Mr. Mxyzptlk's Super-Slave! (mm hypno asfr true)

This is the true account of a session I had recently with one of my hypnosis subjects. It began, as usual, on IM, as he said hi and we started casually chatting. He was still excited from his most recent phone call to me - the third time I had put him under - and we were talking about what sort of scenarios turn him on. He mentioned really having the hots for Superman, and that it would be even hotter to BE Superman. I described a memorable panel from an early John Byrne issue, in which Mr. Mxyzptlk, that malicious pixie from the fifth dimension, briefly turned Superman into a slack-jawed moron, just to show off the extent of his powers. We both agreed that Superman made helpless was the hottest scenario of all, and my friend said that the idea of being a brain-dead muscleman really did something for him. I told him to call and I would deliver on that scenario.

The phone rang minutes later, and after a brief conversation about his evening, I abruptly used the trigger that I had programmed him with the first time he called. He stopped in mid-sentence, falling instantly into trance. "You're hypnotized now, aren't you, slave?" I asked.

"Yes, Master," he said flatly, as programmed.

"And you love it, don't you?"

I already knew the answer: "Yes, Master."

"You have a new trigger to obey," I told him. "A new name. When I call you 'Dummy', you are going to feel your intellect slipping away…dissolving like butter…vanishing. You will be unable to react. You will act as if nothing is happening. But you will feel yourself getting dumber…and dumber…and dumber. The dumber you get, the bigger and stronger your muscles will grow. But by the time a minute has passed, you will be unable to even form a coherent thought. Unable to put the idea together to even move or speak, unless someone tells you to. Whenever I call you 'Dummy', your intelligence will just…dissolve. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," he replied woodenly.

"Very good. When I wake you, you will go on with what you were saying, exactly as if nothing had happened." I spoke the counter-trigger to release him.

" - a nice restaurant," he resumed. "Good food, good atmosphere."

"Tell me more, Dummy," I urged.

"We had a good time. I like eating in places like that. It's relaxing."

"You have dinner with friends a lot?"

"Yeah." His voice was slowing, hesitating, as if putting the words together was becoming an effort. "I…spend time with them…whenever I can."

"Good friends, then."

"Yeah." His voice was dragging now. "They're…great…guys…"

"What kind of food did you get?"


"What kind of food did you get?" I repeated.

After a pause he echoed, "Food."

"That's right," I smirked. "What kind of food do you like, Dummy?"

Another long pause. "…Eat."

"You're dumb as dirt now, aren't you, Dummy?"


"You can't even form a coherent thought. But you're as strong as you are dumb. Your muscles are really big now, aren't they, Dummy?"

"Yeah," he said happily.

"Keep the phone in your hand. Start flexing the other arm. Make a nice, BIG muscle. Flex and unflex. Keep doing it, over and over. You can't resist, because you're too dumb to even think. Isn't that right, slave?"

"Yes…Mas…ter." I didn't have to see him to know that his arm was mechanically, mindlessly obeying my command.

"Recite 'I am a big dumb slave'," I ordered.

"I dumb big slave. I dumb big slave…." He stopped, losing his grip on the thought.

I let him continue for a few minutes, all the time reminding him how big and stupid and helpless he was. Then it was time for the main event.

"I have total control of you now," I said firmly. "You know I can change you in any way I want, into anything I want. Close your eyes. Now I'm going to make one of your dreams come true. I'm taking the person you are, and I'm putting that person to sleep now. I'm wrapping that person up in a nice, warm, peaceful bundle, and I'm putting him to sleep in a lovely, safe place in the back of your mind. He's fast asleep now. Fast asleep. And your body is an empty shell, a void just waiting to be filled by whoever I put into it. Ready to become whatever my Voice commands.

"When I wake you, you will be a new person. Someone you've always wanted to be. You are Superman. Clark Kent. Kal-El of Krypton. You are the Man of Steel - superhumanly strong. Superhumanly powerful. Superhumanly gorgeous. Your perfect body surges with incredible power.

"But I - I am Mxyzptlk." I took pride in being able to pronounce that! I made my voice higher, impish and full of mockery. "MR. Mxyzptlk to you! And you're completely in my power, Superman! I've frozen you with my magic, and there's nothing you can do! When you wake, you will be Superman - but frozen, helpless against my power! Wake up, Supey!"

Silence. "You're helpless, ain't you, Stuporman? You can speak - but ONLY speak."

"Can't…move." His voice had lost its usual drawl, become firm and macho.

"Yeah," I sneered. "All those super-big, super-strong muscles, but you can't do anything with 'em, can ya?"

"They don't work," said Superman helplessly.

"Yup!" My tone became confidential. "You know why I've been buggin' you all these years, Supey? It's 'cause I've always had the hots for your super-bod. But you just don't get the message! So I've decided to stop screwin' around - and get on with some screwin' around. I'll make you forget all about that Lois chick!"

He said something that might have been "You can't do this to me!", but I was talking right over him.

"'Cause I'm Mr. Mxyzptlk, and I can fuck with your mind any way I want! For instance: You're gay, Superman! Just like that. How do you feel about that?"

"Nothing better than to be with another man," he answered instantly.

"Attaboy!" I mocked. "Yeah, that's better. But something's not quite right, something still needs adjusting…I know! I'll do a Wonder Twin thingy! Form of - Brad Pitt!"

I let my voice drop a couple of octaves, throwing in a hint of a down-home accent. "There we go. You'd much rather be fucked by Brad, wouldn't you, Superstud?"

"Oh yeah," he breathed. "Any time."

"Good - 'cause you've got no choice. You're still stuck standing there like a statue. Now let's make those tights disappear. That's better. Now I'll just move around behind…and rub my big, hard cock against your frozen ass."

He began to moan, breathing harder.

"Yeah, you feel it, don'cha? Rubbing, probing, looking for the way in. But when it goes in, you won't be able to talk. My Mxyz-prick will leave you speechless. Only able to make wordless sounds. Oooh, it's poking into those cheeks of steel…ready…ready…it's in! Shoving! Shoving! Shoving!"

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" he grunted helplessly.

"I'm inside your super-bod…twisting and thrusting…while you stand there frozen like a rock. Can't even talk. Ooh, I'm so hot…so hot…I'm gonna cum…I'm gonna shoot my cum all through your body, Super-Slave. Aahh! I'm cumin'! I'm cumin'!"

"Auhh…" he gasped raggedly.

"You can say what I tell you to say," I ordered. "Say 'I am Mr. Mxyzptlk's slave.'"

"I am Mr. Mxyzptlk's slave," he repeated blankly.

"Say 'I love being Mxy's slave.'"

"I love being Mxy's slave."

"Say 'I want to be Mxy's slave forever'."

"I want to be Mxy's slave forever," he echoed dreamily.

"And you will. You will. But right now…it's time to go back to your other self. I'm putting Superman to sleep now. Wrapping him up and putting him away, back in a safe, quiet place at the back of your mind. And when you awake, you will be who you were before. You will no longer be Superman - but you will remember being Superman. You will no longer be dumb - but you will remember being dumb. You will be back to your normal self, and you will remember everything that you experienced - with absolute, crystal clarity.

"When I say the word, you will open your eyes, and you will be awake…Open your eyes."

There was a sharp intake of breath on the other end of the line. Then he spoke:

"Oh, man, that was wild!"