Another Choice 4

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Carl blinked a few times and then rubbed his eyes. He looked around the room, slightly dazed before his brother Brad came out of the bathroom. Carl looked at Brad's jock body, his tight chest and slim waist wrapped in a towel and his teen arms bulging with muscles and dripping water over the floor and felt a sense of pride and want. Brad toweled his head a bit before looking at Carl, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing bro. I was just thinking how it would feel when I were your size or Evan or Slater's or even as big as dad."

"I'm sure you'll do just fine. I mean look at Slater. He used to be smaller than you, but then he got on dad's program around 10 and now he's huge. I mean, he's wearing 2XL T-shirts and they're barely big enough. If he were taller, he might be bigger than dad. You just have to stick to it."

Carl nodded his head and went to his dresser. He pulled out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and headed into the shower. He stood under the warm cascading water trying to sort his thoughts. There was something in the back of his mind that he just couldn't put his finger on. He knew he was forgetting something, but I knew for certain he would never remember what he had forgotten.

After his shower, Carl turned off the lights and went to bed. As usual, he could hear his brother on the other side of the room moaning softly and jerking off. He had caught him one night and Brad had to explain it all to him. He didn't understand the fascination with one of dad's Playboy's, but Brad assured him he would understand eventually. Brad even promised to teach him how to jerk off when the time came. That made Carl unusually happy. Carl smiled at the memories before falling into a deep slumber.

The next few months flew by for Carl. Each day, he had to suffer the bullying by Buck. But that just went to fuel the fire that was within him. At the end of each day, Paul and him would go to his house and workout for hours in the basement, followed by a filling dinner cooked by his mother. Then the two would part, usually with a hug.

Carl's body seemed to respond quite well to the training. Each day, he could do a little more; one pushup here, a couple of crunches there, but it all began to add up. Carl's strength was being manifested in ways his family had come to expect from their gene pool. Even though he had only recently turned nine, he was starting to grow into a jock just like his brothers.

Paul on the other had wasn't quite so lucky. He continued to work as hard as he could, but he had few results to show for it. All the time and effort only made him lean. He got a little stronger, but his max lifts only increased by five.

"I don't think I'm going to keep doing this Carl," Paul said one day after their workout.

"Why not man? Don't you like working out?"

"It's ok, but I'm just holding you back. I mean look at you. You were made for this. You've gotten a lot bigger and stronger since we've started. I can tell. Your chest has filled out with muscle, your arms have gotten thicker and your gut hasn't gotten bigger at all. Even with all the food you eat, your body just turned it into muscle. I eat until I'm full and I've only gained ten pounds this whole time we've been working out. I think I should just stop and you can work out really hard instead of wasting time on me." Paul looked down at the step they were sitting on, almost ready to burst into tears.

"I don't mind helping you Paul. You're my buddy. I like having you there with me. I don't want you to stop."

"But it's pointless. I'm not going to get bigger or stronger. I'm just taking up space."

Carl took Paul's face in his hand and raised it to his eye level. "That doesn't matter. I just...I mean...You can't stop. You have to be there with me. I don't wanna do it by myself. Just promise me you'll keep coming."

Paul smiled and nodded his head. "Alright. I'll keep coming and supporting you. It's the least I can do for my buddy." The two embraced each other in a hug. But Carl felt this hug was different. It was longer than normal and he felt funny. Not in a humerous way, but in a strange way he never felt before.

Paul's mom drove up and the two separated. Paul quickly got in and they drove off, leaving Carl on the porch, confused and dazed. He quickly went inside, showered and fell asleep, his dreams haunted by the lingering hug the two shared.

From that day on, Carl and Paul's life were drastically different. They continued to meet each day, but instead of Paul working out, he did whatever he could to help Carl. Whether it was cleaning up the areas where his jock sweat landed, or taking care of his water, or being more body weight for his exercises, Paul did. Carl, on the other hand, focused solely on getting stronger. He took comfort in Paul being there, although he wasn't sure why his presence was so comforting.

The two made it through grade school and together, started middle school. By this time, Carl had grown a few inches in height and added a good bit of mass to his. Paul had grown a little also in the two years they've been together, but it was nothing compared to Carl's growth. Buck had stopped picking on the two as of late, but middle school would pose more challenges for them.

One day, the two were in the basement working out as usual. Carl's father was upstairs, listening to his son in the basement grunting as usual. "You know honey," he started, "I think it's about time that Carl starts going to the gym with me and the boys."

"Really? I've notice he's been making excellent progress in the basement with his buddy Paul."

"Yeah, but there's only so much the kid can do with no weight. I think it's bout time I introduce him to the iron."

Meanwhile, Carl was on his set of push-ups. Carl leaned down into his normal stance and Paul crawled his way on top. They've been doing push-ups like this for months, ever since Carl could no longer get a pump from doing them with no weight. But today would be different.

Carl began to crank out the push-ups with Paul hanging on as best he could. Carl's mind was so focused on the count that he didn't feel Paul's hands moving until they reached his nipples. Suddenly, a rush coursed through Carl's body as Paul gripped his flexed chest.

"Man, your chest feels so good," Paul whispered in his ear. "It's so strong and powerful."

Carl didn't know what to do. Part of him was screaming that this was wrong, but another, more primal part of him wanted more. Carl continued to push himself up and down while Paul ran his hands along his chest. Both of them were getting pleasures they've never felt before; Paul, the thrill of his first muscle worship and Carl the pleasure of being worshipped. Paul continued to whisper to Carl how strong and powerful and huge he was and Carl continued to work out. He even slowed down and flexed his chest as best he could. He was enjoying this new sensation like nothing he had ever felt before. Carl's mind was buzzing with an air of primal dominance. Carl knew that he was a behemoth in the eyes of his friend and that made him feel even more powerful.

The tension between them rose to a level they've never experienced before. They had crossed a bridge into unexplored territory that both were anxious to explore. But before they could go further with their mutual desires, Carl's father came in. Paul's hands froze in place on Carl's blood engorged chest, but Carl continued to move up and down because nothing was unusual at all to him about doing push-ups with a person on his back.

"Hey Carl, whatcha doin' tomarra?" his dad said gruffly as he watched his young jock stud.

"The usual dad, coming down here and working out with Paul," Carl said at the apex of his reps.

"I think it's about time that you started working out in the gym with the rest of us."

Carl froze, his arms locked out. He tilted his head up toward his father and said, "Really? Are you serious? I mean Brad didn't get to go to the gym 'till he was thirteen."

"I figure ya been workin’ down here real hard and it was ‘bout time you joined the men. What do ya say?"

"Can Paul come along? I know he's not, ya know, in the bestest of shape for this, but I like having him with me. I don't wanna just leave him out in the cold."

"Sure thing. He can even join us if he wants."

"Oh no sir, I couldn't even if I wanted to," Paul said meekly. "But I will be happy to take care of your water and towels and stuff if you don't mind."

Carl's dad smiled and turned to go back upstairs, "Well, don't work too hard tonight. You're going to have a shock tomorrow."

The door to the basement made a creak as it closed and the two boys were left alone again. The silence quickly became uncomfortable before Paul said softly, "I hope you aren't mad with me."

"Why would I be mad? You didn't do anything. I mean my dad will probably be happy to have someone keeping track of his towel and stuff. You've never seen him that often, he loses stuff all the time. I can remember this one time we spent four hours looking for his keys. Funny story..."

"No, I don't mean that," Paul interrupted. "I mean me feeling up your chest. I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I've wanted to for so long, I just couldn't resist anymore"

"Oh." Carl shifted around a little as best he could with with Paul still on his back. "To tell you the truth, I liked it. I don't know why, but having you say how strong I was and feeling your hands try to press into my muscle felt really good. But after tonight, we won't be able to do it again I don't think. I don't know if this is right or not."

"I'm not sure either. I mean, I was scared but exhilarated. Once I started, I just couldn't stop. It felt really good to feel your powerful body. I felt like I was small and puny compared to your huge body."

Hearing Paul talk like that excited Carl to the point where he got his first hard-on. It was exactly at the same time his mother called for dinner. Carl lowered himself to the floor carefully and Paul got off. "Go on upstairs, I'll be right there," Carl said as he laid on the floor.

"Sure thing big stud," Paul whispered with a gleaming smile before running up the stairs. Carl laid there, his mind jumbled with so many new things he's never felt before. To top it all off, his penis was completely stiff and he had no idea what to do about it. He couldn't just walk upstairs with his pants tenting out a good eight inches in front of him.

Thankfully, all of the worrying about what he would do seemed to relax it a bit and slowly, it shrank back to its normal size. Dinner came and went and Paul left afterwards, knowing things were going to be different and better from that point on.

That night, after his shower, he heard Brad awake as usual jerking off. It was a nightly thing with him now, but it didn't bother him at all. But tonight, Carl had a few questions that he needed answered.

"Brad, I need to ask ya something."

The sounds from Brad's side of the room stopped for a moment before he heard paper rustling and his brother turning over. Brad had grown a good deal in the past few months and Carl could hear the bed creaking under his bulk. "What's wrong little man?" Brad asked with concern in his voice.

"Umm, what is it when your wee-wee sticks straight out and you can't get it to go back to normal."

Carl could hear Brad stifle a laugh. "Ok little man," Brad started, "First thing's first. That is not a wee-wee. It's your penis. Call it that or your johnson or your cock or your dick or a ramrod but never a 'wee-wee'. Second, when it does that, it's called being hard. It usually happens when you're hot for something, but when you start going through puberty, it happens whenever the hell it feels like. Then you gotta jack it."

"You mean like you do every night."

"Yeah, I gotta jack mine every mornin’ and night else I get blue balls."

"What's blue balls?" Carl inquired.

"That's where your balls hurt because their stuffed with cum."

"What's cum?"

"It's the white stuff that comes out your cock when you jerk off." Carl was overly confused by this point. Brad could tell he didn't understand so he sat up in his bed. "Ok stud, I guess it’s ‘bout time for me to show you how to jerk off. Once you do it, you'll understand everything. C'mere." Brad patted a spot on his bed next to him. Carl went over and sat down as Brad pulled out the magazine. "First thing is, you have to be hard to jack off. What gets ya hard is different for different guys. Me for example, nothing gets me harder than a chick with some nice tits and ass." He opened the magazine to a well used section. "This here's Ms. March."

Carl looked at the book and turned away quickly. He had never seen a naked woman before now. His brother chuckled a bit and said, "It's alright little man, no one's going to know. Besides, you'll probably see a lot more of this in real life if things keep going like they are."

Carl didn't know what Brad meant, but he turned back to the book and examined the picture. She was a nice looking woman. She had long brown hair that flowed down her shoulders and around her breasts. Carl was shocked to see bare breasts and no panties on a woman before, but he kept looking at the picture. Out of the side of his eye, he could see Brad's tighty-whities rising up, just like his shorts did in the basement. Brad shuffled around and reached in his briefs to pull out his cock. Carl's eyes almost popped out of his sockets when he saw his brother's penis. It was a lot bigger than his. Brad saw him looking and smiled. "Yeah, your bro has a huge cock. But guess what, Slater's cock is even bigger than mine, and Evan's is bigger than his, and dad's is huge. As you grow up, it gets bigger. At least with us it does. Some guys aren't as lucky. You'll see what I mean when we go to the locker room tomorrow. Now, go ahead and pull yours out."

Carl quickly pulled down his briefs and pulled out his soft cock. "Nice dude," he heard his brother say, "You're bigger than I was at your age. The girls are going to love you."

"But I'm not hard yet. Can I jerk off if I'm not hard?"

"No, you can't. But you've been hard before so you can get hard again. Just think about when you were hard the first time."

Images of Paul riding his back feeling his chest and whispering in his ear how strong he was flashed through Carl's mind. He closed his eyes and enthralled himself in the memory and Brad laughed, "Woah man, you're going to put someone's eye out with that thing."

Carl opened his eyes to see his dick pointing straight up at the ceiling. It was smaller than his brothers, but he was happy anyway. "Man, you're going to be a killer when you get older. That thing is huge. Ok, here's how you jerk off." Brad reached over for a bottle of lotion off his dresser. He squeezed a little in Carl's hand before getting some for himself. "Ok, what you do is you work the lotion around in your palm a little first, then you grip it like you would grab a pole. Then you go up and down, slow at first, then faster when you feel like it.” He demonstrated a little while Carl watched intently. “Man, that feels so good. Go ahead lil’ bro. Try it.”

Carl rubbed the lotion in his palm until it was almost none left and Brad stopped him. “No no lil’ man, you need some to lube the shaft.” He squeezed a bit more into Carl’s hand and said, “Ok, don’t rub it all into your skin. You want something to decrease the friction, that’s all.”

Carl nodded and wrapped his hand around his cock. He slid it down the shaft once and took a sharp breath. “Feels fuckin’ good, don’t it man,” Brad chuckled. Carl could do nothing but nod his head. He was swimming in an ocean of ecstasy. He closed his eyes and continued to do like his brother taught him, slowly stroking up, then down. Images of Paul on his back whispering to Carl about his strength and power flooded his mind. He could hear Brad’s low moan of pleasure beside him as Carl experienced his first bout of masturbation.

Together, the brothers jerked off until Carl could feel Brad stiffen next to him, his jerking coming to a fevered rush. That in turn intensified Carl’s stroking and the passion of Paul’s worship in his mind. He could feel something building inside of him, kinda like he had to piss, but it felt too good to stop. He opened his eyes to see Brad stroking his cock like a madman and Carl followed suit. Suddenly, Brad’s entire body started jerking as he came. Carl had never seen his brother explode like that, but it was so erotic to him, it powered his own orgasm. Brad’s cock jerked and spewed cum, shooting a few inches up before landing on his chest while Carl’s first orgasm shook his body down to the core. The amount of cum that came from his cock was mind-blowing. Not only was it a lot of liquid, but the way he shot was amazing too. The first shot went above his head and hit the poster of Brett Farve that was above Brad’s bed. The next shot hit him square on his cheek. The next few shots painted his bare chest before he calmed down.

Brad looked at his younger sibling, panting and exhausted from his fist session with a smile of brotherly love and pride. “Dude, you are going to be such a stud! I mean, you shot like a fuckin’ horse!”

Carl weakly smiled at his brother, happy with what he was feeling. “Can we do that again sometime?” he asked.

Brad tusseled his brother’s hair, “Sure thing lil’ bro. Shooting all that on your first time, I’m sure you’re going to need to jerk off a hella lot more than I do.” Brad laughed and Carl smiled even bigger. He felt good that his brother was there talking to him like that. He had never felt closer. “Hell, next time, we’ll invite Evan and Slater and let them see how much of a stud the baby boy is.” Carl beamed with pride at Brad’s obvious approval. “Ok stud, time for bed. You got a big day tomorrow. We’re going to kick your ass in the gym. Go shower up real quick, you practically painted yourself with your jizz.”

Carl looked around and saw all the splotches of his cum around his body and on the wall. He was surprised all that came from him and wondered if it was going to be like that every night. He watched as Brad reached under his bed, got a ragged towel and began to wipe the wall where Carl’s first shot landed. “Well, what are you waiting for? Get your ass in the shower, I don’t wanna hear shit about not wanting to go to school tomorrow,” Brad snapped. Carl smiled and headed into the shower, lost in thought about his first jerk off and Paul.

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