A Life of Change

Part 1

The fall sun beamed down through the trees like a spotlight as Peter slowly walked down the street, his pants and shirt torn from the recent fight he was just in. ‘Fight’ probably isn’t the right word to use; it was more of a beating. To him, it seemed he was a punching bag for all the jocks. Being a pudgy freshman in high school was usually a death sentence, especially when you are going to one of the most famous schools in the nation for athletics. From the day he started school, there was not a single time he didn’t return home battered and bruised.

The worst thing about the whole situation was when he finally made it home; he received no comfort or relief. All he got, if anything, was disgust from his father. His father would always be in his worn out recliner, seven sheets to the wind. If he was awake enough, he would go through a few drunken slurs and then beat his son for his complete lack of any athletic skill. As everyone who was in a two block radius knew from his loud tenor voice, he was one of the greatest college quarterbacks in the state and could’ve gone pro if his bitch of a girlfriend didn’t leave him with a son he never wanted. Peter had to listen to his father’s berating constantly about how he could have been so much if he didn’t have to worry about a kid, how Peter couldn’t have been his son, how a fat slob like him would never be anything.

Anyone that took the time to look at Peter could tell that his spirit was shattered. He simply went day to day with a glazed look and a completely average routine. Nothing he did stood out. He had very few friends and acquaintances, no family that would speak to him, and he just blended into the background everywhere else. That was until he met Terry.

Terry was also someone that could blend into the background. He was a little above average height but plain and basic in every other way. He once lived a rough life, but now, at the age of 40, he at least had wealth on his side. But it didn’t make him happy. Although he could buy anything he wanted, material things just didn’t appeal to him. The things he truly wanted out of life were out of his reach.

Terry always wanted to be a huge man. Since he was in college, he was attracted to the football jocks, linemen in particular. But, no matter how much he worked out or how much he ate, he couldn’t pack on the amount of muscle that pleased him. The best he could do was tone his 140 lb body. He came to the sad realization that his dreams would never come true after he graduated with his degree in physical science and sports medicine. So instead of becoming the muscle man he dreamed of becoming, he simply trained and cared for them. He spent 15 years working for the NFL as their head doctor, and although he became quite wealthy and got to spend lots of time with large, powerful men, something was still missing from his life.

These two people, the young kid and the old man probably would’ve never met if it wasn’t for chance. Terry happened to be sitting on his porch one day in his quiet neighborhood where he blended in, as usual. He sat in his rocking chair, mulling over the various details of the day and the reasons why and if he should stay when Peter slowly limped by his yard. The day was even rougher on Peter than normal. The biggest jocks on the team decided to show off for the cheerleaders by using him as a human weight. Even though he was getting close to three hundred pounds of lard, the teen athletes used him as a plaything. He was tossed around, lifted, bent and broken for the amusement of the blond headed valley girls. The guys went a little too far and really hurt Peter, but they didn’t care and went away laughing as usual, probably off to some party he would never see.

Terry watched as Peter limped slowly by his house and his heart broke. He saw not only the fat kid that was before him, but he also saw himself. He saw the desperation, the broken heart, and the apathetic mood that hung around him like fog. Terry could feel Peter’s pain more so than anyone else had before, and he knew that he had to do something. He got up from his chair, his knees creaking slightly from the long sit, and walked down his sidewalk to the curb.

“Hey kid, are you alright?” he asked as he leaned against the oak tree that shaded his yard.

Peter didn’t even look up while he responded, “Yes sir, I’m ok.”

Terry’s heart felt like it was being ripped apart when he heard Peter’s drained reply. “Are you sure? You look like you could really use a hand.”

Peter stopped shuffling long enough for Terry to get a better look. He saw that even though there were several fresh cuts, scrapes and bruises, there was an under layer of old injuries. Terry couldn’t even spot a part that wasn’t wounded. As Peter stood there looking at the ground, Terry said, “C’mon kid, I’ll fix you up.”

The unlikely duo walked into Terry’s house. Terry led Peter to the living room and pointed to a couch that seemed like it was new, except for the slight layer of dust that covered it. The entire place smelled as if it was a sterile lab to Peter’s inexperienced nose. Peter sat down as Terry went off to the restroom. Peter looked around his neighbor’s house from his seat. Sunlight from the setting sun refracted through the panes of glass behind him and reflected off the mantle across the room. As he glanced in that direction, he saw several pictures of pro football players with his host arranged neatly along it with various knick-knacks. Peter wondered how this guy could’ve met all these guys. They were huge too, he thought. This guy was at least a foot taller than him and the beefy guys in the pictures was even bigger than him.

Peter wondered what it must’ve felt like to be that huge. He imagined towering over most people and being wider than two people put together. He closed his eyes and dreamed of having muscles all over his body. Hard, thick, powerful muscles stacked on top of each other, with the strength of three and four men. With that, he would never have to worry about anyone treating him badly again. Several strange feelings rushed through him; lust, wonder, admiration, curiosity, but sadly, they were all washed away by the feelings of worthlessness that was with him constantly.

Peter’s head was hung low as Terry walked back into the room with a first aid kit. Terry felt a wave of sympathy as he dampened the cotton balls with peroxide. Peter didn’t raise his head or wince even as the sterilizer was applied to his wounds. Terry raised an eyebrow seeing Peter’s lack of reaction to the stinging liquid.

“My name’s Terry,” he started.

“Pleased to meet you sir, I’m Peter,” Peter mumbled.

“Does this sting a bit?”

“No sir, I’m ok.”

Terry tried to think of a way to open the kid up a little more, but his mind was blank. Half an hour went by in silence as Terry cleaned up Peter’s wounds. Finally, when it was done, Peter mumbled again, “Thank you sir.”

Terry stood up and looked at the pudgy, insecure kid before him. “I’m glad I could help. You can stay if you want to.”

Peter shook his head and said, “No sir, I should be getting home.” He stood up but continued to stare at some invisible spot on the carpet. Terry sighed slightly and led Peter to the front door. Peter shuffled out, but turned around and raised his head. “Thank you sir,” he said.

“It was my pleasure Peter. Feel free to come back and visit sometime.”

It would be almost six months before Peter got the courage to return to Terry’s house. The day that Peter finally returned to Terry’s house was the defining point in his young life. It was the last day of school and before it could even get started, Peter was woken by a bottle of stale beer being poured on his head. He got up quickly and suddenly to see his hulk of a father brooding over him. He grabbed Peter by his shirt and started shaking him. “Useless pile of shit,” he kept muttering over and over.

Peter could do nothing but stand there stunned as he was violently shaken back and forth by his brute of a father. “Why couldn’t you be more like me boy? Why couldn’t you at least do something I could be proud of instead of being a fat piece of shit?” The verbal berating that he was receiving began to make Peter cry, not solely because of what he was saying, but because of the fact that Peter could tell that his father was mostly sober as he said all this. Peter could understand and tolerate him saying these things while drunk, but the fact that he was sober and still didn’t even bother to pretend to love his son broke the emotional dam that held back all his repressed feelings.

“There’s no way you can really be my son anyway, so why do I even care? My son wouldn’t be no namby-pamby fat sissy kid. No, my son would have some talent. He’d be strong and big like me, not a fat ass like you,” Peter’s father muttered as he flexed his arm. “You see that lard ass? That’s eighteen inches of muscle right there. Don’t even work out anymore and it’s still huge as fuck. What are you ever going to do for me? You’re just a waste of space, sitting there with your fat ass doing nothing. I can’t work out any more cause I have to take care of you. Can’t even have a god damned life because of you. God, how I wish that bitch never left you here. How the hell am I supposed to get a real woman and have a real son,” Peter’s father growled as he threw him down to the floor. “Get your fat ass dressed and get out of here. I’m tired of looking at you,” he said with disgust as he turned and walked out the door. The last thing Peter heard his father say before he slammed the door was, “Wish that sorry sack of shit was never born.”

Somehow Peter got dressed and left the house, still crying like never before. He didn’t head to school though, but instead began to wander around. Thoughts were running through his mind like never before and he was on the verge of a breakdown. He wondered to himself, “Why am I here? No one even cares about me. My dad doesn’t love me, my mother didn’t care enough to stay, the teachers, the students, no one really thinks about me. Why do I put up with it all? I should just end it, then no one would have to worry about me anymore.” Peter had dried his tears and looked up sadly at the blue-grey morning sky. “I’ll just end it all. I won’t be missed and at least my dad will be happy again.”

Peter began walking. He had set his mind on just jumping into the river and drowning. But, as he walked, he passed Terry’s house, and Terry just happened to be putting mail in his mailbox. He turned to see his friend Peter, or at least he considered Peter to be a friend, walking down the road. Immediately, Terry knew something was wrong. Even though he had saw Peter only once, somehow Terry felt that something was very wrong. Terry spoke up, “Hey there little buddy! How are you doing today? Aren’t you going to be late for school?”

Peter looked up and through his tear-flooded eyes, saw Terry, the one guy who actually seemed like he cared about him. Peter wanted to respond, but another flood of emotion over took him and he started to break down again. Instantly, Terry was near him, hugging him and holding him in a way he had never felt before. Terry quickly escorted Peter into the house where they both sat on the couch. Terry’s soothing words provided some comfort to him as he uncontrollably told him ever aspect of his horrible life, down to the recent altercation between him and his father. Terry sat there, his arm draped halfway around the chubby kid, listening intently. Finally, Peter calmed down a bit and his tears stopped. But Terry could still see the pain and despair, and in his heart, he knew he couldn’t let Peter be alone anytime in the near future.

Terry stood up slowly and turned to Peter, “I’m going to the kitchen to get a drink. Would you like some milk?”

Peter replied in his usual heartbroken voice, “Yes sir, if it wouldn’t be any trouble.”

Terry gave Peter his warmest smile before retreating to the kitchen. As he walked, a million thoughts ran through his head concerning the lost kid in his living room. But, above all else, one thought ran through his head, “I can’t let him go on this way. I just know if he leaves here something bad will happen.” He opened the refrigerator door and pulled out the white container of milk. “But, what can I do about this? Am I capable of taking care of someone this hurt? What do I know about raising kids? Plus, what if he finds out about my fetish?” He reached into the cabinets and pulled out two glasses. Rinsing them off in the sink, he quickly filled them with milk, returned the jug to the refrigerator and sighed under his breath. “I have to do this though. He has no one else.”

Terry smiled as he came into the living room carrying two glasses. “So, Peter, tell me something. Umm, how would you feel if someone wanted to adopt you?”

Peter looked up at Terry in amazement, “Who would ever want someone like me? I’m just a fat slob who’s good at nothing.”

Terry raised his voice slightly. “Peter,” he said as he sat down next to him, “you can’t let your opinion of yourself be based on how others see you. What truly matters is how you feel in your heart. It takes years to truly understand yourself and what you want to be. Hell, I didn’t know myself until I was in my thirties. There are people out there that would take you in. You’re looking at one.”

Peter stared at Terry with a gaping mouth. “Why would you want to help me?”

“Because you deserve better. No one deserves to have all their dreams crushed before they can even start. And I think that I can do a decent job of helping you out.”

It would be another ten minutes before Peter was able to talk again. He was so overcome with emotion that he broke down into tears again. After he recovered, Terry led him to his car. In a few moments, they were back at Peter’s house. Terry was surprised to see the bull of a man that was Peter’s father and for a moment had second thoughts of approaching him. But once glance at the chubby, fearful kid behind him strengthened his resolve to get him out of that hellhole.

“What did you do now fat ass?” Peter’s father growled at him as he hid behind Terry.

“He didn’t do anything sir. May I have a moment of your time?”

Peter’s father glared at Peter for a moment before walking back in the house. Terry followed with Peter close behind. “Whadda want?” Peter’s father snapped as he dropped into his chair.

Terry didn’t even take a seat. He was trying his best to maintain his resolve to get Peter out. “Well sir, I’m a friend of your son’s, and I was wondering, um, how can I say this?” Terry took a deep breath and continued, “I’ll be blunt. You don’t want to take care of Peter, am I right?”

“Seems my damn son has been talking too much. Obviously I’m gonna have to do something ‘bout his mouth.”

Terry’s breathing hitched for a moment as he scrambled to keep Peter from being hurt. “Be that as it may, the reason I’m here is because from what he tells me is you really don’t want him. I’m here just because I would like to adopt him if this is true. I’m even willing to pay all the fees associated with the process. You wouldn’t have to do anything but sign the papers and he’ll be out of your hair and you can go back to being a bachelor.”

Peter’s father looked like he was about to kill his son. But then all the anger bled from his face and he said, “Why would you want a fat good for nothing slob like him?”

Terry had to think fast for a good excuse. “Well, I always wanted a son, but I didn’t feel like taking care of a baby, and this would be easier than going through an overly complicated adoption process. Plus, Peter can basically take care of himself, so I figure this would be good if you agreed.”

Peter’s father looked at Terry and then at Peter. “Do whatever the hell you feel like doing. I don’t care if I never see that fat-ass again.”

Peter held back his tears as Terry stood up. “Well, I will bring back the papers as soon as possible. It was nice meeting you. Goodbye.”

Terry hurried Peter out of the house. He didn’t want to stay any longer than he had too. The atmosphere was suffocating and in the few moments he spent in that house, he could feel his spirit being drained and broken by the big man’s uncaring and oppressive attitude. As Terry and his new son walked to the car, Terry couldn’t help but be somewhat excited, yet scared. A new chapter in both of their lives was about to begin, and somehow, he knew it was going to change everything about them.


Part 2

It took Terry and Peter around two months to get used to each other. Thankfully, Peter’s summer vacation was starting, so they got to spend a good bit of time together. Between getting the adoption papers together and furniture for a young teen, they slowly discovered each other’s boundaries, their likes and dislikes. And even though Terry took great steps to hide his fascination with huge muscle men, he didn’t allow that to get in the way of his daily workouts.

It was after returning home from one of his workouts that their lives would take another radical turn. Terry walked in the house, covered in a light sheen of sweat from his daily workout to find Peter sitting on the couch watching T.V.

“How are you doing buddy?” Terry said as he wiped his brow with a towel.

“I’m doing ok, just watching ESPN.”

Terry looked at the T.V. to see Sportscenter recapping the previous night’s football game. He let out a sigh and started walking towards the kitchen.

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you Terry.”

“What’s that big man?” he replied as he scrounged through the refrigerator looking for some fruit or celery.

“Well, I noticed all these pictures with you and these big guys and I was just wondering how you met them all.”

Terry gagged a little on the bite of apple he had in his mouth, but quickly recovered. “Well, I used to be a doctor, and most of my clients were in the NFL. I still talk to a lot of them. Bunch of good guys.”

“Wish I were that big.” Peter mumbled.

Terry’s ear’s peaked at that comment and, apple in hand, walked back to the living room. “What was that?”

Peter looked up and said, “Oh nothing.”

Part of Terry wanted to drop it there to save Peter any frustration, but the rest of him wanted to pursue this line of conversation. Partly out of curiosity, but mostly in hopes that Peter was like him in his desire to be huge. “No, I could’ve sworn you said, ‘Wish I were that big.’”

Peter looked away from Terry in shame and Terry quickly went to the couch to sit beside him. “Look at me little man,” he said softly. Peter turned his head to see the supporting Terry reaching to hug his little ward. “It’s quite ok man. I remember back when I was young, I wanted to be huge.”

“You did?” Peter said with wonder.

“Sure did,” Terry said with a chuckle. “Even bigger than these guys. I wanted to be huge like a powerlifter or a bodybuilder.”

“How big is that?”

“Hold on, I’ll show you.” Terry got up to go to his room. After getting there, he fumbled around a crate full of magazines. A few were underwear catalogues that he used to fantasize over, some were bear magazines, others were wrestling. Finally, he found his muscle magazines. He chose some of the ones that made him the most horny, filled to the brim with massive muscle monsters towering over normal sized people. Exhaling a calming breath, he went back into the living room to see a happy Peter filled with wonder. He smiled, thinking to himself how this was the first time he’s seen Peter truly happy.

He sat down again and flipped open the first magazine. It was a fairly new one showing Markus Rühl at one of his biggest off-season weights ever. Terry looked at Peter in hopes of being able to gauge his reaction. But, Peter’s reaction would have been evident to a blind man. His eyes bugged out and he gasped, “Oh my god, he’s huge!”

Terry chuckled, “Yeah, he’s a really big boy. I think he’s around 340 lbs in that picture, but he’ll have to cut down for his next competition.”

“What’s ‘cut down’?” Peter asked, his eyes sparkling with interest.

They spent the next few hours talking about powerlifting, bodybuilding, football, basically anything that had to do with big, powerful men.

“Man, I would love to be like that when I grew up,” Peter said.

“Well, what’s stopping you?” Terry replied.

“You think I can do it?”

“It’s not what I think. It’s what you think. If you want to do it, then what’s stopping you? I can lend you a hand with it, but you have to want it, more than anything. It’s not easy to live the lifestyle. You’re going to have to eat strictly, work out constantly and do things that aren’t going to be simple.”

Peter looked at Terry deep in thought before saying, “Yeah, I want to be huge. I’m willing to do anything to be as big as these guys.”

Terry felt some weird feeling rush through him as Peter said that. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it and just shrugged it off. “I’m glad for you big man. We’ll get started tomorrow on your journey to becoming huge.”

Peter gave Terry a huge, beaming smile full of hope and adoration. Terry patted him on the shoulder and got up. Together, they went into the kitchen for their last non-strict dinner.

The next day, Terry got Peter up at 5 a.m. He gave him a small shake and got him ready to hit the gym. Terry went through a lot of describing how this was going to go. He explained how since he was big to start with, they would first work on his cardio and endurance, then focus on the muscle building. He explained how he would be having six small meals a day instead of two-three large ones. Terry could see Peter’s head about to explode from all the information that he was giving him, but Peter seemed to be processing it all.

It was rough going for the two of them, Peter because he was adjusting to a new lifestyle and Terry because he had to be strict with Peter when he wanted to be lax. But they survived the first month of Peter’s training. He was also coming along well with it. Thankfully, his body was responding well to the cardio and light weight training regimen that Terry designed. In addition to this personal training that Peter was receiving, Terry was calling all his contacts in the medical field and in the NFL to see if there was more that could be done.

One day, after a long outdoor jog, Terry and Peter came home to find a message on their answering machine. It was from one of Terry’s oldest friends, Dr. Brown with an up and coming bodybuilding supplement chain. The message contained an offer that would change both of their worlds again.

“Hey Terry, this is Nax. I got your message the other day about your adopted kid and I have to say I’m impressed. I might be able to help you two. We’re about to start a one-year trial of a new drug we’ve developed over the last ten years. It’s designed to work more with overweight people than people with low body fat percentages. In a nutshell, it’s designed to use the excess weight as fuel to promote muscle growth. The trials have been very successful so far. I can’t make any promises about the results, but I can guarantee that he would have a place in the trail if he wanted to. Give me a call back sometime.”

Terry turned to Peter and could see the unrestrained excitement in his face. He smiled and happily picked up the phone. Quickly dialing Dr. Brown’s number and switching it to speaker phone, he tussled Peter’s hair and Peter moved his head around in response.

“Nax Brown, how may I help you?”

“Nax, this is Terry”

“Oh Terry, great timing. I was just writing up the proposal to get your ward in.”

“I’m calling for a few more details in the trial. You said it would be about a year?”

“Yeah, it is. It’s a closed trial, so the candidates will be flown to our location and will stay here for a year. And sadly, due to the undisclosed nature of this project, they won’t be allowed much outside contact. They will receive three doses of the product a day, combined with nutritional and physical consultation from our experts. In a year, they’ll receive they’ll receive their payment and will be allowed to leave. Then hopefully, our best candidates will return to help us with marketing and such, blah blah blah.”

“Of course, every step will be taken to insure the safety of the subjects.”

“Absolutely. Progress will be tracked each month, height, weight, body fat, etc. Any sign of negative abnormalities will be spotted ASAP and evaluated.”

“Ok. I’ll have to run this by Peter. I’ll call you tomorrow one way or the other.”

“Sounds good Terry. I look forward to hearing from the two of you.”

“Take care man, and thanks.”

“You too.” With that, the phone clicked and Terry pushed the speaker button again.

“Well, what do you think?” Terry inquired.

“It sounds almost too good to be true. But will I really have to be away from you for a whole year?”

“It sounds like it. I’m sure they’ll have school and stuff for you there.”

“I just don’t know how I feel about leaving here yet.”

Terry kneeled down and put his hand on Peter’s shoulder. “Listen Peter. This is an amazing opportunity. Nax is a genius with this kinda stuff. I know we’re just getting to know and enjoy each other, but you said when you started that you wanted to be huge. Now the question is, ‘How serious are you about it’. I can’t make the decision for you, but I urge you to try. Live your dream.”

Peter looked up into Terry’s near tearing eyes and smiled, “Ok, I’ll do it.”

“I’m so happy for you. Well, let’s get you started packing.”

The next day, they told Nax Brown the news, and later that week, Peter was on a plane to their compound. Although Terry was sad to see Peter go, he felt an overwhelming sense of pride as Peter left, bound to change his life.

For the next year, Terry received a call from Nax on the 15th of each month at 8:00 p.m. The first few calls were basic updates saying everything was good and how Peter was missing him, but around the fifth update, Nax began to express that Peter was having some ‘abnormal’ results. Terry was instantly worried, but Nax explained that they were good. Terry was even allowed to speak to Peter briefly to confirm that he was in good health.

Finally, the year was over, and the final call from Nax came before Peter was to return. “Terry, I am overly happy to say that Peter was by far our best subject in the trial. He was very cooperative and helpful. Plus, his results have given us some amazing insight into our new product. He responded the best by far, and his results are leading us to ask more questions. Peter should be arriving tomorrow evening and we already arranged for him to be transported from the airport to your home.”

“Thanks a lot Nax. I’m so glad Peter was able to experience this. Every little bit he can get to become bigger will help. Maybe one day, he’ll be as big as Markus Rühl.”

Terry could here Nax chuckle and cough on the other end of the line. “Well, I’m sure tomorrow will be an interesting day. I have to go now, take care, and I’m sure I’ll talk to you soon.”

Terry put the phone down and was somewhat puzzled by Nax’s last comment, but thought, “Of course it’s going to be interesting. I haven’t seen my buddy Peter in a whole year. Plus I’m sure he’s not going to be the little pudgy kid I knew.”

Terry made sure to stock the fridge the next day. He changed the sheets on Peter’s bed and cleaned up everything. He wanted it all to be perfect when Peter got home, like he never left. By the time the evening came, Terry was overly anxious. He finally decided to calm down by having a glass of water. He sat down in his recliner and took a sip of the cool liquid before the doorbell rang. Terry quickly got up and rushed to the door. Swinging it wildly, he shouted, “Welcome home Peter!”

“Hey dad!” a deep voice rumbled. Terry turned on his porch light and the glass of water plummeted from his hand. “I’m back!”


Part 3

Terry’s door was exactly 7.5’x5’. He had it especially designed so no one would have any problems entering his house. Obviously, he failed at his objective. The only thing he could see standing in his front door was a pair of giant pecs, a set of washboard abs, two tree trunk legs and an incredibly overstuffed crotch.

“Bwah?” was the only word that came from Terry’s mouth.

“Heh, I knew you would be surprised. Isn’t it great!” Peter chuckled. Terry backed away from the door to allow the massive person enter. Peter ducked down and twisted slightly to get through the door. As Peter turned and maneuvered around, Terry was awed by what he was watching. In his years of working with the NFL and watching everything that had any type of muscle man in it, this was by far the best thing he had ever seen. Terry could see, even through the jeans and t-shirt Peter was wearing, the various muscles flex and relaxed as he moved around. He could see the quads bulge as he squatted and his delts contract as his torso twisted. Watching Peter was like seeing a biology movie, but a thousand times more enjoyable.

Finally, Peter was in the house and stood straight up. Terry let out an audible gasp as Peter put his hands on his hips. Seeing the mountain of man standing before him was more than enough to make anyone gawk in amazement. Peter’s stood before him, lats flared out like a giant set of wings. Terry’s eyes went up and down the amazing physique before him, taking in the giant shoulders, the huge arms, the narrow waist and astonishing legs they all were attached to.

“What… what happened this year?”

“Isn’t it great Terry! I’m so glad you convinced me to go there!” Peter dropped his bags and walked up to Terry. Leaning over, he wrapped his mammoth arms around Terry and picked him up in a massive bear hug. Terry did all he could not to cum instantly.

“But… but… how?” Terry stammered.

“Oh, I have no idea how, but the doc sent me home with a bunch of stuff for you to read.” Peter set Terry down and turned to his bag. As he bent over, Terry let out a low, almost inaudible moan. The sight of Peter’s muscled ass along with the hamstrings and calves bulging against his pants, threatening to burst free of the restraining clothing again brought him to the brink of explosive orgasm. Terry took a few deep, calming breaths and tried to focus on not becoming too aroused.

“Here they are.” Peter said as he turned back around, muscles bulging as he moved. In his massive hand was a thick manila folder. “The doc said that these would answer most of your questions and concerns. He’s sure you’re going to want to talk to him, so he said to call him around ten in the morning.”

Terry started flipping through the dozens of pages, glancing at the diagrams and technical specs as Peter returned to his bags. “I’m going to go unpack dad, I’m sure you’re going to want to go through all that stuff. I couldn’t understand any of it, so maybe you can explain it to me later?”

Terry looked up at the beautiful man before him and continued to maintain control over his attraction. “Sure thing big man, I’ll get right on it.” Peter smiled a smile at him, his gleaming teeth shining against the backdrop of his thick black beard that now adorned his powerful face. Terry, sensing his loss of control, quickly turned and went to the kitchen. Once safely out of the room, Terry dropped the folder on the table and squeezed his cock with all his might trying not to explode. “God, what a man! I can’t believe how good he looks! But he’s still just a kid, I can’t be getting hard over a kid, even if he’s the biggest stud I’ve ever seen. And he’s still straight; I don’t want to do anything that could hurt him, or worse, him hurting me.”

Finally, his erection subsided and he loosened the vice grip he had on his cock. Exhaling deeply, he sat down and started reading the folder. As he read, he could hear the heavy thuds of Peter’s massive feet plodding around his bed room. He could even feel the house shudder under the massive weight of his adopted kid settling back into the house.

Terry shook his head, trying to regain focus on the vast amounts of information before him. “Product seemed to work in conjunction with levels of testosterone and estradiol in subject seventeen. Attempts at the reproduction of the anomaly have failed due to the inability to match the exact saturations of the product levels that created the original anomaly.”

So lost in thought, Terry didn’t notice Peter’s arms begin to wrap around him. Terry looked down to see what looked like someone’s legs embracing him. He saw veins pulsing against the thin skin of his buddy and individual striations in his massive forearms. His eyes followed the contours of the massive muscles in his arm, tracing the beautiful black hair that adorned the muscular monsters that Peter now called arms. “So dad, you understand what in the world all that’s talking about?”

Terry leaned back and felt his hair rub against the stretched shirt that Peter was wearing. He felt like he was rubbing against two slabs of marble as he moved his head. The pecs that Peter had developed felt amazing as they slid along the top of his head. Then the back of Terry’s head hit a brick wall. Even though he wasn’t touching them with his hands, he could feel distinct muscles slightly tensed in Peter’s stomach. And, to Terry’s surprise, he could’ve sworn he felt a lead pipe lodged between his shoulder blades.

“Well Peter, let’s see if I can explain it. You know what happens normally through puberty, right?”

“Yeah, you grow bigger, more muscles, your voice gets deeper, you get some hair all over the place, your balls drop and your cock grows.”

Terry shuddered slightly thinking about Peter’s cock growing even more. “Well, all that’s caused because the hypothalamus sends signals to the rest of your body, resulting in rising hormonal signals between brain and gonads.”

Peter nodded and his beard rubbed against Terry’s forehead. “Well, normally, the androgen and estrogen levels are controlled by the hypothalamus to balance growth. But, according to these tests, the product had some influence in halting the estrogen levels and increasing androgen levels.”

“So basically, because I didn’t have any estrogens, I got to be this huge?” Peter said while subtly flexing his muscles.

Terry groaned softly in ecstasy, but quickly regained his composure. “That is only one piece of the puzzle. They tried reproducing just that one part of it by starting a second trial on prepubescent teens. But, from what Nax is speculating is, that your amazing growth was partly because of the saturation of the product and because of the size you were going into the trail. It seems that your body was saturated with the product exactly long enough for your body to process it, but not to the point where your hypothalamus to become immune to its altering effects.”

“In addition, because you were over 300 lbs before you hit puberty, you had a vast store of basic materials for your body to use to fuel its growth. So basically, what you see in the mirror now is the result of the interaction of several different variables that no one could have guessed. The hardest part of the whole thing is that the stages of puberty are unique for each individual. It’s impossible to predict when the hypothalamus will begin telling the body to increase the levels of androgen and estrogens, so you can’t determine when to begin saturation of the subject’s body. The odds of them reproducing what happened to you are probably a billion to one.”

Terry felt a rumble in the body that was engulfing him. “Boy, that makes me a hella lucky guy then, doesn’t it?”

“Yup, I’d say you are most likely the luckiest guy ever.”

Peter squeezed Terry tightly and said, “It’s all because of you dad. I’m so glad you convinced me to go.”

Terry was on the edge of an explosive orgasm from the powerful embrace of his huge son. “I’m happy for you son, more than you could guess.”

Peter’s chest inflated as he yawned and his powerful muscles pressed against Terry. “I’m getting sleepy. I think I’m going to hit the hay.”

Terry though to himself, “Thank god for little favors.” He smiled and said, “Ok buddy, I’m going to finish up here and do the same.”

“We on for the gym tomorrow?” Peter questioned.

“I’m surprised you would still want to go to the gym with me.”

“Why not, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be like this. Besides, I’ve loved going to the gym since the first time we went,” Peter said with a smile.

“I’m glad you feel like that. Of course we’re still on for the gym,” Terry replied.

Then Peter yawned and stretched out. He flexed his arms tightly as he exhaled deeply and suddenly the room was filled with the sounds of fabric ripping. Terry watched as the shirt failed to contain the enormous balls of muscle that was in Peter’s arm and that sight sent him over the edge. He clenched the chair tightly as his cock spurted out a giant load of cum. Thankfully, Peter didn’t notice as he turned to walk out of the kitchen. “Oh well, at least this t-shirt wasn’t expensive,” Peter chuckled. He reached down and pulled the shirt over his head as he walked out and Terry got to see Peter’s back uncovered. He had never seen such muscularity on a man before. His back was at least twice as wide as his waist and covered with muscles like a road map. Peter flexed nonchalantly and Terry’s cock spurted one final shot of cum in response.

Once Peter turned the corner to go into his room, the spell over Terry was broken and he took a deep sharp breath. He felt the warm liquid run down his leg and all over his pants and smiled. This was by far the most powerful orgasm he had in years, perfectly suitable for the most powerful man that caused it. Terry closed the folder and turned off the light in the kitchen before heading to his room. He heard the shower in Peter’s room and got hard once again imagining what Peter’s body looked like wet. “Calm down,” he thought to himself. “He’s still a kid. I can’t touch him. I gotta learn to control myself. I don’t want this to happen in public and embarrass him.”

Terry went into his bathroom, closing his bedroom door behind him and stripped naked. He tossed his clothing into the hamper and quickly washed up. Then he went and put on some boxer briefs and settled down to sleep. He was getting close to falling asleep when he heard a knock at his door.

“Dad. Are you awake? I got a slight problem,” Peter’s deep baritone came quietly through the door.

“Yeah, I’m still awake bud. What’s wrong?” Terry said sleepily.

Peter opened the door and walked into the threshold. “My bed is way too small for me now. I was wondering if I could sleep in here.”

Terry glanced to the door and instantly regretted it. Standing there in the dim light, he could only see Peter’s silhouette but that was more than enough to bring him to full mast. Peter’s mass filled the door and he could see the bulges of his shoulders, his arms and his legs even if he couldn’t see the details. And to top it off, he could see between the two giant legs what looked like someone’s arm hanging there. He could only see the head of his cock in the dim light, but the head was near his knees and was almost as big as Terry’s wrist.

Terry’s voice hitched as he said, “Sure thing big man, you can sleep here. We’ll take care of it tomorrow.” Terry could almost feel Peter smiled as he came in the room and closed the door.

Peter sat on the edge of the bed and Terry could feel it sink under his weight. For some reason, that made Terry even harder as he shifted closer to the left side. “I hope you don’t mind, but I sleep naked ever since I started growing.”

Terry was almost certain he was going to shoot again, but he controlled himself and replied, “That’s quite ok big man. You know you can do anything you want to. I won’t mind.”

Peter replied with a yawn, “I’m glad that’s how you feel dad. I was worried you would be uncomfortable with all this.”

Terry turned to look at Peter. “You know that no matter what happens, I’ll be here for you.” He placed his hand on Peter’s bulging chest and continued, “We’re in this together, no matter what.”

Peter turned and smiled, “Thanks dad.”

“Now, let’s get some sleep, we gotta get up in the morning.” Terry rotated back to his original position and started to get comfortable. He felt Peter doing the same and smiled to himself. “This is a special kid. I’m sure everything will be ok eventually. I just hope I don’t have a wet dream tonight.”

Slowly, both of the guys fell asleep. A few hours later, Terry slowly started to regain consciousness. He was about to stretch, but he slowly began to realize that something wasn’t quite right. Before he even opened his eyes, he could feel that he wouldn’t be able to move as freely as he normally could. He then remembered that Peter slept in the same bed as him last night, but he could have never imagined what he would’ve woken up to.

When they had went to sleep, they were on separate sides of the bed. But now, he was spooning with Peter. Peter’s massive arms were wrapped around Terry’s neck and chest, and Terry was somehow snuggled up close to the massive kid. Terry slowly became aware of all the muscle and hair that was wrapped around him, and Terry enthralled himself in what he was feeling. Then he realized that something was separating his legs. He squeezed his thighs together and discovered that there was something thick and fleshy keeping his legs apart. He gasped quietly as he realized that it was Peter’s massive man tool.

Then he could feel Peter stir just slightly. Terry instantly froze. Peter moved around in his sleep slowly, but deliberately. First, Peter constricted his arms a bit, drawing Terry closer to him. Then his right hand started to caress Terry. Finally, much to Terry’s surprise, Peter’s pelvis started to move. Slowly, Peter began to hump him. Terry could feel Peter’s cock inflate, spreading his legs apart more and he could feel the bush of thick hair rub against his briefs.

Terry couldn’t do anything. He was frozen in shock and lust. He laid there as Peter began to pick up pace. Obviously, he was having a great dream. Terry was amazed at how huge Peter’s cock was. His knees were no longer touching because of the giant tool that was between his legs. Peter’s cock was rubbing against his balls faster and faster. Terry couldn’t help but tent his briefs and enjoy the thrusts that the sleeping beast was providing.

Suddenly, all the motion stopped. Terry tensed up, but continued to pretend to be asleep.

“Oh shit,” Peter whispered. Peter slowly and carefully untangled himself from Terry and slid towards the edge. He grabbed his cock with both hands and tugged it gently from between Terry’s legs. Finally, when he got the mushroom head out, Terry’s leg dropped about half a foot to return to the bed. Peter winced, but relaxed when he didn’t see Terry moved.

Peter slowly sneaked out of the room as best he could. Even though he was somewhere near 350 lbs, he didn’t make too much noise getting out of the room. He quickly retreated to his room and went into the bathroom. He turned on the light and closed the door, then looked down over his massive chest to see his beast of a cock, red and throbbing. At the same time, Terry slipped his hard cock out of his briefs. They both began to stroke their cocks at the same time. Peter ran both of his huge hands along his, slowly going from the thick base all the way up to his mushroom head. He shuddered with pleasure. He had to jerk off at least once a day every day since he started growing, but today, it felt so much better than normal.

Terry in his bedroom was enjoying a similar experience. His mind was running wild with the thought of being engulfed in his beast of a son’s muscles. He pinched his nipple as he remembered how it felt having the baseball bat of Peter’s cock between his legs, overpowering and separating them just by getting hard. He began to stroke faster as he imagined powerful arms drawing him in closer, the feel of rock hard pecs being his pillow.

Peter in his bathroom began humping the air faster and faster, quickly approaching his climax. Both of his massive hands worked along the giant shaft in a blur. His hips worked in unison as he pumped harder and harder. Peter began to growl as he approached the edge of his orgasm. Then finally, with one huge thrust, he shot. He moaned, almost yelled in pleasure as streams of his cum shot upward. The first few streams hit the ceiling, some landed on his chest, and the rest on his abs. Peter roared in triumph as he surfed the wave of his climax.

Terry heard Peter’s powerful orgasm from his room and it sent him over the edge. While not as massive as Peter’s, it still shook him to his core. It took him a few moments to recover. As he laid there, Peter walked back to the room and knocked on the door. “Are you awake in there dad?” he whispered. Terry wasn’t sure if he should’ve answered or continue to pretend he was sleeping. But he didn’t have to worry too much because Peter came in and gently shook him. “C’mon dad, it’s about time to get up.”

Terry moaned and grumbled, “Ok, I’m up, I’m up.” Peter smiled and went to the bathroom. A few moments later, he walked out with a handful of towels and went back to his room. Terry absentmindedly wondered what he would do with all those towels, but the major thought that was running through his mind was how in the world was he going to control himself at the gym and how long could he not buy Peter a bed.

As Terry got up out of the bed and stripped it, he balled up the wet sheets and his underwear together. Tossing them in the bathroom hamper, he said to himself, “I’m sure today is going to be the first of a ton of interesting days to come.”


Part 4

Terry went to the shower and turned the water to hot. He got in, closed the door and stood directly under the nozzle. As the streams cascaded over his head and down his body, he wondered how to go about his new life. Before Peter, his life was anything but exciting. Each day had its own routine. Even when Peter first moved in, his life maintained a measure of normality. But now, it would be anything but normal. Even with that realization though, Terry was happy. Peter was back and seemed to be overly cheerful. Nothing could be better.

After finishing his morning shower, which was longer than usual, Terry got dressed for the gym wearing his normal shorts and faded t-shirt. He left his room and stopped by Peter’s room to see if he was ready. Finding no sign of the giant teen, he headed off to the kitchen to discover a pile of food on the table and a ravenous behemoth chowing down.

“Hey dad, I made some food for you,” Peter smiled as he stuffed his mouth with scrambled egg whites.

“Why thank you. I was going to make some breakfast for us, but you beat me to it.”

“Yeah, I was starving. I usually am nowadays. Guess it’s just a fact of life now with this body.” Peter flexed slightly as he continued to eat.

Terry’s cock jerked inside his jockstrap at Peter’s display. “Well, we’ll pick up some more food on our way home. I’m sure we’ll have a big list of stuff we need to get.”

Peter looked up from his meal and said somberly, “You don’t know how much this means to me. I was kinda worried that when I got back that you would be weirded out by me. Things have changed a lot in the last few months…” Peter trailed off as he thought about some unknown incident.

Terry cocked his head slightly as he wondered what Peter was thinking. He walked over to his hulking son and wrapped his arms around Peter’s massive shoulders. Squeezing with all the affection he could muster, he whispered, “I said that I would be there for you no matter what. Through the good and the bad. Just because you’re a big boy now doesn’t mean that that’s changed. I’ll be around as long as you want.”

Terry could feel Peter’s body loosen up as he smiled. “Thanks dad,” Peter murmured quietly as he gripped one of Terry’s arms that was draped along his shoulder.

“Ok, let’s finish up breakfast real quick. We have a big day ahead of us.” Peter squeezed slightly before letting go. Terry smiled and went to his side of the table and started on his meal.

After breakfast, which Terry though was quite delicious, the duo got into Terry’s truck. Peter seemed to be a little cramped, but he didn’t complain. Terry made a mental note to invest in a larger vehicle for Peter to have when he could drive. Together, they made their way down to the fitness center.

Terry noticed that Peter seemed to be hunched over as they walked up to the front desk. Peter stared at the floor constantly as people gawked openly at him. Terry could hear the murmurs of disbelief as he signed his son in. They both had to wait as the clerk pulled up the waivers he signed over a year ago. He thought to himself, “This would go faster if he would stop staring.”

Finally, the two of them were allowed to start their workout. Terry led Peter to the back of the cardio area hoping it would be some small comfort. But sadly, the cardio section looked out onto the street and, no matter how many people were in front of him, there wasn’t enough between Peter and the street to prevent the onlookers. Peter rarely looked up the entire session, and before they knew it, their thirty minute warm up was over.

Terry patted Peter on the arm and said, “Are you ok son?”

Peter looked up slightly and gave a faint smile, “Yeah, I am dad. Let’s just hit the iron.”

Terry cocked his head to the left and was about to respond, but decided against it. Together, they made their way to the main floor. Terry led the way to the chest area and the few smith machines they had there. Peter followed close behind, twisting and turning through the machines that were arranged to conserve space, but obviously, not set up to allow easy movement.

Terry quickly went through a small warm up and then switched to his normal workout weight. Peter glanced down as Terry was lying on the chest press machine and chuckled. “What’s so funny?” Terry huffed out between reps.

“Oh, nothing. I just noticed that you’ve gotten stronger.”

“Yeah, I’ve made a little progress, but I bet it’s nothing compared to what you can do now. Let’s see what you got little man,” Terry said as he punched Peter in the arm jokingly. Even though it was a light tap, Terry could feel the bunch of muscle in Peter’s arm and it still amazed him.

Peter adjusted the weight and quickly began to crank out reps. Terry counted to twenty and there were no signs of Peter slowing. After thirty, Peter returned the machine to neutral and got up. Terry looked at Peter, noticing that there was absolutely no strain on his body and was about to say something. But out of the corner of his eye, Terry noticed the pin near the bottom of the weight stack. “Pete, tell me something. How did that feel for ya?”

Peter noticeably tensed up and hesitated before responding, “I could feel a bit of a burn there.”

Terry stared at Peter for a moment before responding, “These weights are way too light for you aren’t they?”

Peter hung his head and said, “Yeah, they are. I was doing at least three times this weight at the center.”

“Well why didn’t you say anything? Let’s go see if we can find a machine that can give you a challenge.” Terry laughed and rubbed Peter’s arm before walking around the area. He examined all the machines but came to the sad conclusion that nothing in the entire fitness center would give Peter a workout.

Terry let out a sigh of frustration. Peter walked up behind him and said, “It’s ok dad, I can deal with this.”

Terry replied, “No, I don’t want you to lose what you’ve worked so hard for. Don’t worry, I know of a place we can go to get you a good work out. There’s a gym that’s known for powerlifters and bodybuilders. They should have enough weights there.”

Peter looked at Terry with appreciation and said, “I don’t want to be any trouble.”

Terry scolded Peter slightly saying, “How many times do I have to tell you that you will never be any trouble to me? Just give me a moment to let Nick know I might not be in as often.”

Terry smiled and went back towards the office area as Peter went to the juice bar. As soon as he carefully sat down on the stool, he could slightly hear gasping and giggling. He tried his best to ignore it, but he just couldn’t get the thought of people staring at him out of his mind. He did like being big. In fact, he loved it. He enjoyed the feel of his muscles, the way he had to walk now, the heft and size. He loved how it felt when he flexed. He adored being proud of what he saw in the mirror and what he felt every day, but he couldn’t get used to the attention from other people, expect Terry. Even now, he slouched down, trying to obscure his size. But, he was still a giant of a man, even when trying to hide.

“Well, aren’t you a big man?” Peter heard a silky voice coo to him. He glanced to the left of him to see one of the aerobic instructors staring at him. She held out her hand and introduced herself, “My name is Jane.”

Peter, not wanting to be rude, turned to her and replied, “I’m Peter.” He took her hand and she gasped.

“My, what big and strong hands you have. I wonder if what they say about big hands is true.” She winked and glanced up and down Peter. Peter, suddenly getting the gist of what she was getting at, awkwardly jerked his hands away and tried to cover his package.

“Aww, and he’s shy too. That’s just so cute. I hope you don’t think it too forward of me, but I was wondering what you were doing later this evening. I was thinking that maybe we could have some dinner together and get to know each other.” She leaned in a bit closer and whispered in Peter’s ear, “And I’m a yoga teacher also. I’m quite… flexible.”

The emphasis on the word ‘flexible’ made Peter jump. “I..um… well… I.” Peter couldn’t stop stammering. Here was this beautiful woman hitting on him and she was probably twice his age. Plus, she was tracing his body with her manicured fingernails which wasn’t making him any more comfortable. Peter squirmed and tried his best to think how to get out of this situation, but his mind was drawing a complete blank.

“Jane!” Peter sighed with relief at the sound of his dad’s voice. “How are you today?”

Peter could see obvious distain and heard an annoyed sigh before she turned. “Well hello Terry, I’m doing well, thanks for asking.” She turned back to the arm she had entangled, hoping he would get the idea and leaver her to her conquest. Peter felt an equal amount of bile and anger rise in him and he stood to his full height, causing Jane to lose her balance.

“Are you ready to go dad?” Peter asked.

Jane’s eyes became as wide as saucer dishes. “Dad?” she asked in complete disbelief.

“Yeah, I didn’t tell you. This is my adopted son. You probably remember him as a young, slightly pudgy kid. He’s grown up a little since he was here last year.”

Jane’s face blanched and betrayed her thoughts. Peter smiled and said, “Yeah, amazing how things can change in time.” He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Oh and I think I’m going to have to pass on that offer. I’m flattered, but I’m a little young for you. Plus, I prefer genuinely nice people, not people who are only nice to people that they want something from.”

Peter stood up again, proud at his little speech and turned to his dad, “I’m ready to go.”

Terry smiled and said, “Ok big man, let’s head on out. It was great to see you Jane, hope to catch you again sometime.” Peter waved goodbye and followed his dad out the door leaving a stunned aerobic teacher staring at the door.