After Massium: Enough for Three

I went to the local gym almost every day to watch Kyle's progress. He'd always be there -- same time, same place.

His body drew my gaze, big muscles pumped from years of hard work. I'd sit at a machine between sets and watch him. His biceps strained the size large shirts he wore. He lifted heavier and heavier, getting bigger week by week! He stood one or two inches taller than my own five foot six frame; the extra height helped him reach the pull-up bars where I watched excitedly while his lats flared on his tenth, eleventh, and twelfth rep. Sure, he wasn't a bodybuilder, but his wide shoulders and round pecs were more than enough for me.

"Hey Kyle!" I exclaimed enthusiastically when he passed by.

"Hey," he said, flashing a bright smile back in my general direction.

Yes, I developed a serious crush on Kyle. We spoke several times outside of the gym. He always smiled brightly and made pleasant conversation, but nothing seemed to develop beyond that. He liked big guys.

My own average frame didn't help my cause. Even though I regularly worked out, my small muscles didn't turn heads. My sandy blond hair and youthful looks could only take me so far. But I started pushing myself harder at the gym to win him over.

"Hey, looking good!" Blane yelled from nearby, catching Kyle's attention. Kyle smiled a bright smile back in recognition, taking only a moment break from his lat pull downs. My face reddened. Blane liked Kyle too. He always pushed and shoved his way into any exchanges we had. Just the other day, Kyle spotted me on dumbbell presses and Blane came right over. "You're too big for that," he said, pushing his own small body into Kyle's place. "I can help him with these small weights." Kyle just shrugged and went on with his own chest workout.

I focused my anger back into my workout, reminding myself to press hard and heavy. Before leaving, I ducked into the locker room to happen upon (as planned) a shirtless Kyle. He stood with sweaty muscles pumped and glistening in the florescent lights. His body looked like it belonged in a fitness magazine! Unfortunately, (and not according to plan), Blane stood there shirtless too. His skinny six foot one frame gave him a definite height advantage and his body looked more toned than my own.

"You're looking good, man!" said Kyle, squeezing Blane's flexed bicep.

"Thanks! Got it up over fourteen inches. Not big but making progress!" replied Blane.

"It takes time but you're putting in the effort. You'll get there soon."

"You think so? Maybe we could hang out after the gym one of these days. You know, so I can get some pointers."

"Sure thing!"

My heart sank! Kyle couldn't go for Blane. He didn't have much more size than me. Why hadn't I asked Kyle sooner? Something had to be done.


I sat in the locker room staring at the unopened package that arrived earlier that morning. I knew what it contained and knew that it was very, very illegal. It cost a substantial sum -- almost half my life savings -- but if the rumors proved true it would be worth every penny. The government tried to keep tabs on every bottle left. But I knew the right people and found it left on my doorstep with no markings.

I peered around to make sure nobody lingered nearby. Then I tore open the package and pulled the famed cylinder into my hands. Large red letters covered its surface in big, bold type.

I'd heard the stories and expected them to be true. The government banned it for a reason. I also knew the manufacturers worked to remove its side effects but no reports of their progress were released after the company shut its doors. And now I held one of the very last tanks. I thanked the gods for my luck.

Without a moment's hesitation, I plunged the nozzle into my navel and turned the value very, very slowly. A hissing sound emanated from the tank and I felt an odd feeling pass over me. Then it began.

I felt strange gas filling up my insides, pumping me slowly larger. The stories hadn't prepared me for the feeling that squirmed and slithered around my body. It felt like breathing, but with the air creeping into every corner of my being. I touched an expanding bicep, expecting it to feel soft like a blow-up balloon, but it felt hard. Very hard. I curled my arm into a flex, fixating on the new bulge that appeared. I never had much size and now a solid lump appeared on my arm!

I turned up the gas slightly causing the hiss to increase. My bony chest formed small lumps. Pecs. I had pecs. I reached to touch them but noticed my expanding forearms. They filled out while I watched, becoming thicker. Veins appeared on their underside, feeding the growing muscles. My shoulders and back inflated too, causing my stick figure frame to expand outward by inches. The confines of my gym shorts tightened against my now bigger thighs. I flexed my calves, watching them ball up -- that never happened before.

The growth felt good. A mild pleasure filled my muscles like a good after workout pump, without any soreness. My biceps passed fourteen inches, gaining slowly on Blane. A small cleft appeared on my chest, showing noticeable definition in my pecs. Four solid abdominals pushed outward against my already skinny stomach. I looked like a runner who spent time at the gym! Many months working out hadn't provided me with anything near this. Excitement filled me; I imagined the possibilities.

Then I heard voices approaching the locker room. It sounded like Kyle and Blane. I quickly turned off the gas and stuffed the tank back into its unmarked package as they rounded the corner! They stopped when they saw me.

My eyes were wide. They'd caught me with my hand in the cookie jar! Blane's gaze bored into me. He looked me up and down, his face darkening.

"Hey Jesse! You look bigger with your shirt off!" said Kyle, having never before seen me wearing so little. I blushed at the compliment.

"Flex," Kyle instructed, so I raised my arm and did. Both bis and tris tightened to form a solid arm that must be close to fifteen inches around. Kyle approached and squeezed the muscle. Blane looked on in shock.

"Nice job. Making good progress," he said. "You're getting bigger than Blane." He patted me on the back and walked by to the showers.

Blane, who's gaze never left me, sauntered over. I slide the opened package and its contents into my gym bag, attempting to be discrete. It dropped with a loud thud.

"You're looking bigger," mused Blane slowly and deliberately, "a lot bigger. I don't remember you being this big yesterday."

"I had a growth spurt," I lied, annoyance dripping from my voice.

"Oh yeah? Seems like it," he said still sizing me up. I heard a shower start in another area of the locker room, causing me to look around reflexively.

"But you're still not big enough for Kyle," he said jealously, poking me in a slightly defined pec. He snapping away his gaze and left me on the bench to follow after his new friend. I heard another shower turn on and talking started in the background.

"He's right," I said to myself, "I've got to get bigger."

I reached back into my gym bag and pulled out the tank. I thought about growing even bigger and smiled. Without a moment's hesitation, I jabbed the nozzle into my navel once more and gave the valve a full twist.

It went faster this time. The strange feeling passed over me again as my insides again started to inflate. Muscles from my neck to my calves started growing larger. It spread across my entire body, filling me up visibly. I squeezed a growing pec, feeling its solidness and density. I needed to see more.

Standing up (while making sure to keep the tank firmly connected), I walked over to the locker room sinks, gazing into the mirrors. My own reflection surprised me! I'd gone from having almost no visible muscle to solid definition! The bumps on my arms looked hard and curvy even when not flexed. A definite division appeared between two squared pecs. My previously small shoulders look bulky and expanded to make my body looked more tapered than ever! I flexed my abdominals, watching four very solid bumps appear. I let them relax, amazed that much of the flex's definition stayed. Then I flexed again, this time seeing two more faint bumps appear. They, too, stayed as I let my abdomen relax. Each time I flexed and unflexed by abs, the two new bumps became more visible. My six-pack was soon worthy of envy.

I chuckled to myself, enjoying the rush and excitement of growing, and watched my rippled abs bounce. Even my face seemed slightly more defined, taking me from cute to rugged. Then, unexpectedly, I noticed my workout shorts in the mirror. That never happened before! My shorts rose high enough to be reflected in the mirror! I'd grown taller too!

I flexed my now defined pecs, loving the feeling of their weight as they bounced up and down on my chest. Then I noticed my thighs starting to feel tight in my workout shorts. I looked down to see them uncomfortably tight. My ass pushed the material outward while my newly taller body pulled the material up into my groin. They were beginning to look more like trunks than gym shorts. I stood on my toes to watch a solid bump appear on my calves, raising higher and bunching fuller with every raise. Finally, as I amused myself with ballooning calves, I heard a tearing sound as the legs of my gym shorts began to split!

"Woah!" I said to myself, realizing how quickly I was growing.

I turned off the gas and pull the tank free. Maybe it was because of my bigger muscles, but the tank felt much lighter now. I looked myself up and down in the mirror, noticing that my groin now stood several inches above the sink.

I looked good.

I flexed a large bicep, causing my arm to jump into a hard expanse of bicep and tricep. It looked to be around sixteen inches! Over three inches of new muscle in only fifteen minutes!

"Not bad!" I told myself!

My chest stretched broadly across my widened torso. Hard, round shoulders gave me a definite taper. I looked like a toned swimmer. A swimmer on an all protein diet! I adjusted my stance and felt the size small gym shorts rip its full length on both legs. I laughed at my own new strength and pulled the tattered material from my body, snapping the elastic waistband with ease.

I stood, admiring myself in my grey boxer briefs. It look a moment to notice amongst the massive muscle changes, but I couldn't help but raise an eye brow when I did. My package seemed to fill out the strained briefs much more than usual. I looked back at my ass and gave it a hard *thwack*. It felt solid.

"This is too good to be true," I said, walking to put the tank back in my gym bag. The heft of my new weight excited me. It felt good, solid. Erotic.

"Kyle will definitely want me now!" I thought excitedly! Then I got an idea. Putting my gym back in a locker, I headed towards the voices still coming from the showers.

I entered the steam filled shower room quietly, closing the divider door behind me with a light click. Kyle my crush and Blane my rival chatted animatedly about getting bigger and recent results. I smiled inwardly knowing that my results bettered them both.

"Yeah, my arms are already at fifteen inches. That's a lot for only a month! And all thanks to your tips." I heard Blane brag from a curtained stall across from Kyle.

"That's impressive. You've got to work pretty hard to catch up to my nineteen inches, though!" Kyle replied.

"I'm working on it! You'll be huge by the time I make nineteen inches."

"I hope so, man. I'd love to be huge. Big guys are hot."

I snuck between the two stalls halfway down the row of showers.

"How big?" I said, throwing back Kyle's curtain, exposing him to my new physique. Kyle looked at me in shock, my eyes even with his own. I bounced my pecs. They were wet with steam and beads of water started to run off my hard nipples.

"Wow, what happened to you?" Kyle exclaimed in obvious disbelief.

"What?" called Blane, throwing back his own curtain. "Woah!" he cried out, seeing my wide back, "who are you?" I could hear lust in his voice.

I turned around.

"Gods!" he fell backwards in recognition, falling against the shower wall.

"Man, you look amazing!" shouted Kyle excitedly. I turned back and stepped into the shower, dousing my socks and grey underwear. My body pushed against Kyle in the confined space. His body took much more room than mine. He still out-muscled me by a big margin. Nonetheless, I could see lust in his eyes.

It worked. He wanted me.

I pressed into him, forcing us both back against the shower wall. He closed the distance with his mouth, pulling me into a heated kiss! Water rolled down our bodies; hot steam swirled around our embrace. Droplets traced the now predominant division between my square pecs. I flexed against his hard body, feeling solid muscle against solid muscle. He flexed against mine in response. It felt amazing, the two of us embracing under the warm shower.

This is what I'd wanted for months, since the first time I saw Kyle across the gym! And now I was his; he was mine. We could be together. The world around me seemed to disappear as I focused on his tongue exploring my lips. I noticed his cock rising against my leg. It pushed against my solid thigh, rising higher and leaving a trail of pre-cum as it did. His hands reached down, his thumbs hooking into the elastic of my briefs. I pulled against him tighter, feeling the expanse of his back move and shift while he pushed down my soaking underwear.

My own cock responded to his rough, callused hands. Warm water ran down my chiseled abs and dripped off the head of my cock, now being slowly stroked in Kyle's strong and excited grip. He broke away from our kiss and smiled, looking down at my member.

"Nice," he said, "I didn't realize you were so big down there."

I looked down too, just as surprised. My cock seemed fully hard, filling and extending past the grip of his large hand. It must have been at least eight inches long. I moaned thinking about the contrast to my previous five inches. Heavy balls swung back and forth between my legs as his rapid stroking increased in fervor.

I reached down and furiously stroked his perfect cut member too. It felt amazing in my hand, like it was meant to be there. Kyle, the man of my dreams, still big and powerful, wanted me as much as I wanted him. It couldn't be more perfect.

I felt my balls rising. "I'm close!" I yelled, leaning closer into him.

"Me too!" he panted back, stroking my big cock furiously.

"Me too." I heard a deep voice from behind me.

I craned my neck in surprise to meet the newcomer. And when I saw the hugely muscled man behind me, I came!

Torrents of come erupted from my cock simultaneously with Kyle! My hard six-pack spasmed in pleasure; I bucked my hips reflexively sending globs of cum high into the wet shower and in all directions. Some landed in Kyle's hair, some shot my abs. Kyle, too, pumped load after load onto my hard, tensed thigh. And as the euphoric bliss of orgasm passed, I focused on the intruder.

His wide frame stood slightly smaller than the three-foot wide shower, compacting round, bulking pecs between soccer-ball sized deltoids. His relaxed arms looked huge -- certainly as big, if not bigger than Kyle's. Thick, balled calves formed a teardrop shape below thighs that stood disproportionally wide to support this tall man. And his cock, hard and pulsing before his strong six-pack abdomen, surpassed mine by inches.

"Wow," Kyle said astonished behind me. My cock again started to inflate, coming to a rest against my own six-pack, much less defined than the deep, hard washboard of the newcomer.

"Like what you see, Kyle?" the voice snapped me back into reality. It sounded familiar. I looked up at a strongly handsome face and recognized my hated rival, Blane.

"No," a soft protest escaped my lips. My eyes grew wide in horror.

Blane, standing even taller than his previous six foot one, looked magnificent. He matched and even slightly bettered Kyle in size, but far surpassed him in definition. His body had always been skinny and trim, and now his low body fat caused bronzed skin to suction against his solid, bulking mass.

I looked at Kyle, his mouth agape. It looked like he tried to say something, but no sounds came out.

"Impressive, isn't it?" Blane boomed down at us. He raised both arms into a flex, making him look imposing in the confined hallway between the showers. "Twenty inches. I measured while you guys graciously gave me time to bulk up."

"Wow," Kyle said again. "But how..." he trailed off.

"Oh, I have Jesse to thank for all this," he said relaxing his pose and shooting me a wicked smile. "Thanks for the Mas---"

"My tank!" I interrupted. It'd cost me an enormous sum of money and from the looks of Blane now, he'd used much more than me! I had to do something.

In a flash, I ducked and forced my weight out of the shower. I hit Blane's bulk with a *thud* and tried to push through. But Blane grabbed me by the sides and started to lift. I thrashed about in his grip, digging my fingers into his rock solid deltoids, but I couldn't make a dent. His muscles felt amazingly dense -- as dense, if not more so, as the gas made mine.

He held my weight, probably almost two hundred pounds, straight out before him like he were doing shoulder raises.

"What's the hurry?" he said, putting me back down after two or three reps. "You gave me all this. Stick around and enjoy it!"

He flexed his pecs. They bunched impressively, swelling to large proportions. He definitely filled out larger than Kyle. Kyle, meanwhile, looked transfixed. His cock rose to the occasion (again), pulsing at the sight of a muscle equal.

"You're huge!" he finally said, reaching around me with a muscular arm of his own to feel the bulky, round pecs sitting on Blane's compact chest. He slid around me, pushing his way towards the hall. His wet body pressed tight against mine, causing our hardened cocks to interlock and bounce as he passed. This left me alone and wet under the streaming water.

Kyle explored Blane's tall, muscular body. He looked from his round, compact pecs to his strong, masculine face. Then, in an act of submission uncharacteristic of the Kyle I adored, he bent down and took the ten-inch cock into his mouth.

Kyle choked at first, trying to take too much of the oversized sausage, but he quickly adjusted and fell into a steady sucking rhythm. Blane closed his eyes and moaned, tilting his head back. He experienced what I had just minutes before: the opportunity for the man of his dreams to want him. But his body got a better reception than mine. Kyle seemed lost in lust. He liked big guys and it wasn't often he found one that equaled him in size. Blane surpassed him, even if only by a small margin. I found myself stroking my cock in spite of myself. Two muscle men, one of them the man of my dreams, were lost in pleasure before me. My heavy balls churned in excitement.

But a part of me protested. This wasn't how it should be. I wanted Kyle. I took the risk of buying the gas. It cost me almost half my life's savings! I had to leave.

This time I slipped by discretely. Blane seemed pre-occupied by Kyle's hot mouth. I recalled his warm tongue exploring my own mouth and my anger flared. I walked out of the showers, closing the door as quietly as when I had entered.

My locker lay open, the lock broken on the ground next to a dented dumbbell. I picked up the tank, my heart sinking at its lightness. It felt almost empty. Cursing myself for not being more discrete, I jammed the nozzle into my navel for the third time and turned the valve.

A low hiss emanated from the tank. The flow of gas seemed weak, but it started to flow. I felt the now familiar feeling pass over me as my muscles increased in size. It felt good, once more filling me with an excited tingling. My cock, still rock hard, throbbed against the cold metal of the tank. I carried it with me to the shower room door and watched Blane and Kyle through the foggy glass. Still the gas flowed.

I watched them both through the steam, keeping an eye on my own reflection as I grew. Kyle still sucked Blane's large cock vigorously, an excited Blane massaging Kyle's solid shoulders in return. My shaft throbbed against the cold metal of the tank, still plunged securely into my navel. My abs bulked larger with the hissing gas, surrounding the nozzle with deepening ridges.

"I'll show Blane," I told myself. "Soon he'll see what real muscle looks like." The hissing continues.

My biceps tensed as they grew, peaking larger in the glass reflection. My shoulders expanded wider. My pecs inflated from square and cut to round and bulky.

"Yeah, bigger," I mused, "then Kyle will want me."

I stared fixated on the gyrating, rhythmic movements of Blane and Kyle. It fueled my desire to grow. The tank felt extremely light. "There has to be enough," I told myself, "I have to win." I'd grown almost as big as Blane, only just surpassing Kyle. My muscled looked huge to me -- bigger than I ever imagined they'd be.

I turned the valve on full, the hiss growing much louder. It caught the attention of Blane, who cocked his head to focus on the source of the noise. His eyes went wide when he saw me. I smiled a crooked smile at him, showing that I meant business. There could only be one winner. Only one of us got to keep Kyle.

I grew thicker and wider, having to adjust my stance as both thighs rubbed together. My shoulders and back crept past the span of the glass door. My cock throbbed and quaked larger than ever in the cool locker room air. And still I grew bigger. Blane turned and marched towards me, pulling his cock from Kyle's eager mouth. He tried the knob but I blocked the frame with my foot. He pushed hard but I held the door closed. He had to watch me grow.

I smirked at Blane. He seemed so much bigger just moments ago, but now as my eyes angled down to look at his face, I knew I had won. Panic covered his strong features. His fist broke through the glass and grabbed hold of the tank! But I held it steady as he pulled. My twenty-one inch biceps flexed hard against the force of his twenty. He grabbed with both hands and I did the same. He pulled with his weight and I pulled with mine! Our cocks swayed between our struggle and slammed with loud *twangs* against the metal. But still the nozzle filled me with gas, forcing me to inflate with massive size!

My eyes neared the top of the door; my amazingly wide shoulders making any attempt to go through it impossible. I blocked both Kyle and Blane inside the shower room. By then the struggle for the tank had ended, no contest being considered. Blane just watched slack-jaw as my muscles bulged and flexed. They looked denser than rock, harder than steel. I flexed my pecs making them bounce in slow, deliberate motions. My cock leaked pre-cum like a faucet with heavy balls swaying as it twitched. And finally, as the hissing started to cease, I turned off the valve.

I looked down at myself, amazed at the muscle man I had become. The moisture and steam glistened on my rock hard physique. I stood tall, just taller than the shower room door, and hugely wider than any man I'd known. My delts and arms flared out dramatically far atop a solid eight-pack, compact above my narrow waist. I squeezed the mass of my neck with my free hand, amazed at the density of my size. It felt beyond hard.

Kyle stared. He stood back with fear and lust in his eyes.

"Kyle," I said in a deep, masculine voice.

He nodded once, slowly.

"Come here," I commanded and he complied, maneuvering around the stunned Blane. I outweighed him by sixty, maybe seventy pounds of pure muscle. I leaned down almost a foot and kissed him.

He seemed much too shocked to participate, but I kissed him anyway. And before he knew what hit him, I shoved the nozzle into his navel and turned the valve to full. I held him close when he jolted in surprise. His body responded quickly. I felt the muscles in his back bunch and harden under my hold. His neck thickened beneath my arm. His head inched up towards my own.

The hissing sounded faint. There wasn't much left. But he grew. I released him from the hold and he staggered back holding the tank. He left it planted firmly in his navel as his growth continued. His six-pack turned into eight. His thighs and calves bulked quickly. I kneeled down and cleared a spot for myself on the glass-covered floor, clasped his ass as I took his cock into its rightful place in my mouth. I heard him moan from above.

Blane simply watched the erotic scene unfold, his cock in hand. He knew I'd won and there was no fighting it now. I savored the moment, contemplating my new size, as Kyle's cock grew larger in my mouth. His ass bunched and hardened in my hands.

Yes, Kyle was mine. Then, as the tank emptied and the hissing stopped, I happily sucked his cum down my eager throat.

Story by jman250