Undercover 6: Backup (mm oral anal bond rape)

Disclaimer: This story contains graphic scenes of M/M non consensual sex and rape. If this content offends you, or you are under 18, you have no business reading it. If you are interested in this subject matter I hope you will enjoy it.

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Emma's mouth was warm and tight working his dick like a soft pump. His eyes rolled back in his head. All of his muscles expanded in build up to explosion. She had never done this so well, and for so long. Her delicate tongue teased the thick vein, which ran along the base of his shaft with a gentle, yet persistent firmness, pulling all his maleness into her throat. He gripped the sides of her head and attempted to maintain a gentle pulse as her fucked her so well remembered, lovely face.

"Emma... EMMMMaaaaaaaaahhhhhh" as he emptied himself into the vortex of her throat and opened his eyes and met the glinting blackness of Sin's unblinking stare, a subzero smirk upon the painted mouth.

He looked down at the bound redneck thug beneath him, choking still on the softening but large cock imbedded in his esophagus, cum overflowing down the sides of his mouth. Nick tried not to retch as he realized what he had done.

"You see how well we train our merchandise here, Sahib. Wouldn't you prefer to continue with this morsel rather than grapple with an unprocessed item?"

Nick rearranged quickly back to some semblance of decency.

"Thank you, no. In fact I prefer two, I noticed an Australian as well. I am considering bidding on them this evening, please have them sent to my suite immediately."

"As you wish. I am glad I could learn in which direction your interests lie. Virgil will escort you back to your room. I will have your amusements waiting for you there... Ahhhhhh" With one final thrust, Sin released himself into Virgil's abused hole, tugging tightly on the threads that pierced the bleeding nipples and cockhead. The redneck's head bobbed against the table. He lifted the naked toughie to a sitting position by the hair on his head.

"Virgil, show our guest back to his suite, and make sure all of his needs are met."

A grunt from the bowed head indicated submission, and once again Nick followed that naked ass, now oozing cum, through the chamber of meaty horrors back to his suite. He allowed Virgil to clean himself in the bathroom and took advantage of the solitary moment to make contact with Danvers by cell.

"Chief, this is bigger than we thought. We are going to need an army to bring this thing down. They've captured a lot of military from around the world. They've got some sort of computer chip that controls their behavior. Chief, they're not only whoring these poor bastards, they're making them serve as an army, and a kick ass one at that."

Nick briefed him on the various heads of state, and captains of industry he had seen already among the clientele.

"Jesus, Nick... Listen, I am not far from you. I've come in with some backup on board a supply boat. I'm on my way to infiltrate and get to you. Try to lay low. This is too dangerous to handle alone. I'm coming in to get you out of there."

"No Chief. There's some sort of ceremony tonight. They're going plant one of these chips into Farrington and a few other guys. I'm making contact with some big guys they haven't, what they called, processed yet. I'm going to try to save Farrington."

"Nick, it's not worth it! Don't do anything until I can get to you."

There was a knock at the door.

"Chief I can't promise that. Try to slip in as a client, and meet me at the ceremony tonight."

He opened the door and found himself eye level with a large, round and very well muscled ass, at the apex of a pair of massive, curved, tightly bound thighs and struggling as much as the ropes would allow. It was draped over the shoulder of a dark, thin, weasely looking man with a bushy mustache and sunken cheeks. He was in complete leather fetish gear chaps, harness and cap. His smile made want Nick to take a shower. He had noticed that this was the primary means of transportation for most Sin's "merchandise." He had passed countless numbers of these Greek gods dangling in this humiliating position, limp forearms and heads swaying over the shoulders of their sadistic captors carted from torture to torture. Virgil had told him it was a particular fetish of Sin's. Nothing made him happier than watching a helpless hunk's ass widened and bent, hole exposed to the air in the clutches of one of his henchmen.

"Your special order, Mr. Jabran. I'm Doc. My friend here is called Norbert."

A lumpy ape, with a disfiguring skin condition and another similarly displayed burden stood behind him in the hallway. The second stud was still clothed in those famous footie shorts, rolled up to expose one perfectly formed cheek.

"Where shall we lay your room service?"

"Just lay them on the bed. Thanks."

Norbert and Doc laid their charges none too gently on the bed. The gagged struggling studs bounced onto the mattress. Norbert walked out while Doc stayed behind. Nick wondered if he was supposed to tip. This was the sadist Sin had mentioned.

"Would you like a little assistance with these? I can cholro them for you. They might prove... dangerous. I captured both of these myself. Trust me they are both quite formidable."

Nick smiled, "That is exactly what I am hoping for. I'll be fine. Thanks." He ushered the greasy worm to the door and locked it behind him securely.

Wronek was staring at him with a look of pure hatred. The Aussie, Hunt, face down and ass raised, was unreadable.

"Wronek, listen to me. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm an FBI agent working undercover. I need you to trust me."

The icy gray eyes narrowed. Nick approached the bound seal and removed the gag. This guy was a truck. The prisoner said nothing.

"I had a good look at this place, I figure we can surprise 'em at their ceremony tonight. If we free the other unprocessed guys we can break outta here. I'm gonna untie you now, you ok?"

Staring directly into his eyes, the big guy nodded silently. Nick quickly undid his bonds.

"Now, here's wha..." Nick suddenly found himself, flat on his ass staring up at the ceiling. His jaw felt like it was across the room, the massive killing machine in the act of pouncing.


Nick rolled to evade certain death and bounced back to his feet. Sizing up his opponent he realized he may have fucked himself. This guy had at least ten pounds on him and the same lethal training. Nick's only advantage was that he had not spent the last 72 hours, drugged, bound, and molested by God knows how many perverts. A few minutes and a trashed suite later, Wronek was slow on a punch and wound up dazed and pinned. As he tried to shake it off, Nick had time to find, and shove his badge into his opponent's face.

"FBI, YOU NO-NECK ASSHOLE... I'm trying to save your fuckin' life."

Wronek raised his hands in respectful surrender. "Sorry man you have no idea..."

Nick cut him off with a raised hand. "I have a pretty good guess, but there's no time. I'm sorry for what these sickos have done to you, but I need your help." He briefed the soldier on his plan. "Now, let's untie the Australian."

But before he could move, Nick felt a piece of cold metal press upon his skin. Doc had found his way back into the room. Light glinted of the knife that he was running down Hunt's treasure trail to rest against his now exposed balls. He held the phone in his other hand.

"That was a delicious scene boys. I almost came in my pants just watching you. Oh nooo, Mr. Wronek. I think you know I will have cut both his balls, and his throat by the time you got to me. It's probably best you both just put your hands on top of your heads. That's right...mmmmm, look at those biceps. Now I'm just going to call security. Then I think the two of you should tie each other up, and then I'm going to fuck both of you till you bleed starting with our special agent here. You know it's not nice to lie to Doc." His greasy smile froze on his face as the chair smashed over his head, and he fell out of sight behind the bed to reveal a still wet, surprised looking Virgil holding the remaining wooden chair leg. His expression changed to rage, and he began to pound the fallen raptor with the splintered weapon.

"Virgil, no!" Nick rushed to stop him. "I wanna kill him too. We can't risk having our cover blown."

Virgil slowing came to himself and dropped the leg onto the bruised face of the out-cold pervert.

"It's OK, were all gonna get the fuck outta here tonight. We're gonna stop these fucks. You understand?"

Virgil nodded.

With vindictive relish, the naked prisoners tied up their jailer with the now freed Hunt's bonds.

"Virgil, How'd you manage to do that to Doc with that chip in you?"

"Dunno, maybe it's because I heard Sin say he was going to punish him for raping this guy here. But, Jesus, it felt good to bash his head in."

Hunt looked at the ground. "Doesn't matter kid. Now you've all heard the plan. Put those chains around your necks and will all go into the ceremony like you're my slaves. Soon as I give the signal you know what to do."

They followed the order and headed for the door. Virgil stopped in his tracks.

"I'm sorry sir. I can't go with you."

"What? Don't you wanna get these perverts"

"You know I do, but I'm not gonna be able to go in there with out rattin' y'all out. I still got this chip in me. I have'ta do what they says. Y'all gonna have tie me up and leave me here so I cain't tell."

Nick nodded sadly. There was a lot of bondage equipment available in the room. He found some padded handcuffs and secured the naked young buck to the bed as comfortably as possible.

"Virgil. I'm sorry about what I had to do back in Sin's office"

"Hell, I know. I knew you weren't even into it, and it weren't the first time anyway. You just promise me you gonna fix it so no one ever does that to me again."

He mussed the kid's hair. "You got it. We're gonna kick some faggot ass."

He turned to Wronek and Hunt "All right soldiers. Lock and load."

Wronek stood to attention and saluted. "KICK ASS, SIR!!"

The three men headed into battle.

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