Daddy and Son

He was by far the woofiest bear at the party, at least in my eyes. He was about 5’6’’ tall but he has the most beautiful powerlifter build I had ever seen. He had to be a good 325 lbs of bear muscle. Although he was showing some signs of old age, he still possessed huge guns for arms and a beautiful powerlifter gut. My eyes went down his body, absorbing how he looked in his white tank top and his Hawaiian shorts. His legs were even beautiful, thick and very defined. All the other bears faded away as I admired this man.

This was my first ever bear party. Even though I was 26 years old, I had always been closeted, even to myself. Finally, I just admitted to myself my true desires, and started to slowly come out. Some bears that were in the Gay Pride parade earlier that day hosted this party. I had finally built up enough courage to attend a public event, and was I glad I chose this one.

I stayed close to the bears I had met earlier. These guys looked nice and friendly, but I was shy and had problems breaking the ice with new people. So, when I caught a glimpse of this guy, my heart jumped into my throat. I looked him up and down, memorizing every feature about that guy.

“Umm, Bob. What’s that guy’s name?” I asked the host.

“Oh him, that’s Gregg,” he responded before returning to the grillwork.

“Gregg. Mmm,” I whispered.

I stood there for close to ten minutes, just watching him chat with a small group of bears. I didn’t know it then, but I fell in love with him then and there. I smiled when he smiled, he laughed and it lit up my heart. This man was a perfect bear. But I couldn’t approach him. I was too scared. I wasn’t anything even close to worthy of someone that beautiful. So, I just watched until the host tapped me on the arm and said, “Can’t have you standing here all night, let’s go introduce you to the fellas.”

My heart threatened to beat out of my chest. Thankfully though, we didn’t go towards the object of my fascination just yet. We rounded the pool with Bob introducing me to everyone. As I suspected, everyone was more than nice to me, a new cub in their midst. I was beginning to feel more comfortable when we started going back towards where Gregg was sitting. Again, my heart lodged itself in my throat. Bob introduced me to the other bears first, but their names slipped through my memory quickly as Gregg approached. I was in heaven when our hands touched. It was calloused, from what I presume was years of lifting weights, and a firm, but gentle shake. I’m sure my smile covered my face as I shook this bear’s hand.

The host quickly vanished to take care of his duties, leaving me in the care of this group of guys. I was more than content to sit there most of the night. Sure, I stepped away to swim a little and grab food, but eventually, I always made my way back to the group and him. I was still shy, but I opened up to him and his cub from England. I told him some stuff about me and they told me stuff about them. I left the party that night feeling euphoric and wishing I could be with the big bear a lot more.

The next time I saw him was over a month later. By this time I was a bit more active, checking the bear lodge’s website for events. I noticed that there was a dinner for my area at the same time that there would be a large gay event at Disneyworld. So, since I wasn’t doing anything that weekend, I decided to attend the dinner. I knew the restaurant that was hosting and it was very good food. I went there with no preconceived notions about what was going to happen. To me, it was just going to be a decent meal with some bear friends.

So, imagine my surprise when a certain bear walked through the door as sexy as ever. Again, my heart jumped into my throat, which almost caused me to choke on the tea I was drinking. They joined us at our table, and to my disappointment, Gregg sat on the end so he could have a bit of room. But that didn’t stop me from admiring him throughout the meal. I engaged in conversation with the other guys, all who were very nice and good looking in their own right, but my attention kept being drawn back to Gregg.

Dinner came and went, and before I knew it, it was time to go. But it was still early in the day, and it was suggested that we visit one of the bear’s house to go swimming. Gregg’s group said yes and my heart soared. Everyone separated to their various vehicles and I smiled to myself for the habit of keeping an extra set of gym clothes in my car. We followed the lead of a very nice looking muscle bear and his cub back to their house and all parked in the yard. I was surprised to see that a party of fifteen bears had dwindled down to around eight. But Gregg and his two friends were there and again butterflies invaded my gut.

I quickly went to their pool house and changed into my shorts. I was still kinda shy about taking off my shirt, as I wasn’t the most attractive bear cub. But since the other guys were, I left my shirt with my bag and hopped into the pool. I tried to not think about how pudgy I looked. My self image wasn’t good. I didn’t take care of myself as I should’ve, and to complicate matters, I was extremely attracted to massive muscle guys, specifically powerlifter and linemen type builds. However, even the little time that I’ve been ‘out’, I’ve learned that people with those types of builds seek out guys with the same type of build.

These thoughts ran through my mind as I saw the other bears around me. Some were bigger than me, some were more muscled, some were more furry, and in my mind, they all looked better than me. That was another problem I had; I couldn’t see the good things about me. I was chunky, but not as fat as others. I had decent sized arms, very good legs and an innocent smile, but I could only see my faults. “My gut was too big, my pecs sagged, I didn’t have enough muscle. There was no way I would be able to get close to any of these sexy bears. Why did I come here?” All this was running through my mind unwanted and uncontrolled as I slowly swam around the pool.

I waded around for a while, wondering why Gregg wasn’t getting into the pool. The other bears didn’t come prepared, so there were a lot of guys in boxer shorts and briefs in the pool, but the sexy bear just sat near the pool side. I finally gathered the courage to go sit next to him.

I pulled up a chair next to him and he spoke to me in a voice I found so erotic, “How’s are ya cub?” I knew from the first time I came out to myself that I had a less aggressive personality, but those words from him made me want to be his cub forever.

“I’m doing ok big bear. How about yourself?” I responded, trying my best not to become too aroused.

“I’m doing good, cub,” he responded. God, that voice! It was like he was reaching out and caressing my ears with liquid sound.

I asked, “So papa bear, (yeah, I could see him as my papa bear) why aren’t you in the pool?”

The response I got almost floored me. “I’m a shy bear.” I couldn’t believe someone that attractive could be shy. I couldn’t see why. But, as sure as I was ashamed of my physique, this man was shy. I could see it in his beautiful blue eyes and his coy, bearded smile. Although I didn’t understand, I accepted it and decided to sit with him.

Even now, my heart soars as I think about that day. We chatted the hours away. I moved closer to him as we talked and eventually laid my head on his heavily muscled shoulder and arm. The day slowly gave way to dusk and my feelings for this man grew and grew. I couldn’t help but be aroused by the position I was in, but it wasn’t concerning me. I was simply enjoying the conversation. Then he did something I would’ve never guessed. He called me ‘son’.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with bear-cub relationship dynamics, I’ll fill you in. There is a subset that focuses on daddy-son relationships. It’s about nurturing and caring, loving and teaching...not only sexually but mentally and physically. It is a learning experience for not only the son, but the daddy also. The daddy teaches the cub maturity and the cub in turn keeps the daddy young, both mentally and physically. It’s a give and take relationship as all relationships should be and comes from a deep level of trust on both parts. The daddy guides and teaches the son and the son obeys his father out of love. For him to call me ‘son’ implied that he was more than willing to be my father figure.


My heart found a pair of wings and took flight. Never before in my life have I felt like that. It was if the sky opened up and heaven smiled down on me. Just that one word tossed me so deep into love that I would never be able to come out. His words wrapped around me like a handcrafted woolen blanket, surrounding me in warmth and security. I’m pretty sure that if it became pitch black at that moment, you would have been able to see me glowing.

Dusk gradually turned into night, and while I should have been cold sitting there in my slightly wet boxers, I had never felt so good or warm. He began to gently scratch my head affectionately and I tumbled deeper and deeper into love with this man. But sadly, that moment couldn’t last forever. The hours flew by far too quickly and soon, it was time for them to travel home. He stood and motioned for me to give him a goodbye hug. I stood, not aware of how I looked or worried about anyone else’s opinion and went to embrace this bear of a man.

My arousal did not go unnoticed though. My dad, as I now saw him as, smiled and pointed down. I noticed the tenting of my boxers and smiled back at him. He then approached me and gave me the best bear hug I’ve ever experienced. How I wished that time would have froze there, but it didn’t. The hug ended sadly and he left, leaving me there stunned and euphoric.

The next few months were amazing for me. My dad and I talked quite often through instant messaging and webcams. My eyes lit up every time I saw him or thought about him. Even without the prospect of ‘hooking up’ with him, I couldn’t wait for the next time I could be with him.

Over that time, there were a few events where we had to be low-key with our affection. Public situations require a bit of caution when it comes to gay males. But even then, he showed me how much he cared with a quick grab here and a playful touch there. Then, when we were alone, I would lean against him and he would rub my head with a loving touch. Eventually, I told him more about how I felt about myself and how I felt when I was around other people. I told him how ashamed of my body I was and how I wished to look like him. I revealed several of my secret fears and dreams as I scratched his fur covered belly. He listened to me intently as I poured my heart out to him. Finally, I had to come out and say it.

“I love you dad.”

He responded with his shy smile, “No you don’t cub.”

It didn’t even take me a moment to think of an answer. Immediately, I replied, “No dad, I love you. I know I’m young, but I can tell I love you. Other guys I get aroused when I see them, but you are so different, there are barely words to describe how I feel. My heart soars when I see you. I get glazy eyed when I think of you. I don’t even care about sex or anything when you’re around. All I want is to be able to be your son for the rest of my life. I am happy just to be able to lean against you and have you rub my head. I may not have a lot of life experience, but I know that I’ve never felt this way about any person before. I just hope you will have me as your son one day.”

I started to cry after this. I didn’t want to, but the tears came flowing on his white tank top. He held me closer to him until my tears stopped. I could hear his heart beating slightly faster and I could feel his chest expand as he breathed deeply. Terror struck me as I thought of how my life would be if I were to lose this bear. It scared me so much that I gripped him in a hug, hoping I’d never have to let him go. He then relieved all my fears with ease. He leaned down and gently kissed me on my head and said, “I’m glad you feel that way son.”

I didn’t know how to take it, but I knew that I made my dad happy, and that made me happy. I spent the rest of the party cuddled in his embrace, safe and contented. Again, the night ended far too quickly, but I left the party secure in the knowledge that I got everything off my chest. Whether anything came of it, I wasn’t sure, but at least he knew how deeply I cared for him.

A few days later, I received a call. When I answered the phone, I almost jumped for joy hearing the words, “Hello cub.” My dad had called me. I was so excited I almost missed his question.

“Are you sure you want to be my son?”

“Yes sir, without a doubt.”

“Ok, I want you to drive over here as soon as possible. Pack a bag of sleep clothes and workout stuff.” He then gave me directions to his house. I hung up the phone and looked around my room. Although I wondered what he could have in mind, I didn’t hesitate to pack a bag with my workout clothes, jock strap and shorts to sleep in. I hopped into my car and sped to his house about an hour away from me.

His place was very nice. It wasn’t too big or too small and defiantly looked like a bear’s home. He had several sculptures and pictures of bears all over and around his house. He was standing on the porch in a pair of loose blue jean shorts and a tight t-shirt that accentuated his powerlifter belly and muscled body when I arrived. Again, I started to float. This was becoming a Pavlov’s dog reflex for me. I’m sure he saw it too as he was smiling when I got out of my car. He hugged me then led me into the house. He took my bag and set it aside, then turned to me.

“Are you ready to change your life son?” he asked, his brow furrowed.

“I don’t understand dad. All I know is you wanted me to come down so I came as fast as I could,” I replied.

“You said a while back that you wanted to be my son. I’m ready to help you do that. I know how you feel, you’ve told me so many times, and I’m prepared to help you with it all if you trust me and do what I say.”

“Anything that is in my power to give dad, it’s yours. I’ll do whatever you ask of me.” I responded with confidence.

“Ok then, I want you to change into your workout clothes then meet me in the room at the end of the hall on the left. Today we’ll see if you can handle being my son.”

He pointed to a changing room. I grabbed my bag and almost ran to it, my heart bouncing around like a Mexican jumping bean. But my head was running through the possibilities of what his statement meant. Could I handle whatever was in store? I was a virgin in almost every sense of the word when it came to matters of ‘beardom’. I didn’t understand much. But my heart was sure of one thing. I loved this man more than anything. I had to try. No, I had to succeed. I couldn’t let any fear or hesitation stand between me becoming his son. I may not know anything else, but of that one simple fact I was certain. I would do almost anything he asked.

I walked down the hall, trying to calm myself by breathing deeply. But in doing so, I caught the most erotic fragrance. It wasn’t perfume or cologne though. It was the smell of my dad. But it was stronger than I’ve experienced before. It was the smell that a man emits after he’s worked hard and has sweated. It completely overwhelmed me and got me so aroused, it was hard to focus. However, when I turned the corner into the room where he was, I was almost floored by what I saw.

There he was, in the middle of a room full of various free weights and dumbbells was my dad. He had shed his shirt and shorts and was standing there in a pair of compression shorts. He was warming up with a weight that I could have never squatted. The amount on the bar was mind boggling to me, but there he was, squatting it like it was a feather. I had to lean against the wooden door frame to keep my balance as I watched him with supreme control slowly lower and raise the weight. My eyes were fixated on his bulging quads and calves as they tensed and relaxed as they worked. He racked the weight after twenty reps and then turned to see me in the door.

“You are so beautiful dad,” I croaked, my mouth dry from the amazing demonstration of strength. He approached me and gently rubbed me and my legs gave way. I wasn’t worthy of this guy. I didn’t have the right to be his son. My head fell forward into his stomach and I began to cry again. I was so afraid that I would fail him. The thought of him being unhappy with me was just too much. He engulfed me in a hug though, his massive arms wrapped around my head and shoulders and asked, “What’s wrong son?”

“I’m afraid I’m not going to be good enough for you dad. I want to, but I’m scared.”

He patted my head and responded, “Don’t worry cub, you’ll be ok. Just do what I say, OK?”

I dried my tears and stood up, still unsure of myself. But my dad’s warm smile brought me up from the depths of my fears. He led me over to the squat rack and told me to warm up while he changed out the weights. I followed his instructions while I watched him load the bar. It was a good bit of weight and I could probably do it, but it was going to be tough.

After my stretching, dad strapped a weight belt on me. I noticed how much tighter it was compared to when I did it, but it didn’t hinder my movement.

“Now, I want you to do 15 reps son,” he commanded. I warily approached the bar, still unsure I would be able to do it. Even though I had my doubts, I unracked the weight and started squatting. After ten reps, my fears returned as my legs felt like they were going to give out. Dad saw my distress though and moved in to spot me. He growled into my ear, “Keep pushing boy, lift the weight for me.”

Hearing those words sparked something deep inside of me. This wasn’t about me. It didn’t matter what I felt. I had to do it because dad wanted me to. I couldn’t disappoint him. I wouldn’t let myself stop. I had to do it. The last five reps were excruciating, but I blocked out all my senses. I focused on only pleasing my dad and screamed out the last rep. He helped me rack the weight and almost immediately, I felt like I was going to vomit. But that feeling soon passed and my dad was beside me. He patted my back like a proud coach and said, “I’m very, very proud of you son.”

That day changed my life. He ‘adopted’ me and I moved in after leaving my job. He taught me so many things about how to be a bear and a cub. I learned so much I can’t even begin to talk about it. It was as if he revealed to me mysteries I didn’t even know existed. Plus, he gave me confidence in myself. He trained me up in the old school powerlifting style and I seemed to take to it like a fish to water. He would take me to the various bear bars and show me off. At first it was weird, but after I saw how many bears and cubs admired my dad’s work, I fell in love with it. I finally was proud of how I looked and I told my dad that every night. I grew into a real muscle bear. I had a hard belly just like my dad and a pair of huge 21’’ guns. My legs really responded to his training as they grew into huge tree trunks and my calves were like diamonds. I was constantly told that I could compete professionally, but I didn’t. I just enjoyed the fact that I got those compliments and it was all because of my dad. I loved the man more than words could say and I knew for certain he felt the same way. When we made love, I felt his pride, love, and joy in every moment and I returned it with everything I had.

We still live together to this day. We work out every night refining our bodies and redefining our love towards each other. Plus, at the bar last night was a guy who reminded me so much of myself years ago. He was so cute and shy standing in the corner staring at us. Seems we might have to adopt another cub soon.