Uneven Desires 2

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Chad pried himself out of bed and almost immediately collapsed back into it.

His legs went to jelly the moment he put weight on them. For a few minutes, he lay there, heart thudding in his chest. It took a while for reality to come filtering in to his hazy mind. He couldn't remember if he'd gotten terrifically smashed or if a girl had tried to drug him. That'd happened a few times. But no, he realized as he forced his eyes open, there had been no druggings. He was in his own room and no curiously unattractive girls were anywhere in plain sight.

The sound of someone clattering about in the kitchen forced Chad back into alertness. He groaned. The second time he tried to get out of bed, it took some effort to stand up straight. He wobbled and righted himself.

Just in case, Chad checked under his bed for any fat chicks. One of his flings had hidden in his closet to watch him undress. No, no fat chicks. Chad stretched, and laughed. Since he'd gained some of Jake's body mass, it had become a daily ritual for him to stretch up and touch the low ceiling of his room. Some of his hookups had confirmed, to Chad's amusement, that his morning stretch was an impressive sight. Today, the lucky girl or boy would have been treated to a comedy of error.

Chad stretched up to his full height and prepared to press up against the ceiling. The action bared his stomach. His abdominals flexed, rippling into chiseled perfection as he stretched. His shoulders broadened beneath the fabric of his shirt. As he reached his maximum extension, he was in for a surprise. His hands missed the ceiling.

Chad glanced up. He blinked. Someone had moved the ceiling.

A headache blossomed behind Chad's eyes. It came on sudden as a nuclear explosion, but departed in an instant.

Chad blinked again, wondering what he was doing stretching. The ceilings were low in the flat, but not that low, and he was at most 6 feet tall. No giant there. When he stood on the tips of his toes, he could brush the ceiling, but no one would be impressed by that.

As he moved on to getting dressed, Chad was certain that he'd just forgotten something important. Chad couldn't quite recall what it was, but it probably had something to do with more bills. He struggled with it, but the concept slipped beyond his mental reach. Just outside his room, something hissed, and the scent of cooking bacon slithered through the house.

Chad scratched at his stomach, noting that he could afford to do a little bit of work on his abs. They were never his best muscle group. As he caught a glimpse of himself in his wall mirror, he was reassured by the size of his biceps, which must have been pushing 16.5." He'd have them at 17" in a couple months, he judged.

Wearing only his boxers and t-shirt, he wandered out of his room and stumbled into the kitchen. It was a mess. Jake was cooking. Chad admired the shape of his roommate's back. Jake had really been making some progress in the gym, considering his genes. He was what Chad would describe as a super-ectomorph. Chad smirked to himself, feeling reassured by his roommate's lack of size. Sometimes the guy got a real wild streak during football practices, but he was only 5'6 to Chad's 5'11, so he could always be restrained.

During the few times they had showered together, Jake's cock had proven to be less than average, at least three inches shorter than Chad's eight incher.

"I can't believe you're making breakfast," Chad said. He was right behind Jake, and startled him.

"Anything to help out my favorite roommate," answered Jake after he'd recovered. His breath smelled like herbs. "In fact, I was thinking we could do something after breakfast."

Chad shrugged. "Sure. Want to go to the gym?"

"It'll be a workout, sure... but remember, the game's on," said Jake, grinning. He took Chad's hand and kissed it.

Both of them recoiled from the resulting shock. Chad frowned, looking over at Jake. His vision doubled for a moment before coming back into focus. He instantly dismissed the phenomenon and stared down at his roommate.

"What did I tell you when you came out to me a few weeks ago, Jake?" Chad asked, trying to put on a stern face.

"Not to try and turn you. It's okay, I'm just feeling energetic today. Really energetic."

"Whatever," said Chad. "Just don't pull that gay shit, man."

"I promise."

Chad watched as Jake tore through the kitchen, whipping through the manufacture of their meal. Eggs and bacon were combined into mouthwatering omelettes, and to top off the breakfast Jake brought out orange juice and a bottle of champagne.

"Mimosas," he explained.

Chad didn't start really feeling the mimosas until after the fourth glass. He noticed that Jake had barely touched his, but dismissed it with a thought of "more for me." He wasn't especially hungry, so he pushed the omelette away about midway through. Jake had the grace not to look insulted.

Jake surprised his roommate by cleaning up after breakfast, not even asking for help. Chad watched in amazement. Although not without their occasional scuffles, the roommates usually worked on a system of give and take. Jake did the dishes when Chad cooked, and vice versa. Chad swept and Jake mopped, and so on. Chad prided himself on the equality--the even-ness--of their relationship.

The two settled in the living room in front of the couch, and Chad flipped on the telly. Midway through the first quarter of the game, Jake got up to go to the bathroom. When he returned, Chad noticed that Jake was watching him with interest. The strapping fellow returned his smaller roommate's gaze, examining him through bleary eyes.

"What?" he asked.

"I was just thinking how some things come full circle," Jake said. "And how sometimes, history repeats itself."

"What're you going on about?" demanded Chad.


They settled back into watching the game for a bit. Chad's team started off strong, but as the quarter went on, their defenses slipped. Jake got louder and a dark brooding settled over his roommate.

"So, Chad, tell me... when's the last time you did anything with a girl?"

The question took Chad by surprise. After a moment, he shrugged his broad shoulders. "It's been a bit, why?"

Jake returned the shrug. "I don't know. Just lately, mate, you've seemed a bit tense. Off, even. I was wondering if maybe you felt like you needed a bit of help."

"No, not really. I take care of it."

"Sure, but--oh, never mind."

"What are you saying?" Chad asked. He blinked as a thought settled into his skull. "Are you saying you want to..."

Jake backed off, looking distant. "Naw, mate, it was just a thought. I figured that maybe..."

"No," Chad responded, quietly.

They sat in strained silence for a few minutes. Chad thought on it. He'd been painfully horny for the last few days. It had been weeks since he'd gotten any, and Jake was gay. And it was just oral. Getting head from a guy didn't make you gay. It would just be once, after all, and Jake was--

"Jake, does that offer still stand?"

His roommate blinked as if surprised by the question. "Of course. Sorry, I just had a spot of deja vu."

Chad nodded. "You think you could..."

"Sure," said Jake, sidling across the couch. He moved slowly, but the expression on his face was one of restrained eagerness. Again Chad caught a whiff of herbs.

"You using a new toothpaste, buddy?"

Jake ran his hand over Chad's crotch. Blood began pumping into the tool, at the same time flowing away from Chad's thinking head. Deftly, Jake's hand crept into Chad's boxers, withdrawing with a prize that was rapidly swelling beyond the confines of his hand.

Haltingly at first, but with growing confidence, Jake massaged the shaft of his roommate's cock. It leapt with every beat of Chad's heart. Once it was near its full length, Jake moved his ministrations down to Chad's big balls. They were almost hairless.

Chad's dick was a full eight inches in length, wreathed in trimmed hair. It was a sizeable tool and he'd gotten compliments on it before, but Jake looked at it as if it were the Holy Grail.

"Yeah, a new toothpaste," he rasped, and dove onto Chad's cock.

Electric streamers of pleasure arced through Chad's being. He pressed down on Jake's head, mouthing curses while trying to pretend his roommate was a girl. Jake's tongue roamed around the cockhead, bringing the larger lad perilously close to a premature orgasm.

"Stop, Jake, I'm about to cum," gasped Chad.

Jake didn't stop. In fact, he redoubled his efforts, deep-throating the big cock. Chad pried at his roommate's head, trying to get Jake to stop, but that seemed only to excite his efforts.

"I'm going to--oh, fuck--" screamed Chad.

He came. Lightning flashed through the two boys again, and Chad's consciousness spun off into the distance for what felt like an eternity, fragmenting away from his body. As he started gaining control of himself, he suddenly felt smaller, less significant, and could feel a solid shape lying next to him.

The thought that he would have remembered bringing home someone almost his size was the last Chad could manage before he slumped into unconsciousness.


He awakened the next day on the couch, right next to his roommate. Chad had a hard-on. He glanced over at Jake, and was relieved to find the lad was sound asleep.

His eyes narrowed. Jake was sweaty. Chad figured he must have gone to the gym already that morning. He cursed, wishing that Jake would've reminded him. If he didn't start back into the gym soon, Jake would surpass him.

His roommate had started out the year a pretty scrawny fellow, but he was making some real progress. At 5'9, the boy already weighed 145 pounds solid, and he was starting to get the muscled look of someone who frequented the gym. Chad's genes weren't quite as conducive to building muscle as his roommate's, but he was about an inch taller than Jake and still weighed thirty pounds more. He'd had a big head start, having lifted all throughout high school and in to college.

Looking at Jake lying there, handsome face pressed against a pillow but smiling like a child, Chad couldn't bring himself to disturb his roommate. Maybe he'd make breakfast and see if he could take out the trash before Jake woke up.

He tucked his still-erect seven inch cock back into his boxers and got up to start the day.

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