Uneven Desires 4

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Chad peeked his head into Jake's room. He looked around, unable to dispel a slight edge of anxiety that overcame him. Jake had never specifically forbidden him from coming into the room, but it felt wrong to intrude without permission. After all, his jockish roommate would come back from the game tired and sweaty, and he wouldn't want to clean up. Chad was more suited for that, anyway.

A momentary twist of envy coiled deep down in his soul. His performance at practice the day prior had been simply miserable, but the coach could still have let him play during today's game. He remembered having to sit out games before: he worked very hard to make the cut. Every inch of muscle on his lean frame had been a struggle to win and keep; people on the team constantly talked about how hard Chad worked. Still, sometimes it came down to taking the best of the best. Those were the times when Jake, so effortlessly skilled and well-built, always won out.

Chad's face warmed with a fond smile for his roommate and lover.

Images of the luxuriant dark hair framing Jake's chiseled cheekbones and square jaw swam behind Chad's eyes. He allowed the mental picture to expand, taking in the jock's hard, rounded pectorals with their slight overhang. They cast a faint shadow over his chiseled abs. His upper body was a perfect V-shape that begged a man to look lower, at his big, thick--

Chad let out a cry as he tripped over something hard and big. He tried to right himself, but went sprawling over the object and onto the rug. A flash of hot pain shot through his leg.

Cradling the knee he'd skinned on the carpet, Chad slowly recovered himself. He looked at the thing that had caught his foot.

Partially concealed under Jake's bed was a small stone... thing. Chad supposed it was some sort of an altar, with a reasonably flat upper surface marked with rings and odd geometry. There were a few jeweled pieces, shaped like people and strange creatures, scattered across the top of the altar.

He picked one up and held it to the light. It was shaped roughly like a man, but the lapis lazuli humanoid had a head like an octopus, with many tentacles extending out of it. The creature's feet were flippers.

A burst of revulsion and fear made him set the thing back down. As he did, he saw that a few of the pieces had been jostled by his clumsiness. He set to work swiftly, pushing pieces back into the nearest circles. There were a couple that had fallen off of the board, so Chad put them wherever there was room.

The last piece looked a little like him, but with more muscles. It was carved out of simple stone. He placed it back on the board in a place that looked good, and hurried out of Jake's room, all thoughts of cleaning abandoned.

He hoped Jake wouldn't notice.


Jake glared at the black eye in the mirror. His face heated as he thought about it, the blush making his fair skin appear splotchy.

Chad's slender, toned arms draped around his neck. His flatmate stood on the tips of his toes to account for Jake's slightly greater height. He considered brushing Chad off, but the boy's emotions had become unstable since the last change. He was so needy, at times. And Jake needed to keep on Chad's good side, especially after tonight.

It wasn't that he wasn't playing well. He breezed through the game with ease. What he lacked in strength, Jake made up for in agility. Unfortunately, the latest shift had imbued him with more cockiness than he'd expected.

"I don't understand why he punched you," Chad said, running his hands over Jake's solid pectorals. His fingers lingered over Jake's left nipple.

Jake shrugged his broad shoulders, admiring the play of the muscles as they bunched and swelled. "He got cheeky at the pub and I called him out."

"He must've cheated," Chad insisted.

"You can't fucking cheat in a brawl," hissed Jake. He glared into the mirror. He didn't look like someone the old Jake would have wanted to get into a fight with, but there were still bigger men out there.

Chad drooped, his eyes going sullen. He let his arms slip from around Jake's neck.

Jake cursed inwardly. Forcing a smile, he said, "Sorry, Chad. I'm just a bit tossed at that wanker. Why don't you go out and make dinner while I finish washing up."

Without an answering smile, Chad slipped out into the common room, leaving Jake alone in the bathroom.

Jake put his face in his hands, muttering to himself. This wasn't what he'd wanted at all. Chad was supposed to be normal, just devoted to him, and easier to dominate. He grew more pliable with each shift, even as the very elements that made him attractive diminished.

He'd have to end this quicker, and move on. When he was done with Chad, he could have the pick of any guy he wanted.

Jake lifted the vial of clear fluid from by the sink and held it up to the light.

"No, that won't do," he muttered. "I'll have to use the concentrate."


Chad turned as Jake stepped out of his room, wearing only a pair of grey boxer-briefs that hugged his muscled frame. At 5'9, Jake was not especially tall, but he was lean and fit. Fresh out of the shower as he was, every muscle on his body glistened and gleamed as if to declare his masculinity. He walked, a study in sensual grace.

A mound grew in Chad's shorts.

Jake settled himself on Chad's lap, pulling the t-shirt off over the smaller boy's head. His eyes roved hungrily over the compact muscle on Chad's body. Chad's heart fluttered in his chest as he answered Jake's hungry gaze.

He grabbed at Jake's taut back, pulling him in for a deep kiss. While their tongues twined together, Chad's hands explored the expanse of Jake's back. Not a hint of fat marred the jigsaw of solid muscle. Jake's own hands worked over Chad's pecs, traveling with agonizing slowness down over his faint six-pack. They played at the elastic waistband of Chad's shorts.

Chad lifted himself off of the couch, allowing Jake to pull the shorts down over his legs. He let out a gasp as Jake suddenly reversed their positions, so that now he was sitting atop Jake's lap. An insistent hardness pressed up underneath his buttocks, separated from him only by their underclothes. Chad ground his package against Jake's chest a couple of times, and both men groaned at the sudden stimulus.

Jake's hands deftly parted Chad's boxers, revealing his six-incher. He maneuvered Chad against one of the cushions and leaned in to taste the tip of Chad's cock.

As if it were a bell that had just been struck, the world shuddered around Chad for a moment. He felt himself slip lower against the couch. At the same moment, Jake straightened. There was a bit more heft to his pectorals, and his shoulders seemed broader. The thing straining at his underpants was not just above average now, but large.

A hint of memory warned Chad not to cry out, so he covered his alarm in a gasp of pleasure.

"Fuck me," he breathed, reaching out toward Jake's big dick. Jake pushed his hand away gently.

"No," Jake breathed. "Tonight, I'll give you head."

He took Chad's cock in his mouth as swift as a striking viper. The world wobbled before Chad's eyes. He and Jake were the only constants, and even they showed hints of change as the moments passed. The resonance seemed to center on Chad's penis, overwhelming his self-control. He came in mere moments.

And shrank. His hard-earned muscle smoothed and vanished beneath his skin, leaving him with naught but faint hints of musculature. His penis had, at first, seemed a challenge for Jake, but as the moments went by, the larger boy took it down with greater ease and skill.

As Chad shrank by increments, Jake swelled by leaps. His back widened and flared out, as if caught in a flex that would not end. Striations formed as muscles pushed up against the skin. As Chad's orgasm faltered, far swifter than a virile man's should, Jake threw himself backward, caught in the throes of his growth.

His pecs swelled forward, forming two huge masses. Abs thrust out like a brick wall, cobbled of muscle that looked harder than steel. His dick was far too large for the boxer briefs to contain easily, and its huge head thrust itself up over the waistband. He, too, came, overwhelmed by the sensations assaulting his growing body.

He roared, his voice a rumbling bass that echoed through Chad's bones. His spunk geysered through the air, splattering them both. He threw out arms that had swollen to the thickness of small trees, and they, like his legs, stretched further and further outward.

At last, it ended. Jake took a deep breath and looked down at Chad, who appeared to have blacked out as he did after each change.

Jake rose to his new height of six feet two inches, tottering on his new legs but quickly gaining comfort with his body. His boxer briefs exploded off of him with a sound like a rubber band breaking.

He laughed to himself, a low, deep rumble.

"Too bad you won't remember that, little man," he rumbled down at the diminished Chad. "Sleep well."

He lumbered back to his room. Chad lay on the couch with his eyes closed, listening to the retreating footsteps. It was all coming back to him, now. Yes, everything was rushing in: the book, the changes, the altar he had disturbed.

His eyes opened into furious slits.

He remembered everything.

To be continued?