Gym Watching

He was the second reason I went to the gym. The main reason I went of course was to get myself into a better shape. But he was the other reason I went to the gym. He happened to workout along the same time I did, and I was so glad he did. Every day I went into the gym, five days a week, he was either there or on his way.

Today was chest day for me, and I knew he would be doing chest and arms. He was the type of man that could do a lot more sophisticated workouts than I could. And seeing him in action was more than an experience. Today, I had already finished my warm-up and was headed to the free weight area. I usually stuck to the machine area, but the beast of a man only went to a machine when there wasn't a way he could do what he wanted with barbells or dumbbells.

I had just finished my first set of bench presses when he came in. I held my breath as he walked towards me. I could never get enough of seeing him. He was at least 6'1", a good four inches taller than me, and massive. I guess he was at least 280 lbs. But even being that huge, he still had more muscularity than I could dream of. I had heard he was training for a bodybuilding show for the next year. From what I could see, he was going to be massive.

He dropped his bag three benches away from where I was and started to get ready to lift. He began by peeling off his t-shirt and I bit my tongue. Time seem to slow for me as I watched his thick hands, calloused from obvious years of lifting grip the bottom of his shirt. Then, casually, he started lifting it up, revealing his hard flat stomach followed by his thick pectorals. I sighed to myself as I enjoyed the show. His chest was smooth and shaved, but that wasn't my main concern. My eyes were glued to his chest as they flexed. He struggled a little as his t-shirt reached the top of his chest. His lats were flaring and the t-shirt simply was too tight around his massive chest and back.

Finally, he got the shirt off and dragged his tank top back down. He bent over to put it into his bag, granting me a quick look at his squatter's butt and thick hamstrings before standing back up to his full height. He stretched and twisted a bit, loosening up his muscles. I watched intensely as his muscles worked. He raised his arms above his head and interlocked his fingers. It was simply beautiful to me. His lats flared outward from the string tank-top. I wanted to walk up to him and just try to wrap myself around them, but I wouldn't dare to.

My gaze moved upward as my eyes traced the thick veins in his back. They led me to his massive arms. Unflexed, they had to be at least 20" around, lined with veins that pumped fiercely. They were connected to his forearms, which had even more veins that I could see perfectly, even from the distance I stood. He lowered his arm and picked up a five pound plate. I could feel my cock twitch in my shorts seeing how small it looked in his massive paw. With the weight in hand, he started to roll his shoulder and I watched as the boulder of a muscle moved and flexed. This man was simply amazing and I enjoyed every moment of watching him.

He turned to me, smiled and nodded. I returned the gesture and turned slightly to the bench I was working on. He was a nice guy, always acknowledging me whenever we saw each other, but he always lifted alone. I admired, almost envied his focus and dedication for getting huge, but I couldn't spend my entire time at the gym drooling at this muscular beast.

So, I continued my workout. I did some sets of flat bench, inclined bench and some dumbbell flyes. As I did this, I would occasionally glance back at him and be awed by the sheer amount of weight he was handling. He also moved a lot faster than I did, completely enthralled in his workout while I was occasionally distracted by the big lifter. Occasionally, he would move from one area to another or one bench to another, and watching him was both intriguing and arousing. He didn't simply walk, but stalked around the area. The free weight pit belong to him, everything in it simply a tool to help him get huge. While he wasn't intentionally being aggressive, he still possessed an aura of menace and intimidation. His sheer size and focus was almost stifling to the people that were there to socialize or pretend to lift, and they instinctively avoided him or got out of his way. He wasn't being mean to anyone, but the way he stalked the area, completely focused on his workout started to get me even more aroused. It was as if he was a wild muscle beast who's only driving force was to get even bigger.

I had just started some incline dumbbell presses when he walked by me. I saw the sweat stained tank-top along with his glistening skin and could smell him as he headed to the heavier dumbbells. His scent was enthralling to me. It was befitting a man of his stature, a musk that wasn't overpowering, but strong and unique. I knew if I could bottle his smell, I would be rich. He went and moved an incline bench near where I was before going and picking up the 125 lb dumbbells. After he had them, he went and start to do the exact same exercise that I was doing. Most people would be either indifferent or intimidated by him, but not me. It not only awed me, but inspired me. Even though I was only lifting about one-third of what he was, just being near him made me feel like I could do more.

He started a set of light presses with the 125 lb dumbbells before moving on to the 150 and 175 dumbbells. I could barely pick them up off the rack, but there was this specimen of a man lifting and maneuvering them with ease. I had to stop watching him out of fear of tenting my pants. I finished my meager set and went to replace my dumbbells when I bumped into him. I bounced off of him and almost fell to the ground. It felt amazing feeling his huge muscles for just a moment and again, I had to focus on not getting a hard on. He smiled at me and said, "Sup bro."

I smiled back and said, "Nothing big man."

He smiled and continued his workout. He returned the heavy dumbbells and went to grab the 60 lb ones while I replaced the 45's. I knew that he was about to start his arm workout, so I intentionally slowed my own. He stood in front of the mirror, dumbbells hanging at his sides, his chest pumped and heaving as he slowly breathed. I stood at the dumbbell rack, simply mesmerized. Because of the mirrored walls and corners, I could see all sides of his body. The beauty of his physique was breath taking for a guy who was enthralled with muscle as I was. Standing behind him, I could not see myself in the mirror because of his breadth. His waist was probably a few inches smaller than mine, but his upper body was huge in comparison. I looked in the mirrors at his side and could see both his sides and his front.

While his chest was imposing normally, it was completely different after his workout. The pump that he had was awesome. His chest seemed to spill out of the tank top, bulging in all directions as he stood in a relaxed pose. The size of his pecs almost made me drool as I looked at them in the side mirror. I could see the veins pulse and even as I watched was feeding his superior muscles with nutrient-filled blood. He flexed them a couple of times, silently appraising them. He would flex one, watch it tense and bounce before scrutinizing the other one, flexing and relaxing it in the same way. I wasn't sure what he was examining, but my attention was firmly fixated on the striations that lined his upper pecs. They seemed to define and accentuate the already massive muscle in a way that I could only dream of.

Finally, after a few long moments of self reflection, the beast started to work on his arms. He started with a set of twenty reps of standing dumbbell curls using the 60 lb weights he grabbed. I watched intently as he performed the exercise with machine-like precision. I could literally see the muscle slowly swell as he lifted the weight. After his warm up, he went and grabbed the 90 lb weights and did another set, followed by 100 lb and 105 lb curls. I knew I should have continued my workout, but those arms of his had me completely hypnotized.

His completion of the set temporarily brought me out of my reprieve. The big man walked to the rack and as he replaced the dumbbells, looked up at the ceiling with a look of exasperation and irritation. He shook his head and started to walk to the front. My eyes followed him as he walked, glued to the mass of man that was now walking away. I couldn't help but watch as his muscled butt and legs moved in unison, propelling the huge man away.

I tried to continue my workout but soon he returned to the pit area. As he walked, the music changed from modern pop to some nice rock and metal. He smiled as he walked and when passed me, he said, "Sounds so much better."

I simply smiled and nodded in agreement as he continued towards the preacher machine. I picked up a 20 lb dumbbell and started doing my own curls, my eyes glued to him. I couldn't help but be amazed as I watched him. It started when he sat down and rested his arms on the pad. His biceps seem to expand as he worked into position and his triceps flexed as he reached for the handle. I couldn't tell what weight was on the machine, but it was at least three 45 lb plates. I held my breath as I watched his arms work. It was a thing of beauty, watching the ball of muscle slowly contract, bringing the weight up. The muscle went from a long head to a softball of hard beef. I saw the intense focus in his look as his gaze went from the mirror to his arms. Nothing else existed as he concentrated solely on working the muscle. I wanted to just walk up and feel the muscle work.

After he finished, he dropped the weight and let his arms relax. It was just so enticing watching him. His beefy arms lay lazily downward along the pad and I just looked at them. Veins were popping out everywhere and the pump he had was unreal. His arm lying there unflexed was bigger than mine flexed. I looked around and even though there wasn't many people at the gym, no one seemed to notice. I couldn't believe how this force of nature was going unadmired. But, they could have been like me, just too shy to look.

I kept watching him as he continued his workout. By this time, I had given up all pretense of working out, but instead focused on watching him while not being completely obvious. I would position myself on a machine near the free weights, making sure I had a good angle to see the big man. I watched him as he went through the rest of his workout. It was unbelievable how his arms were still getting pumped. Doing his hammer curls was particularly enjoyable as his forearms were getting a pump right along with his massive biceps. Enjoying the simple sight of him curling the 100 lb dumbbells was so arousing, I had to look away for a few moments. But I eventually looked back to see him continue, and I continued to enjoy the show of near inhuman strength.

But sooner than I would've liked, his workout was done. He put back his dumbbells, then stood in front of the mirror. Again, he started to flex. He did a double bi in the mirror that almost made me cream my pants. Even from this distance, I could see the distinct separation between the huge bicep and the massive tricep that hung from his lower arm. Veins criss-crossed his arms in an almost artistic pattern, throbbing madly from the intense workout he went through. He put down one arm and focused on the other, flexing it harder. The muscle seemed to bulge even more, much to the pleasure of the big man, not to mention my own.

He put both of his arms down and took a deep breath. Then, he suddenly crunched down into a beautiful most muscular pose. Suddenly, every vein and striation in his chest and arms were at attention, displaying the massive amount of power that was in his muscles. If he wasn't wearing the skimpy tank top, I would have expected the shirt to burst into shreds. I saw the intense look in his eyes as he examined his muscles. He flexed harder and it seemed that his muscles grew a little more in response. Finally, satisfied with his progress for the day, he grabbed his bag and headed to the locker room.

I had to catch my breath after that show, not to mention let my throbbing erection subside. I looked around at the other guys and girls in the gym and saw that no one seemed to notice the stud that just left the area. I wondered to myself how no one could appreciate the mass of beef that was here. I shook my head in confusion, wondering what was wrong with them.

After I calmed myself down, I picked up my stuff and headed to the counter. The guy behind the counter saw me coming and waited for me to order. I told him I wanted a chocolate and peanut butter shake. As I waited for him to finish my shake, he walked by me and said, "Later Colin." He then patted me on the shoulder and said, "Later bro," before continuing out the door. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see the beauty of the male form walk out the door, his chest and arms still pumped and still amazing. Maybe one day I'll have a chat with him, buy him a protein shake.

Maybe tomorrow.

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