A Spell of Trouble (mm coll fant hypno asfr)

"Just say you'll help me, Luke, and I'll do anything you want for a whole day, I swear. Speller's sacred vow!"

I was a kid, okay? I hadn't really learned yet that a Speller's sacred vow is a lot more than words. It taps into the source of our personal magic - and mine is both really strong and really whacked. That was the day when I found out how strong, how whacked...and how literal. Because the moment my brother Luke did agree to help, I found that I really was compelled to obey his every wish. He didn't even have to say what he wanted; I automatically just knew, and couldn't even try to resist. I was his slave for twenty-four hours - and it turned out that what he secretly wanted, more than anything, was for his hunky big bro to be in love with him.

Of course, being me, it wasn't all that long before I needed him to bail me out again. And that was when I realized that my thoughtless vow had said nothing about "just this once"...

A sequel to "Spelling Error" and "Inside Jack"

You've already read the intro. Does that tell you that this is a story about gay sex and mind control? I thought it would. So if you're underage, or offended by such themes, get lost. Thank you.

This story is copyrighted by the author. Comments welcome at [email protected].

"Eat their mascot," Luke suggested, his blue eyes sparkling beneath a mop of brown hair. He was going for an anime look this week.

The place: my room at Delta Mu House, Chapel College. The time: six hours before the Chargers' showdown with the Bolton Bulls. Five of us had met to go over our plans - three football studs, two cheerleader babes - but of course no one but me heard Luke, or saw his slim figure hovering just below the ceiling. He had done a Watson spell just before they arrived, to make them unaware. If they had passed his dangling feet they would have walked around them, but they wouldn't have known why.

You watch way too much Buffy, I thought back at him. Out loud I asked, "Yvonne, did you pick up the new mascot outfit?"

My girlfriend shook her head. "They said it was late coming in, but it should be there today. You'll have to get it, Mike. I'm too busy with the squad." Dating Chapel's head cheerleader can sometimes have its drawbacks. But damn, she's hot!

"No prob," I said. "I know the address."

"You sure?" grinned Jack Hebel from my beer-stained sofa.

"I'm sure," I growled, blushing. I'm still living down that mess a few weeks ago, when Bill sent me to meet a major-league scout at the station. I can't explain how it took two hours to drive him to Bill's pool party five miles away. Or rather, I could explain, but nobody would believe it.

"Our problem is not beating their mascot, it's beating their quarterbacks," Bill said seriously.

"Eat their quarterbacks!" Luke grinned, not seriously - I hoped. Then again, he probably meant it another way. I had more than one bud, including Jack, who had a day or two missing from his memory - days spent under my oversexed brother's spell. He loves jocks - no one knows that better than me!

Jack leaned back with a hearty laugh. "Man, we always beat Bolton!"

Bill frowned, being the all-business team captain. "You guys are the best, but don't get overconfident. Last year we'd gotten to know all their plays and signals. This year I hear their new coach is full of surprises."

Tara, the eager new blonde on the cheerleading squad, aimed a meaningful smile specially at me. "But we're full of surprises too...aren't we?"

I squirmed. Normally I'd be happy to have a hottie like Tara making eyes at me - but not with Yvonne sitting right beside her, looking daggers at both of us! "We'll be ready," I said as neutrally as I could. "We were damn good at practice yesterday."

"I noticed," said Tara, batting her lashes.

Yvonne stood up. "It's time to get in some more practice ourselves," she said a bit stiffly. "Come on, Tara, the girls are waiting. I've got some moves you haven't even seen yet."

"Wait till I show you mine," the blonde smiled sweetly. ("Ooooh," Luke smirked.) With a cheery goodbye - and a warning look from Yvonne to me - they left, jostling each other a little in the doorway.

"We'd better take off, too," said Bill, standing. "Mike, you see about that costume. Jack, I want to go over - "

Luke snapped his fingers, and Bill froze, his mouth hanging open. Jack, too, stopped dead, his huge-muscled body half-raised from the sofa. My brother drifted down from the ceiling like a feather to settle on Jack's broad back, wrapping his long legs, just barely, around the defensive end's wide waist.

"Now cut that out!" I protested. "We've got a game in six hours!"

"A lot can happen in six hours," Luke chuckled. He stroked Jack's short red hair, then tapped him on the head. "Arise, my faithful steed."

Jack blinked, then beamed with joy. "Master! You're back - and I'm your slave again!" His jeans bulged out like a party balloon - everything about my best bud is supersized.

"Of course." Luke ran a loving hand across those enormous shoulders. "I made you forget, but you didn't think I would, big guy?" Jack gasped, a sort of choking moan. I knew what was happening - under Luke's sexual spell, my straight teammate was ready to cum at his slightest touch, but couldn't until Luke ordered him to. I knew because I'd been there.

Luke leaned forward to look at the motionless Bill. "And who is this cutie?" He wiggled a finger, and Bill's shorts dropped to the floor. His briefs slid down a second later, exposing his piece to my bro's drooling gaze. Bill didn't twitch a muscle or blink an eye. I wondered if he was awake in there.

"Bill Utz," Jack said proudly. "Team captain. Great player. Hell of a guy."

"Looks more like a model," my brother purred happily, reaching out to caress his cheek.

"He did do some sportswear ads in the Clarion," I admitted.

"Cool. Bring him along, honey."

"You got it, Master." Jack obediently and easily lifted Bill off his feet, propping him on one shoulder like a mannequin. This brought Bill face-to-face with Luke, who planted a slow smooch on his open mouth.

"We've got a game..." I said again weakly, knowing there wasn't much else I could do. Norms like Jack and Bill are toys for a powerful Speller, but we ourselves are usually immune to each other's magic. I could no more use a spell to stop my brother than he could have used one on me - except, of course, for the times when my own power backfires and brings me under his control..

"Oh, relax," he said cheerfully. "You know I wouldn't screw your team, bro." He grinned. "Um, maybe I should rephrase that. But don't worry, 'kay? They'll be back in plenty of time, and rarin' to go." He winked. "I'll give them an energy drink."

A second later air rushed in to fill the empty space where they had been standing.



I shook my head, sighing, but I knew I didn’t really need to worry. My bro can be a pain, but he’s never let me down yet. So I headed on out to the costume shop, where the new Charger costume had arrived just in time. I was glad to see it looked a lot like the old one that we’d worn out over the years – a floppy old horse with a big dippy grin. I was also glad I wouldn’t be the one who had to wear it.

Taking it back to Delta Mu, I noticed how wrinkly it looked and decided to give it a once-over with the iron. (Yes, I iron. Real men do iron.) But I’d barely gotten started when there was a light knock on the door, and a feminine voice called out, “Mike? Are you decent?” Without waiting for an answer, the new cheerleader, Tara, popped her head in. “Oh, you are,” she said, sounding disappointed.

“Um, what…?”

“I forgot my lipstick.” She sashayed over to the low coffee table, where the makeup tube was sitting neatly upright, as if left there on purpose. “I couldn’t just leave it there,” she added in a purring voice. “I like my lips to always be…ready for action.”

“Uh, yeah, well, they look fine to me,” I stammered, feeling my temperature rising. “I mean, now you’re good to go, right?”

Tara pouted. “You’re not just throwing me out, are you, Mike? Don’t you like me?” She moved closer till we were almost touching. “I like you.”

Shit, my dong was doing push-ups! “Sure, I, I like you,” I managed, torn b etween guilt and lust. “But – Yvonne and me – “

“She doesn’t have to know,” whispered Tara. She leaned in for a kiss – and then screamed in my face.

“Huh?” I gasped with my ears ringing.

“Fire!” she shrieked. I spun around. I had left the iron sitting on the costume! “Oh shit!” I wailed. “No no no no!” I yanked the iron off, then dropped it with a yelp as I burned my hand. A thin column of smoke rose from the big hole it had burned in the poor horse’s back. My shoulders slumped. “Oh, crap.”

Tara stared at the mess. “Oh, Mike, I’m so sorry. Let me help. I can take it home and try to mend it – “

“You’ve helped enough!” I was furious now. “Just get out!” She gave me a shocked look. “You heard me! Get out!”

My voice can get pretty loud when I yell. Tara backed away, looking kinda scared, then hurried out the door. I was glad all the brothers had gone out to the Halloween picnic before the game. I didn’t need people butting in and asking why all the shouting.

What to do, what to do? I grabbed the phone book off the floor and made a call to Downtown Tailoring. (That’s a joke; Chapelton’s “downtown” is two blocks long by two blocks wide.) But when I described the damage, Mr. Murray said just what I was afraid he’d say: There was no way he could have it mended by game time, if it could be saved at all.

I hung up, depressed. The horsie just lay there, giving me that stupid grin. “Smart-ass,” I growled.

I stared at the costume and concentrated hard. Let what is apart come together, I thought over and over. Let what is apart come together. I closed my eyes, and willed it to happen.

After a minute I dared to look. The big burned hole was gone! “Yes! I did it again!” I punched the air gleefully. I held up the costume and looked it over.

The zipper was also gone. There was no break in the material anywhere. No possible way to put it on.

“Yes,” I sighed. “I did it again.”

That left only one option I could think of. It wasn’t one I wanted to use. But it was for the team. They’ll never know just how far I’ll go for them.

Luke, I thought. Luke, I need you, bro. I need help right now.

For a moment I thought I felt a response. Then my mind suddenly filled with the image of my brother’s ecstatic face surrounded by a writhing mass of huge, sweaty muscles. I’m sorry, said a voice in my head. I can’t respond to your psychic message right now. I’m makin’ wild monkey love with a couple of bodacious hunks. I’ll give you all the dish later. ‘Bye. Instead of a beep, the message ended with a close-up of somebody cumming in my face.

And as I stood there trying to recover from that image, a knock came on the door again. “Mike?” called Tara. “You’re not still mad at me, are you?”

That was the last straw. I sent a mental message with all the power at my command: You don’t want me! I’m not a sexy guy! I’m a dog, okay? A dog! A real dog!

Yeah, I know. Really, really bad choice of words.

I blinked in confusion. Why had the room gotten so big? Why was my vision suddenly so weird? My jeans and my team shirt seemed to have grown to the size of bedsheets, tangling me up. I waved my paws, trying to squirm out of them –

My paws.

Oh, crap.

Oh, crap, I tried to say, but all that came out was a hoarse whine.

Tara hesitantly pushed the door open, looking around for a big, handsome jock, but instead seeing only a confused-looking little cocker spaniel lost in a pile of clothes.

She smiled. “Well, who are you, cutie? Are you Mike’s? Aww, did he leave you all alone?”

I whimpered.

Then she noticed the Chargers logo on the shirt I was half-buried in, and snapped her fingers. “Oh wow! You’re the new mascot! You’re a lot cuter than that dumb horse!” She scooped me up, wrapped in the shirt, and stroked my little head. Despite my predicament, I started getting hard again.

Cradling me with one arm, she took out her cell with the other and hit speed-dial. “Hey, honey, it’s me,” she chirped. “Yeah, don’t worry, I’ve got it covered. They did find a new mascot – but now I’ve got him! I’m bringing him straight back to you, babe!...   Uh-huh. See you soon, Brett.”

Brett? Brett Sterling?  Star quarterback for the Gorillas?

That bitch! She was a double agent!

Tara hurried out of Delta Mu, with me helplessly squirming, too tightly wrapped in my own huge shirt to get away. I had to get help! There must be someone…

Yes! Straight ahead of us, someone I knew was passing. It was Harold Lassiter, dressed in full Star Trek regalia for a Halloween party – the shortest, skinniest, swishiest Klingon you’d ever want to see.

“Worf!” I barked frantically at him. “Worf! Worf!”

He glared. “Do not bark at me, Earth canine!” he said in a bitchy voice. “You are without honor! ”

The Gorillas were gathered in out Visitors’ Pavilion, where we always host out rival teams. Brett Sterling, all-around preppie asshole, was delighted to see me. “Aww, you’re so cute,” he snickered. “And you’ll look even cuter when you’re spray-painted pink and trimmed like a poodle!” The whole team laughed, and one guy produced a pair of big shears, clacking the blades together. I had a terrifying image of his hands slipping, snipping…

“All right, everybody,” Brett ordered, “better head over to Chapel Field. Bob, you stay and assist me with the poodlefication.” Bob waved the shears gleefully. “And for Christ’s sake, Sheldon, sober up!”

A guy in a gorilla mascot costume indignantly hiccupped, “I am shober!”, then staggered to his left, his furry foot wiping away the words I can write  where I’d managed to scrawl them on the dusty floor. No one had seen. They all hurried out, Tara blowing Brett a kiss as she left. “Don’t hurt the little puppy!” she called over her shoulder.

“Nah, we won’t hurt him,” chortled Brett, as he and Bob quickly wrapped a heavy rope around me, pinning all four legs to a chair. “Hope he knows to shut his eyes when the paint starts sprayin’!” I yapped furiously, but couldn’t stretch my neck far enough to nip him. The chair shook a little, and a sheet of paper fluttered down from its seat. A checklist of all the Gorillas’ new plays and signals. Now I find it!

“Now this won’t hurt a bit,” chuckled Bob, brandishing the clippers. “Unless you move around…”

I shivered.

And then a new voice spoke from behind them: “Mike, I got your message! Mike…?”

Brett and Bob spun around. There was Luke, looking concerned and confused and naked. But not as confused as Brett and Bob looked when they saw Jack and Bill standing behind him – dressed in pastel-toned, retro Batman and Robin costumes.

Jack took in the situation at a glance. “Dognappers!” he exclaimed.

Bill slapped a fist into his other palm. “Let’s get ‘em!” he cried eagerly, in a voice several octaves higher than usual.

Brett and Bob stared at them. “What are you guys, nuts?” Then Bob dropped the shears and they put up their dukes, sneering confidently as my teammates rushed toward them. Luke waved a finger, and fast-paced, pulsing music suddenly filled the air.

It only took moments to see that the Gorillas were no match for my buddies, in or out of character. Jack’s iron jaw took Bob’s punch without even feeling it. Then he grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and held him up by one hand, feet thrashing helplessly. “Cruelty to animals,” Jack murmured, “is an odious crime.” Then his uppercut lifted Bob into the air. As he dropped to the floor, lights out, a neon yellow ‘BIFF!’ flashed in the air above him.

“It’s the pound for you, Sterling,” Bill added, flattening him as well. A bright green ‘#’ sign flickered over his head, surrounded by swirling stars. I rolled my eyes.

“It’s okay, my friend. You’re safe now,” Luke told me soothingly, bending to untie me. “Don’t you worry, I’ll help you.”

And with those words, my own spell was on me again. I started panting frantically, putting my front paws all over my beautiful human Master, rearing up to lick his face. “Hey, hey,” he laughed. “You’re welcome, boy! Good dog!”

Then he noticed my doggie-dong standing stiffly erect. For a moment he held my head, staring into my eyes. “Mike?” he whispered.

I nodded.

“Oh, man,” he murmured. “This is too kinky to resist…” He leaned in and started frenching my toothy jaws, and I discovered just how useful a dog-tongue can be. Strong hands stroked through my long hair, pulling me against his lean, hard body, sending ripples of ecstasy through me. I was so, so ready to mount this man!

But then I felt his body morphing as it pressed against mine. His arms becoming hairy legs…his face stretching into a long, hairy snout…his tail growing out… He was no longer a man but a gorgeous golden retriever – a total hunk of a dog. I knew what he wanted, and I turned around obediently, paws to the floor. I gasped and howled with pleasure as his big canine cock slammed into me, again…and again…and again…

At last, as I lay there panting, I realized that the arm I’d stretched in front of me, and the hand grasping mine so tightly, were both human again.

“Holy interspecies intercourse, Batman!” cried Bill.

“Yes, Robin,” Jack said wisely. “If only the differing nations of the world could know such harmony.”

“That was…unbelievable!” I gasped.

“Why?” said Luke innocently. “You know I love it doggie style.”

I looked down at my bare bod, all the ripped muscles back just the way Master liked them. “Did you…?”

He laughed. “No, you did. Your own spell makes you do anything I want. I wanted my big, studly bro back to normal.” He kissed my bicep lovingly. “And when we merged…enough of my magic went into you to make it happen.”

“Gosh, Batman!” exclaimed Bill. “This has got me in the mood for some more merging, too!”

Luke glanced lustfully at them and then back at me, smiling wickedly as he considered the possibilities. Then he sighed. “Sadly, we’re out of time, Slave Crusaders. In twenty minutes you need to be college football heroes again – and these identities won’t even be a memory for you.”

The colorful costumes began to morph into Chargers uniforms, as my hands shaped a new one from the air around me. (That’s one spell I know by heart!) “The Outsider’s powers are strange, Robin,” Jack whispered. “But sexy.”


We made it to Chapel Field with four minutes to spare. “Where the hell have you been?” yelled Coach. “I thought you went AWOL!”

“Naw,” Jack assured him cheerfully. “Just restin’ up before the game.” And he believed it, too.

“Oh, Coach,” I smiled. “This is for you.” I handed him that list of plays that I’d picked up off the floor of the Visitors’ Pavilion, and watched as his eyes lit up.

“Where in the world…?”

“Our new cheerleader, Tara,” I said, in a voice loud enough for some of the Gorillas to hear. “She fixed it for us.” I smiled in her direction and turned away, not wanting to look as the players’ enraged glares fell upon her.

Luke clapped his hands twice, and the bleachers burst into applause as a pair of identical, upright horses leaped out of our car and ran onto the field, dancing around and waving our team pennants. Yvonne looked at me in confusion. “Two  mascots?”

I shrugged. “They packed two in the box by mistake. They only charged us for one, so what the heck?”

“Damned good costumes,” Coach admitted, scratching his bald spot. “You’d almost swear they were real.”

The pony-men gave him a sad, helpless look, but they didn’t stop prancing around. They couldn’t.

“I’ll see you later, champ,” grinned Luke, punching my shoulder. “I’ll drop by the team’s victory party. Maybe I’ll be the team’s victory party. But right now, just get out there and win.”

And of course we did. That day, I couldn’t have lost if I wanted to.

And I mean that literally, of course.