Gym of Dreams 2

Today started out as normal. I get up to go to work, stretch and work on my Jujitsu forms. I’ve fallen back in love with them as of late, seeing as how I now have the conditioning to do them properly. I grab some boxer briefs and head to the shower. I bathe myself, and after I’m finished, I look myself in the new full length mirror I purchased. I see myself now and I smile, not out of arrogance, but out of pride. My reflection seems to speak to me. “Looking good there Sam. The sum of a year’s effort, packed onto your frame. You better thank Armstrong.” I laugh and I start putting on my work clothes; a drab uniform that barely fits anymore. I struggle to clasp the buttons across my chest and to pull up the pants above my quads. Everything feels almost too tight and I fear they will bust off me if I were to move in the wrong direction. “When are they gonna get me some new clothes? They probably enjoy watching me like this.” I laugh aloud and I grab my shake bottle and head out to work.

The work day progressed as usual also. I’m radiating happiness everywhere and everything seems to brighten up. People seem to have a bounce in their step and go about their tasks with a renewed vigor. I enjoy it more than I did when I was young, seeing people naturally reenergized and refreshed around me. I approach my boss sometime in the day and bring up the fact that I still need new uniforms. He mentions that they put in the request a while back for a tailor to come by. I place my hands on my waist and breathe in, snapping the top few buttons off. I act as if I did it by accident, but I know the faster they’re gone the sooner new stuff will come in. Plus I had the distinct pleasure of walking around the office with a shirt that revealed my massive chest and watching the ladies drool. So much fun to be had all day.

I arrive at the gym exactly as Armstrong gets there. It’s amazing. We’ve become so in sync since I first started coming here, I’m shocked sometimes. We grab our bags and greet each other with our usual punches and half hug. We walk in the gym together and instantly the atmosphere becomes charged. The regulars look our way and wave as we bellow, “Every person in here better be giving it their all!” Our voices are deep and powerful, resonating together to each corner of the gym. It’s another habit we’ve adopted, and it seemed to work wonders. People smile and push harder, lift bigger and feel better. We smile to Joe as he stands behind the bar.

“Hello Joe!” Armstrong says with a grin.

“Sup Joe!”

“Evening you two. How’s my two biggest clients?”

“Pumped and hard as usual. Here’s my special stuff again, lock it up for me.” Armstrong pulls out a jar of clear liquid and hands it to Joe while I smile.

“One day, you’re gonna have to tell me what it is Armstrong.”

“Maybe one day Joe.” I chuckle.

“Well if Sam trusts you, who am I to complain” he laughs.

We all have a good laugh and we walk off towards the locker room. The area is pumped, the sound of metal on metal fills the gym. We walk through and people smile and push harder. Armstrong has always been a role model, but now I was too. It felt good to be looked up to instead of down on. I stop to push a college kid a little further and give him a spot. He finishes an extra three on his set. I stand him up, he’s about 5’10’’, and I give him a pat on the shoulder and a smile. “Keep working hard man, you’re coming along well!” He gives me a huge grin and he stands up taller, more confident. I grab my bag and resume my walk with Armstrong while he gives the kid a huge thumbs up.

“You made that kid feel a lot better, you know” Armstrong says to me as we’re changing.

“Yeah,” I respond, “I know. I felt he was getting down about not making gains like some other guys, that’s why I said what I did.”

“I saw that too” he responds.

“That’s one thing I meant to ask you for a while now. When we first met, how did you know about me so much?”

Armstrong closed his eyes and lowered his head. When he raised it back up, he looked at me with his sea-blue eyes and points at them. “It’s because of these. I’ve always been able to see a person’s true self, no matter what they had on the outside. I saw how sad your soul was and wanted to help ‘cause I saw you had a gift like mine, am I right?”

I look at him and know I can’t lie. “Yea, I’ve always been sensitive to people’s feelings. I used to think of it as a curse, but hanging out with you made me realize the precious gift I have. Plus, since I can project my feelings, I want to make people happy.”

“Well, there ya go; two guys with unique abilities making the world a better place. Maybe we should go grab some tights and give ourselves some catchy names. I’ll be Armstrong the Defender, you can be my sidekick Sam the not-so-good-looking-as-Armstrong protector.”

I punch Armstrong in the arm and we laugh heartily. Changed into our gym shorts and sleeveless shirts, we march back into the gym. It’s time to work and we put on our lifting faces. Gone are the smiles and jovial attitude. We begin to project an aura of seriousness as we prepare to combat the weights. We load up the bench with 415 lbs of weight and Armstrong turns to me, “This should be a good warm-up.” I hit the bench and start lifting my fifteen warm up reps. In the middle of the set, I stop halfway up. Armstrong growls, “You can’t be tired now, this is light.” “No,” I respond “something’s wrong. Watch the door.” Armstrong turns toward the door as I continue my reps. As I finish, I hear the alarm ding as the front door opens. I stand up next to my partner and we peer as a small kid, about the age of 15 walks in.

“It’s not fair! Dammit it’s just not fair. I’m in my freshman year of high school and I still haven’t grown any!”

My father looks down at me and pats me on the head. “It’s ok son, you’ll grow eventually. I mean, it’s in your genes!” I look up at him and smile. He always knows exactly what to say. He’s my father and I love him.

I grew up in a marine home. My father is a Lieutenant Colonel, and while he loves it, it requires us to move around a lot. I never got to keep many friends because we were always moving. I loved my father though and respected his dedication. But that’s not the only thing I respected. He was a large man, well toned from years of physical training. He stood at 6’5’’ tall and weighed around 250lbs. He specialized in training of new troops for “special assignments”, even though he never told me exactly what he did. But whatever he did kept him in excellent shape. His whole body pulsed with veins whenever he moved. His arms weren’t the largest I’ve seen in my life, but they were rock hard and solid. He let me hang from them many times before, even to this day. His shoulders were broad and wide, perfect for carrying me around on and his chest was barreled, with massive pecs that I could sleep on for hours. His legs befit him too, thick with muscle and hairy. The rest of him was clean shaven, but his legs were manly. He was my father and I loved him and wanted to be like him so badly.

That’s why I’m so upset I haven’t grown. My father has been training me for years in the same way he did his ‘recruits’. While my endurance was extremely high, my strength was mediocre at best. I could do an average amount of push ups and pull ups, but I could run all day. That was the best times I had with my father: long runs through the woods, nothing at all around us, just me and him talking. But I wanted to really make him proud. I wanted to play football like he did and be the greatest defensive lineman in school.

My father spent some of his time in the basement. There was a T.V. and couch where we would stay out of my mother’s way, and I would curl up and fall asleep on his massive chest. There was also a foosball table where we would play. But on one wall was his trophy case. The one trophy he took most pride in was from his high school football days. It said on the front “Most Quarterback Sacks Ever: 73. Golden Central High School.” I looked at it and I beamed with pride as did my father. He was a threat to quarterbacks everywhere. He led his team’s defense to a record 23 points allowed in his senior season. My mother enthralled me with tales of how he performed on the field, and it filled my head with wonder and admiration of my father.

So when summer had ended and I still stood at a measly 5’ tall, I wanted to scream. My father had landed a 4 year assignment in this new town, and I would be able to spend my entire high school year here. But I dreaded going to a new school and trying out for a football team being this measly height. My dad patted me on the shoulder and said with love in his voice, “It’ll be alright son, you’ve still got years to go.”

My mother drops me off in front of my new school, Jade Mountain High. I step out of the car and wave goodbye and get ready to face my first day. It was hell. It seems the mountains that we now lived near grew big people. I was by far the shortest male there. Even a large part of the female population was bigger than me. I was assigned to classes and had to put up with the indignation of being called “Little Mikey” all day. My name is Michael, named after my father and his father and so on down the line, and I always hated being called “Mikey.” My father had stopped calling me Mikey and preferred to call me Mike, while my mother was the only one who I let call me Mikey, due to the sweetness and love in her voice.

The day only got worse when I went to try out for football. I was determined to play defensive line. The coaches wanted to put me as running back, saying my “size” and “stature” would fit that position more. I said I want to be a lineman. So, they let me try out. Unfortunately, the linemen there were at least 5’8 and 250lbs. They were nowhere near as big as my father, but I seriously doubted I could move them. I could maneuver around them with my speed, but coach said that I had to power my way through them. That was the most humiliating thing I’ve ever done in my life. This large guy, a junior, stood in front of me and I had to push him out of the way to get to the quarterback, a simple drill. The only problem is that no matter how hard I pushed, the guy didn’t budge. He didn’t even try to resist. He just stood there, watching me try to move him. After about a minute of this travesty, the coach blew his whistle and called me over. He told me that it was obvious that I wanted to play, and that I could play as a runner. If I wanted to play as a lineman, I would have to grow. Then he rubbed my hair almost mockingly and called me, “Little Mikey”.

I left the field and put away the practice pads they let me use. Practice wasn’t over and I could hear what sounded like laughter when I left the changing room. The junior was on the sidelines looking at me and laughing. “Damn him,” I thought “If only I would grow like my father, I’d move him.” I walked around to the front of the school, waiting for the time for my father to pick me up. As I’m sitting there, I let my mind drift. This is something I’ve known since I was small. If I lose myself and allow my inner mind to listen, secret voices would speak to me and give me guidance. I needed to grow big and strong. I needed to make my father proud.

A few hours later, my father arrives and honks the horn. I awake from my trance and hop in the car. He knew about the tryouts and I tell him the truth. He looks at me gently with care in his eyes and says, “Maybe next year tiger.” I look up to him and say “Dad, I need a favor. There’s a gym in town that I wanna go check out, can you please take me there?” He looks into my eyes, gauging how serious I was and says, “You know I can train you, but if you really want a gym, just tell me where to take you.” I smile a huge grin and direct him downtown, where my ‘friends’ told me to seek help.

Armstrong and I watch this kid come in the front door. He’s looking at the ground as he enters, followed a military man. We can tell by the way he walked that the guy was the kids father and, from the way he moved, spent years in the military. I nudge Armstrong and whisper, “The kid needs help badly.” The father walks up to Joe while the kid looks around a bit. He was around five feet tall and maybe 130lbs. His limbs looked like sticks and he had a demeanor of disappointment all around him. He looks at the weights and the equipment like he was totally lost. Armstrong did his best to catch his eyes. The kid looked our way and locked eyes with the big man. After a few moments, he turned away and walked back toward his father, who was finishing his conversation with Joe. Armstrong whispers to me, “He’s upset ‘cause he wants to be like his father. He feels sadness over thinking that he won’t live up to him, and he’s becoming desperate.”

“I guess this is where we step in, right?”

“After Joe finishes the tour.”

We continue to do our warm up set, stretching out of muscles. We know that we’re not going to get our usual workout today. We’ve found our next project. After warming up really well, we watch the kid and his father being led around the gym by Joe. While the father is inquisitive, the kid seems distracted. He seems to be listening to his father’s questions and Joe’s answers, but he doesn’t seem all there. The tour starts to come to an end and Joe does the follow up interview with the father. He leans down and whispers to his kid. I look at Armstrong and Armstrong looks at Joe. Joe nods and steps away.

Armstrong and I stride over to them. We have put on our personable faces and we begin to greet them.

“How do you like our gym?” Armstrong says in his deep, gentle voice.

“It’s quite nice. It reminds me of the weight rooms we had on our base.”

I look down at the kid and I put my hand on his shoulder gently, “And you? How do you feel about it?” I sense anxiety oozing from him and I try to steady him and make him feel calmer. He looks up to me and I see the same look in his eyes that I had when I first met Armstrong, a look of wonder, sadness, hopelessness, and awe. He mutters something under his breath and I nod. I know exactly how he feels. I look to his father and then Armstrong. Armstrong smiles and says for them to follow us. We lead them to the front desk.

“Hey Joe! Give me three of the usual,” then turning to the father “and what would you like sir?”

“Ummm…” he browses the board, “I’ll take the banana shake”

“Coming right up big guy!”

“And put it on our tab.” I yell after him.

“Thank you a lot gentlemen, but we didn’t put in my son’s order”

“Don’t worry,” I say to the kid more than his father, “we’ve already got him taken care of.”

Joe returns with three of the usual and a banana shake for us. We of course take ours down in two huge swallows, and then wipe our lips while the father slowly drinks his. The kid is looking at the huge cup the same way I did when I first saw it, and I lean down and whisper, “Peanut butter and Chocolate, with a little something extra.” His eyes sparkle a bit and he starts gulping the concoction. I stand back up and begin the conversation. “So, from the looks of you, you’re not the one looking for a gym, am I right” I state.

“No, my son here heard about this place and wanted to check it out”

“And he wants to grow bigger, just like his dad, doesn’t he.” Armstrong says. The kid perks up at Armstrong’s acute observation.

“Yeah, I think that’s about it. He hasn’t hit his growth spurt yet, but I’m telling him to be patient.”

“Hey Joe! C’mere.” I bellow, slightly startling the kid. “What’s your name kid?” I ask.

“Michael” he barely whispers.

“Joe, this here’s Mikey, no this is Mike. He’s the newest man in me and Armstrong’s crew. Put him on our tab.” I say to him, then turning to Mike, “Mikey’s no name for a man, you agree? We’ll just call you Mike since this is your first day as a new man.”

I walk up to this place that was spoken to me. From the outside, it looks almost like a warehouse. The only way you would know what this place was is by reading the sign over the door that said “Gym of Dreams: Where YOU make your dreams come true.” I walk toward the door as my father parks the car. Before I even open it, I can smell something. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it reminds me of my father when he came home from a heavy training session, but a lot more powerful. It’s so strong it’s almost intimidating. My father walks up behind me and sniffs. He lets out an ‘ahhhh’ and I presume that the smell makes him feel good. He opens the door for me and lets me go in first.

I enter the gym and immediately I’m greeted by a guy behind this bar type counter. He waves at me while my father walks in and I do a quick scan of the area. All I see are huge guys lifting massive weights. If I thought I was small in school, these guys made me seem like a dwarf, no, an insect. I feel myself balling up and I start to look at the floor. My father walks in behind me and nudges me inward. He walks up to the bar and begins to talk with the big guy behind it while I move to the side.

From here, I can see the place more clearly. There’s several machines and things that I’ve never seen before, and the only thing I really recognize are the bench press. As I’m looking toward them, I see this pair of brothers. They’re gigantic, bigger than anyone here and even bigger than my father. They’re wearing sleeveless shirts and gym shorts that make them look like they could break my father in half. The bigger of the two catches my eyes, and he’s staring at me it seems. His eyes look slightly blue, but there’s something weird about them. They feel warm and comforting, like I’ve known them for years. I stare at them for a minute until my father calls me over.

Joe, as he is introduced to me, leads us on a tour of his gym. He’s talking and my father’s asking questions, but I’m not really paying attention. Being around all these huge guys makes me slightly nervous. I was always comfortable around my father, but these guys seem almost unreal. Time passes and the tour is ending. Joe is asking my dad various questions and my dad leans down and says how I felt. I mumble I don’t know and Joe started to walk away. I look up and see these two massive guys, the same two I saw earlier standing in front of us. When closer, they looked even more intimidating. From a distance, they just seemed massive, but up close, I could see every line and contour on their bodies. Their shirts stuck to their abs and their shorts to their legs. They were huge and hairy and extremely well muscled. Their arms hung off their sides like giant ropes and seemed that they were bigger than my entire body. They stood tall and confident and their arms and forearms rippled with power and might as they shook my father’s hand. The bigger of the two began to make conversation with my father. Then the other one leaned down and put his hand on my shoulder. I was a firm but gentle hand, and I knew if he applied anymore pressure he would’ve made me fall over. But what really got my attention is how I felt then. All of the sudden, I felt good. I wasn’t as scared anymore. These massive mountains of muscle were very personable and I felt better. He asked me a question I couldn’t really hear, and I mumbled in agreement.

The bigger of the two tells us to follow him to the bar. Joe’s not standing there and so the big guy bellows an order. His voice is massive, full of bass and powerful. It feels like the gym resonates with it and I it is as if just a yell from him could knock me down. Joe walks up, obviously knowing what the big guy wanted while my father ordered his. I was about to say something but the other guy cuts my father and I off and looks at me and said that he had it handled. Joe goes in the back and in a few moments, comes out with some shakes. My dad picks up his and the big guy hands me a huge cup. It’s at least 64 ounces of liquid, and I look at it. The two big guys down theirs in two massive swallows and I continue to stare at them and mine. The smaller guy leans over to me and says “Peanut butter and Chocolate, with a little something extra.” I look up at him and smile. That’s my favorite flavor. My father has halfway finished his shake when the smaller guy starts talking.

“So, from the looks of you, you’re not the one looking for a gym, am I right” he says to my father.

“No, my son here heard about this place and wanted to check it out”

“And he wants to grow bigger, just like his dad, doesn’t he,” the big guy remarks.

I am completely shocked. How could he guess that so quickly?

“Yeah, I think that’s about it. He hasn’t hit his growth spurt yet, but I’m telling him to be patient.”

“Hey Joe! C’mere,” the smaller one yells. His voice is also a deep bass that shakes the gym and makes me twitch. “What’s your name kid?” he says to me.

“Michael” I can barely get out the words.

“Joe, this here’s Mikey, no this is Mike. He’s the newest man in me and Armstrong’s crew. Put him on our tab.” he says to Joe, then he looks at me, “Mikey’s no name for a man, you agree? We’ll just call you Mike since this is your first day as a new man.” Not only did they not call me Mikey, they’re treating my like a man, not some little kid. This is gonna be amazing I think to myself.

Armstrong says to Mike’s father, “We’ll take good care of your kid. Hey Joe, toss me those clippers you got back there.” Mike’s father looks at me then Joe, and Joe says for Mike’s father to follow him. Joe quickly returns with the clippers and hands them to Armstrong then heads back into his office. As we walk away from the bar, I see Joe pointing to the pictures on the wall of myself and Armstrong. I know that he’ll understand.

We walk toward the locker room, leading Mike along. As we walk, we introduce ourselves to him, and I reminisce. I so remember this same walk and the same talk that Mike’s gonna have. We enter the locker room and Armstrong sits Mike on the bench and he sits on the bench across from him. I stand behind Armstrong as he prepares to open Mike up. Armstrong tells Mike to look up at him. Mike looks up timidly and Armstrong begins to peer deep into his soul, as he did with me. He laid the clippers down and said to Mike “So you’re tired of being small, tired of people treating you like a kid, and tired of big guys imposing their will on you. You want to be as big as or bigger than your father, and follow in his footsteps. You want to do everything he’s done and excel at it, just like he did and you want him to be proud of you and you want to be proud of yourself. Am I right?” And just like that, Armstrong did his thing. Mike was looking into Armstrong’s eyes, as if his words struck him like a bolt of lightning, and I knew that everything he said was right on target. That was the beauty of Armstrong’s gift. It was exceptionally accurate and quick to the core. Mike’s voice began to tremble as he spoke, “Yeah. How can you know all that?”

“It’s a gift that I have,” Armstrong said as he closed his sea-blue eyes.

“It’s similar to mine, I could feel your despair before you entered the door,” I chimed in.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you, as long as you trust us.”

“For some reason, I do.” Mike says.

“Good man. Now, let’s give you a haircut befitting of a man.” Armstrong laughs.

Mike looks at Armstrong and asks, “What’s wrong with my haircut?” as he rubs his hair.

“What’s the first thing that people do when they see you for the first time?” I inquire, knowing exactly what they do. Armstrong one-ups me though and does exactly what I was getting at and tussled Mike’s hair. Mike swats at Armstrong’s massive hand and I say, “Exactly.”

Armstrong plugs in the clippers and moves Mike over near him. “Just think of this as your progression into being a man,” Armstrong says as he gives Mike a quick buzz cut. Mike looks down at the floor, his long locks of hair lying on the ground. He rubs his head in wonder and we take him over to a mirror. We see his father in him, the same contours and dimples will form on Mike over time. We then take Mike out back to the front bar. His father is standing their waiting for us. I presume Joe went through my whole history with him because he looks at me a bit. I’m guessing he is admiring the work that Armstrong did with me.

We stand before Mike’s father with his son. Mike is standing a little taller and with a fresh new haircut. His father walks over to him and places a hand on top of his head. “That looks good on you boy, I mean, son. These guys are going to mold you into a helluva man from what I hear. You gonna be ok son?”

“Yeah dad, I think I’m gonna learn a lot from these guys. They seem like good people.” Mike says.

“You know I love you son, you don’t have to impress me”

“I know Dad, but this is something I have to do.”

“My son, growing up right before my eyes. And you look mighty good with your hair like that”

“Really? You think?”

“I know,” Mike’s father kneels down and picks up his son. He gives him a giant hug and whispers, “I love you son.”

“I love you too Dad.”

He puts down his son and looks toward us and says, “I know you’ll take good care of my son.” We nod as he looks at his son, “Learn all you can from these guys, they know their stuff” Mike nods at his dad and he puts a hand on his head. “I really can’t believe how much you’re growing. Wait till your mother sees you.” Mike smiles as his father walks out the door.

“We’ll have him home before 11.” Armstrong calls.

“These guys are simply amazing” I think to myself as they lead me to the locker room. My father went in the office with Joe; I hope to set up a payment plan for me to lift here. I think I could really call this place home. Although, when I still look around at the other guys, everyone seems so serious. I wonder what they’re thinking about me. They could probably crush me in their arms, but these two seem real nice. They introduce themselves. The big one calls himself “Armstrong” and the slightly smaller one says his name is “Sam.”

We enter the locker room and Armstrong sits me down. He sits down across from me and Sam stands behind him. I’m not sure what’s about to happen and I tense up and look at the floor. Armstrong says in a quiet yet firm voice for me to look at him. I look up and I meet his eyes. They’re like a calm sea. I feel myself getting light headed as I gaze into his deep blue eyes. They’re unblinking. His stare is almost hypnotic. I can’t draw myself away from them. It’s almost as if he’s looking into my soul. What is it about his eyes!

Armstrong blinks and sits up a little. He says quietly, “So you’re tired of being small, tired of people treating you like a kid, and tired of big guys imposing their will on you. You want to be as big as or bigger than your father, and follow in his footsteps. You want to do everything he’s done and excel at it, just like he did and you want him to be proud of you and you want to be proud of yourself. Am I right?”

I can’t move.

This feeling. What is it? How does he know so much about me? I’ve never told anyone that in my life. How could he possibly know? Does it show that much? Does my father know? Oh god, what if my father knows? How can I face him? Oh god oh god oh god.

“How can you know all that?” I whisper.

“It’s a gift that I have,” Armstrong said as he looked away from me.

“It’s similar to mine, I could feel your despair before you entered the door. Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you, as long as you trust us.” Sam said.

I look at them for a moment. They both seem huge before me, but they feel gentle. I feel as if they would never do me harm. They probably would always be there for me and protect me if I needed it.

I say to them, “Yes, I do trust you. I don’t know why, but I trust you.”

“Ok then! Let’s get that haircut more manly” Armstrong laughs.

I look up at him and ask, “What’s wrong with my haircut?” I look at his head and Sam’s. Both of their haircuts are really short, drawing attention to their massive jaws. They both wore the same kind of facial hair; clean cut except for a slight goatee. My hair was long and neat and I lacked all facial hair. I run my hand through my hair a little.

Sam says to me, “What’s the first thing people do when they see you?” I’m wondering what he means by that. Does he mean they say hi or hey kid or something? Then Armstrong leans over and uses his massive hand to tussle my hair a bunch. “God, I hate that!” I think as I swat at his massive paw. “Exactly,” Sam remarks. I see what he means. People do that and they think of me as a small kid. Maybe if I looked more like them, I’d get a bit more respect. My dad has the same haircut and he gets tons of respect. Maybe these two are on to something.

I sit on the bench where Armstrong was as he plugs in the clippers. I close my eyes and feel my hair fall off my head. “Just think of this as your progression into manhood,” I hear Armstrong say. In a few moments, the clippers turn off. I open my eyes and see hair all over the place. I reach up and rub my head. The hair is almost all gone and my head feels kinda cool. I’m led to a mirror and I look a bit like my dad. My face is smaller and younger and my body isn’t as large as his, but I do look a lot like him. The guys behind me smile and I smile back.

We walk back toward the front of the gym. I can feel myself walking straighter, almost marching like my dad would. I see him standing next to Joe, and he’s smiling at me. I love to see him happy. I guess it’s from how I look now. He looks at Sam and nods, I’m assuming to say ‘Good Job’.

My dad walks over to me and put a hand gently on top of my head. I can tell from how he’s looking at me he approves. I feel so happy. “That looks good on you boy, I mean, son. These guys are going to mold you into a helluva man from what I hear. You gonna be ok son?”

“Yeah dad, I think I’m gonna learn a lot from these guys. They seem like good people.” I respond.

“You know I love you son, you don’t have to impress me”

I love my dad for saying that. I know it’s true, but I want to impress him. “I know Dad, but this is something I have to do.”

“My son; growing up right before my eyes. And you look mighty good with your hair like that”

“Really? You think?” I look into his eyes and blush.

“I know,” He kneels down and picks me up. He gives me a giant hug and whispers, “I love you son.”

“I love you too Dad.” I want to stay in his arms forever. His hug is powerful, yet loving. Gentle, yet caring. It feels so warm and safe in his arms. But I know I can’t stay here forever.

Dad puts me down and looks up toward Armstrong and Sam. He says, “I know you’ll take good care of my son.” They nod at him. He looks back at me and whispers, “Learn all you can from these guys, they know their stuff” I nod yes at him and he puts a hand on my head. “I really can’t believe how much you’re growing. Wait till your mother sees you.” I beam with happiness as he walks out the door.

We take Mike back to the locker room. I know what is up next. He has to get over a few of his hang ups before he can grow, just like I had to. We enter the locker room and Armstrong virtually tosses Mike into the corner and stands over him, being as imposing as possible. He roars at him, “What do you see little boy?” Mike looks up startled and mutters a bit. “I SAID WHAT DO YOU SEE!” I watch as Mike’s tiny frame shakes and he looks at me. I lean against the lockers and look back at Mike, trying to seem cold and uncaring. “Better answer him truthfully” I say calmly.

“I---I---I---I see a giant” he stammers.

“WHAT ELSE!” Armstrong bellows.


Armstrong takes of his clothing and begins to really impose his size by flexing naked over Mike.


Armstrong lets out a primal roar filled with bass as he poses down on Mike, flexing every muscle tighter. The lockers around us begin to shake from the power of Armstrong’s voice and Mike balls up slightly, obviously scared of how Armstrong is acting now. I kinda feel bad about what Armstrong is doing, but it has to be done. He has a bit of a fear of larger people even though he shows a brave face. Armstrong starts to break it down so Mike can see it for himself.







Armstrong stops flexing and closes in on Mike, “No, I’m not.” Armstrong’s voice returns to his normal gentle bass. “Just because I’m bigger and stronger than you doesn’t make me better than you. I’m just a man, just like you. No better, no worse.” I approach Mike and put my hand on his other shoulder. Mike is still trembling. I decided to join Armstrong in the naked display to show him we’re still human underneath it all. I take off my clothes and I return my hand to his shoulder. “We have a rule around here. If you’re our gym partner, you have to see yourself as one of us. No better, no worse. You’re one of the gang now.” Mike is still trembling. I feel the shock from the whole ordeal washing over him. Armstrong picks up Mike and stands him on the bench so he’s looking at us near eye level. He leans down a bit to look Mike into the eye. “I know you want to be like your father. You can and much more. All the power and muscle he has, you can have. All the power and muscle we have, you can have. All you have to do is to desire it with your heart and work hard for it. We know you're not afraid of hard work or you would’ve never been led here.”

I reach down to my shorts on the floor and pull out my wallet and grab Armstrong’s wallet also. I reach in both of them and pull out our pictures of old. I hand them to Mike.

“That was me once, and this was Armstrong.” His eyes bulge out as much as mine did when I first saw how Armstrong looked.

“Yeah, that used to be us. See how it’s not impossible to do anything you desire.”

He nods in affirmation and says that he understands. Armstrong and I put our clothing back on and we get ready to test his strength. Out in the gym, we don’t push him too hard. We know that he has never lifted a barbell in his life, so we take it slow. We explain how to grip the bar and the proper way to breathe and other gym safety. He’s a good kid and he learns quick. Soon, it’s getting close to time for us to shut down the gym. We go to take our usual post-work-out shower. As usual, we’re completely comfortable with each other, but Mike is hesitant to jump in the shower. I see the look on his face and ask him a question. “What do you feel about two guys showering together.”

“It feels a little gay to me,” he says. Both Armstrong and I laugh. “Why? Why are you laughing?”

Armstrong speaks up, “Do you love muscle? How it looks and feels?”


“And do you want to have sex with me?”


“Well then? What’s the problem?”

Armstrong, gotta love how simply he puts some things. Armstrong continues, “In here, we all have a desire for muscle. We enjoy how it feels on ourselves and on others. But it’s not sexual. There’s no desire for me to put this” he says as he adjusts his large cock, “into any hole of my gym mates. That’s what separates us from normal people. We’re completely comfortable in our natural states. We can admire hard work and dedication without it becoming a thing about sex. Do you understand?”

Mike nods at us.

“Well, are you going to shower or not?” I ask.

He takes off his clothes and jumps in. We continue to shower up and I see the same look in his eye when I first met Armstrong.

“Yes, you can feel our muscles if you want.”

“Really? I want to hang from your arms like I do with my dad.”

“Sure man, go ahead” I flex my arm for him and let him hang. He laughs a bit and then drops to the ground.

“That was fun. You are way bigger than my dad”

“But not better.” I smile at him.

We finish up and start to dry off when I notice Mike doesn’t have any other clothes. I take out one of my extra sleeveless shirts and toss it to him to wear. I say that he can have it, but he protests that it’s too big. I tell him it’ll be alright. “You’ll grow into it,” and I smile. They pile into Armstrong’s car they pull off. I smile inside as I think this is a day he’ll never forget.

I’m still bouncing as we head back to the locker room. My dad is so proud of me. I’m beaming with pride and I don’t care who knows it. But once we get into the locker room, Armstrong picks me up and almost throws me into the lockers.

“What do you see little boy?” Armstrong roars at me. His voice is deafening and I cringe away from him. What does he want, why is he doing this? I’ve never heard anything like this before. It scares me almost to death. I try to sputter out anything, but I’m greeted with an even bigger roar.


I shrink back further into the lockers. Why is he so mean all of the sudden? Why is Sam just standing there? Why doesn’t he stop him? There’s nothing I can do against this huge guy. Is he just going to sit there and laugh at me while this monster tears me apart? I whimper at Sam and he looks at me with a stare that chills me and says, “Better answer him truthfully”

“I---I---I---I see a giant.” I wanted to say monster, but I could barely get those words out.

“WHAT ELSE!” Armstrong roars at me.


Armstrong takes off his clothing. He looked even more huge naked. His muscles looked like they were inflated. Blood coursed through all his veins and every part of him twitched with power and rage. It was even scarier than the yelling.

“WHAT DO YOU SEE?” Armstrong roars at me, his voice filled with bass and fury. He looks like he’s going to engulf me. He’s so huge he could engulf me in his chest alone. I can’t do anything but stare at him. The lockers around me begin to shake. Whether it’s from me shaking or from the volume of Armstrong’s shouting, I don’t know, but I curl up into a ball slightly. He’s terrifying. I’ve never seen someone so huge and so angry before. He’s going to crush me like a little ant and there’s nothing I can do about it. Sam could help though, but he isn’t. I bet he’s enjoying watching me tremble like this. Big guys are always imposing themselves around, why did I think these two would be different? Where’s my father? Why did I let him go!


I close my eyes and hide my face as I stammer “Y…y….yes”


“Y----ye----yes” I tremble a bit more because I feel him getting closer.



I scream inside “Please don’t hurt me!”

“No, I’m not.” Armstrong’s voice was back to his normal gentle bass. I open my eyes and see his massive hand on my shoulder and him close to me. He looks nothing like he did a moment ago. I see the gentleness and kindness back in him and my mind is racing.

“Just because I’m bigger and stronger than you doesn’t make me better than you. I’m just a man, just like you. No better, no worse.”

Sam approaches me and put his hand on my other shoulder. He then looks at me and takes off his clothes and returns his hand to my shoulder. “We have a rule around here. If you’re our gym partner, you have to see yourself as one of us. No better, no worse. You’re one of the gang now.”

I still feel myself trembling even though they are calm. Armstrong picks me up and sets me down on the bench. I stand eye level with their massive chests. He leans down a bit and he looks me into eyes.

“I know you want to be like your father. You can and much more. All the power and muscle he has, you can have. All the power and muscle we have, you can have. All you have to do is to desire it with your heart and work hard for it. We know you're not afraid of hard work or you would’ve never been led here.”

Sam reaches down to his gym shorts lying on the floor and pull out something, then grabs something from Armstrong’s shorts also. He pulls out a pair of photos and hands them to me.

“That was me once, and this was Armstrong.” I look at them in total shock. That just can’t be them. These two mountains of muscle that stand before me could’ve have never been what I’m looking at. It’s just impossible.

“Yeah, that used to be me. See how it’s not impossible to do anything you desire.”

I nod at them. If that was them, then anything is possible.

I finally stop shaking in the presence of these naked muscle gods. I understand what Armstrong said. They may be bigger and stronger, but they’re not better. I’m their equal. That makes me feel really good.

They begin to put back on their gym attire and I am once again glad to have them as my friends. They’re huge and awesome, I’m humbled by the mass of muscle they are. I watch them as they put on their clothing. Their chests seem to barely get inside the shirts they were wearing. The fabric, loose and flowing on the floor, became a second skin when they put it on. I can see all the definition that I could when they had the shirts off. The shorts are almost the same way. The only difference is their huge penises seem to be less cramped than I would expect. The rest of the shorts hug their legs well. I say to myself that I’m gonna look like that one day.

We head back out into the gym area. It seems to be empty except for a couple of people and Joe. They lead me over to the bench press. I’ve never actually lifted weights before, but they’re kind and take everything slow with me. I feel really weak, but they’re encouraging me on and it feels great.

Time flies and everyone is leaving. Armstrong and Sam say it’s time for us to get ready to go. I follow them back to the shower. I forgot my bag in my dad’s car. I guess I’ll just not shower until I get home. Sam and Armstrong strip naked again and head to the shower. They turn it on and they start washing each other.

“They look good with all that muscle, but that is weird.” I think to myself

Sam looks over to me, standing outside the shower area.

“What do you feel about two guys showering together?” he asks

“It feels a little gay to me,”

Both he and Armstrong laugh.

“Did I say something funny? Why are you laughing?”

Armstrong speaks up, “Do you love muscle? How it looks and feels?”

I look at him and know I have to be honest. “Well---umm---yeah.”

“And do you want to have sex with me?”


“Well then? What’s the problem?”

I am shocked by how bluntly and simply Armstrong put it.

Armstrong continues, “In here, we all have a desire for muscle. We enjoy how it feels on ourselves and on others. But it’s not sexual. There’s no desire for me to put this into any hole of my gym mates. That’s what separates us from normal people. We’re completely comfortable in our natural states. We can admire hard work and dedication without it becoming a thing about sex. Do you understand?”

It makes perfect sense now. I nod my head yes.

“Well, are you going to shower or not?” Sam asks.

I strip down slowly, still kinda shy about the huge muscle in there, but I relax and join them in the shower. They continue to shower up. I’m washing myself off with the cloth Sam hands me, but I can’t help but be awed by their size. Everything looks so perfect right now, the way the water flows off their muscles, the way the suds slide down their chiseled abs. I will have all that one day.

“Yes, you can feel our muscles if you want.”

I’m shocked by the comment. “Really? I want to see if I can hang from your arms like I do with my dad.”

“Sure man, go ahead” Sam flexes his arm for me. I jump up and grab them. They feel even harder than my dad’s arm and I don’t even notice any strain on his huge bicep. I laugh a bit and then drop to the ground. “That was fun. You are way bigger than my dad.”

“But not better,” Sam says with a smile.

We finish up and start to dry off. I remember I don’t have any other clothes to wear. “Damn, I can’t just walk out of here naked, there’s laws against that kinda stuff” I say to myself. Sam tosses me a sleeveless shirt and says it’s mine.

“This is way too big, it’ll never fit me. “

“Don’t worry. You’ll grow into it,” he smiles.

We leave the gym, and I get into Armstrong’s car. Sam waves at me and yells, “See you tomorrow.” I know for a fact that I will be back.

As I sit at work today, I’m wondering about Mike. He’s a good kid, just needs a little more confidence. I pick up the phone and call Armstrong. I have an idea how we can help our new buddy out. Armstrong answers his phone and I give him the details of my plan. He agrees and says he’ll be a little late to grab the stuff. I spend the rest of my day warm on the inside because I know this is going to be good.

I arrive to the gym at the normal time and I sit on my car. It’s nice to just sit sometimes and relax, baking myself slightly in the sun. I watch as Mike’s father drives up. I flag him down before he drops Mike off and tell him to come here. I ask Mike to stay in the car while I talk to his father. We step away from the car so I can tell him of my newest plot. He laughs a bit and agrees to my plan. He goes back to the car and tells Mike it’s ok to go. He comes out and sits with me on my car. I pick him up and sit him down next to me and tell him to relax

Armstrong had not arrived when Mike begins to inquire about the current situation.

“So, what are we doing out here?” he begins.

“Just waiting for the big guy. He needed to pick up some items.” I say as I stretch out a bit.

“Cool. I’m really anxious about it all.”

“That’s good man. You’re gonna do great”

“I had a dream last night. All of what you guys did yesterday really made me think.”

“Want to tell me about your dream?”

Mike looks up at the clear sky and begins. “I dreamt that I was in my high school. But I was tiny compared to everyone. I was shorter than everyone and even the lockers. I was trying to go about my day and do stuff, but the books were so heavy and people kept knocking me down. I was about to get stepped on when everything started shaking. People scattered everywhere and I rolled to avoid being trampled.”

“Then the roof of the school started to peel off like a sardine can. I saw you and Armstrong towering over the school. You were like two naked gods. I remember seeing your arms bulge and your chest heave as you ripped the roof off the school. You two looked down at me and Armstrong put his hand on the ground next to me. I jumped into his palm and he lifted me out of the school. He brought me close to his chest and I began to feel the power of it all. I heard his heart beat like a bass drum and I could feel the muscles. Then you held out your hand. I jumped in it and you did the same. Your heart beat was just like Armstrong’s and your muscles felt the same way. Then you pointed at me. I looked at you in question and you pointed at me again, then your chest, then your ear. I understood what you were saying, so I listened to my own heart, and it beat the same way.”

“Then Armstrong flexed his huge and powerful arm. You took me over to it and I felt every bulge and dent in his massive bicep. It felt wonderful, powerful and titanic. Armstrong then pointed at him, then his giant arm then me. I felt my arm and, although it wasn’t as big, it felt the same. I nodded at both of you, and then you set me on the ground. Suddenly, I felt my body growing. My muscles were expanding and my height was growing and I grew up as big as you two. I flexed my new muscles and I looked around and laughed. Then…..”

I noticed he began to trail off, but I knew the dream didn’t end there. I felt as if he was holding back something. “Go on, you can tell me.” I whisper. He looks at me and sighs a bit. “I’m not sure how you’ll take it though” he mutters. “You’ll have to believe that anything you say I won’t be shocked or think of you any less.” I reaffirm him.

He lets out a deep breath and continues, “Then I noticed your two huge cocks. They were hard as stone just like the rest of your bodies and thick. I felt as if I needed to touch them and you guys nodded. I grabbed both of your meats and I felt them. They felt good just like the rest of your muscles. They felt vascular and strong and thick. I wanted to rub them more and more, then I noticed that I was getting hard. I never saw myself get so hard and huge before. It was as huge as you guys’ and just as thick and vascular. Armstrong reached his massive hand down and grabbed it, and you followed suit. Your hands were rough but gentle and it felt so good.”

“We continue stroking each other as I licked your muscles and you felt on mine. As I approached climax, I felt my hands getting wet. I looked down to see you two were the same. Armstrong turns me around and faces me toward the school. We explode together and we hit the school with our jets of hot liquid. My aim is off and I tear down some of the wall with your streams, but you two aim me right into the hole you made in the roof and scooped me out of. I aim you two in the same direction. We were filling the school with our juices; it flowed through each floor all the way down into the basement. Our streams finally slow down and I see a tiny person swimming in it all. It was that junior that was laughing at me trying to swim in our man juices. I roared with laughter and bellowed at him, “Who’s the small man now!”

He looks away from me and adds, “I had to change my sheets this morning.” He seemed slightly sad that he had the dream. I put my hand on his shoulder. “That’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you knew the things that Armstrong and I’ve done since we’ve met, well, let’s just say that what we’ve done in this last year would make your dream seem tame.” Mike looks back at me and asks, “But what does it all mean?” I say to him, “It means you love muscle. Our cocks are just another type of muscle. Remember how you said it was hard and veiny? You just like to see ripped muscle everywhere.” He smiles at me and I know I’ve made him feel better. I think to myself he might be bi or gay, but I don’t want to confuse the issue right now. He’ll need to figure that out for himself when he’s ready.

Armstrong pulls up and hops out his truck. I notice there’s a bunch of stuff in the back covered with a tarp. I smile and greet him normally with our punches and half hug. Armstrong then turns to Mike and goes to give him some gentle punches but Mike backs away. Armstrong says, “Yeah, you don’t know yet. See what me and Sam do? You need to do that to. That’s how we say ‘hi’ to each other wherever we meet.” Mike nods and he greets Armstrong. Armstrong gives him a few taps around the chest then picks him up and puts him on his shoulder. Mike doesn’t know what’s going on, but I grab his bag and mine and we hit the gym.

As usual, we’re greeted at the door by Joe. We roar again, “Every person in here better be giving it their all!” I then look up to Mike and say, “We do that every day too. Psyches people up for their workout.” Armstrong leads into the weight area and I follow after waving to Joe. He stands in the middle of the floor and clears his throat loudly. Everyone stops what they’re doing and looks at the giant. “This here’s Big Mike,” he bellows as he points to Mike on his shoulder, “he’s with us. Treat him like the big man he is.” Mike turns a slight shade of red as our gym mates stand up and start calling him “Big Mike”. I can tell what Mike’s thinking right now and I laugh inside, but we’ve got to build his confidence up a bit too.

We change in the locker and return. Today’s leg day, so we warm up real quick. I do my warm up set while Armstrong explains the physics and such behind the various exercises before he follows suit. Mike’s taking it all in well and we give him some warm up sets to do. As we’re lifting, one of the other guys yells, “Hey Big Mike, can you toss me that 45 near you.” Mike beams with pride and lugs the weight over to him. “Help me put this on the bar,” he says and Mike does a good job helping out. Armstrong and I smile as we see him stand tall and proud, getting used to being called Big Mike instead of Little Mikey.

We finish our leg workout at around 9 p.m. We’re condensing our workouts so we can get Mike home in time. We shower up and change, Mike getting more and more comfortable around us. Joe has our usually ready for us and we head out. I say to Mike, “Drink half of that shake now, half after you eat tonight.” He nods and hops into Armstrong’s truck. “He’s doing real well. He will go far,” I think to myself as I watch them drive off.

I’m still enjoying my shake as we pull up into my yard. Armstrong punches me on the shoulder and says, “See you tomorrow Big Mike!” I love that name: Big Mike. It sounds so good. I punch him back and say, “Sure thing big guy!” I hop out of his giant truck and head into my house. As I come in, I’m trying to decide what to have for dinner.

“My parents probably have left some leftovers. Maybe I should’ve asked them what I should be eating. Damn, why didn’t I think of this sooner? I probably can’t eat just anything. Crap, what if I screw up something.”

I walk into my house and smell the aroma of freshly grilled steak. “Damn it smells good in here,” I think “Can I have steak? Damn. If it tastes good, it’s probably not good for me. Maybe I’ll find some celery or something.” My dad is at the kitchen table when I turn the corner, sitting with an empty plate in front of him and a full one next to him.

“Evening son, how was the gym?” he asks.

“Real good dad, I’ll tell you about it soon as I find something to eat.” I say as I head toward the fridge.

“Why are you looking, your food is right here,” he comments.

“I don’t know what I can and can’t eat. I didn’t ask the guys, so I’m going to have some veggies or something”

My dad laughs a bit and stands up. “Don’t worry. Sam told me all about what a big man like you needs to get big. I went out after I dropped you off and went to a wholesale store Sam told me about. I picked up a bunch of stuff he suggested: Steak, brown rice, veggies, a steam cooker, a rice cooker, some boneless skinless chicken, some vitamins and a ton of other stuff.” He motions his hand around and I see tons of supplies scattered about. There is stuff all over the place. That wholesale store must specialize in selling in bulk.

“So, don’t worry about what to eat. Sam told me exactly how you should be eating and your mom is helping out by cooking for you and making your lunches each day.”

I stand in awe of it all. These guys are truly amazing. I run up to my father and hug him. “Thanks dad!” “We know you’re serious son, so we’re here to help,” he whispers to me. My mom walks into the kitchen and I hug her too. “I love both of you so much!” “Go wash up for dinner” my mom orders, and I put my shake down and run up the stairs to clean up for dinner.

The steak was excellent and I’ve never had steamed veggies and rice before. I scarf them down like a ravenous wolf. My dad starts the conversation off, “Slow down boy, I’ve never seen you so hungry!”

“Yeah dad, I don’t know what it is, but I’m almost starving”

“What kinda stuff is going on at the gym?”

“Man dad, it’s awesome. Sam and I waited outside the gym for Armstrong and we talked and talked while looking at the sky. Then Armstrong got there and they punched each other and hugged then Armstrong did the same for me and then Armstrong carried me on his shoulder like you did, and we went in the gym. They roared really loud about everyone working their best and then Armstrong introduced me as Big Mike. Then everyone started calling me Big Mike. It was so cool!”

“Sounds like these two are really nice guys,” my mother comments.

“Yeah mom, they’re so cool and big and strong and impressive and nice. They’re easy going but they work hard and they make me work hard too and I feel good when I’m around them and I wanna work hard and be big like them and dad. And I’m gonna do it too! I’m gonna be big and strong and tough just like dad and them and then I’m gonna play defensive lineman and break your record dad and put my new trophy right next to yours in the case downstairs.”

“I know you will son,” my dad says.

I continue to devour my food and my dad says before I finish, “When you’re done, I have something to show you in the basement.” I finish up and polish off my shake. We head down and he turns on the light. I look ahead to the trophy cabinet and I can’t believe my eyes.

Where the cabinet was full with pictures and trophies, it now stands half full. My dad tells me to look closer. I walk up to it and I see on the top shelf screwed in the center is a nameplate that says “Mike Evans”. My dad walks up to me and says “I know you’re going to do great things. This is for when you do.” I feel tears welling up in my eyes and I run and hug my dad again. “Thanks dad, you’re so awesome.”

“Anything for you son. Now let’s watch some T.V.”

I sit down with my father, lay my head in his chest and fall asleep watching SportsCenter.

The weekend’s finally here and Armstrong and I have some big plans for Mike. The work day flies by. They finally got me some new clothes, but I think the tailor is in with my co-workers because it’s only slightly looser than my old clothes. Then again, I could just be growing since they measured me 3 months ago. Who knows?

I pull up in my jeep as Armstrong pulls up in his car. As we’re greeting each other, Mike pulls up with his father. He hops out with his bag and starts walking toward us. His father parks the car and Mike looks back. “Why are you parking dad?” Mike says. His dad grabs a bag out of his trunk and I direct him to toss it into my jeep. Armstrong says to Mike, “Don’t worry, it’s a surprise.”

We go through the day as normal, and I see an anxious look on Mike’s face. I can tell he’s thinking about the surprise. Boy is he gonna be shocked when this weekend is over. “Mike is lifting good and hard. He’s got moxy.” I think as the day progresses. We finish up another pumped day and Big Mike’s getting compliments from all the guys at the gym for how hard he’s working. He smiles and holds himself with pride. “Yup, he’s doing real well. This weekend should really test him though.” I say to myself. After we wash up and change, we grab our shakes and head out. We jump into our vehicles and drive over to Armstrong’s place. I see Mike’s head bobbing up and down with questions as we pull into Armstrong’s driveway. Mike hops out and asks, “What are we doing? My dad is expecting us at 9.” I grab our bags and walk up to him. I put my hand on his shoulder and I say, “Don’t worry, your parents already know. You’re going to be spending each weekend here. We need you handy for what’s in store for you”

Mike looked up at me in wonder. Armstrong grunts from across the car, “Don’t worry. It won’t hurt…much.” Armstrong and I bust into laughter and we lead Mike into the house. Armstrong gives him the tour. Living room, dining room, small gym area, then upstairs to the bedrooms. Armstrong shows him the guest suite where he will be spending his weekends. Then it’s back downstairs to eat. It’s a special mix that Armstrong has prepared. Stir fry veggies and boneless skinless chicken and wild rice. Then Armstrong sends him off to bed, he’s going to need his energy in the morning.

The next morning Armstrong and I stand over Mike’s bed at 6 am. I can’t help but giggle as Armstrong holds the bullhorn over Mike.

Armstrong bellows into the bullhorn, “GET OUT OF BED YOU LAZY ASS!!!!” and I swear Mike jumps 10 feet into the air. He’s standing on the bed in his boxers and Armstrong growls “GET YOUR ASS IN THE SHOWER AND BE AT THE TABLE IN 15 MINUTES!”

“Well, that woke him up,” I laugh at Armstrong as we walk down the stairs.

“Yeah, I bet he thought this was going to be a relaxing weekend,” Armstrong chuckles.

“Boy is he in for a shock!”

We head down to the breakfast table and start laying the food out. Fruits, meats, oatmeal with whey protein mixed in, a few shakes and some multivitamins. We also mix up the midmorning shakes and put them into some bottles and we pack a cooler with it. We also fill up a cooler with water as Mike is walking down. He’s still slightly drowsy, but the aroma of fresh food perks him up. He comes into the dining room and we tell him to sit down and eat up because he’s gonna need his energy. He’s slightly confused and doesn’t realize what’s going on yet, but he eats a good amount.

It’s around 7 am when we finish breakfast and washing the dishes. We hand Mike the cooler and we tell him to put it on the lawn outside. Armstrong heads to the garage while I grab the water. I head outside and place the water on a chair and go to grab some cups for today. As I’m coming with the cups, Armstrong is hauling a load of items including some practice clothes for Mike. He orders Mike to take off what he has and put them on. Mike takes of his good clothes and puts on this jersey that looks 4 sizes to big and some gym shorts that he has to tie very tight to fit in. “We’re gonna work every weekend until those are too tight for you.” Armstrong laughs. I walk up to Mike and tell him the plan.

“Every weekend, we’re coming here, and for the two days, you’re gonna be in your own personal football camp.”

“My own camp?” he asks with utter amazement and glee.

“Don’t think it’s gonna be a beauty spa. We’re gonna work you harder than you ever thought possible,” Armstrong remarks as he marks a few lines in his yard.

“Stand here,” he orders as he grabs a giant red blocking pad. Mike stands on the line and I stand next to him.

“I want you to crouch down like this,” I tell Mike as I hit a three-point stance. “Bend your knees like this and straighten your back like so.” He attempted and I helped adjust him a little more.

“Now hit me!” Armstrong ordered. Mike slams into Armstrong.

“Again!” Mike tries again.




I’m looking on from the side and it doesn’t seem that Mike is trying his best. From the way Armstrong is bellowing, I don’t think he thinks Mike is trying his best either.

Mike stands up and starts to pant. Armstrong growls at him, “You’re not even trying. Hit me harder damn it!” Mike goes to hit him a few more times, each time making less and less of an impact. “STOP!” Armstrong shouts. Mike stands up and starts breathing heavily.

“What are you, afraid of getting hurt?” Armstrong growls.

“I’m trying! Really!” pants Mike.

I watch as Armstrong’s face tenses up. “Uh oh” I think to myself.

“RRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!” Armstrong starts charging Mike like a raging bull as Mike stares into the eyes of this on-coming train. Armstrong uses the blocking pad to plow over Mike, giving him a really firm but not too painful hit. Mike lands on the ground with a thud. I begin to smile as I walk over. “Did that hurt?” I ask.

“Yeah it hurt” Mike responds.

“Are you injured?” Armstrong responds knowingly.

“Well, no” Mike whimpers.

“I know. You’re not gonna get injured either unless you do something very wrong. But you’re not gonna be good if you don’t hit me with everything you have. Just like you hurt right now from my hit, that’s about all that’s gonna happen. You get hurt but pain fades. You have to push beyond that mental limit that says hold back. Stop holding back. Give it everything you’ve got. Only then will you be great. Unleash that rage and use it to hit me!”

Mike gets up and dusts himself off. Armstrong walks back over and sets himself up again. Mike steps up to the line and gets into his three-point stance.

“HIT ME!” Armstrong bellows and Mike hits as hard as he can. I smile because I see the impact and while Armstrong doesn’t move much, I can see the way the bag moved. Armstrong smiles and says “Good. Now do that again.”

An hour passes and Mike is getting tired from the hitting drill. It’s time for me to step in.

“Break!” I yell and Mike and Armstrong walk over. I hand them both some water and tell Mike the next phase.

“Now that you know how to hit hard, I’m gonna teach you where to hit.” Mike nods in agreement. I tell Armstrong to break us up at 10 for a snack and I guide Mike over to my area I set up. Here there are pads lined up against the wall with different areas highlighted and colored. I go through with him showing him how the safety pads fit on people and how to use that to your advantage.

“If you hit a person here,” I say as I point to the bag “You can get slightly under their pads and use the leverage to move them easier. Now, hit here, and here, then here.” He follows my instructions, and I show him how to lift upward after the initial impact. He gets better and better at it as the training goes on when Armstrong comes over.

“Working hard Big Mike?” Armstrong says as he pats Mike on the back.

“Y…yeah” Mike pants as he takes a quick breather.

“Well, it’s 10, time for your midmorning meal. C’mon, let’s head to the house.” We sprint towards the house and go inside for a quick break. Mike is drenched in sweat and he devours the shake. After he gets to rest for 30 minutes, it’s back outside for more training. Armstrong is working on breaking down his fear and I’m teaching him control. Later I plan on teaching him some of my Taijutsu, but for now, teaching him the basics of letting himself get pass the fear is our primary goal.

It’s around 8 pm before we finish up the day. Mike is on the ground almost passed out; the workout gear Armstrong gave him completely drenched in sweat. Armstrong tells Mike to get out of all his clothes and hand them to him so he can wash them for tomorrow. Mike barely lifts up his head and says weakly, “Tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” I remark “It’s gonna be even tougher tomorrow, and the next weekend is gonna be tougher than that and so on.” He sighs and his head falls back and Armstrong and I chuckle. “C’mon, time for dinner.” He has trouble getting off the cool grass, and I lean over to help him. He strips down to nothing and hands his clothes to Armstrong who leads the way into the house. Armstrong and I head to his washer while Mike heads upstairs. We take off all our clothes and toss them in the washer then head back to the dining room. Mike yells from the top of the stairs that he’ll be down in a minute. We work our way to the dining table and kitchen to bring out the food.

“You guys are naked again” Mike says from the hall.

“Yup,” Armstrong says, “does it bother you?”

“Not really, I guess. Just never been around people as carefree as you two.”

“Yup,” I say. “Me and Armstrong don’t care about little stuff like ‘clothing’. We’ve ran around the house naked just because we felt like it. Boy did we get some stares that day!”

“Yeah man, I thought Ms. Barley was going to jump us and mount us the way she was looking.

Mike looks at us while we burst into laughter. “Well don’t just stand there, come on in and have a seat, we’re almost ready to eat.” Armstrong says. Mike looks down at himself then at us and then he takes off his clothes. He rubs his arms a bit and comes into the dining room. “I want to be like you guys a lot, so I might as well start with the easy stuff like clothes,” he laughs. We chuckle a bit and sit down and have a nice meal.

This was the hardest day in my life. Muscles I didn’t even know I had hurt. I can barely walk up these stairs to bed. My dad put me through a lot in training, but it was nothing like this; Armstrong demanding power and Sam demanding precision, both of them being relentless and accepting nothing but perfection. It was tiring, but satisfying. I felt good when I did well and saw their accepting faces. But boy am I tired now. I collapse on my bed and look at the nearby clock. It’s only 10 pm and I’m dead tired. But I still have to shower. I slowly crawl to the shower and let the water wash over me. As I’m bathing, I think about all that’s happened today.

“Armstrong was right. I was holding back. Pain really doesn’t matter. Sure it hurt like hell when he hit me, but he didn’t hit me full power. I didn’t break anything and I feel ok now. I feel like I really tried and it felt good. My body might not agree with me tomorrow though.”

“And Sam. What can I say about him? He makes everything seem so precise. I would’ve just thought if I hit the guy hard enough he would move, but Sam makes it seem more of an art than just uncontrolled rage. He makes it seem simple too. If he wears his pads like this, hit him like so. If he’s this size, his center of gravity is here. His pads are slack here. He seems to have so much knowledge. I’m very glad I found them.”

“The food was really good all day. Different than what my parents cook, but still healthy tasting. And Sam and Armstrong are really free around each other. I’ve never seen two guys so comfortable with themselves and each other. But who can blame them? Their bodies look so good. Even without doing that much of a workout today, their muscles are still tight and firm and bulging with power. They hold themselves with such pride and majesty, it makes me proud to be their friend. And of course, their manhood is nothing to be ashamed of. They have everything I aspire to be: hardworking, huge, kind, tough, and respectful. That is my goal. I will stand up one day and be like them.”

The water’s getting kind of cold now. I guess I should get out. That feels so good and the bed looks so very comfortable. I put on my boxers and fall on top of it, barely getting under the covers. As I drift off to sleep, I think I hear stuff moving and people talking in Armstrong’s bedroom, but I’m sure it’s nothing.

So very tired.

That’s how life was for Mike for the next several months. We worked him hard in the gym and on the weekends. He trained almost 7 days a week, working diligently to be like us and his father. And he’s growing too, steadily as time passes. For the first months, he remained around the same height but was packing on lots of bulk and muscle. He grew from around 100lbs to close to 225 of solid mass. Then his growth spurt started to hit. We watched as he grew taller and taller, almost everyday it seemed he grew half an inch. “Little Mikey” truly grew into “Big Mike”. By the time a year had rolled around, Mike had grown almost a half a foot in height and was up to 230 lbs of lean muscle. Everyone congratulated on his change and he felt good. We took pictures of him every month and you could see the change from a scrawny, unsure kid, to a confident powerful teen. His pictures showed the gradual, but evident change from his former 5’ tall, 100lb frame to his current 5’6’’ 230lbs mass.

Then Mike told us it was football tryout time. We went to the mall and bought him some pads and some baggy t-shirts. He really wanted to show the coaches and players who he haven’t interacted with in a year what he was made of. After putting all the equipment on, he looked like a normal teen. The baggy shirt and pads hid his bulging chest and broad shoulders decently, and you couldn’t see his ripped abs. The only thing that stood out was his powerful arms and his well defined legs. Mike found that if he relaxed enough, his arms didn’t stand out too much, but there was nothing he could do about his legs. “I’ll just attribute it to all the running I did,” Mike smiled. We knew he was ready to show his former mockers.

Armstrong and I arrived at the school early so we could get passes to get on the campus. As we strolled through the halls, we saw all kinds of kids. Some of my old feelings came back, and I wished that I could help them. They need to find the gym for themselves I told myself and I dropped Joe’s cards in a lot of their lockers. If they come, they’ll get help, I said to Armstrong.

We arrive at the field and we stand on the sidelines. Mike runs up to us as hyper as ever and tells us he’s glad we came. We say we’re anxious to see what he’s learned and Mike responds that he’s anxious to use it. “My god I hope he doesn’t kill anyone,” I whisper to Armstrong after he leaves. Armstrong chuckles and says “He learned your control, he shouldn’t. Shouldn’t.” We both burst into laughter as the rest of the team runs onto the field.

Warm ups are interesting. First they have to run laps, which Mike easily does, keeping ahead of almost everyone. Then there’s stretching, jumping jacks, push ups and other exercises. Armstrong and I survey the team. Mike is doing everything with no problem, but there are people who are getting tired already. Whether they’re first timers or long standing players, we don’t know.

Then the moment the 3 of us were waiting for: Lineman try-outs. Mike is standing in the middle of the line of new hopefuls. We look over them as they try to move this large senior, which I’m assuming is the same guy that dashed Mike’s hopes last year. Most are bigger than Mike by sheer dimensions, but none of them have his muscularity. Most of them move the test subject a bit and slip by him. They are considered to pass. Some can’t move him and walk back to the coach for other assignments. I see the disappointment on some of their faces and know that’s how Mike felt last year.

Then Mike is up. We move closer so we can watch. It was the most beautiful and painful thing I’ve seen in a long time. Mike stood in his three point stance perfectly. The senior leaned down a bit. Mike looked up at him with a pair of cold and determined eyes. The coach blew his whistle and Mike hit him with a giant crunch, lifted him under his pads and carried him almost 5 yards before slamming him to the turf. As Armstrong and I watched this display, ending with the seniors head bouncing off the ground, we both give a resounding “YES!” Mike stands up and looks at us, seeing us cheer him on and then looks at the coach, who stood there shocked. Mike trots up to him and says, “How was that coach?” The coach closes his mouth and responds, “Real good ummm….” as he shuffles his list searching for a name. Armstrong and I walk over and say, “This here’s Big Mike Evans, our buddy. He’s your new defensive lineman.”

“Way to go Big Mike,” Armstrong congratulates him as we punch him a bit. “Yeah, I think you knocked the wind out of that guy” I comment as I point to the kid still trying to get up.

“You know, I thought it was gonna be hard, but when I hit him like you guys trained me, it felt like he was light as a feather. I probably could’ve carried him further, but I felt I should stop and let him down.” Mike comments

“Yeah man, we were glad you didn’t kill him.” Armstrong laughs.

“I just feel so powerful now. It’s like a rush.” Mike flexes an arm. “I can’t believe this is really my body. I feel like a new person now.” He flexes some more. “You guys are really awesome.”

“You did the work man; we just helped you along the path.” I say.

“But don’t think this lets you off the hook for our stuff.” Armstrong comments.

“No man, I would never stop working out with you guys. I mean, look at some of these guys.” Mike waves his arm around at the rest of the guys working and trying out. “I used to look up to these guys when I was small. Now they seem small to me. I know they’ve been working longer than me, but they don’t have these results.” Mike flexes some more. “I know it sounds conceited, but I’m better than they are. It’s because you two made me better. I don’t want to lose what I have and I doubt anyone in this whole school is as dedicated as you two.”

We jab Mike in the shoulder and say, “We’re always here for you man.”

Mike goes back over with his new team, standing tall and proud. Armstrong and I beam with pride; our young prodigy has grown into a respectful teen. We watch the day’s practice and are disappointed when it ends in about two hours. Mike is still hyper as ever when practice has ended while the rest of the team is tired. “Man guys, that was so awesome. I feel great,” Mike said as he bounced up and down on his calves. “Hey guys, let’s go work out!” Armstrong and I look at each other and agree. We wait for Mike to change out of his practice clothes into his gym clothes and meet us back outside.

Armstrong and I meet Mike outside the school’s weight room. He’s wearing the sleeveless t-shirt I gave him long ago and he’s close to filling it out. Armstrong and I didn’t wear good shirts to workout in, so we just take our shirts off and tossed them in our vehicles. We walk into the school’s weight room and it looks pretty decent. There are a few machines and a bunch of benches and plenty of free weights. “This’ll do for a light workout,” Armstrong says and we all burst into laughter. Mike is the first one up. He is still hyped from football practice and is lifting bigger than normal. We follow suit with our normal weight and Mike is keeping up good, a mere 75lbs behind us. We hit the bench machine and I happen to notice that we’re drawing a little crowd. I jab Armstrong in the side with my elbow and point. He smiles and goes to spot Mike. Mike hasn’t noticed the crowd yet, but we put 325 on it. He goes for 10 reps and we push him to do 12. He pushes it out hard, grunting the last rep. We rack the weight and he turns and stands up and notices a large portion of his new team standing there, mouths wide open in shock. He looks at us and we smile. He then looks at his teammates and does a double bi pose, flexing as hard as he can. You can see every muscle on his body rippling, both from the intensity of pump and the flex. I watch as the people who are watching gawk in awe at the spectacular showing Mike’s giving them. I see some of their eyes drift lower on him as the rest stay fixated on his bulging biceps. We pat him on the shoulder and say “Way to go Big Mike.” He smiles a huge grin at us and piles on our additional 75lbs so we can do our benches.

Armstrong and I try not to show off too much, but Mike is enjoying himself greatly. The people dispersed a bit, but they still looked from a distance, and Mike was giving them a show. He’s taken off his shirt and he flexes after ever set. You can see the definition on his body and every muscle is pumped. Even though he’s only doing chest today, his arms are full of blood and his veins are showing the power he now possesses. He looks to us and says, “I know I shouldn’t be showing off. I don’t even know why I’m doing it. But it does feel good.” Armstrong whispers, “Don’t worry about it man. You deserve the looks you’re getting. Just don’t forget where you came from, and never forget where you’re going.”

“I can never forget you guys. Each time I stand in the mirror, I see the work that you’ve done. I know that if I stop, I’ll lose these gains,” he says as he points to his arm. “No one here is near as hardcore as you guys, and I’ve grown to love how much you guys push me. If anything, you’ll see more of me.” Mike smiles as I finish up my set and we both give him a giant hug.


Everything came together so well. I can’t believe the gains I’ve made in one year. I bet that senior was surprised when I told him who I was. God, it felt good to slam him like that. He felt so light and moved so easily, I barely had to try. To think just a year ago, I couldn’t budge him, and now I could carry him around effortlessly.

Today just seemed so surreal. Last year, I had trouble keeping up with the warm-up after the jog, but today, everything was so easy. The guys around me were winded after warm-ups but I felt energized. And god, did it feel good to toss that senior around like a rag doll. I still can’t believe it. Have I really come so far ahead of everyone else? They’ve been working at it for years. It’s all because of Armstrong and Sam. My teammates can’t be working as hard as Armstrong and Sam made me work.

I walk into my house and sit down to eat. My dad comes down from his room to talk to me.

“So how did it go son?”

I try not to smile too much, but I almost yell, “I’m on the team dad!” He walks over and gives me a hug and says, “Good job. You deserve it. You’re a big man now and I know you’re going to do well. Tell me all about it.”

“Well, first we started with a jog. Nothing like what we do though. It was 4 times around the track, you know, easy stuff. Then it was a bunch of warm up exercises. Some of the guys around me were tired when we finished, but I was good and excited. Then they told us who to see for what positions. Oh, and Sam and Armstrong were there. I stopped to talk to them before I walked over to the defensive linemen tryouts. They told me to take it easy on them.” I smile a bit.

“The test was the guy I couldn’t move last year. I knew this year was going to be different. He was still taller and a bit larger than me, but I saw he was a lot fatter than last year. I hit him just like Sam and Armstrong trained me. I got under his pads and I carried him a bunch before I slammed him on the ground. Sam and Armstrong went crazy on the sidelines and the coach was shocked. I ran over and asked coach how I did and he was speechless. Sam said to him, ‘This is Big Mike Evans, you’re new defensive lineman,’ and all coach could do was nod. Sam and Armstrong congratulated me on the nice hit and I was so proud. It was all thanks to their training. They watched as we did the rest of the day’s practice and when it was over, we hit the weight room.”

“You weren’t tired after all that practice?” my dad inquires.

“No, I was so hyped. It was only two hours and the guys put me through a lot more than that. So, we hit the weight room and it’s a decent one. We do our normal workout and Armstrong was pushing me while I’m trying a slightly higher weight. I get 12 out and I’m proud, then I noticed the football guys were watching me. I felt kinda funny at first, but then I started flexing at them.” I held up my arm and flexed a little bit for my dad. “They were shocked and it made me feel good. I mean seniors were impressed by my size and muscles.”

“Sounds like you had a nice day today.”

I scarf down some more steak and respond “Yeah dad. I can remember when I didn’t think this was gonna be possible, but you and Sam and Armstrong made it all happen. I really love you dad.” I get up and walk over to my dad. I’m bigger than I used to be, but he still picks me up and hugs me. We stand for a moment in that hug and he puts me down.

“You are becoming a big man. I won’t be able to do that much longer,” he laughs. “Heh, don’t worry dad, I’ll pick you up instead soon!”

I head upstairs to take a shower. When I get into the restroom, I catch myself in the mirror. I’m wearing the shirt that Sam gave me the first time we met. It’s faded from its original black, and there some holes in it in various places, but what caught my eye is how I looked in it. When I first got it, it fit me like a dress. It hung down to my knees and was completely wide. Now, I fill it out a lot better. It hangs off my shoulders well, my body is wide enough to make it look baggy but not completely funny. It’s still a bit long for me, but it’s amazing to see the gains. Why didn’t I notice this stuff before? I flex a bit and I can see myself fill out the shirt a bit more. “Amazing” I say to myself. Then I begin to take the shirt off and I catch the smell of it. I’ve never noticed it before, but the shirt smells like that same smell I smelt the first day. But now I know what it was. This shirt, which was worn by Sam when he lifted and worn by me while I worked hard, smelt like muscle. I can label the smell now. It smells like Sam, Armstrong and I, sweating hard. It smelt like the metal and the weight. There was the scent of the locker room where we showered and there was even a slight hint of blood and tears. I took a deep breath of it and exhaled a giant “Ahhhh.” Now I knew why my father did the same when he first took me to the gym. It was great. It was like how men should really smell. Screw colognes, the stench of muscle and metal should be all over us, the exhilarating scent of power and hard work should be what defines us.

I take off the shirt completely and look at myself. I look a lot better than I used to, but I still have a long way to go before I get to where I wanna be. I flex a bit more and I see myself getting hard. I look down at my cock and I say, “Yeah, I know you like that too.” I love getting the muscle as much as I like watching it. I jump into the shower and wash up, my mind reeling from today’s events.

It can only get better.

I’m sitting at my desk one boring day, and I’m reminiscing over the past 2 years. Year one of Mike’s transformation ended with him becoming his dream: a defensive lineman. He wasn’t on the starting line yet, but he could’ve been if he was a junior or senior. Every game he played and excelled. Year two was a lot more interesting. After he started playing football, he never seemed to tire. He would catch Armstrong and me after his football practice and make sure he got his daily workout in. Every weekend, he continued to do his personal football camp. We saw gains in him that made us proud. When he first started playing football, he was around 5’6’’ and 230lbs, but in the past year, he’s grown a full foot. And the constant running and lifting and diet has bulked him out to a lean 280. While he’s as tall as I am and a little shorter than Armstrong, he’s not as massive. But what he lacks in mass, he more than makes up for in definition. He’s a natural ectomorph and you can tell. While Armstrong’s shakes bulked me up, they added more lean muscle to Mike. Every muscle on his body is ripped. He carries no more than six percent body fat, no matter how much he eats. We went to his team’s dinner, and all three of us had to be fitted for suits, so that gave us a good excuse to be measured.

6’8’’ 334 lbs.
Chest: 64’’
Waist: 36’’
Neck: 25’’
Arms: 27’’
Calves: 28’’
Quads: 37’’

6’6’’ 321 lbs.
Chest: 61’’
Waist: 34’’
Neck: 22”
Arms: 25’’
Calves: 25’’
Quads: 33’’

6’6’’ 280 lbs.
Chest: 57’’
Waist: 34’’
Neck: 20’’
Arms: 23’’
Calves: 24’’
Quads: 30’’

He continues to keep up with us in everything; eating, lifting and life over all. Over the past year on our weekends, I’ve been guiding him through some simple Taijutsu katas, forms and movements in a set pattern. He’s been keeping up with it and looks good doing it. While my frame is a lot bigger, his is extremely toned and you can see every vein move as he performs the kata. This week is Mike’s two year anniversary and we have a beach trip in mind. I haven’t heard of Mike having any girlfriends or a social life, so it will be interesting to see what he does at the beach. I pick up the phone and confirm our reservations. We plan on going to an extremely nice beach house, right on the beach. Our goal is to have lots of ‘fun’ this weekend and to do so we need to be as close to the white sands as possible.

The time is slowly ticking away, me fantasying about the beach is keeping me awake enough. The day finally ends and I head out to the gym. We’re going to be meeting up there and taking Mike out shopping after we finish lifting. Armstrong and I arrive at the same time as usual and we great each other. We hit the gym feeling good about the upcoming weekend.

“Coach, I won’t be in town this weekend. I’m going off with Sam and Armstrong. We have a vacation planned, my first one in almost 3 years.” I tell my coach. “Don’t worry; I’m sure that I will be working hard while I’m there. Sam and Armstrong aren’t ones to let me rest too long.”

Coach looks up at me and says, “I wish the rest of your teammates had as much dedication as you did. I tell all the JV players that they need to be like you if they want to start.” I say to coach, “Thanks. It’s all Sam and Armstrong though. I just moved the weight. They made me feel like I could do it.”

“Maybe I should get them to come down here and do strength training for the team.”

“I don’t think so. I mentioned it to them once, saying how there’s people who could use their guidance, and they said to me ‘They must make the first step and find us, like you did.’ I don’t quite understand it, but I guess what they mean is you really have to want to change before they can help. I remember I was at my wits’ end when I first met them. If I wasn’t, I doubt I would’ve stuck around after that first night.”

My mind wanders back to that night; the haircut, Armstrong shocking me with his huge size and me discovering things about myself I never knew. If someone wasn’t desperate or willing, they would’ve ran out the locker room screaming after Armstrong started roaring. I guess what they said is true. They must find the gym and first.

“….next game.” Coach says as I get startled out of my daydream.

“Huh coach?”

“I said we’re starting on defensive end the next game.”

“Cool! Thanks coach!”

“You’re the best man for the job Big Mike, what did you expect?”

“Still, it’s a giant honor.” I look at my watch. “Geez, is that the time? I gotta get to the gym.”

“Tell the guys I said hello and I hope they send me more guys like you.”

I laugh as I run out the door and towards my car.

I arrive at the gym slightly late. Armstrong and Sam have already done their warm up sets and I need to catch up. They’ve already set aside a spot and preloaded a bar for me. I scream, “I’m late but I’m sure as hell going be giving it my all” The guys in the gym laugh a bit as I sprint to the locker room. One quick change later and I’m back on the floor. Sam and Armstrong pause for a bit and help some of the other lifters while I catch up on my warm ups. I take them slow as usual, taking care not to injure myself. Sam is helping a guy with his one rep max on the bench and Armstrong is growling “Push, don’t give up!” at a guy doing squats.

Home Sweet Home.

I finish up my warm up just as Sam and Armstrong finish helping out. They walk back to where we’re doing back exercises. Sam pats me on the shoulder and says, “Had a good day big man?” Armstrong starts lifting as I recant the days’ events. Sam gives me a thumbs up as Armstrong says, “Bout time they saw your skill.” He grunts out the last rep and switches off to Sam. “So,” Armstrong continues, “ready for this weekend?” I smile as I say, “Yeah, haven’t went to any beaches in a while. Been hanging out with you two guys for the last few years.”

“Yeah,” Sam grunts, “We thought it was a good time for a vacation.” Armstrong responds, “Yeah, we’re going shopping today for stuff, you’ll probably enjoy it a bit.” Sam stands up and laughs a bit. “I still remember my first time shopping with this big lug,” he chuckles, “it was a day I’ll never forget.” I get ready to do my set, wondering what Sam could possibly mean. I know these guys; they always have something interesting up their sleeves. I smile, knowing this is gonna be a fun day.

After our workout, we pile into my jeep, Armstrong in the front and Mike in the back, and head towards the mall. We stop to grab a quick meal at our favorite restaurant and head off to the big guy’s store.

We walk in the store and are immediately greeted by the store clerks. There are two females and one male, all very nice looking and slim. We start to head off to the swim section. They have a variety of swim wear there, and Mike is looking at the normal swim trunks, but we have different ideas in mind for him.

“Miss!” Armstrong bellows and waves his huge arm, gaining the attention of the nearby clerk.

“Yes sir?”

“Yes, we’re looking for your speedos.” Soon as he got the word ‘speedos’ out, Mike spins around. I smile as Mike looks at Armstrong.

“Oh, yes. They’re right here” the young clerk says as she leads Armstrong to the far wall. Armstrong motions for us to follow, and I head over with Mike following. Once we all arrive at the speedo section, Armstrong looks at Mike.

“You’re still about a 34, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, that’s about right.”

“Good, same size as Sam. Miss, here’s my card. Charge this pair to it.” Armstrong grabs a pair of black briefs off the wall and tosses them at Mike. “Go put them on. If they don’t fit, Sam can have ‘em, but I’m sure they’ll be just fine.

Mike looks at Armstrong like he’s crazy, but Armstrong shoos him into the dressing room. Armstrong and I stand outside the dressing room while Mike changes. He steps out in a t-shirt and the new speedos. “Give me that shirt,” Armstrong orders as he goes to rip the shirt off Mike. Mike chuckles as he takes of the shirt and Armstrong directs him to a nearby full length mirror.

“You think I can wear something like this?” Mike asks.

“Let’s find out” I say as I wave down the helpful clerk. “Miss, how do you think this looks on our friend here?” She looks at Mike’s toned body and her eyes betray her as she stares at his very decent package. Mike turns 3 different shades of red as he watches the clerk stare at him.

“I---I think it looks quite nice on him”

“Well don’t just stand there, pose for the nice young lady. She needs to see you better,” Armstrong says.

Mike turns beet red and begins to pose, starting with a single bi, then a double bi, then a lat flare. The young lady gasps at his physique, holding her hand near her chest. I look around and I see the other two clerks watching Mike’s display with lust in their eyes. Yup, I think they all like how Mike looks in those shorts.

“Yes, I think they look really good,” the clerk stammers.

“Well there ya go Mike,” Armstrong says, “if the young lady says they’re good, then you’re wearing them this weekend.”

I reach up to the wall and grab another pair of black speedos in size 34, two pair of red in size 34 and a couple of size 36’s for Armstrong. We tell Mike to change back so we could leave, but he protests. “I’m not the only one who’s going to show off today. You two gotta try on your stuff too dammit!”

“Nah,” Armstrong says with a chuckle, “we know they fit us.”

“Dammit, you’re going to try them on. At least then I won’t feel so silly for standing here in these,” Mike laughs.

“Ok, if it’ll make you feel better,” I laugh and punch him on the shoulder. I wave down the clerk and tell her to ring all this up real quick. She trots off to the cash register and then comes back with our purchase. I notice that the other clerks have moved to get a better view of us and I chuckle. Looking at Armstrong, I can tell he sees the same thing. We grab the black speedos and head into the dressing room. I step out first and I flex my right arm for the nearby clerk. I see her flutter a bit as Armstrong steps out. He looks like he flexed a little while changing because you can see some of the veins popping out. He strikes a double bi and I look at the other clerks. The female one is touching herself and the male one is licking his lips slightly.

Armstrong: The master of getting people aroused.

After about a minute of the show, Armstrong speaks up, “So you wanna walk around the mall like this Mike? You know we’re up for it.” Mike bursts into laughter and says, “No man, we wouldn’t want to scare the natives. Better change back into our gear.” We hop back into the changing rooms and switch back into our casual gear. We step out and I notice Mike’s still pumped and kinda hard from the earlier display. My eyes browse the store and I notice there’s only one clerk now. I smile and think, “Wonder where those other two went off to. I hope they enjoyed the show.” The remaining clerk walked up to Mike and placed her hand on his pumped arm and whispered some stuff into his ear before handing him a small slip of paper. Armstrong and I smile as Mike blushes a little more.

We grab our bag of stuff and head out. Mike is really getting into being big. He smiles at every person that seems to be staring at his massive physique. He flexes his pecs a little while he walks and he’s all around enjoying the attention. I remark to myself that he’s a completely different person than when we first met, and I’m happy for him.

Today’s the day! After today’s practice and workout, me and the guys are heading up to the beach. It’s gonna be awesome. I’m bouncing around, even more hyper and it shows that I’m excited. My teammates keep telling me to calm down but I just can’t. I’m too excited.

I kinda take it out on the offensive linemen though. I’m so eager to finish practice I’m knocking them harder than normal. Coach calls me over real quick and tells me to calm down a bit and not to injure the guys. I look back and I see some of them are sore. I can’t help but laugh a little before I run over to the guys and hug ‘em by the shoulders and say a quick sorry. I can’t help but run everywhere and bounce on my toes when I’m standing. I just can’t hold still. This weekend’s gonna be awesome.

As usual, practice ends with me still energized. I tell everyone bye and hop in my car and head off to the gym. My head is still swimming with anticipation of this weekend. I can feel the sea spray, the breeze, the looks of admirers.

I wonder to myself, “When did I become so confident?” I remember times when I used to shun the eyes of the public and tried to avoid being seen. Now, I love the attention. It’s because of these I think as I raise my arm and flex slightly. I never would’ve realized how much confidence just feeling good about myself would’ve given me. Even before I had the huge muscles, back when I first joined the gym, I felt good.

I think back to the night I first started being called ‘Big Mike’ and how I didn’t feel weird at all being around those huge guys. I helped rack weights and load bars and assisted the big guys in the gym with stuff, and I never felt weird. What was it about being there? Was it that I had a place to belong to? Was it because they didn’t see me as a scrawny kid but as a future man? Was it because of Sam and Armstrong backing me? I don’t know. Maybe all of it, but now, I feel different. I don’t care either. It feels good to feel like this, not worrying about what people think about me or even if they care. Just being able to be free from those thoughts is exhilarating. I roar a bit like Armstrong as I drive down the road. Truly, this is freedom.

We do a quick workout as I tell the gang about the beach house we’re going to. It’s quite large and happens to have a hot tub, a pool, several large rooms and even a gym. Mike sighs with relieve and remarks, “Good, thought I wasn’t going to be able to workout this week.” Armstrong recants, “Don’t worry big man, you’ll defiantly have a workout during this vacation. Plus there’s some things we need to discuss on the way.”

Mike looks at Armstrong confused and says “Like what?”

“Later,” I say.

Mike nods and we resume our quick workout. After we finish, we grab our shakes and Armstrong grabs a small vial of his sweat. It’s about time he found out.

We’re cruising down the highway in my jeep when Armstrong begins.

“Mike, we have a few things to tell you. We thought that this would be the best time to do so.”

“Like what?”

“Well, for one, Sam and I are bisexual.”

I look in my rear view mirror at Mike to try and discern his feeling on the subject. He didn’t seem upset, but more jovial instead.

“Yeah, I’ve known. You two are big guys, and when I’m going to sleep after the grueling training you put me through, I can hear your voices and the bed move in your room. It took me a while to figure it out, but I finally knew. I kinda wanted to be in there with you guys, feeling your muscles and seeing your huge cocks in action.”

“Good,” I say, “I’m glad we got that out in the open. We weren’t sure how you’d react.”

“Yeah, I’m ok with it. I’m bi myself. I’ve fucked a guy and a gal at the same time already.”

Armstrong turns around and pats Mike on the shoulder. “Well that takes care of my next statement. Final thing,” he says as he reaches for the vial, “you see this?”

Armstrong hands the vial to Mike and he examines the clear liquid.

“Please tell me these aren’t roids.”

“No no no. We’re all natural. Well, except for this, but it’s natural too. What you’re holding there is my sweat, slightly purified. I seem to sweat testosterone, and we clean it of impurities and mix it into shakes. So, it’s just me you’re drinking.”

Mike gets a look of interest across his face, obviously wondering how that’s possible, and then says, “Ok. That’s cool. I presume that since it is natural, it’s not illegal?”

“Nope, I took it to a doctor and he said is was as just like taking aspirin. He also said he was jealous of me because my genetics will keep me producing major amounts of testosterone for a while, and the same goes for people who drink this for years. It seems to alter your body’s chemistry to where your own body starts to make more testosterone naturally, hence the gains.”

“So, what you’re saying is, I’ll continue to be able to make gains like this as long as I keep working out?”

“Your gains will slow, but as long as you hit the gym hard, you’ll look like that when you’re 60 and 70 years old.”

A huge grin appeared across Mike’s face as he envisioned a massive 70 year old Armstrong, out lifting people 1/3 his age. I smile and am relieved about how he took the news. We continue to cruise down the road, laughing and joking and just being free.

We arrive at the house and start unloading stuff. Armstrong and Sam had packed two huge coolers with stuff for the two day vacation so we’d have tons to eat. They grab the coolers while I grab the duffle bags and we head in the house.

It’s better than Sam described. The living room is huge, tons of space leading to a dock where you can see the beach. The view is beautiful, the ocean so clear, the breeze so crisp. Armstrong calls me back into the house to put the stuff away. I walk around and see the rest of the place. There’s a fairly nice gym, nothing like home but it should suffice for the two days. There’s a kitchen with a giant fridge. Two bedrooms, both with king size beds. I’m beginning to hope I can spend a little time in Sam and Armstrong’s room on this trip. Out the back door is the pool and hot tub. I nod approvingly, sensing this is gonna be the place of action.

I head back towards the bedrooms and drop the luggage off before heading to the kitchen to help put away our supplies. After putting away the tons of pre-made drinks and food, we hit the living room for a little while before being drawn to the gym. We just can’t resist working out. We sat and relaxed for a good five minutes before I started getting jumpy and looking back and forth at Armstrong and Sam, them looking at me with the same glare in their eyes. Funny how I would usually relax at a time like this, now I just have to work out.

We hit the in house gym, and since it doesn’t have the massive amounts of weight we’re used to, we decide to do really low weight for 100 reps. Well, I didn’t decide, Armstrong brought it up, and I agreed. After 60 curls, I wish I hadn’t. My arms were burning like acid was being poured on them. I wanted to drop the weight, but Sam and Armstrong were relentless.

“Dude, you can’t stop. Look at that gun” Sam encourages me as he points to the mirror. I look at my arm and I like what I see. The high reps have my arm veins twitching madly. Every blood vessel in them are standing at full attention and pumping giant amounts of blood. It’s inspiring and helps me focus on the monumental task. I need a little help getting the last ten out without cheating, but I do it and my arms flop to my side, begging for mercy.

“Way to go man, did you feel that burn!” Armstrong cheers wildly. I drop to my knees and exclaim, “Man that was hard as hell!” Armstrong looks at me then Sam and says, “Yeah, this might not be the best idea. Oh well, how bout ice cream!” They burst into laughter and I follow suit.

Armstrong picks up a dumbbell about 20lbs heavier and cranks out his reps. I’m still on the floor but I watch as his huge gun churns out the reps. With machine-like precision, the arm goes up and down, each rep demanding more of his muscles than the last. I watch as his skin slowly tightens, the veins in his massive forearm begin to pump harder and harder, threatening to break the skin. Also around 60 reps, I see Armstrong begin to sweat. His arms are bulging with power, the muscles look fatigued but beautiful. The veins work up and down his arm like a serpent, coiling and relaxing at the task. Sam is pushing Armstrong to keep form and he continues to lift. It’s an amazing site, this man’s arms. At rest, they look simply like giant rocks on his arm, but when stressed like this, it’s awe inspiring. The beauty of his muscles working that hard, the blood coursing through his thick veins supplying lifeblood to each fiber, the massive size of it all, it is almost too much to take in. By the time Armstrong hits 100, I think his arms are going to explode. Veins I’ve never noticed have risen to the surface and are throbbing relentlessly against the skin. His forearms and biceps have tightened to almost unreal levels of tension and I can feel myself getting hard.

Sam grabs the same dumbbell and starts working on his set. It’s amazing how much alike they are. He performs each rep with the same precision, same rate of lift and decline, same muscles bulging in the same spots. Maybe it’s me being tired from the massive strain on my body, but I feel as if I’m getting light headed. I watch as Sam’s arms bulge and strain just like Armstrong’s, and I get so excited. I’ve never seen them looked so pumped. Sure, lifting like they usually do showed me their exceptional mass, but this was different. They could be ripped if they wanted to because they’re so close to it but they prefer to be big, and seeing their arms ripped like this was a huge turn on. Armstrong does his best to assist Sam with the last few reps and at 100, Sam drops the dumbbells to the ground. “Damn that was a burn!” he shouts. I stand up and I can no longer resist….

I walk over to Sam and I begin to rub his arms a bit, slightly moaning in pleasure. Sam turns to me a bit and says, “Like that pump, don’t you? I know we all do.” He uses his other arm to grab my arm and squeezes it a little. It burns a bit from the pump but it feels so good. After replacing the dumbbells, Armstrong steps over and stands near us, and I reach out my hand to grab his arm also. While rubbing Sam’s arm, I guide my tongue along the road map of Armstrong’s arm outlined by his massive veins. I feel his light layer of hair across my tongue and the salty taste of his manly sweat and I whimper in delight. I have dreamed about doing this kinda thing for the longest, ever since I looked at my dad and other bodybuilders and realized that I loved muscle. I finally feel as if I can explore those feelings with these guys. They seemed to know what I was thinking and they pull off their clothes and help me with mine. It’s like my deepest dream come true. Sure, I still love women, but they don’t have these huge muscles that I also love.

We spend the next hour standing there, worshiping each other’s muscles. I spent my time focusing on their upper bodies while they moved from my chest to my arms and down to my legs and back again. They expertly used their hands and tongues to send wave after wave of pleasure to each muscle in my body, and I tried to imitate them with my hands and mouth. Their fingers are running through the crevices of my abs and I flex slightly to gently hold it there. Sam laughs a little and continues upward while Armstrong works my lower body. My hands are exploring Sam’s massive chest with stops at Armstrong’s huge shoulders. It was heavenly, just standing there feeling their rippling mounds of flesh attached to their huge cores. After we finish up, we hit the shower. It’s a nice big shower and it can fit a whole family. Naturally, we all shower together, continuing what we started in the gym. In here, the experience is heightened by the flowing water. I enthrall myself with their bodies, washing their toned muscles as they wash me and each other, paying heed to every mound and indention in their amazing bodies. Our muscles are glistening in the water and soap, flowing around our bodies like rivers. Suds stream down their bodies slowly, following the path outlined by the years of hard work. Our cocks are hard and are rubbing against each other as we slowly draw our hands along each other’s contours. It feels so sensual, the firmness of their muscles and the powerful veins combined with the softness of their touch. I can barely control myself and I feel close to climaxing when Sam turns off the water. He steps out and smiles at us and directs us to the bedroom floor. I happily follow, and we continue on the carpeted floor. We roll around with each other, displaying our naked wet bodies and our rippling muscles. I grab their massive tree trunk legs and go to massage them. Sam picks me up and starts to lift me as if I were a barbell. At the lowest point of each press, I reach down to feel his massive pecs working and I reach towards Armstrong who is sliding his meaty paws up and down Sam’s arms. After a few reps, Sam hands me to Armstrong and the lifting continues. I am throbbing and I begin to stroke my lifter on each press. Armstrong then lays me down between him and Sam and we continue to rub our wet, glistening muscles against each other. We eventually begin to stroke each other as we continue to worship our muscled bodies and I’m first to explode in euphoric delight. Sam and Armstrong follow suit, and we lay on the floor, exhausted, glowing with pleasure, and covered in creamy goodness.

“That was amazing guys,” I say.

“That’s nothing compared to what’s planned for tomorrow,” Armstrong says.

We get up and clean up the area. Seems we’ve had more fun than I thought and it takes half a dozen towels to clean up all the water and jizz. After tossing the towels in the wash along with our clothes, we head downstairs to eat. I’m beginning to wonder why I even bothered with clothes for this trip since now that I’m free with my buddies, I don’t plan on wearing anything around the guys. Our dinner consisted of steak and veggies, and a side of hard beef enjoyment. After dinner, we head off to bed. I’m headed to my room but Sam grabs me by the arm and leads me into the master room. I smile as I think about what’s going to happen, but they say no sex just yet, that I’ll need my energy for tomorrow.

We jump into bed and I feel their hard muscles and cocks rub against me. It’s hard to fall asleep like that, but for some reason it feels natural. I eventually drift off to sleep with their massive arms draped across me like shields.

We wake up later than normal around 7 am. I notice that all 3 of us are covered in white stickiness, and I smile. Nice to know the kid is highly aroused. I wasn’t so sure how he would react, but I’m happy. I wake up the gang and we head to the shower. Mike is raging again and it makes Armstrong and me hard too. We spend about thirty minutes “showering” and head to breakfast. After a quick meal, we put on our black speedos and head to the beach. It’s still fairly empty, so I lead the guys to the ocean.

“Morning warm up today will be kata number 17 against the sea,” I say as Armstrong smiles.

Kata 17 has a lot of circular and precise arm motions and emphasizes tension and control in the upper body. Armstrong knew exactly why I picked this one. While we’re standing still in the water, the kata will focus and pump our upper bodies, stretching the biceps and pecs, and the water will make our muscles stand out more. We begin the long kata, slowly tensing and relaxing our muscles as me move in the warm ocean. As we stand in a line facing the sea, I can see Mike’s tight body get pumped and Armstrong’s veins bulge against his skin and I feel the same in my body.

We stand in the ocean for almost an hour, slowly performing the fluid and precise movements of the kata, breathing in controlled methods, being in sync with each other. We finish by bowing to the rising sun and turn around. On the beach are around 20 people, all staring intently at us. I laugh a bit and I smack Mike gently on the ass and tell him they’re checking him out. He laughs and I lead our little group out of the ocean. I spot this trio of college chicks lounging on the sands and I begin to walk over to them with Armstrong and Mike behind me. They begin to whisper and giggle as we approach them.

“Good morning ladies,” I greet them as they stop giggling. Armstrong and Mike wave at the young ladies as they smile back.

“How are you today?” Armstrong asks.

One of the females speaks up and says, “Oh, we’re really good after that performance out there. What was it exactly?”

I jab Mike in the side with my elbow and he speaks up, “Oh, it’s called Taijutsu. Something this big lug here taught me.”

The leader of the females speaks up, “You looked very good doing that.” Clearly she was flirting with Mike, but Mike didn’t notice. I sit him down next to the chick and sit myself down near another one. Armstrong sits near the end and says, “Yeah, he’s a good kid and he knows his stuff.”

“I bet. All you looked real good doing that out there. So big and strong,” she quietly speaks as she rubs Mike’s abs.

Mike smiles a bit and I speak up, “Perhaps you ladies would like to join us this eve at our beach house? We plan on having a party and I see that Mike would love to invite you over.” Mike blushes as the woman rubbing him laughs a bit.

“We’ll be there,” the female next to me giggles.

I stand up and say, “Good, looking forward to having fun with you tonight. Excuse us while we go invite more people.” Mike rubs his companion gently before rising and waving goodbye. Armstrong takes a little more time detaching from his playmate, but we eventually continue down the beach.

The large portion of the day was spent enjoying the onlookers and inviting them to our party. We got a large mix of male and female participants. I especially enjoyed our little beach football game. It was kinda unfair, 4 on 8, but they gave us a good run for our money despite the odds. We only won by 21 points. It kinda helps when three of our four players each are almost as big as two of their players. We invited them all to the party and told them to bring the ball too.

We had lunch, played a few beach games, flirted with some guys and gals, and before we knew it, it was around time for us to start preparing for the party. We walk back to the house, waving and winking at all the hot people on the beach. I think to myself, damn this is gonna be one nice orgy.

We set up some food and drinks that we brought along and we clear out a lot of the breakables to the second bedroom. We plan on keeping most of the action in the living and outside, so we block off the two bedrooms. We spread the couches out a little, exposing more floor space and we place pillows around the area. The door bell rings and Mike goes to answer it. I don’t think he’s realized that he’s naked, but what the hell, everyone’s gonna be soon.

I open the door and see the three girls we first met at the beach and I greet them with a hearty hello. They’re standing on the porch just staring at me and I’m wondering why. A slight breeze blows, and I realize that I’m in my full glory. I smile for them and extend my arm to them, flexing my muscles ever so slightly. I invite them in the house with a Cheshire cat grin saying, “Welcome to our parlor,” and they giggle and enter. The ladies walk into the house and towards the living room where Sam and Armstrong are still man-handling the furniture. Seeing them like that makes me kinda excited so I can imagine what the girls are feeling. I give them a quick tour, showing them the kitchen and the pool area. I say to them that they’re free to relax, and the party should be starting soon. As soon as I guide them back to the living room, the doorbell rings again. I guess it’s later than I thought. I open the door and it’s the guys we played football with today. They also immediately notice I’m naked, but they come in anyway. I give them the same tour and lead them to the living room where Sam and Armstrong are already comfortable with some of the ladies.

More and more people come, and soon the living room is full. Music is playing and people are getting more and more comfortable. Surprisingly, no one brought alcohol, but the atmosphere is still light. Our freedom with our bodies seems to make everyone comfortable, and slowly, clothing starts coming off everyone. I would’ve never guess that something like this would happen, but it seems that this was Armstrong and Sam’s plan from the start. The chick I met from earlier is near me, and she’s taking her time exploring my body. She starts with my chest, drawing her gentle fingers along the ridges of my chest. Her touch is so soft, and I feel my member beginning to harden. Her eyes glance towards my package, and they widen as if she was a kid at Christmas. She works her hands down to my cock and begins to wake the beast. My shaft arises to its full glory, and I hear a few audible gasps. She smiles and begins to mount me and Sam tosses a condom my way. My lady catches it and reads the labeling, “XXL eh? I can see why.” She rips the packaging with her teeth and goes to glove my member, slowly working her feminine hands down my throbbing shaft. It feels so good and I see Sam tossing condoms to all the guys in the room. It’s gonna be an orgy, but a safe orgy. She mounts me and starts grinding as some random guy begins to caress my balls with his tongue. “Damn that feels good,” I moan. I look around and I see Armstrong lifting a woman to the ceiling licking her while some guy sucks his massive member and Sam pounds some guy from behind while the guy pounds a chick. There are hands of all types feeling over myself, Sam, and Armstrong, getting a taste of the power our bodies hold. I hear the grunts of people having sex all around me as my chick slowly rides me. I lean her forward and give her a gentle kiss. Her whole body smells of some exotic scent, like lavender and aloe with some other tropical flowers. The guy under her is enjoying himself also, guiding his tongue along my shaft and her ass in rhythm with her. Sam is flexing for his partner, and I hear the coos from the woman admiring his body. The guy sucking Armstrong off has his hands full with Armstrong’s massive meat and the woman that Armstrong is tonguing seems to be lost in ecstasy. Sexual energy is flowing freely, and Armstrong is the first to cum, spraying hot man juice over everyone. His roar as he climaxes causes a chain reaction in the room, leading others to climax soon afterwards. While some people start to die down after that, obviously exhausted from the extreme activity we’re engaged in, we are still hard and ready for more. After a quick condom change, we take a few of the more lively people out to the hot tub and start more action there.

I would have never thought I could fuck more than one person in a row, but Sam and Armstrong are almost pushing me to keep up. They’ve pleasured two guys and one woman each already, making them cum harder than I bet they’ve come in a while, and they’re pounding away on the 4th person. The guy I’m with begins to moan and I can tell I’m hitting his prostate just right. I start to thrust deeper and deeper, hearing his moans of pain and pleasure grow. He spews his load over his chest and I direct his hands to my guns as I pound him harder and harder. I cum soon after and I lift him out of the pool. He lies there, exhausted but euphoric. I take off my condom and I walk over to where Sam and Armstrong are. They each have a person, Sam with a chick and Armstrong with a guy. I’m getting hard again from just seeing their muscles work as they work these two over, so I position myself where the guy can suck my meat and the chick can lick the balls. It’s a nice 5-way; water’s splashing everywhere, their moans fill the air, and the primal grunts of the three of us echo. The guy cums first, and I follow suit, shooting my hot load into his mouth. Sam and Armstrong thrust a little more and empty themselves with an animalist roar. The guys lift their partners out of the pool and lay them down on the warm bricks. I grab a towel and lay it across them and then I look at my buddies.

Their muscles are standing at full attention, veins bulging everywhere and toned muscle calls to me. Their cocks are still semi-hard, and even now they look amazing. I feel myself getting hard again, and they smile. I’ve cum 3 times in the last couple of hours and they’ve come four times, but it doesn’t seem like the night is over yet. We walk back into the house, dripping of water and jizz and we see the entire party lying there. Everyone’s asleep or falling asleep from the orgasmic bliss, and we slowly make our way to the bedroom. Now it’s time for us to really enjoy ourselves I think.

As soon as we get to the room, I drop to my knees and start worshipping Armstrong’s massive body. His legs are just beautiful right now, so pumped from the constant thrusting and his cock is semi hard. I begin to suck it, slowly sliding the shaft down my throat. Sam walks up behind me and crouches down a little, sliding his hardening meat around my back as he rubs my shoulders. I feel his cock rub between the grooves of my shoulder blades as I run my fingers in the crevices of Armstrong’s abs. I hear my moans combine with the growls of my fellow muscle monsters as we worship each other’s bodies. I feel Armstrong’s hands run along my back and tickle Sam’s growing meat. Sam’s hands are exploring the crevices in my arms and my hands are working their way towards the tree trunks attached to the muscle cock in my mouth. I run my hand all around Armstrong’s legs as I slowly work his shaft with my tongue. I feel his serpent swell in my mouth, reaching to lodge itself in the back of my throat. I feel Sam’s powerful arm grabbing my peaked bicep and his cock working itself into my back. All this muscle and cock feel so wonderful and I taste Armstrong’s pre slip from his meat and Sam’s on my back. The thoughts and feelings of muscle everywhere around me, beside me, in me makes my meat swell even larger. I feel a pump that I haven’t felt since I first started lifting and it invigorates me. I begin to work a little harder, wanting to fill my mouth with all of Armstrong. I flex my arms a bit as Sam rubs them and I hear him moan. Armstrong expertly begins to rock back and forth, providing additional sensations to the mix. My hands feel his massive quads work, the muscles twitching and the blood flowing underneath my hands. He leans down a bit and grabs Sam’s arms, massaging the huge mounds of muscle. I take Armstrong’s meat out of my mouth momentarily, wanting to stand against his massive chest. I stand slowly, feeling Sam’s cock slowly slide down the middle of my back and down the crack of my ass. I reach towards Armstrong’s colossal shoulders and around his to his back. His chest is so huge I am unable to fully close my grip around his mass. I spend a few moments letting my hands explore the recesses of his back and lats before he picks me up in a huge hug. Such power feels so good to me and he knows it. Sam approaches and they sandwich me between them. I feel their thickening meats beneath my balls swelling even more. Our three members inter tangle with each other as they press their bodies against mine. Armstrong continues to hold me in mid air as he slides his cock back and forth against my balls and Sam does the same. The sensation is amazing, feeling these muscle cocks and massive monsters all over me is intense, swelling me even harder. I can feel the same is happening to them because their members are slowly but evidently pointing upward. I start to rub my meat between the grooves of Armstrong’s abs and reach behind me to grab Sam’s pulsating forearms as he massages my chest.

“God this is so amazing” I moan.

“Yeah, you like that hard muscle and these huge cocks don’t you?” Armstrong growls quietly.

“Yes sir!” I spatter, “Don’t stop.”

Armstrong’s cock feels as if it’s trying to work its way into my ass and I eagerly anticipate it, but it never penetrates me. It slowly rubs back and forth along the crack of my ass and I almost want to ram myself on his huge fuck pole. Sam’s cock has curved up just a bit and is rubbing the underside of my balls, providing sensations I’ve never experienced before. Armstrong lowers me a bit so I’m almost resting on their huge meats and slowly kisses me. It’s so passionate and amazing. The hardness of his muscles contrasts beautifully with the softness of his lips and tongue. Armstrong ends the kiss after what seems like an eternity, and Sam turns my head towards him and he also kisses me. His is just as electric as Armstrong’s and I enthrall myself in it. My tongue is almost overpowered by the muscular tongue of Sam and it makes me even more aroused. I spend a few more moments entwined in this dance of muscle before I allow Armstrong to lower me to the floor. I slide down between them slowly, letting my body experience each ripple and contour of their massive bodies as I return to my knees. My hands slide down the hills and valleys of Armstrong’s body and slowly work my way to his throbbing meat. I slowly guide it into my mouth as Sam repositions his dripping cock on my back. Armstrong’s thrusts are becoming more and more powerful as I increase the pressure in my mouth. I want all of him so bad that I can taste it. His pre is flowing and I can feel his cock and balls tighten in my mouth.

Armstrong’s head tilts back as he unleashes his torrent of manhood into my mouth. Sam follows suit and releases a deluge of himself along my shoulders, allowing it to drip down my chest and back and along his shaft. I feel myself approaching climax, and they pick me up off the floor. Using one hand each to hold me up, they use their other hands to stroke me to ecstasy. I explode with more cum than I had unleashed all that night over the three of us and I smile at my two buddies.

“This night was amazing guys. I’ve never had anything like it before,” I whisper as my flood begins to recede.

“You deserved it man,” Armstrong’s deep bass echoes in my head. “You’ve worked hard and this is just the beginning. Remember the genetic stuff I was talking about earlier, this is another one of the side effects, increased sexual vigor. You can truly keep up with me and Sam now.”

Sam laughs a bit and we work our way to the shower. I can feel what they’re talking about because just imaging them wet again is making me hard and I can feel my balls refilling themselves almost immediately.

“Let’s go do something about this,” Sam says as he points at his stiffening boner. I laugh as I grab my ever-enlarging meat and step into the shower with my two muscle friends, fuck buddies, and demigods.

Today is the first game of Mike’s senior year. Over the past summer, together we’ve packed about 100lbs of muscle on the three of us. Armstrong and I’ve gained about 30lbs and Mike gained a little over 40. His frame has bulked up a bit, but he still has the ripped, athletic look to him. We’re proud of his gains and we tell him so constantly. He’s proud of himself, but he’s still humble and polite. He opens doors for ladies, helps his mother with the groceries, says ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’, calls adults ‘Sir’ and ‘Ma’am’ and just recently, he picked up his father in a bear hug, something he’s wanted to do for a while now. Armstrong, his father, and I beam with pride as we see how good of a young man Big Mike has become.

The three of us stood near the sidelines, watching Mike sit on the bench. The national anthem had just played and the captains had just got back from the coin flip. Mike was one of them, being the head of the defense now. The opposing team had won the flip and chose to receive the ball. Mike was sitting down composing himself as we taught him, preparing to release the torrent of rage and power that he holds. The kick is high, and the receiver catches it at the 20 yard line. He returns the ball back about 20 yards and is tackled at the 39. It’s time for the defense to perform. Mike stands up, turns around and places his helmet on his head. He trots to the field and heads to the huddle. They break and line up, Mike being on the right side. The opposing offense lines up while the quarterback slowly walks towards the center. Then Mike looks at him. With a voice that had more fury than a train wreck and overflowing with primal rage, Mike tilts his head back roars tremendously. It echoes throughout the stadium, drowning out the activity on the field, the chatter in the stand and even the blaring of the two large bands. After his feat of primal fury, you could hear a pin drop, a breeze blow or a blade of grass move. His opponents, their fans, his teammates and the fans stood in awe of this avatar of ferocity before them. The three of us could do nothing but smile. After what seemed to be an eternity, the quarterback slowly counts off the hike. He snapped the ball and Mike plows through two of the offensive linemen. The quarterback steps back a few paces for what seems to be a throw as Mike tosses the next person aside. The quarterback turns toward Mike, and froze like a deer in headlights at the sight of this unstoppable tank barreling towards him. Mike lowers his head slightly, placed his hands up towards the quarterback’s chest and careens into him. As the quarterback fell backwards from the force of Mike’s impact, his grip on the ball slipped and the pigskin became free. Mike’s hands slowly drifted toward the free ball. Slamming the quarterback into the ground with a large portion of his mass, Mike completes a forward flip, plucking the ball from the air before it could hit the ground. Like a panther pouncing from a tree to attack its prey, Mike lands on his feet with the agility of a gymnast without stopping his forward momentum. He sprints towards the goal line and scores a touchdown before the other linemen could even get pass their fallen leader.

Mike tosses the ball to the ref and trots back to the sidelines. He’s getting so many cheers from the crowd I can barely hear myself think. Mike walks up to us and mouths “How was that guys?” and we all give him a huge thumbs up. They score the extra point and Mike walks to get some Gatorade real quick before he’s on the field again. A gentleman walks down near us and says, “That kid is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

“Yeah, that’s Big Mike,” Armstrong says.

“I’m so proud of my son, he’s easily gonna break my record this year,” his dad beams.

“So that’s your son?” the gentleman inquires.

“Yeah he is.”

“Well, I’m a scout for State University. Some of my players told me about him in the gym, but nothing about how he was on the field. He’s really amazing!”

“It’s all thanks to these two guys.”

“I’d like to shake your hands. You are excellent coaches if you taught him all that.”

Armstrong and I shake his hands and smile. We turn back to see Mike running on the field with the same confidence he’s had for years now and the offense almost trembling in fear. A few moments later, Mike has the ball again and has scored another touchdown. Even with them double covering him, he plowed through them, injuring one of them in the process.

This display continues well pass the half, with their offense slowly losing people to injury as they try to keep Mike down. The coach tells Mike to rest, seeing as how they’re up 63-0, mostly in part to Mike’s defensive display. Mike walks over to us and we pat him on the pads and tell him how well he was doing. His dad beams with pride as he introduces Calvin the scout from State U. Calvin goes through telling him how he’s never seen anything like it before and how he’s not even tired after destroying what seems to be the entire starting offense. Mike laughs and says, “These two right here put me through stuff a hell of a lot tougher than that for the past few years. This is child’s play compared to running into this brick wall that I call Armstrong.” Armstrong laughs as he jabs Mike’s shoulder, “I can see why so many of their guys are scared of you now. If you’re hitting them as hard as you hit me, I’m not sure anyone will want to play against you!”

We chat some more and the game ends 70-7. Mike tells his dad that he’s going to hang out with us and meet with the scout tomorrow with us in tow. We smile at Mike a smile that says what Armstrong and I are thinking.

“Boy oh boy do we have a celebration lined up for you tonight.”

Mike smiles back and I can almost hear his jock strap ripping from anticipation.