Secret Mission: An Eros of Orgasmia Story (mm scifi mc)

WARNING: Yep, this story once again is full of gay sex and mind control. Like you expected anything else. All contents copyrighted by the author.

Dream Casting: Keanu Reeves, Brendan Fraser, Will Friedle.

Special Guest Star: Frank Sepe.

As seen in Thrilling Planets Magazine!

The sleek patrol ship Starchild, pride of the Rocketeers, lay quietly at rest on a landing pad on the outskirts of Nova City. It was only on the inside that it throbbed with action.

In the spartan exercise area, its furnishings and equipment futuristically folded back into the walls, Captain Lance Storm and Cadet Timmy were completing their daily workout. Their loud moans became a dual howl of release as the big, brawny spaceman pumped a huge load of cum into his eighteen-year-old protégé’s hard young body. Timmy, in turn, splattered a geyser of his seed onto the shining metal bulkhead, as if Lance's gift had shot right through him and out the other side.
Ever since falling under the mind-altering spell of their alien pal, Lieutenant Eros, fitness had been more fun than ever!

They slumped to the deck happily, snuggling in each other’s arms. Lance kissed Timmy on the lips affectionately. With his cornshuck hair and freckled face, the tall young space cadet was as American as apple pie, and just as tasty.

“Still hungry?” Lance asked teasingly.

Timmy laughed. “I meant the other kind of hungry, Lance. But that was swell, as always.”

“Oops,” grinned his captain. “Well, we could call Galaxy Pizza. They deliver anywhere in twelve parsecs, or it’s on them. Or do you think we should wait for Eros?”

“Gosh,” Timmy sighed, AI wonder where he is. It’s been hours and hours since we sucked, uh, saw him.”

“You know he’s on another special assignment for Colonel Crabbe,” Lance reminded the boy. “He told us to wait till he gets back, so we wait.”

Timmy frowned. “But what if he’s in trouble? How can we help him if we don’t leave the ship?”

Lance thought for a moment. “If he doesn’t call in soon, we’ll call the local security force and ask them to look for him.”

Timmy struggled to form a difficult thought. “Maybe, if I stay and wait, you could go find him...?”

Lance shook his head. “We tried that on Metalupiter, remember? When I got to the exit hatch, I couldn’t move my legs. Wait means wait.” He patted the lad’s broad shoulder reassuringly. “Hey, I’m sure he’s fine. Eros can handle anything. He’s probably on his way back to us right now.


“I wish you didn’t have to go,” said Captain Rob Gallant wistfully from his bed.

“I must,” said Eros, buttoning up his uniform. He let his eyes rove again over Rob’s massive physique - the man had been a professional bodybuilder before joining the Rocketeers. “Sadly. But you know you’ll always have this day to remember. Unless I tell you to forget,” he added with a mischievous grin.

“No!” gasped Rob, clutching him frantically. “Please...”

Eros smiled gently, stroking Rob’s huge, pumped bicep. “I’m kidding. I wouldn’t do that. Relax.”

Rob relaxed, sighing. “Jeez, don’t do that!... Y’know, it’s hard to believe, but just this morning I was all set to get married. I was going to leave the service, settle down on some nice planet and start a family. But now...”

“Love whoever you want,” shrugged Eros. “You deserve love. But don’t leave the Rocketeers. We need you.”

“You need me,” Rob moaned gratefully.

You’re a great officer,” Eros assured him, cupping Rob’s handsome, square-jawed face in his hands. “No one who loves you would stand in the way of that. Stay in the Rocketeers. For me.”

“For you,” whispered the spaceman hoarsely. “For you, anything...”

Eros leaned close, his lips almost touching the other man’s. “And you’ll dream of me every night. Dreams as real... and as wonderful... as this.” He pressed his lips to Rob’s, tonguing him fiercely for a long moment. Then the tiny, retractable barb in his Orgasmian tongue emerged, pricking the soft flesh of Rob’s inner mouth.

A wave of erotic pleasure, beyond anything the human nervous system can cope with, burst through every cell of the man’s huge body. He slumped, mighty arms dropping limply to his sides. Eros gently propped Rob up against the pillows, wiping a trickle of saliva from his slack mouth. The powerful figure might have been a rag doll - except for his cock, which stood up as thick and rigid as a steel bar.

“A parting gift,” smiled Eros. He raised a finger to his lips, blew on it as if it were a smoking gun, and walked out the door.

Rob Gallant saw him go, but he no longer thought of begging him to stay. He no longer thought of anything, his mind completely paralyzed by the waves of ecstasy continuing to throb through every nerve in his body. When the 26-hour orgasm finally wore off, he would cum until he couldn’t stand up. And then he would spend the rest of his life in the service, obeying the final command of the man he could never forget.

Colonel Crabbe knew how to keep her men happy.

* * * * * * * * *

All contents of this story have been cleared for release by the Allied Space Fleet Rocketeers. Call your ASFR recruiting office today!

* * * * * * * * *

Special Bonus Feature - Lance Storm Collector’s Trivia!

The Malevolent Doctor Saturn was the only villain retained from the obscure “pre-Eros” period, having been introduced in “Lance Storm and the Asteroid Outlaws” (Thrilling Planets #26, May 1950). (This was the issue often derided for its sensationalistic cover blurb, “Is this the end of Cadet Timmy?”, since he returned only two issues later. It did not help when the same blurb was later used on three other issues.) Confusingly, the back-up feature illustrator on the next issue was unaware that the villain had appeared before, and drew him in an entirely different way, leading fans to hotly debate whether or not there were two different Malevolent Doctor Saturns.

Thrilling Planets #27 drew immediate attention with its dramatic cover design, the blurb proclaiming Eros of Orgasmia “The Sensational Character Find of 1950!” as a naked Lance jumped through a hoop held by a naked Eros. This, combined with the graphic and sensual style of the illustrations for “Lance Storm and the Slaves of the Hypnotron”, at once established newcomer Bob Spurnburger as “The Good Lance Artist” in the eyes of many. This was also the issue that changed to an all-Lance format, replacing the long-standing “Fred of the Martian Legion” feature with a second Lance story. The magazine’s faltering sales immediately skyrocketed, but some longtime readers rejected the change in format, including Dr. Fredric Werthless, who attacked it in his best-selling tirade, Seduction of Everyone But Me.

The significance of Eros’ name was finally revealed in #31's “Lance Storm and the Invasion of the Nastyons”. However, it is not mentioned in the feature-film version, “Nastyons’ Invasion of Earth 2250 A. D., Around Five on a Tuesday”, which made major changes in the characters and plot, and is considered by Stormers to be Not Canon.

One of the rarest Lance Storm collectibles is the Lance Storm Refrigerated Lunchbox, which promised to “Freeze your food just like Lance!” The boxes were taken off the market after less than a month, due to complaints that not one of them actually worked. Much easier to find are the twelve issues of Lance Storm Comics and Stories. In 1951-54 these cost ten cents apiece; today, an issue with Spurnburger art can sell for as much as $1500, if the bidder is certifiably insane.

Lance Storm of the Rocketeers aired every weekday at 4:15 on the DuMont Network, brought to you by Bosquik, the Chocolaty Drink That Actually Tastes Like Chocolate. Mmm, it’s good!