Chips (mm mc)

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I met him at Scott's party yesterday, and was so dazzled by his male-model face and physique that I hardly heard his name. Luckily that didn't really matter, because I remembered the most important thingto slip a remote-control microchip into my palm just before I shook his hand. He blinked for a split-second as it bonded with his flesh, then relaxed, ignoring a feeling so brief and tiny that he must have written it off as the poke of an untrimmed fingernail. The statuesque blonde on his arm didn't notice, either; she was too busy ruffling his dark hair. He would feel nothing as the tiny chip slowly worked through his bloodstream, unerringly homing in on his brain.

So today all I had to do was open up the drawer where I keep my control board, type in the right code, and smile as the "activate" light lit up. Then I settled down to wait.

About an hour later the doorbell rang. Sure enough, it was my new friend. He smiled and said, "Hey, Cris", his deep voice shivering a little from the cold outside. He had come just as he was when the chip activated, wearing nothing but a wife-beater, tight black shorts, and sneaks. His broad chest and bulging biceps seemed to be trying to burst out of even that.

"Come on in," I said quickly, and he gratefully hurried into my nice warm house. "I didn't think I'd see you again so soon," I lied.

His big green eyes looked charmingly confused. "Yeah, I don't even really know how I got here. I could swear you didn't tell me your address yesterday." Then he grinned, a big sexy grin that made me melt. "But you must have, right, 'cause here I am."

"So what do you wanna do?" I asked, testing.

"Oh, I dunno. I guess anything you want me to do." For just a moment he seemed to be wondering why he'd said that.

"Okay," I said. "Kiss me."

For a second he looked shocked. But the look faded almost instantly, transformed by the chip into happy acceptance. "You got it, boss," he said cheerfully, just as if this was nothing unusual. He wrapped his arms around me, and a moment later wrapped his tongue around my tonsils. We stayed together for a long moment; then he let go and stepped back, waiting for more instructions.

"Pick me up and carry me to my room," I said smugly, knowing the chip had put its location in his brain.

"Sure, boss," he smiled again. He lifted me in those strong arms and started walking, carrying me as easily as a baby. I hung an arm around his shoulder and started kissing his face, making him giggle a little.

Along the way we passed my dad and my kid brother Bill, busy cleaning and vacuuming. A few days ago they would have been shocked and appalled to see me like this, but now they support me in everything - since I shook their hands. Bill grinned, gave me a thumbs-up, and called out, "Way to go, stud!" I heard my dad saying proudly, "That's my boy!", his voice so much younger and happier-sounding since I made him stop drinking. They kept right on working, though. They're not allowed to stop until the house is spotless.

When we got to my room I had him put me down, then told him, "Undress me. Then undress yourself." I quivered all over with pleasure as his hands removed my clothes. My big brother Sam watched, eyes and mouth wide open, and I hung my clothes on his stiff, outstretched arms. Sam used to be the world's worst bully, but ever since I told him to freeze he's been such a cool clothes-tree! I gave his cheek a friendly pinch, then gave all my attention to the man of the hour as he finished undressing me and started to strip himself. I ran my hands lovingly against each part of his body as he bared it, snuggling happily up against his nice hard muscles. The bed stood waiting.

Yessir, there's nothing I like better than some nice fresh chips! And I don't mind sharing them at all.

Want one?