Another Choice II

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain,
something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of
Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one,
and only, truth.
- Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist

It's a good thing I like you. Normally, I don't spend this much time telling anyone about my work. Usually I just have lovely Celest to talk to and she never appreciates the subtle beauty in my changes. But these are some of my favorite subjects and you're such a good listener, so I guess I'll tell you another one.

Now, which one was I going to tell you about? Oh yes, Steven, thank you. Yes, I remember Steven well. He's still alive if memory serves. Yes, he was a by-product of the time line that was created due to another project, Carl and Paul. Yes, you remember those two don't you? Paul was exceptionally special and had to be stopped, but I digress.

Steven was someone that would've benefited from what Paul would've done if I didn't place Carl in Paul's life. Steven was the son of a single mother who was over protective of her baby. He was the last thing in her life that reminded her of her dead husband. So naturally, she wouldn't let him go out and play with the rest of the kids, she always was feeding him healthy foods and at the first sign of sickness, would dope him up on enough drugs to make anyone wonder.

So, is it any surprise that Steven ended up being exceptionally confused when he entered school? His social skills were severely lacking, along with his physique and self confidence. He didn't even start playing with the other children at recess until he was in the forth grade. Needless to say, all his awkwardness translated to other aspects of his life. He was slightly above average in intelligence, but his shy and timid nature made him seem quite aloof. And anything physical was a complete mystery to him. He constantly failed his P.E. classes because he just couldn't do anything remotely sports related. The coaches tried everything, but eventually gave up on him.

As you can guess, all this made him a prime target for bullying when he got to high school. He could count on one hand the number of people he considered friends, but the number of enemies he had seemed infinite.

It was one day after a particularly rough school day that I introduced myself. He had spent most of his walk home being followed by a bully. Jeffry or Jeremy or something, I can't remember. Anyway, he had finally made it home, locked the door and ran to his bathroom. He stood there crying for a few minutes before he started to clean himself up. He looked in the mirror and started to wash his face. I whispered in his ear, “Not quite fair, is it?”

He spun around to face me, then started looking around my pocket dimension. I'm a sucker for theatrics and the teleporting stunt always amuses me. He seemed as scared as a cornered rabbit when he looked at me. And I don't blame him. That day, I had chose a pretty intimidating appearance. I was around 6'8” that day and, since I had plans for the trade, I was pretty hefty in size. I'd guess I was close to 350 lbs of beef. Of course, there was like eight percent body fat on the giant frame. I had muscles on top of muscles, from the 21” inch neck down to the 30” calves. I had a bald head then and my face was covered with a thick salt and pepper beard. If I were a normal man, I would've been around 40 or 50 years old.

I felt his eyes on my chest and I didn't blame him for staring. I placed my hands on my hips and did a lat spread. As my lats flared like a pair of wings, I heard a sharp intake of breath. His eyes were glued on the massive rocks that I called a chest and the mass of thick hair that encompassed the landscape of my torso. I flexed my right arm and saw his eyes widen. I'm sure he had never seen an arm as big as that. 22 inches of pure ripped power bulging before him with a tricep the size of a horseshoe, lined with thick veins, connected to a thick, hairy pipe of a forearm and a cannonball shoulder.

Eventually he looked at the rest of my amazing physique. I didn't have a six pack today, but the stomach I had was flat and firm, covered in hair thick enough to have fingers ran through. It led down towards the mammoth cock that I had created. His jaw fell open as he gazed upon the thick member that hung lazily against my massive quad. The legs which were thicker than my waist accentuated the package well, giving the body an even more imposing appearance. Blood rushed through the fountain pen sized veins that ran along my legs like a road map. Even the calves I had were monstrous, bulging at the sides, threatening to burst at the seams.

“Why don't you have a seat Steven? Looks like you're a little flushed. It must be the smell getting to you. I know you've always liked the smell of a locker room. It makes you think of what it would be like to be a confident jock. Someone who knows what they want and how to get it. Someone that was big and strong and popular.”

Steven looked at me in shock and confusion as I laid his deepest secrets to bare. “Yes, I know about it all. I know about that bodybuilder magazine that you have underneath your second desk drawer. I know how you pull it out and jerk to the pictures of the huge bodybuilders, wishing that you could be just like them.” I strolled around my desk and sat in my huge red leather chair, “What would you say if I could make that happen for you?”

He started to speak, but then held back. “What's the catch?” he asked, wisely.

I waved my hand and off to the left of my desk appeared a television set. The all too familiar clip of the anime “Full Metal Alchemist” played. He smiled knowingly as he had watched several episodes of the show. I paused it after Alphonse explained the Equivalent Exchange concept and I asked him, “Have you ever given that any thought? Not the alchemy part, but the concept of giving up one thing to get another?”

Steven shook his head no and I continued, “Think about it. You give up your time to study to get smarter or workout to get bigger. You give up privacy to hang out with people. People give up freedom for money and jobs. People even give up their dreams in exchange for stability. Every decision you make in life, you're giving up one thing for another.”

Steven sat there thoughtfully as I continued, “I've brought you here because I'm willing to offer you an once-in-a-lifetime chance. I'm willing to trade you one commodity in exchange for what you desire most: This body and the confident, assured attitude that comes with it.. But the price isn't cheap. You'd have to give up something of equal value in trade.”

I was slightly surprised when he didn't ask me what he would have to give. Instead, he asked me, “Why?”

I smiled at him and said, “Because, I am the avatar of Chaos. It is what I do, I change things to make the world more unpredictable. Life is so much entertaining that way, don't you agree?”

He shook his head no, “I've had enough chaos in my life.”

I leaned on the desk, my forearms rippling at the simple movement. As I bridged my fingers, I said, “So, you enjoy the strict order that your mother created for you? You liked being completely different from everyone else? You enjoy that every thing so far in your life has been decided for you?”

He hung his head and said, “No, not really.”

“I know. I'm simply offering you a chance for control of your life instead of having everyone else control you. I wouldn't have chosen you if I didn't think you'd be a good candidate.”

“What does it involve?”

“It's simple. We come to the terms of the agreement, I change you and then complete the exchange. You will be fully integrated into your new life with no memories of this or your old life.”

“What guarantee do I have in this?”

I smiled. This kid was the first one in years that asked so many questions. It was refreshing to be honest. Kinda like a hard sell. I waved my hand and a few dozen scrolls appeared on the desk. I grabbed one and unrolled it, “Here are the rules to answer your question.”

He looked at me in utter confusion and said, “I can't understand a single letter on this thing.”

I smiled and said, “Sorry, my bad. Forgot this was written in Kuo-Toan. Basically, the gist of this scroll is the punishment and consequences for an unfulfilled exchanged. If I fail to uphold my end of the bargain in any way, I relinquish all my abilities and position as the avatar of Chaos to the client of said contract. In addition, the client will be made aware of my true name and I will become a mortal.”

“True name?” he asked.

“Yes, my true name. Good grief, don't they teach you anything in school. Ok, my real name isn't Kaos, your real name isn't Steven. Everything has a true name, and if you know a being's true name, you can command them to do anything short of harming themselves. So basically, if I do not carry out the contract, you gain all my powers and complete control over me.”


“Yes, really. So you can see why I am very careful and very thorough when I am conducting business.”

“So, what would I have to give up to look like you?”

“Time. For this body, you would have to give up your youth and long life. If you accept this deal, you will only have somewhere between five and ten years, but in that time, you will enjoy life infinitely more than you have since the time you can remember.

He sat there mulling over the details and asking me random questions for around an hour. This kid amused me more than a lot of my subjects. A lot of them just accepted the deal. This kid actually thought about it. Finally, he said, “Ok, I will trade you my youth of torment for a life of enjoyment, no matter how short it may be.”

I smiled as I waved away the desk, scrolls, chairs and television. He stood there before me, flabbergasted as I said, “You might wanna get undressed. Those clothes aren't going to be useful to you in a little bit.”

He scrambled to get his clothing off. And I was amused by the amount of shyness he had. He held the clothing in front of his crotch after they were off. I smiled to myself, thinking how that aspect of him wouldn't last much longer.

The transformation of a subject has always been a favorite of mine. Instant changes are a lot more enjoyable than the over time ones that I occasionally do, and this one was no exception. First, the subject's height must be adjusted, and that is by far the most painful part of the procedure. Everyone, from the little kids to the gruff bikers fall to the ground, rolling in agony in this phase and Steven was no exception.

It started with his legs and feet. I tend to start there because you have to have a good base for someone to walk on. His toes cracked and reformed, followed by his feet, ankles and legs. I am used to the sound of broken bones, but to a mortal the sound would be sickening. Slowly, his bones thicken and mended themselves bigger and stronger before the growth moved onward to the rest of his body. Soon, it looked like Steven was an alien, his thick new skeleton protruding from his body like internal chitin.

After the pain had subsided, Steven stood up. Confusion washed over his face as he looked at his hands. The skin on his hands seemed to be paper thin, revealing his new, thicker bones and fingers. Much to my amusement, he didn't panic or become impatient, but instead simply looked at me in anticipation.

I decided not to make him wait any longer and started the muscle growth. As with his skeletal growth, this also started at his feet. He felt them tingle and vibrate as if someone was putting a low voltage wire in them. Slowly but surely, he saw them inflate. They thickened and widened as he watched. Completely mesmerized, he followed the growth with his eyes as it transversed to his legs. He moaned in pleasure as his calves and thighs began to expand with thick, firm muscle. Hair sprouted and grew along his new muscles as his body adjusted to the influx of testosterone.

His cock was the next thing to grow and, as much as he wanted to reach down and play with it, he held still. But his moans were more than enough sign that he was enjoying the experience. His meat grew and swelled with each beat of his heart until it was the size of a thick summer sausage with balls the size of his tiny fists, all covered in a layer of manly salt and pepper hair.

Before he had a chance to evaluate the growth in his lower body, his upper body started to expand. He could feel it all at once, how his chest, stomach, back and arms buzzed with power. Each part grew at a different rate, but they all expanded to a size that Steven would've never dreamed of. He could feel the weight of his new chest and how thick it was with muscle. He could tell how hard and solid his stomach was, even without a six pack. He could feel how swollen his arms were as they hung at an angle because of his new back. And he could also feel his shoulders and traps beef up.

As he tried to look down, he smiled at the fact that his now huge chest blocked his view. He raised his arms to examine them before his face started tingling. He lowered his arms and once again allowed the transformation to proceed. His face started to feel a little itchy and he could tell that something was happening. The top of his head felt cooler and his jawline felt warmer.

Finally, the transformation was done. He opened his eyes and looked at me. I simply smiled and nodded. He took that as a sign that he was done. He took his hands and explored the new contours and bulges around his body, flexing the new muscles. He laughed aloud at his new size and power. He ran his hands through the thick hair I gave him and took a few moments to get familiar with his new arms, legs and cock. He couldn't get enough of the changes, it was like he was a kid on Christmas day with his new toy. I allowed him to explore himself a bit longer before I said, “And now for the exchange.”

Memories rushed into his head, laying the groundwork for his new life. He suddenly remembered wrestling in high school, captaining the football team, having sex with all the cheerleaders and half of the wrestling team. Then, memories of college flooded his head, starting with football, then going to his fraternity and how he was introduced to bodybuilding.

He remembered how once he got into lifting weights, he discovered what it was like to be wrestle before sex. After that discovery, he never had sex with a woman again, preferring to fuck people who would wrestle with him first. A few times he lost and had to be the bottom, but every time he did, he enjoyed it.

He then remembered the years he spent as a construction worker, followed by working at the steel mill. Every job he took went towards building up his huge physique. Even after he retired, he continued to stick to his strict lifting regiment and diet. Steven rubbed his temples as the memories took hold. When he finally accepted his new memories, he closed his eyes and I smiled and said, “Enjoy.”

He blinked a few times before his eyes focused on the straight blade in his hand. He was confused for a moment, but then said aloud, “Must've been shaving the dome.” He started to scrape his head clean, until it was completely hairless. He smiled seeing the smooth skin atop his head. He then took the blade and shaped his beard. He never cut it anymore since he retired, but he did enjoy having it maintained. The full beard accented his masculinity so well.

He walked into his bedroom, his sausage sized cock swaying with each step. He opened the closet to reveal a treasure trove of leather outfits. He pulled out a leather cod piece, and with practiced precision, encased his beef in it. He adjusted it slightly so it would stay in place yet bulge outward as he walked. As he pulled out his favorite leather pants, he said, “I hope there's some new beef at the eagle tonight.” He had been disappointed as of late. With a body like his, he could get any piece of ass he wanted. And if he wanted to fuck a little boi, they were lined up around the block to get some muscle dad beef.

No, that night he wanted a challenge he thought as he strapped on his harness. He wanted a guy that wouldn't just submit. He wanted a fight for dominance. He wanted to wrestle around with a fucker that was as big or bigger than him, make him submit and then fuck him silly. Or get dominated, it didn't really matter. He just wanted the challenge, the hunt. He slid a leather arm band that looked like some twink's collar on his right arm and looked one last time in the mirror, seeing how the leather emphasized his huge hairy body and stunning cock. He smiled and said, “Yea, let's go find some one to come appreciate all this.”

I smiled and waved that mirror away. I spun around and said, “Why hello Celest, so nice of you to visit.”

A slender woman clothed in pure white lace materialized in the room. Her outfit flowed and drifted in an unfelt breeze as she said, “I don't appreciate what you just did.”

“Hmm, really now?” I mused.

“Yes, I had my eye on that Steven boy for a while.”

“Well then, maybe you should've used one of your mid-level changes to take care of him before I did. I tell you what though. I'm feeling kinda sporting today,” I started with a smirk on my face. “I will relinquish my claim of non-interference so you may speak with him and I will reverse his contract IF you can convince him to agree.”

I stood up and walked around my desk. Towering over her, I added, “But you have to tell him everything. You have to tell him that he will be bullied every day until he graduates high school, that he would have no more than five friends in college, never go to a party, never be invited to anything, resented for spending all his time studying and being so smart.”

I smiled and continued, “Then you tell him about his adult life, how he never had a meaningful relationship, never had sex or anything, spent every moment working at the pharmaceutical company until he died alone and miserable at 43.”

Finally, I leaned forward and whispered, “And then tell him the best part, how the only good thing that he accomplished in his life was credited to the young, attractive jock intern that he envied and lusted after.”

“But he had figured out how to cure the common cold. It gave people a whole new understanding of viruses.”

“I know that and you know that, but the question is, can you convince him to give up everything I've given him and ask him to go through that hell just so someone else can get the credit in the end.”

Celestia turned away from me and started floating away. As much as she hated to admit it, she knew I had a point. Very few people would give up their happiness for someone they know, much less people they didn't. As she started to fade from view, I called out to her, “I'm sure next time, it won't be quite as easy.”

“No, I won't make that mistake again. I will use a high-level change if I have to next time.”

After she had returned to her realm, I sealed my dimension. Waving my hand, I brought up a separate spectral window displaying my newest interest. I watched curiously as the young kid ran after his dog, happy as can be. I smiled, because even though his future was closed to Celestia and myself, I was sure that interesting things would be following him in time.

Hmm, what's that? You wanna know if it was you that I was watching back then? Well, if I told you no, would you believe me? And if I said yes, you would be suspicious of why I flatly told you so. So, I'll just let you decide. Either way, it doesn't matter to me. At least not yet it doesn't.

To be continued?