Here to Help

I thought it was going to be another normal day at the gym. I was beginning to get frustrated with the whole ‘lifting’ thing. I had been working out for over six months and I had nothing to show for it. But I had kept coming, kept lifting, and kept hoping that something would change.

I had loaded the bench with a 45lb plate on each side. I was happy that I could do that, but disappointed that I was stuck at that weight for so long. Then, before I could lie down on the bench, I felt something. A presence if you would. I turned to see a man that if I saw him in a picture, I would’ve said he wasn’t real.

The moment I turned, my gaze hit his chest. And my god, what a chest it was. The blue Underarmor shirt he wore did nothing to hide the massive pecs that lay underneath. It was slightly sweat-stained at this point, obviously from an amazing workout because I could see the striations of his colossal chest. I could even make out the veins pulsing underneath the fabric.

His chest wasn’t the only thing that hypnotized me. My eyes went down before they went up and took in all his magnificent physique. He had a V-shape to his torso that would’ve made most professional bodybuilders jealous. His chest and lats spread out so far that I doubted I could reach around to his back and tapered down to a waist that looked so narrow, I wondered how it could hold up his enormous chest without breaking. The shirt was stretched to the point of deformity around his chest but sagged at the point where it was tucked into his shorts.

My eyes continued to drift down and caught a glimpse of his beautiful legs. They were clad in matching Underarmor and I knew that this man’s physique was what they had in mind when they designed the clothing line. His quads were amazingly developed and had the size that most people couldn’t even begin to dream about. The shorts hugged every contour and indention of his meaty leg, doing nothing but enhancing the overall beauty of the gigantic muscle. His calves were just as stunning as the rest of him. They weren’t the classic diamond shape, but they were remarkably thick, befitting the rest of the leg perfectly.

I finally looked back up at his arms. Arms are a favorite body part of mine and he had by far the best set of guns I have ever seen, even counting the dozens of morphs I’ve seen in my life. They were, for lack of a better word, awing. I know my jaw hit the floor when I saw those pythons. I could see why he wore a sleeveless shirt. At least twenty-four inches of pure, unadulterated mass hung from his beefy shoulders. The bicep that crested the top of his arm was so huge and developed, it had to come from the depths of someone’s fantasy. The Clydesdale horseshoe that was suspended from the back of his arm looked like it was sculpted from marble and was in perfect proportion to the huge bicep that was opposite. Even his forearms were massive, writhing with veins and covered in a beautiful layer of black hair.

I finally looked at his face and was stunned. When God created man, he must’ve made him look like what I was seeing. It was perfect. His face was so defined, so masculine, I wanted to touch it to see if it was real. He had a jawbone that exuded power and authority, covered with a full black beard that made you think he had to be either in construction or a lumberjack or any of the real manly jobs. He had a few scars, but they did nothing to detract from his appearance. They only added to the natural ruggedness that was already there. And his eyes were amazing, jade green, so deep you could fall in them and never come out.

He smiled at me and said, “Let me give you a hand, I’m here to help.”

I felt like I was melting at that point. His voice was like the finest silk being drawn slowly along my ears. I could do nothing but nod in agreement. He strutted towards me, smiling a perfect grin as he came. He stood behind the bench where I was planning on working and waited for me. I snapped out of my daze and lay down and placed my hands on the bar. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to lift with this beautiful man standing over me, but I tried.

For some reason, the set felt easier than normal. He didn’t do much to help me, just kept his fingers under the bar, staring at me, whispering encouragement as I lifted. After the set, he walked around, grabbed two more 45s and put them on. When I was about to get up and help him, he simply smiled and told me to stay where I was. Not wanting to disobey him, I watched as he increased the bar to double my max weight. I assumed he was going to work out with me, but when he got back behind the bench, I realized he wanted me to lift that. “I can’t do that!” I said in shock.

He simply smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I’m here to help ya.”

I stared at him in disbelief, but he simply nodded and smiled again. With a deep sigh, I lay back down and wrapped my hands around the bar. He helped me unrack it and immediately I felt the pressure of the weight. It almost came crashing down on my chest, but he was right there spotting me. “C’mon man, you got this shit. This is easy weight.” I didn’t believe him, but I put everything I had into pushing it up. Slowly, the weight began to rise. Then, I lowered it again and pressed it up. As each rep passed, it felt easier and easier to lift. Soon, I had done ten reps with a weight I never would’ve been able to do alone.

I racked the bar with a growl. I felt amazing. I was about to jump up from the bench before he stopped me. “Don’t move,” he said, his low voice cutting through to my soul. He added two more 45s to the bar and told me to lift. We went through the same thing that happened before. First the unrack, then the feeling like it was going to be impossible, then the slow realization that I could do it and then doing it.

We did that three more times with me ending up benching 405 lbs. I couldn’t believe it myself, but when he allowed me to stand up and see myself in the mirror, I could see why. My chest had grown to be huge. It was sexy yet comical at the same time. My pecs had grown to be almost as large as his, yet they looked completely out of place on my body. I looked at him and said, “What in the world is going on!” It wasn’t that I wasn’t grateful; it was that I was completely amazed and somewhat scared.

He simply ignored my outburst and said, “Think it’s ’bout time for you to hit legs.”

Part of me was in shock. It wanted to run as fast as I could, fearful of what could happen.

The other part of me was in lust. Lust for a body that far exceeded what I had. And by some stroke of fate or luck, here was my chance. The brass ring was right there. All I had to do was reach out and grab it.

So, I headed to the squat rack with the big man right behind me. I loaded it up with 185 lbs and he went ahead and added two more 45’s. I looked at him in disbelief again, but he simply laid his huge hand on my shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. I’m here to help.”

Again, the weight felt like it was going to crush me. I could see my back snapping under the strain, but somehow, I got back up from the squat. Then another rep, then another. Before I knew it, I had done fifteen reps and racked the bar with authority.

He added a couple more plates and ordered me to lift. I did so willingly. I didn’t know why, but I knew that I could as long as he was there. Soon, I was squatting 585 lbs. The bar had a slight bend from the weight as I lowered myself to the ground before powering back up. It felt great to do that. My legs felt so strong, almost invincible. Then, the big man took me by the shoulder and showed me the mirror.

My legs had inflated to mammoth proportions. They now matched the chest that had been built earlier. I could call them tree trunks now. They were so wide I had to adjust myself a bit. The shorts that I had on had ridden up my legs to the point that they looked like bikini briefs and no matter how much I tugged on them, they refused to go an inch down my massive legs. I sighed with content as my eyes traced the valleys and contours that now etched my immense limbs.

Before I could say anything, I felt his hand again. “Arms now.” I gladly followed him to the dumbbells, and soon, I was curling like there was no tomorrow.

I’m not sure how much time had passed. I was too enthralled with the workout this giant was giving me. I did a full body workout with him there to help me the whole time. Every set was heavier than the first, each exercise completely destroyed what I thought were my maxes. By the time it was all said and done, I was completely exhausted. My clothes were drenched with sweat, but they also were skin tight.

I looked at the big man expectantly. I couldn’t wait for what he had planned. But he simply smiled at me, turned me towards the locker room and gave me a gentle push. “Time to shower up,” he said with his deep baritone voice.

I headed straight to my locker and, after a quick change, headed to the shower. It was a big communal one, left over the past that reminded me so much of high school. I never liked showering here unless I was alone. Looking around quickly to make sure no one was around, I turned on the spray to full blast and hot.

Soon, the room was filled with a wonderful heated steam. The water on my skin felt amazing. Not only did it relieve the tension I was feeling, but it also accentuated the feeling of my new body. I took time to explore each and every crevice and new muscle. It was all like some dream, an unfulfilled fantasy that I’ve always had, now made real. I started to touch my hardening cock when a deep voice said, “Let me give you a hand, I’m here to help.”

I spun around to see the huge guy that I knew caused all this standing before me, gloriously naked and soaking wet. The water made him look even bigger and sexier than I could’ve imagined, and when my eyes saw his meat, I almost choked. It hung low on him, almost to the middle of his quads against a backdrop of egg sized balls full of his super spunk. It was so much bigger than mine, I wondered how it would feel to have it in my hands, or better yet, be impaled on it.

He reached out and grabbed my cock. Instantly, I felt like I would cum. He simply smiled and gripped it tighter, somehow stopping what felt like an inevitable orgasm. I could do nothing but stand there and let him manhandle my dick. He was obviously a master. His hands were rough and calloused from all the obvious lifting he did, but that only served to heighten the pleasure I was feeling.

He continued to stroke my cock, slowly at first, bringing me close to the edge, then bringing me back. He changed speeds, tightened and loosened his grip, and did so many other things I would’ve never thought of, each time, taking me closer and closer to exploding.

Finally, the tempo increased to the point where I knew I was going to explode. He gripped my dick tight, and with one final stroke, I came. I came and I came and I came, it was so powerful I felt like everything in me was draining out through my balls. My orgasm was so intense my body fell against the wall and slowly slumped to the ground. As soon as I hit the floor, I blacked out.

I woke up a moment later to find that the big man wasn’t in the shower anymore. I hopped up, but was thrown off by something. Everything felt wrong. Then I realized my center of gravity was different. I walked out of the shower and stopped by the nearest mirror. When I got there, I was completely stunned.

I was amazing. I had gotten huge, even bigger than when I was working out with the giant. Obviously, I was a bit taller, and every inch of me was covered with muscle. I flexed a few times, getting a feel for my new body and of course, seeing how hard and unmovable I had become. All these new experiences was getting me excited and my gaze fell to my cock. I stopped breathing all together from the shock. If I had a trouser snake before, what was hanging from my crotch now was a full grown anaconda. It was huge and thick, so meaty I couldn’t grip it completely with a pair of balls that could’ve substituted with golf balls.

I had to thank the guy who somehow did this. I ran to my locker to find something to wear, hoping that my shorts were still able to at least cover my new package. When I opened the door, I saw that everything I brought was gone. In its place was a wrestling singlet, a new gym bag and a pair of chrome shades. I smiled again and quickly put on the singlet. It felt erotic having the fabric rub against my new furry, muscled body. I had to concentrate on not getting another hard on because it would have definitely shown.

After getting dressed, I quickly went out the locker room and looked around. There was no one around that was even close to his size, so I went to the closest person and asked, “Hey man, have you seen a guy come out here, bigger than me, built like a brick shit house, black hair, green eyes?”

The guy looked at me like I just beamed in from another planet, “Dude, I’ve been here for a few hours today and a few years at this gym and I’ve never seen anyone near as big as you.”

I smiled. I wanted to thank him for the amazing gift he gave me. I didn’t even know his name, but I knew he changed my life permanently. I had to think of something worthy to do. Looking around the gym, I saw a guy that was a lot like me a few hours ago: Obviously been in the gym for a while, little but determined, yet making no progress. He was about to start benching when I walked up, put my hand on his shoulder and said, “Let me give you a hand, I’m here to help.”