Brendan on Ice (mm celeb mc asfr)

This story is all about mind control, immobilization and gay sex. It is not meant to imply anything about the real Brendan Fraser or his personal life. In fact, it ignores everything that is known about it!

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"What's all this?" said Brendan, surprise in his deep, cheerful voice.

He stood in the kitchen doorway, dressed in nothing but a pair of cutoff jeans. I gulped, almost losing my breath. The morning sunlight on his tanned skin made him look like a golden statue of some ancient god - tall and perfectly muscled and radiant. With those broad shoulders and chest, and those powerful arms, he could have been one of those Greek guys who wrestled bulls.

He saw my reaction and his cheeks crinkled in a wry smile; but there was a touch of sadness in his big blue eyes. I had told him how I felt about him once, and the look on his face had been more serious and sad than I'd ever seen it. "I wish I could feel what you feel, Ricky," he had said. "But you know I'm straight. It's not something I can change. Let's not talk about it again, okay?" And we never had. We just went on being friends - and he was the best of friends.

He gestured at the table where cereal, juice, and a pile of egg sandwiches were laid out, raising his eyebrows questioningly. "Oh," I blushed. "I just thought, you know, you're being so nice inviting me to visit and all that, I just thought I'd make you breakfast today."

He shook his head. "Okay," he said, "but lunch is on me. I invited you as my guest, not my slave."
Watching those shoulders flex as he plunked down in his chair, I couldn't help thinking that either would be okay with me. But my plans were different from that, too. "It's no big deal," I said. "Even I can cook an egg sandwich."

"Sit down and eat yourself," he ordered, then cracked up. "I mean... you, yourself... eat! Damn, that sounded dirty!" He gulped down his orange juice. "We've got lots of stuff I wanna do today. Make up for yesterday." He gave me a curious look. "You never did tell me why you got here so late. Flight delayed?"

"Naw," I admitted. "I guess I can tell you that I took a little detour on the way here. I went down to New Orleans to see a voodoo woman I met on the net."

"You're kidding? A voodoo woman? Black magic stuff?"

"Nothing really bad," I told him. "She just sold me a kind of love potion. She said it will turn any man into my willing slave."

He pretended to look scared. "Uh-oh! You're not gonna use it on me, are you?"

"I already did. I put it in your orange juice."

He stared at me a second, then burst out laughing. "You are so full of crap," he grinned, reaching for a sandwich.

"Freeze," I said, and held my breath.

His hand stopped halfway to his open mouth. He didn't even have time to look surprised; he just froze with that big friendly grin on his face. It was like time had stopped.

I cautiously reached out and moved my hand back and forth in front of his eyes. They didn't blink. He wasn't faking. He was really frozen!

"Am I full of crap, Brendan? Am I really?" I teased. "If you weren't in my power, would you let me do this?" I slapped him - playfully, not too hard - on each cheek. He didn't have the slightest reaction - just sat there smiling. A big blob of egg slid out of his sandwich and ran down his arm.

My own smile must have been as big as the Grand Canyon. Brendan was mine - totally helpless - my own big, beautiful, hunky statue to play with! I had dreamed of this for so long! Oh, the things I was going to do!

Then, being me, I found something to worry about. The old lady had said the potion would make him a willing slave, but how could I know what he was really feeling right now? Under that frozen smile, was he really feeling scared and furiously pissed at me? I would hate that! I thought about what she had said: "Whatever you tell him be stuck in his mind. He have to obey, no matter what."

I looked into his staring blue eyes seriously. "You love being frozen, Brendan my friend. You don't ever want to move. You'd like to stay like this forever."

No response, of course - how could there be? How did I know if my words had worked? I thought a moment and said, "Brendan, you can't move a muscle, so you can't talk. But your vocal cords still work. Make one grunt for yes, and two grunts for no. Do you like being a statue?"

There was a brief pause. Then, without moving his lips, Brendan said "Uh."

That sounded good! Just to be sure, I said, "Would you like me to unfreeze you now?"

"Uh uh!" he said forcefully.

I beamed. This was too good to be true! Not only could I do anything I wanted with him, I could make him enjoy it! I stood up, walked slowly around the table, and pulled Brendan's chair back. He stayed exactly as he was, his right arm raised with the collapsing sandwich in his hand, his left arm sticking out stiffly as if his elbow was still on the table. His long, strong legs were crossed. I gently caressed his soft dark hair, thinking of the brain underneath and how helpless it was. I could make him think and feel anything I wanted him to!

I moved around and looked into those big, blue eyes, feeling myself melt as I always did. "You love me, Brendan," I said, my voice a little shaky. "You're in love with me, and you're gonna love everything that I do with you." His eyes didn't move or blink, but I swear I could see a reaction in them - a look of happiness. It's amazing what eyes can show.

I leaned in and planted a long, sensual kiss on his open mouth. His stiff lips couldn't respond; even his tongue felt frozen. But from deep in his throat came a wordless "Uhhhh..." He sounded like he was in heaven. I know I was.

I went crazy then, frantically groping him all over, clawing at his big powerful shoulders, his broad back and chest. I ran my lips along his outstretched arm, kissing every hard bulge of muscle till I got to his fingers and kissed each of them. They tasted good, and I sucked them for a little, while my hand reached around and squeezed his nipples. All the time he stayed stiff as a rock; the only sign of life was in the blissful "uhhh...uhhh...uhhh..." that croaked from his mouth.

I wrapped my arms around my statue and lifted him out of the chair, being careful not to drop him as I lowered him to the floor. I propped his shoulder against the chair so that he was stretched out at an angle on his side, like an ironing board leaned against a wall. He looked really funny with his arms held stiffly out in their positions. There was egg smeared all over his right arm, and I bent over to lick it off, biting the hard muscles underneath. His moans became a sharp, happily painful "Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Then I sat down on the floor and slid his shorts down around his ankles. His big beautiful cock was flat, not even drooping toward the floor - but it was trembling helplessly in its frozen position, trying desperately to get hard. "Bend when I move you," I ordered. I reached out and grabbed that beautiful cock and pulled it upright. It stayed where I put it, quivering stiffly in my hand, precum leaking out onto its surface. With a sigh of bliss I took it in my mouth, sucking and slurping greedily. Brendan's grunts became one continuous moan of ecstasy.

"Cum!" I said with my mouth full of cock, and he exploded into me with a wordless howl of pleasure. I gulped down the wonderful treat, taking Brendan into my body, swallowing him up. It was very strong and sour, but it was the best thing I had ever tasted.

When he finally ran dry - and it took a long time - I practically collapsed, gasping for breath. Brendan remained stiff as a ramrod, breathing as heavily as I was. His messy cock still stood up like a flagpole. That gave me an idea. I slid his shoulder off the chair and shifted him around, stretching him out on the linoleum on his back. His arms were still stretched out, and his legs stuck up in the air. That was going to get in the way - oh, wait, I had told him to bend, hadn't I? I pushed on each limb until they were flat against the floor. I had to brace his flat stomach with one hand, because when I pushed down on the legs, the torso tried to move with them. Finally I had him lying flat. Only his cock stood up straight. I leaned back and lowered myself onto it, gasping as it penetrated. I lay there moaning happily, squirming around so I could feel it "moving" inside my ass, raising and lowering myself on it. To my shock, I felt a new burst of cum flow into me and heard Brendan's deep moans and gasps mingling with my own.

We stayed like that for a long time, just basking in the wonderful feeling of having our bodies joined together. I actually dozed off into a deep, contented sleep for a while. I woke with my stomach growling. It was after two o'clock, and, after all, we had gotten kind of... distracted... from breakfast! Poor Brendan, who was always a hearty eater, must be starved, but in his mind-controlled state it probably didn't bother him. I, on the other hand, was hungry.

I reluctantly pulled myself out of Brendan and stood up, a little shakily, looking at the food getting stale on the table. Then a light went on over my head, and I grinned wickedly. I pulled out a couple of chairs and set them a few feet apart. Then, with some effort, I lifted Brendan's rigid body in my arms and laid him out across them on his back. Going to the fridge, I took out a loaf of bread and some cold cuts and made myself a couple of sandwiches. Then I pulled up a third chair and set the food out on Brendan's chest, balancing a glass of milk on his hard abs. For a final touch, I piled some onion rings on his cock. As he had promised, lunch was on him.

I did enjoy eating those onion rings. Didn't use my fingers at all.

After lunch I felt full of energy again. I was feeling like quite a stud, in fact, so I stood Brendan upright and took him from behind, squeezing his wonderful body to me as I shoved in again and again. When I was ready to collapse, from exertion and sheer happiness, I dragged him into the living room and set him up in front of the TV, with his crossed legs flat against the rug and his upper body upright. I bent his arms out into flexed, muscular armrests, and settled happily into my human chair, snuggling my butt down onto his still-rigid cock. I picked up the remote and tried to watch some cartoons, but it was hard to concentrate. I kept wanting to just cuddle up with my Brendan and stroke every part of his bod. Finally I gave up and turned the TV off; who needed to watch He-Man when I had one of my own?

At last I realized the room was starting to get dark; outside, the sun was going to set. I sighed. The voodoo woman had told me that whatever I wanted to do, whatever changes I wanted to make, would have to be done before sunset. After that the potion would lose its effect.

I stood up and looked down at my beautiful Brendan. He smiled back at me; his expression hadn't changed in ten hours. I knew what I had to do.

"I could still do anything I want to you," I told him quietly. "I could tell you to stay frozen forever, or to stay gay and love me forever, and you would have to obey even after the sun goes down. But I can't do that to you, my friend. I love you too much to turn you into something that isn't real. No matter how much I want to."

I took a deep breath. "In a minute the sun will set and the potion will wear off. You'll have your free will back and be able to move again. And you won't be stuck with any of the commands I gave you today. You'll be completely free - free to be whatever you want to be. Free to love or hate anyone you want. Anyone at all." My voice caught in my throat; I could guess who he was going to hate after this. "I love you," I whispered.

A moment later Brendan shook himself all over, blinking his eyes furiously. I hadn't even stopped to think what a strain it must have been for him to stare like that all day. He looked at me in what looked like shock and amazement. I lowered my eyes to the floor, suddenly feeling ashamed for the first time. I didn't blame him for what he must be thinking about me right now.

"I'm free, then," he said, almost like a question. "I'm not under your control at all any more."

"Yeah," I said sadly. "I didn't leave you with any orders at all."

"Yes you did," he corrected quietly. "You ordered me to be free to love or hate anyone I want."

I looked up, astonished, as his hand gently stroked my cheek.

"Anyone at all," he said softly, and took me in his strong arms for a tender kiss.