A Christmas Story

David had spent the last thirty-five years alone for the holidays. A combination of circumstances caused him to become a recluse during this time. First, his mother died during this month, and then his father caught him around the age of 18 jerking off to bodybuilder magazines. His father, a former collegiate ballplayer, was never really proud of his son, a thin geek. After his mother died, he started to treat him like he was worth even less, and the possibility that his son might be a “gay queer” was the last straw. Two weeks before Christmas, one year after his mother died, his father kicked him out of the house saying he never wanted to see or have anything to do with him again.

So, it’s easy to see why David always spent the holidays alone. He hasn’t come out of the closet to anyone because he’s still scarred by the incident with his father. He’s tried dating women, but they just don’t satisfy his needs. He could never keep a relationship long. He would try to please them sexually, but his small 5’’ pencil dick wouldn’t hold their attention too long, and he was still too geeky to engage in conversation about mundane topics.

A few years back, David resorted to drinking. He found that he could find some relief at the bottom of a bottle. But every time he would see a bodybuilder magazine in the grocery store, his cock would stir a bit, and he’d get depressed once again. This time of year made him drink even more, and years of abuse gave him a hefty beer gut. Soft and flabby, it only got bigger each year as David fell more and more into self-loathing.

It was a week before Christmas and David sat in his below average apartment. Just getting back from his annoying job, he sat at the computer with a bottle of Amstel Light. Turning on his comp, he opened his e-mails. Filtering through the normal spam, he saw something that caught his eye. It was titled “Holidays got you down” and it was sent from “Your Personal Santa.” Snickering at the e-mail, he deleted it. Then he went to his explorer. His favorites were in as much disarray as his current life. Half of the links were to heterosexual porn; the other was to gay muscle. He surfed first to the lesbian porn, willing his shaft hard. He stroked it back and forth, trying to reaffirm himself that he was normal. He continued this charade for about 10 minutes before his cock went soft. Taking a giant swig of his Amstel, he looked around his empty apartment. Sighing with frustration, he surfed over to one of his most viewed muscle sites. This site was full of images of massive bodybuilders and their huge cocks, fucking smaller bodybuilders in various positions. His cock immediately sprung to life and David sighed. “I’m not gay. I just want to have that kinda muscle,” he lied to himself. He subconsciously reached for his throbbing meat and made contact, sending waves of pleasure pulsating through his body. He jerked his hand away and closed the window. “Stupid gay fuckers,” he shouted to no one in particular. He went to shut down his computer when he noticed a new e-mail. It looked almost exactly like one he deleted earlier that caught his eye, but this was slightly different. It said “Holidays got you down David?” He was unsure how his name was in the e-mail. He never used his real name online and his coworkers didn’t care enough to ask. His curiosity got the better of him and he opened the e-mail to see a red and green text message. It simply said, “Be true to yourself.”

He snarled and tossed his bottle against the wall. Jerking the power supply out, he laid on the couch. Mumbling words of hatred, he fell from his drunken stupor into a deep slumber. He tossed and turned for a few moments before he started to dream.

He dreamt of a Santa figure. He knew he was dreaming, but couldn’t wake himself or control anything in the dream. Santa walked up to him and said in a booming voice, “Hello David. I know you know that this is a dream, but what happens here can change your life forever.”

Santa walked closer and David could see that the Santa towered over his 5’5’’ frame. He looked very festive in his red suit just like he thought Santa would look, minus the hulking 6’5’’ frame. Santa pointed his hand off to his left and materialized a woman, beautiful by any standards. She stood naked as the day she was born and had a body that would make most men cum on the spot. She stood 5’5’’, exact same height as David. Her skin was soft and silky and her breasts stood firm and young. Her hair was long and flowing in a breeze he could not feel and her face was that of a goddess. Her smile was brilliant, able to light up a dark room and her eyes glistened with wonder and femalely love. She was tapered in the hourglass type body style, and her buttocks were supple and perfect. She walked up to David and draped her hands around his neck, pressing her body against his. David kissed her gently and she returned it with all the passion she possessed. David rubbed his hands through her hair as she rubbed her body against his. After a few moments, she broke the kiss and looked gently into his eyes. David looked back into them, seeing nothing but pure intentions, then he looked down at himself, seeing his cock painfully soft. He turned to Santa and said, “She’s perfect, just not for me.” The woman smiled and dissolved into mist.

David’s sleeping body tossed and turned then tumbled to the floor, but his sleep was undisturbed. In his dream, Santa resumed talking to David. “So David, if that perfection of feminine beauty wasn’t what you wanted, what is?”

David looked up at Santa and said, “I don’t know. I’ve just never been happy.” He looked down at his naked body.

“David,” Santa said. David looked back at Santa’s face. “Is this what you’ve wanted?” Santa did a most muscular pose, bursting out of the coat he had on to, causing it to fall to the floor in shreds. David’s jaw dropped as his eyes ran over Santa’s body. Santa had a physique that would rival most bodybuilders. Under the layer of warm fabric hid a bounty of muscle. His arms were giant snakes and his pecs were slabs of rock sitting on his meaty chest. He had the most amazing roid gut and abs that look carved from stone. His chest was manly, covered in white hair leading down to his abs and into his pants. Santa did a squat motion, causing his calves and quads to flex and burst free from their constraints. That simple motion made the veins in his thick legs come to attention and throb, sending life-giving blood to every fiber of his massive muscles. Santa grabbed the waistband of his once fluffy pants and ripped them outward, causing them to fall in tattered pieces. Beneath the pants was an extra large jockstrap, overstuffed beyond what David could possibly imagine. Santa shook then flexed each leg, causing the muscles to dance and shake. He then tugged on the jock, stretching it to slide over his mammoth quads. After getting them sufficiently low enough, he released them, allowing them to fall to the floor and his anaconda-like penis to flop out. It hung low, almost reaching his knees with a backdrop of grapefruit sized balls resting against huge ripped muscle. Sprinkled around his crotch was the same white hair that was on his chest. David’s cock sprung to attention as Santa flexed a few more times, increasing the pump to his muscles.

David’s cock was leaking pre all over his floor where he slept and he thrashed about a little more as his dream continued. Santa flexed and turned while David stood rigid, his cock harder than it ever has been. “So David, is this what you’ve wanted?” Santa asked. David frantically looked around his dreamscape and said, “I don’t know. I don’t know what I want?” David dropped to his knees before Santa. Santa leaned in and whispered, “Be true to yourself.” David looked up with tears flowing from his eyes at the gentle sculpted face of Santa. He reached up and grabbed his thick wrestler-like neck and said, “I’m gay Santa. I’m really gay.” David embraced Santa and gave him the most passionate kiss he’s ever given, man or woman.

In his apartment, it looked as if he was kissing the floor where he laid, but other changes were happening. His messy apartment was slowly morphing into a clean room. The trash that was lying around vanished and his ratty couch disappeared. Glass shards from his shattered beer bottle floated up and created windows. His room was slowly changing, the walls going from dirty brown to a clean white. All his furniture faded from view, and after the apartment was emptied of trash and other items, leaving a sleeping David in the middle of an empty room, the building began to morph. It changed from a 5 story building in the middle of a bustling city to a 2 story ranch house in a typical suburb. David rolled over in the middle of his empty floor and his dream continued.

Santa stood up while David continued to kiss him. He used his powerful tongue to explore David’s mouth while David rubbed the back of his neck. Santa then stopped the kiss and pulled David away, holding him in mid air, feeling no strain on his powerful arms. David looked at Santa with disappointment in his eyes when Santa said, “This would be easier if you were taller, wouldn’t it.” As soon as he said that, David’s body seemed to stretch towards the floor until he was the height that Santa could release him and still look him in the eyes. David smiled and went back to his embrace with the big man.

In David’s new house, other changes were being played out in real time. His body floated above the floor and a beautiful King sized bed materialized beneath him. He seemed to stretch in mid air, twisting and turning and extending as Santa made him grow in his dream. Soon, he was 6’6’’ and he floated down until his back was laid comfortably on the new bed.

Santa ran his fingers through David’s balding head and said, “Let’s do something about this.” He ran his palm over the receding hairline and slowly growth returned to the area. David then ran his fingers about his head and smiled. Santa asked David, “What color hair do you like the most?” David responded, “Jet Black. I always thought it looked more manly than my dirty blond.” Santa turned David around and showed him a mirror. David looked into the mirror and was pleasantly surprised to see his head now fully covered with a layer of black hair and he was no longer balding. Santa stood behind him like a backdrop of muscle and said, “I think you would look good with a nice beard.” Instantly hair sprouted along David’s face, swiftly thickening into a luxurious beard. David reached up and touched his face, feeling the coarse softness of his new beard and smiled. Santa continued, “But what is a manly face without the body fur to go with it.” Santa positioned himself closer and ran his fingers on an outline around David’s chest and abs and in the area he outlined, thick hair sprouted and filled in. “And of course, we need to do something about this beer gut,” Santa said. Santa applied one firm hand and pushed David’s stomach in, molding it like clay until it was a flat surface. “In fact, why don’t we just change your whole look. I think you would be nice if we put some muscle on you. You wanna look like me?” David smiled and nodded yes, he knew it was always his dream to be a hulking monster of a muscle man, and since this was a dream, he could indulge himself.

Unbeknownst to David, his body was laid spread eagle on his new bed, completely nude. As Santa was shaping David in his dream, David’s body did the same outside it. Already the hair had grown and changed color and his stomach disappeared. Then what followed was his body flexing and relaxing as if it were working out. Each muscle tensed and grew and stretch the skin to where the veins pulsed and threatened to rip through the flesh. In his dream David inflated and flexed in the mirror, looking more and more like the big man behind him. Santa smiled and said, “Now, just a few more things.” David took his eyes off his growing muscles long enough to turn around and see Santa’s huge tool swelling with blood. David was filled with conflicting emotions. Part of him was still fighting to hold on to the illusion that he wasn’t gay, the other part wanted to stop the charade and give in to his urges. David’s eyes were locked on to the awakening beast and his mind was raging in conflict with each other. When Santa’s cock became full mast, pointing slightly upward towards his rippled chest, David made a decision. “I’m tired of playing this game Santa. I’m tired of not enjoying the company of others because I’m afraid of what they might think. I’m tired of coming home every night and fighting against what I really want. I’m tired of being alone and I’m tired of my bastard of a father still having a hold on me after all these years,” David proclaimed. David dropped down to his knees and took hold of Santa’s massive cock, his small penis throbbing in pleasurable pain. He took a deep breath and began to suck Santa off as well as he could. Santa smiled and rubbed David’s head, “Are you happy now David?”

“Yes Santa.” David mumbled in his sleep. His body had finished growing and his cock was throbbing, leaking pre over himself as he worked Santa in his dream. Santa allowed David to enthrall himself on his tool before he stopped David’s service. Santa stood David up and turned him around. Bending him over, Santa grabbed David’s waist and leaned in, whispering in his ear, “Are you ready to change your life forever?” David knew what was coming, but he didn’t care. “Santa, I trust you. I want my life to be different.” Santa smiled and slowly grabbed his shaft, guiding the swollen head toward David’s virgin ass.

David moaned and grunted in his bed, twisting and turning before smiling as he was penetrated in his dream. Santa had finished inserting his massive penis into David, not without some difficulty, but David was determined to have this pleasure he’s denied himself for so many years. Santa began to thrust in and out of David leaning over to whisper things into his ear that he couldn’t hear. The thrusts began to increase in speed and power and David began to moan. If someone was watching this, they would’ve seen David bouncing up and down on his bed due to some unknown force, but in his dream, David was receiving the first and most pleasurable fucking of his life. Santa came closer and closer to cumming and reached around and grabbed David’s penis. Tugging on it roughly, Santa stretched it to match his size and girth. Each thrust of Santa’s hips in the dream was accompanied with David’s cock growing outside of his dream. Finally, Santa exploded in David’s ass, and David exploded across his chest and bed. Santa stood David up and faced him to the mirror. David smiled as he gazed upon the reflection. Stood before him was a rugged man, everything he’s ever wanted to be. His face was bearded and tight, no fat to be found. The beard was trimmed and his head was full of hair. His shoulders were as broad as a lineman’s and his chest was chiseled and covered with a thick layer of manly fur. His arms were huge and veiny, pulsing with power that led down to his Popeye sized forearms. His abs were six bricks covered in a light layer of hair and his crotch was amazing. He gasped as he looked at his new cock and balls, as large and as beautiful as Santa’s, surrounded by a tangle of black hair. David hefted his new tool and fondled it gently before letting it drop with a thwack on his power tree-trunk legs. David took the whole image in and sighed with love.

Santa rubbed David’s head once more and David grabbed him in a giant hug. Santa returned the favor and whispered, “Ok David. It’s time for you to wake up.” David looked back shocked at Santa, “Please no! I don’t want to leave you or this behind.” “Don’t worry, it’ll be alright,” Santa said as David’s dreamscape began to fade.

David started to wake up, almost about to cry when he noticed something was wrong. He remembered falling asleep on his couch, but now he was in a bed that he’s never felt before. He also felt something grinding on his crotch and his cock up someone’s ass. He opened his eyes to see the back of some guy’s head. He looked down to see his meat shoved firmly up this young bubble butt. He started to get hard and his partner began to wake.

“Mmmmm, I love when you wake me up like that husbear” a voice whispered.

David quickly got out of bed (and the ass) and got up. Looking around frantically, he saw what looked like a bathroom and ran in. He gazed at the mirror and saw what wasn’t him when he went to bed. He reached up and touched his face and instantly the dream flooded back into his head, along with memories of a new life. This wasn’t David. This was Mitch. He was a semi-pro bodybuilder and lawyer for Gay Rights. He had a loving family who he came out to many years ago and stood behind him. He also had a cub who he was with for five years now. Conflicting thoughts of David and Mitch flowed through his head. He splashed his face with some water, trying to discern the truth when he heard a familiar voice from the other room. “Mitch, are you alright? You never leave me with an unsore ass in the morning.” Dave/Mitch’s cock began to thicken and he ran his hands across his body. This is what he’s always wanted: A caring and understanding family, a good career and most importantly, a love of his life. Memories of Dave faded into non-existence and he stood tall and proud, like Mitch always does. He opened the door to the bathroom seeing his mate Gary lying on the bed, “Grrrrr. Everything’s just fine cub, except one thing.” “Oh really? What’s wrong?” Gary responded with concern in his voice.

Mitch smiled and growled, “Your ass isn’t sore yet cub.” And with that, Mitch pounced on the bed.