Another Choice 2

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Lee’s first day at Carl was going to be one he’d never forget. Still stuck on the notion that he was Lee, Carl started the day by talking back to his new mother, saying he wasn’t going to school. That earned him a whooping from his father, a large muscular man that towered over Carl. His firm hand spanked Carl’s ass repeatedly until Carl was bawling in tears. Down the hall, Carl could hear his brothers snickering at his beating and crying. I especially enjoyed putting him in this family. It was the exact opposite of what he used to. While Lee grew up spoiled, being an only child, Carl was the youngest of 4 boys and was treated equally. Lee’s parents were rich and not very active, Carl’s family was a long line of jocks. Even his mother participated in sports regularly, namely softball and bowling. The male members in the family did everything from football to wrestling to baseball to soccer. And fighting, lots of fighting. The father, Joe, stood at a massive size of 6’4’’ tall and weighed close to 250 lbs. While he didn’t work out as much as he did when he was in school, he worked construction and kept a well defined body with a small gut. His kids, Evan, Slater, and Brad and hopefully Carl had their parent’s genes. Evan as the oldest at 18, was a star running back and Slater, age 15, was also on the same team as a lineman guarding his older brother. Brad was 12 and was following in his brother’s footsteps. He was large and on the way to being a lineman, and preferred wrestling to football but loved them both. Carl, while being smaller than the rest of his family, had memories of having fun with sports with his family. Even though everyone was rough and tumble, they were loving. His brothers made a lot of fun of him for being small still, but they were always there for him. Carl even could remember incidents where his brothers protected him from bullies. But of course, Lee’s mind was too distraught to focus on the good memories I’ve given him, and could only see the ass whooping he was receiving and the laughs of his brothers.

After Lee stopped crying, he slowly got dressed. Lee remembered that they lived in a nice warm area and his new family liked to wear clothing that showed off their jock bodies. Lee opted to wear pants and a long sleeve shirt though, still not comfortable with his new physique. Lee walked down the stairs to meet his family for breakfast. All the people looked familiar, but Lee’s mind wouldn’t let the memories I placed there take root. He stood in the kitchen, lost and dumbfounded when one of his brothers spoke up.

“Carl, something wrong?”

Lee stood there looking around when his oldest brother walked up behind him and grabbed him in a headlock. I gave him the memories of how to get out of this hold but Lee panicked. Evan squeezed the hold tightly, expecting Carl to break out easily but Lee slowly stopped fighting and started to lose breath. Evan dropped him and leaned down saying, “What the fuck man, you almost let me put you out!”

Lee stood up and coughed, “How the hell was I supposed to get out of that?”

Everyone in the kitchen looked at him like he was crazy. His father stood up at the table, “Are you ok Carl?”

“I’m not FUCKING CARL! MY NAME IS LEE!!” Lee dropped back to the floor. For a moment, Lee let go of his old life and stopped struggling with his new life. “I’m ok dad, just wasn’t feeling well.”

“You feel up to going to school today? I know that the bullies have been after you since Brad hasn’t been around,” his mother said.

“No mom, I’ll be alright. Besides, they’ll be sorry once I grow up.” Lee laughed and everyone sighed. Lee though to himself, “I’m Carl. This is really my life? It can’t be true.”

Everyone finished up their large breakfast. Lee ate a large amount and it amazed him. He’s never eaten so much in his old life and he wasn’t even full. It felt energizing. But it was nothing compared to what the rest of his family ate. They were ravenous. The young jock bodies metabolized instantly what they ate and the father fueled his giant body in the same manner.

Lee and Brad walked to school together. They went to the two schools near them while Evan and Slater rode the bus to the high school. All along the walk, Lee was very quiet, contemplating his new life.

Brad broke the silence first, “You ok Carl, you’ve been mighty quiet. Those jerks haven’t been beating you up again, have they?”

Lee’s head suddenly filled with the memories of his tormentors beating him up every day as of late. “No man, I’m ok” Lee said while he thought the opposite.

Brad and Lee arrived at the school 10 minutes before class began. Brad looked at his younger brother and said, “You’d tell me if you were having problems, right? You know we care.”

Lee looked at him and wanted so badly to tell him the truth, but he knew they would only think he’s gone crazy. “No bro, I’m ok.” Brad tousled Carl’s hair and said, “Ok bro, see you this afternoon at my ball practice.” No sooner than Brad got out of view, Lee received a huge punch from behind, knocking him to the ground.

“Hey Carla, you got our money today?” said a voice from behind him. The voice sounded very familiar to Lee but he couldn’t place it. He rolled over to look up into the face of his tormentor.

“I asked you a question, Carla,” sneered Buck. Lee remembered Buck was a large kid, 10 years old and in the same grade as he was due to being held back. He was a fat kid but taller than almost everyone and he took out his personal frustrations on those smaller and weaker than he was. In short, he was a typical bully.

Lee staggered up, dazed from the meaty punch he recently received. “What do you want now?” he sighed. Buck grabbed Lee by the collar and lifted him off the ground a few inches. “Money, hand it over. Now.” Lee’s fight or flight reflex was kicking into high gear and Lee decided to hand over the money. It wasn’t much, just a couple of dollars, but it was enough to placate the bulky kid. “Thanks, Carla,” growled Buck and he delivered a quick but heavy hook to Lee’s gut. “Next time, you better have more for me,” he laughed as he and his two flunkies strutted off.

Lee laid in a fetal position, moaning in agony for a few moments before he heard a quiet voice. “Are you ok Carl? I see that Buck has already got around to you.” Lee opened his eyes and wiped the tears away to see Paul. Of course, almost everyone called him Paulie. He was a small kid, even smaller than Lee was now and looked frail. But with his meager physique was a brilliant and innocent smile that lit up a room.

Paul leaned down and offered a helping hand to Lee. Lee accepted the offer and rose off the ground with a bit of pain. Lee coughed a bit and went to thank Paul but when he looked into Paul’s face, he noticed a small swelling of his right eye.

“Paul, what happened?” Lee wondered.

“Oh, this?” Paul said as he rubbed his eye. “It’s nothing. Buck decided that I didn’t have enough money today and I must’ve been holding out on him. I gave him all that I had but my mom has been struggling lately and I didn’t want to impose on her so I left half of the money at home for her to keep. Buck wailed on me a bit until he saw that I didn’t have anymore and then left. Don’t worry Carl, I’ll be ok.”

Lee felt something he’s never felt before. It was a combination of frustration, anger and rage. “How can they beat up a little kid like Paul? Don’t they know how tough he and his mother have it? The fuckers need to pay.” Lee unclenched his fists and laid his hand on Paul’s small shoulder gently. “Don’t worry buddy, they’ll get theirs eventually.”

Throughout the day, Lee’s mind was conflicted. Not only did he have to endure trying to get back in the groove of school, but he was concerned about Paul. Now, elementary school should have been easy, but Lee always was able to buy his way out of stuff. Without that option, he had to pay attention, and it was difficult for him because they seemed to be teaching kids more advanced things earlier. Math and English were easy enough, but History and some other subjects were very difficult for him. But he could concentrate even less because he was worried about Paul. Lee felt Paul was going to get more and more battered and bruised, but Paul would never fight back. He was just too kind and nice a guy to ever put up resistance. People like Buck would always abuse Paul’s gentleness and Lee was concerned that Paul would become seriously hurt one day.

By the end of the day, all Lee’s problems were forgotten about. The only thing he could think about was getting back at Buck. Paul and Lee were waiting outside the school, Lee for his brother Brad and Paul for his mother.

“Paul, I got a question for you,” Lee opened.

“What is that Carl?”

“Do you ever think about getting back at Buck for always beating you up?”

“No man,” Paul hung his head. “I know I’m going to be smaller than everyone for the rest of my life, so I’m just going to take it in stride and not worry about it. My mom says my father was a real small guy, and she’s small too, so I’m going to be small.”

Lee’s anger welled up inside of him as he thought about such an innocent person being abused for another 10 years as his brother Brad walked up and tapped him on the shoulder. “You ready to go little bro?” Brad asked.

“Hey Brad, give me a sec. Paul, I need to ask my brother something, don’t go anywhere,” Lee commented. He took Brad off to the side and looked at him with a serious glare.

“What’s wrong Carl, what happened?” his brother inquired.

“You have got to promise not to say anything to the guys about this,” Lee demanded.

“Ok little bro, what’s going on?”

“I need to get bigger and better at fighting.”

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