we find Caleb. And this time we'll destroy him once and for all."

"Yeah," grunted Jack. "How many times have we destroyed him once and for all now?"

"Seventeen," Rafe admitted. "But this time will be different. I have a sense."

"If we had any sense we wouldn't be out in the woods looking for a unicorn," his friend retorted, then sighed. "Okay, I do trust your instincts. You've been a vampire slayer a lot longer than I have. It's just that things have been so crazy in Port Charles the last few years…"

"I know." Rafe shook his shaggy blonde head in wonderment. "Eve's ghost coming between Ian and Lucy, Kevin declaring himself the Antichrist, Allison finding out her mother is really her long-lost half-sister… God, I love Allison so much, but sometimes it's like her life is just a never-ending soap opera."

Jack's big dark eyes turned misty. "Yeah, I feel the same way about Tess. Or Livvie. Or whatever she's calling herself this week. She'll always be the love of my life, but the split-personality thing is making me nuts." His handsome face hardened. "That's why we've got to finish Caleb for good this time. She'll never be safe as long as that damned vampire's obsessed with her."

"Trust in me, my faithful padawan," Rafe smiled, only half-joking. Since he'd begun training Jack as a Slayer, they had formed a special bond - the kind of bond shared only by those who face danger side-by-side. And with their unique special powers, the superhuman strength and reflexes that Rafe possessed as a Slayer and Jack retained as a former vampire, no men on Earth were so supremely equipped for their mission.

Rafe's cell phone beeped, and he quickly thumbed it on. "Kovitch."

"We've got a sighting," came Jamal's tinny voice. "A big white critter heading toward the waterfall. It's gotta be our horsie."

Rafe winced slightly at hearing one of the world's most magical beasts called a 'horsie'. "You and Ian stay on its tail, we'll come toward you from the other direction."

"Gotcha, chief. Out."

Rafe and his gifted student started off toward the falls at a brisk pace. "So remind me," said Jack, "I know Caleb's always after blood, but why a unicorn's blood?"

Rafe's boyish features grimaced in distaste, the scruffy beard he'd recently grown back twitching with the movement. "Because the unicorn is an incarnation of both sexual and romantic love. Its blood is the most potent aphrodisiac ever known. If two people are touched by that blood, legend has it that they'll be bonded in a love that never dies. They'll never care about anyone or anything else again." His voice turned hard. "Caleb Morley plans to kill that beautiful creature. And as it dies, he'll let it bleed on him and - "

"Tess," Jack finished bitterly. "And you can bet your last dime she's on her way to him now. She never could resist him."

"Don't be too hard on her," Rafe said gently. "Caleb's vampire powers are hard for anyone to resist. And they've grown way beyond anything we've known in the past…"

"How much farther?" asked Ian Thornhart in his deep Irish brogue, flexing his huge shoulders to shake off the cold of deepening night. It was too cold for October, he thought. Colder than Port Charles had been since the long-gone days of Mikkos Cassidine.

"Just a little way ahead," Jamal Woods assured him, his own breath frosting in the air. He hugged himself. "Man, what is with this weather?"


Silhouetted against the rushing waters of Port Charles Falls, Caleb Morley smiled, the smug, lazy smile that had melted the hearts of so many unsuspecting victims. "It's coming," he announced in his throaty voice. "You can't wait to meet the unicorn, can you, Olivia my love?"

"Can't wait…" Tess/Livvie murmured, staring into his dark hypnotic eyes.

"And some others are coming, too." Caleb licked his full, pouty lips in delight. "Some old friends. But I think a few more than we really need right now. I'm afraid they're going to get a very chilly reception."

Focusing the dark power that emanated from his undead mind, he raised one arm in a gesture of command.


"That can't be… snow?" Jamal blinked in disbelief.

"Sure feels like it," Ian grunted. His powerful figure shuddered as an icy wind came blasting through the forest. "And that wind - !" His eyes widened. "It's Caleb! He knows we're coming! He's doing this somehow!"

"Oh, man! Controlling the weather? How strong is he now?" Jamal reeled as a rush of snow hit him right in the face.

"Didn't you ever read Dracula? It comes with the territory," Ian gasped. "We've got to keep moving."
"I know, I know. They're counting…on us." Jamal tried to stop his teeth from chattering. "But it's… so cold. So… cold…"

"Fight… it." The taller man lurched forward, trying to shield his younger friend with his broad body. "Have…to…fight…it." The snow was like a solid wall slamming against them now. The wind cut through their stiffening muscles like a thousand blades of ice. It was barely possible to see. Barely possible to move.

Jamal sluggishly raised an arm, trying to protect his face. His arm and hand froze in place before his blurring vision. "So… damn… collddd…" he whispered, then was silent.

Snow piled on their heads and shoulders, but they didn't react. They were statues now, their frozen forms coated with a glistening sheen of ice.


Caleb Morley grinned, exposing his lethal fangs. "Two down. Two to go…"

"Jack," Tess murmured, a portion of her will still clinging to thoughts of her great love.

"Yes, Jack." The vampire's voice was a sensual murmur. "Soon Jack will be here, my dearest Olivia. Isn't that what we both want?"

The bushes rustled, and a white head emerged - a horse's head crowned with a long, gleaming ivory horn.

"Ah," said Caleb softly. "Our guest of honor."

He drew a long, curved knife from his belt.


"Look!" Jack hissed fiercely, pointing ahead toward the rushing roar of the falls.

Rafe's eyes narrowed as he saw. The unicorn was walking slowly, trustingly, straight toward the waiting figure of his greatest foe. It didn't seem to notice the blade that gleamed coldly in the vampire's grasp. Any more than the vacantly-staring Tess seemed to be noticing much of anything.

"We've gotta stop him!" grated the Slayer. "We can't let him kill it! But even more - we can't let its blood touch Caleb and Tess! If it does, she'll be lost to him forever!"

"Never!" Jack dashed madly forward, smashing trees out of his path as his muscles surged with superhuman strength. Rafe was barely a step behind, oblivious to fear, every reflex on the alert.

Caleb showed no surprise at their appearance. In fact, he laughed. "You guys never miss one of my parties, do you?"

He raised the knife, its curve glistening in the moonlight. The patterns of the racing falls reflected in its bright surface. The blade slashed ruthlessly down.

"NO!" screamed the two heroes, leaping desperately forward. Jack's powerful body slammed into the magical beast - too late to save it from the fatal blow, but not too late to shove it away from his beloved Tess with all his might. Rafe threw himself in front of the dazed girl, shielding her from the ruby blood that spurted from the unicorn's soft hide, making sure that not a single spraying droplet touched her skin. He sobbed as the hot liquid touched his own face, mourning the death of one of the world's wonders.

Jack Ramsey, sprawled atop the unicorn's shuddering, dying form, lifted his head to shout defiantly at his hated enemy. "You've lost, Caleb! This poor beast's blood will never touch Tess!" He raised a bloodstained hand from the animal's throbbing side, making a fist. "This blood will never touch her!"

"He's right, vampire. You blew it again, like you always do." Rafe came to Jack's side and reached out a strong hand, helping his friend to his feet. The power of Jack's grip was balm to his tense nerves, reminding him just how tight they were. How totally their common cause united them. He laced his fingers with Jack's and squeezed. "You'll never win against the two of us together, Caleb. And that's how we'll always fight you - together."

"Damn right!" Jack echoed, throwing an arm around Rafe's broad, muscular back. "Together!"

"Do tell," murmured Caleb softly. "I never realized just how close you guys really are."

"You better believe it," Rafe said with feeling, hugging Jack close to him. God, it felt so good to hold him close like that! To feel the bracing, comforting hardness of that perfect physique against his…

His eyes went to the unicorn blood on Jack's hand - the hand that was clasping his tightly. His pulse was racing, and he could feel Jack's pounding too. Jack was breathing so hard that his chest was visibly rising and falling. His hard, manly chest…With a struggle, Rafe tore his eyes away to stare at Caleb in horror.

The vampire raised an eyebrow. "Oopsy."

"Rafe," Jack gasped, "something…something's happening to me. You look…" His wide dark eyes seemed to glaze over as they gazed into Rafe's. "You look…so beautiful, man." His hand had slipped down Rafe's back and, seemingly of its own will, began sensuously caressing his butt.

"Jack," Rafe gasped, trembling all over. The rhythmic massage of that hand was sending ecstasy through his body like a crashing wave, clouding his mind. "Resist it, Jack. You've gotta resist. You've gotta think of Tess. And I, I've gotta think of…of…" Damn it, what the hell was her name? "You can fight it, Jack, I know you can. You're so strong, so brave…so gorgeous..." Their faces slowly inched closer until they were almost touching. "Oh, the hell with it," he breathed. C'mere, stud." With a blissful sigh, they locked lips and began tonguing fiercely.

"Jack…?" Tess murmured faintly.

"He can't hear you any more, my love," smiled Caleb, placing strong, soothing hands on her slim shoulders to massage them gently. "Or at least, he doesn't care any more. I always told you his love wasn't deep like mine." He bent to kiss her throat, using only his lips - for the moment. "You know my love is forever."

Tess or Livvie or whoever gazed up at him happily. "Forever. Yes, I know that. And Jack…he has a love for forever now, too."

Caleb slipped a proprietary arm around his princess. "Yep. Happy endings all around." They strolled arm-in-arm to where Rafe and Jack had sunk to the ground and were frantically tearing each other's clothes off. "Y'see, I know how stubborn you guys can be. You're both such total pains in the ass that you've literally kept coming back from the dead to screw me up." He grinned. "Not that I'm one to talk."

The writhing vampire slayers (or former vampire slayers) didn't respond. Rafe was engrossed in the challenge of trying to bend his limber body double between Jack's muscular legs so that he could fuck him from behind and suck him from the front at the same time. Jack was making it even more difficult by cuming on Rafe's face before it could reach his cock, meanwhile passionately sucking and licking the bare feet that Rafe had locked around his torso from behind. They both had their hands full, so to speak.

"Since killing you seemed to be pointless," Caleb continued cheerfully, "the only sensible thing to do was convince you to change your priorities, which it looks like I've done. You don't really give a fuck about killing me any more, do you, Blondie?"

It sounded somewhat like Rafe was saying "Nah, who cares?", though it was hard to be sure with Jack's big cock filling his mouth and shooting down his throat.

"And you, Jack, no more of that crap about wanting my Olivia for yourself?"

Jack paused in nibbling the inside of Rafe's ankles long enough to ask vaguely, "Who?"

"Happy endings all around," Tess sighed happily, snuggling up to her undead beau.

"And true love conquers all," agreed Caleb. "Come on, darling. Let's go home."

The twilight birds sang joyously overhead as they left Rafe and Jack lost in an oblivious state of permanent heat, alternately passing out from sheer erotic ecstasy and waking up on the verge of another orgasm. Some of those birds stopped to rest for a moment on the two icy new statues that stood partway down the hillside. In fact, Caleb took a moment to pee on them himself. After all, it wasn't as if it mattered. By the time they thawed next spring, they were gonna smell pretty woodsy anyway.