“7 again!”

“Ladies and gentlemen we are witnessing history in the making. This man is the luckiest man in the world.”

Jim smiled and collected his winnings. 100 million dollars in one night he thought. The hotel provided security for him as he returned to his room. Of course, they were being a lot more pleasant after they checked him and made sure he didn’t have anything that would be considered cheating. Nope, he didn’t need anything like that. He had his coin. And his life was different from the moment he found the lucky metal.

6 months ago, Jim’s life was in shambles. He had gained a few dozen pounds and he found out his girlfriend was fucking this young horse-cocked bodybuilder every night while he worked to pay the bills. What hurt most was the way she broke up with him.

“I never really loved you Jim. I just loved having someone take care of me and Hank. You were a lousy lay, a fat fucker and your 5 inches could never compare to Hank’s 13 inch cock.”

He fell deep into depression soon after that. He looked at himself every day, her words echoing through his head. Fat Fucker, 5 inches, never really loved you. He lost his job and soon after was evicted from his apartment.

He was walking aimlessly afterwards and saw his former fiancé across the street with the biggest guy he’s ever seen. Standing at least 6’5’’ tall, he was wider than two of him put together. But even at a distance, you could see every rip and striation on his body. He wore no shirt on this warm summer afternoon, and his arms bulged outward, proof of years in the gym. His pecs sat upon his chest like a carpenter laid shelf, sticking out far enough to create a visible crevice below them. His abs were a six pack of hard muscle, ripped and meaty. And finally, his eyes led him down to his obvious pride and joy. Stuck in a pair of gym shorts was the biggest bulge he had ever seen. She had one hand around his torso, barely reaching the center of his back and the other slowly stroking his mammoth cock. He watched from across the street as they walked, the 13 inch beast slowly rising against his shorts and him looking down at her with lust in his eyes.

After that, Jim took off running. He ran to the edge of town where there was a bridge that led to the next county. This bridge crossed a large ravine and was often used for illegal base jumping. But what Jim had in mind wasn’t base jumping. He had hit his limit. What was there left for him in his life? His only love left him for some guy that looked infinitely better than he and obviously could pleasure her in ways he couldn’t begin to imagine. Who would want to have him, he was a fat fuck with a 5 inch dick? No one would, that’s who.

He approached the edge and leaned over to look the abyss in the eye. Sighing what he thought would be his final breath; he stepped over the rail. But as he went to lean back and fall to his demise, he noticed something on the ground. It was a 20 dollar bill lying on the ground with some coin object on top. 20 dollars is unusual to find in an area like this, but the coin seemed to draw his attention more so. Something about that coin seemed to call to him. The glint and shine under the rising moon and fading sun seemed to make him feel more peaceful. So much so that he stepped back over the rail and picked up the coin and bill. Stuffing the cash into his pocket, he examined the coin. It wasn’t any type of currency he’s ever seen, which intrigued him even more. On both sides of the coin was simply a massive veined arm in a bicep flex pose. He was about to drop it back to the ground, but there was something different about it. It felt warm and soothing, like it was meant for him.

He started walking down the road, twirling the object in his hand when he heard a tractor trailer’s horn blare. He turned to see this big red truck approaching him and he stepped to the side to let it pass freely. But the truck slowed to a stop next to him and the cab door opened.

“Need a lift buddy?” a burly voice from inside the cab grunted.

“I reckon I do,” Jim responded as he stuffed the coin into his pocked and made his way into the towering machine.

Inside the cab was a man that for some reason made Jim feel funny. He felt comfortable, yet slightly horny and aroused for a straight guy. The trucker looked like one of those guys you would see in a power lifting competition. His whole body was thick with muscle, covered in a layer of brown hair and slightly ripped but not to the point where he looked like a bodybuilder. He sat in his leather seat with his flannel wifebeater on, buttons undone to relieve himself of the sticky heat as he drove. He wore a pair of jeans that were tight around his massive legs and a belt buckle that said “Dozer”. As soon as he read that, Dozer held out his massive hand and greeted Jim as he sat in the seat next to him.

“The name’s Dozer,” he grunted with a voice that dripped with masculinity.

“Hi, I’m Jim.”

“So Jim, where are you headed?”

Up until a few minutes ago, he thought he was taking a one-way trip to a rocky valley, but now the thought of killing himself seemed to be a stupid idea. “You know what Dozer, I don’t care where I go. I just need to be somewhere else.”

“Hmmm. Mind if I make an observation?” Dozer responded as he continued to drive down the highway.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Your wife slash girlfriend just left you for a younger man and took everything you owned?”

“Yeah, ‘cept she was my fiancée and she left for a younger, more hung, bigger, buffed man. The bitch used me for 5 years to finance his growth and her spending.”

“Fuck man, I know how it is. My wife was the same way. I said fuck ‘em all and now I’m out here on the road. And I’ve got to say, life’s never been better. Got a sweet setup in the back and I’m in the best shape of my life. It’s amazing what a drastic change will do for your life and self-confidence.”

“You mean you weren’t always this size?” Jim inquired, not noticing his cock starting to fill with blood.

“No man, I used to weigh like 300 lbs of fat. I came home one day early from the factory and there she was fucking some college wrestler. I didn’t hate the kid for it. He obviously didn’t know that she was married because every picture and sign of me was put away. Too bad too. The kid was a good guy; I still talk to him every now and again. Anyway, I divorced the lying bitch, but she got the house in the settlement. I used my part to buy Big Red here, decked it out and hit the road. Never looked back. And trust me, life is a lot better for me because of it. Don’t worry man, you’re luck is bound to change for the better.”

They chatted for a while before Jim gathered enough courage to ask him one question that was burning at his mind. “So Dozer, what do you do when, you know, you need to ummm, relieve yourself?”

Dozer turned his head to look at Jim and smiled. Jim looked at Dozer’s bearded face and saw a warm and inviting smile. Bluntly, Dozer responded, “Never had to worry, guys at the truck stops take care of me.”

“You mean you’re…”

“That’s right, been that way since I left the wife.”

“But I’d…”

“You’d never know unless I told you?

“Yeah, I mean, you’re huge and manly, I would’ve never guessed you’re gay.”

“Yeah, I’m a bear. That’s a gay guy who doesn’t act like one of those feminine types.”

“So, umm, how is it? You know, being gay.”

“Oh man, it’s great. Sure there’s people that get all uptight about it, but no one says shit to me about it. Plus, guys really know how to get other guys off. I mean, you have to have a cock to really know how to work one. My wife ain’t shit compared to some of the cubs I’ve fucked along the way.”

Jim looked down Dozer slightly. In the warm, mechanical blue glow of the electronics of the truck, he could see Dozer’s manhood bulge against the jeans. Something inside Jim stirred, waking up his own manhood and slowly stripped away his inhibitions.

“You know, you might be right.”

“What was that?” Dozer said, slightly shocked.

“I mean, why the hell not. I mean, women are bitches, nothing but money grubbing whores. What’s wrong with getting off with another guy?”

“Whoa man, this isn’t something you take lightly. You gotta be sure you want this. I mean I didn’t decide I was gay until….”

Dozer never finished his sentence. Jim had carefully flung himself towards Dozer’s bulge, quickly unzipped his pants and tried to rip them off.

“Whoa there! I’m trying to drive here and that’s going to make it real difficult.”

“Well pull over, I want to try something and I want to try it with you.”

“Well, aren’t you just the horny little fella?”

Dozer made his way to the next off ramp with Jim nibbling away at his crotch. He had trouble putting the truck into park with the distractions, but finally had the rig shut off. He put his hand on Jim’s head and brought him up to eye level. “You sure about this?” he inquired.

Jim nodded his head yes. Dozer got up and pulled back the curtains to reveal a sleeping area. It was a lot larger than it looked with a queen size bed, a fridge, a TV, and some dumbbells. He led Jim to the bed and started to strip, first with his boots, then his jeans revealing his white briefs which made his package look even bigger. Then the wifebeater came off revealing more of his torso, thick and hairy. Finally, Dozer pulled down the briefs to let his cock spring up, ready for action. Dozer laid spread eagle across the bed and said in a gruff voice, “Get to work then cub.”

A hunger Jim never knew he had consumed him. He ravenously attacked Dozer’s body, licking and nibbling every thick muscle he found. He licked the biceps, huge and meaty, the pecs bristling with power and he sucked the balls and cock like an expert. Dozer moaned and twisted as Jim worked like he’s never have before. Thirty minutes into it, Jim clamped onto Dozer’s throbbing tool with both hands, barely gripping the massive shaft and began to lick and suck the pulsating meat. Jim worked it masterfully, sending waves of pleasure through Dozer, servicing him like he’s always wanted to be serviced. Dozer’s grunts and moans and “That’s right cub, suck that cock” and “Damn, that’s a good cub,” only reinforced Jim’s desire to please Dozer. An hour later, Dozer exploded in a volcano of euphoric delight and Jim took pleasure in lapping it up.

After Dozer recovered, he brought Jim up onto the bed. Stripping him naked, he laid Jim’s back to his furry stomach. While Jim was a fairly big, Dozer almost dwarfed him. Jim’s head laid on one of the massive pecs of Dozer, and he reached down and began to stroke Jim’s cock. First slowly, then gradually increasing the pace, it wasn’t long before Jim also came violently. After the orgasm, Dozer hugged Jim with his massive right arm. Reaching out with his left, he grabbed a towel and used it to clean up them real quick. Then tossing the rag aside, Dozer embraced the smaller Jim in a tight and protective hug and they both fell asleep, naked and smiling.

The next morning, Jim awoke from the most restful sleep he’s ever had. He saw himself sucking on the nipple of Dozer and Dozer looking down on him smiling.

“Looks like you had a lot of feelings built up there cub,” Dozer laughed.

“I guess I did.” Jim responded.

Dozer unlocked his massive arms, allowing Jim to get up. He put on his briefs and jeans as Jim also got dressed. A few moments later, they were back on the road. They stopped at a truck stop soon after to shower before hitting the road. It was hard for Jim to keep his hands from distracting Dozer too much, but they shared a few kisses here and there and a couple of gropes. Finally, they started to go through Vegas. Something reminded him of the 20 dollars he had in his pocket and he felt the urge that this was his stop.


Dozer was sad to hear Jim wanting to leave, but he understood that he had to find his own way. Giving him one last hug, Dozer stopped the cab at a random place on the strip to let Jim out. They said their goodbyes, promised to find each other again, and Dozer was off, continuing onward to California.

Jim stood on the Vegas strip and looked around fumbling with the coin in his pocket. He was about to enter the casino right in front of him, but something felt wrong. He looked around and went to one down the street a bit. This looked to be the fanciest one in the area. Something felt right and he walked through the sliding doors. As soon as he entered the luxurious interior, horns and whistles blared and balloons and confetti fell down from the ceiling.

“Congratulations sir!” A hyper-active young lady ran up to Jim. “You’re our 1 millionth patron! You are the winner of a week’s stay at our fabulous casino in our presidential suite!”

Jim couldn’t believe his luck. Not a moment in town, no where to stay and nothing to do, he had already solved his first issue. The young lady led Jim to the counter where they had him sign miscellaneous forms to claim his prize. As they were inputting Jim’s information, he looked around the front desk area. His gaze fell upon a massive bodybuilder, bigger than his wife’s new boyfriend, bigger than Dozer, even bigger than he could imagine. He was complaining to the hotel manager who seemed to have overbooked a local convention that he was supposed to be attending.

Jim felt the need to speak up. He was so lucky to begin with, why not share his good fortune with someone else. “Hey, if it’s no big deal, I seem to have a room, and I’ll be willing to share it with you,” Jim interjected.

The mammoth muscle man turned toward Jim and Jim almost fell where he stood. The man’s face was beyond beautiful. There was a level of masculine that he had never knew existed before Dozer, and what stood before him now completely overshadowed Dozer’s natural ruggedness.

He had a 5 o’clock shadow and a square face, but what hit Jim most was the sapphire eyes. They were filled with wisdom, yet a jovial innocence that Jim’s never seen. His smile lit up the area even though he was going through so much difficulty. He was wearing a grey Starter sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up to the middle of his biceps. But Jim doubted any fabric on earth could hide his size. He had his arms folded and was leaning on the desk. His meaty arms were bigger than Jim’s head and were covered in a layer of hair that looked like it was just growing back. His chest hung over his arms like two beef pillows that Jim desired to sleep on.

He stood to his full height and Jim had to grab the counter to maintain his balance. This guy dwarfed Dozer as much as Dozer dwarfed him. He had to be at least 6’8’’. He strode over to Jim with a gait that exuded confidence and manliness. He looked down at Jim, not in arrogance, but in a gentle and thankful gaze and said, “Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to impose on you.”

Jim caught his breath and looked up at the behemoth, barely seeing his face past the huge pecs that jutted away from his chest. “I’m quite sure. I mean, for all intensive purposes, I shouldn’t even have a room. But I guess I was lucky today and it would be just wrong of me not to share my luck.”

The giant smiled and held out his hand. “Thanks a lot, I didn’t want to have to try and find another hotel in this area. The name’s Brian, but my friends call me Mule.”

Jim extended his arm and placed his hand in Mule’s grip. His gaze drifted to where their two hands met and it was like watching a baby put their hands into an adult’s palm. “I’m Jim” he coughed out, his throat dry from the comparison of the two.

“Well Jim, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m glad that you were lucky today and that luck spread to me.” Mule laughed with a deep chuckle.

“Here you are sir, you’re room is on the 32 nd floor, Room A”

“Whoa, 32 nd? That’s the penthouse!” Mule exclaimed.

“I’m guessing that’s a good thing,” Jim causally responded.

“I’ve never stayed in a penthouse.”

“Neither have I. Guess this will be a first for both of us.”

The unlikely duo headed toward the elevator. Rounding the area, they entered a glass enclosure specifically designated for penthouse use only. As Jim went to insert his keycard to activate the elevator, he stifled a laugh. Mule looked at him and said, “What’s so funny?”

Jim pointed at the sign and said, “It says ‘Weight Limit Two Tons’. I hope we’ll be ok.

Mule grabbed Jim in a headlock and started to give him a mock noogie, “You calling me fat?”

Jim laughed, “No, quite the opposite, I think you don’t have an ounce of fat on ya, just I’m worried that you’re two tons of muscle.”

Mule released Jim and chucked, “Not two tons of muscle, but definitely two tons of fun.”

They arrived on the 32 nd floor with no incidents. Jim got off the elevator first and saw there were only two doors on the whole floor, A and B.

Mule tapped Jim on the shoulder, “Hey man, don’t you have any luggage?”

Jim turned around and saw only a slab of stomach and the underside of Mule’s massive chest. Drooling for just a moment, he looked upward and responded, “No, I didn’t bring anything. This was more of an ‘impulse’ journey.”

Mule remarked, “Dude, that’s friggen crazy, coming to Vegas with nothing. What are you going to do for clothes?”

“Haven’t decided yet.”

Mule shook his head and followed Jim down the hallway to Room A.

Jim inserted his card and, after he heard the door clicked, twisted the knob and entered the room. He let loose a low whistle and Mule followed suit. “This is the best looking room I’ve even been in!” Mule exclaimed.

The room, or should they say apartment, was massive. The living room area alone was larger than all the other rooms in the hotel. There were two suede couches sitting facing a flat panel HD TV mounted to the far wall. To the left of that was a wall of glass doors leading to the balcony. The duo walked around, exploring their accommodations for the week. They found the master bedroom and its gigantic bed, the master shower big enough to fit three people Mule’s size, the guest rooms, the kitchen, and the game room.

Mule put his giant duffel bag into the largest guest room and the two made their way back to the living room. Jim sat down and took off the shirt he was wearing for a few days now.

“Whoa man, that’s some mighty fine chest fur you got there,” Mule remarked, “You’re real lucky, I always wanted some chest hair like that.”

“What are you talking about? Lucky? Bah. I’d kill to have your height and muscles.”

“So, you like muscles?”

Jim wasn’t sure how to proceed. Part of him didn’t want to offend the big guy, and part of him wanted to explore some more like he did with Dozer. Finally, he came out and said it, “Yeah, when it comes to big guys and muscles, I’m a,” Jim thought back to what Dozer called him, “Yeah, I’m a cub when it comes to big guys like you.”

“Really now? Well come here.” Mule walked over to the largest couch. “Stand up here,” the behemoth ordered.

Jim was confused and speechless but did as he was told. Even standing on the couch, Jim’s head barely reached Mule’s shoulders.

“Remove this,” Mule bellowed, pointing at the sweatshirt. Jim looked at Mule questioningly but Mule nodded gently at him. Jim grasped the fabric near the bottom and pulled upward, struggling to get the normally stretchy material past Mule’s wing-like lats. After a few moments of twisting and turning the shirt, he got it up over the shoulders where Mule took over. Taking it completely off, he tossed it to the side.

Jim looked at this giant, no god. He was wearing a skin tight white T-shirt under the sweatshirt. It was slightly sweat stained and clung to his skin like Saran Wrap. Jim could see the meaty pecs and luscious nipples poke through the fabric, his giant arms threatening to burst the sleeves and a wall of abdominal muscles that could stop a bullet.

Jim moaned slightly and went to feel the mound of flesh that was Mule’s pec, but Mule stopped him.

“Can I please?” Jim begged.

“Not yet little man. I know what you need. Just follow my orders as best you can and I promise you, it’ll all be worth it,” Mule grunted.

“But I don’t know what I’m doing. This is only my second time with a guy.”

Mule grabbed the back of Jim’s neck and drew him in for a kiss. After a brief moment of passion, he whispered, “That’ll make this all the sweeter. Now, be a good boy and follow my directions.”

Mule grasped the T-shirt at the collar, and with a slow and deliberate motion, tore it straight down the middle to reveal the bounty of muscle hidden within.

“Now, remove this.”

Jim’s cock hardened as he fumbled to grab the shirt. Mule took his hands and guided Jim up his godlike torso. Directing Jim like a conductor would direct an orchestra, he moved Jim’s hands towards the top of the shirt.

“Slowly, everything should be done slowly.”

Jim nodded and he grabbed the shirt at the top and slowly separated it, revealing more and more of Mule’s chest. When his arm span was too short to completely take it off, Jim moved to the left side, slowly drawing that side of the shirt off the giant arm and down to the back. He then moved to the other side, drawing that side down, allowing the shredded material to fall to the floor. Jim stood there and looked at the massive chest before him, slowly rising and falling as Mule took deep breaths.

“Ok Jim, now tell me, what do you want to do with what’s before you?” Mule whispered.

“I want…I want to feel them.” Jim muttered.

“Go ahead.”

Jim place one hand gingerly on a swollen pec. Looking up at Mule and seeing him nod approvingly; Jim began to rub it in a circular motion.

“That’s right little guy, how does it feel? This chest can press 415 lbs for reps easy. Think about how much power that is. And that chest hair, feels good now that it’s growing back. Don’t you think so?”

Jim nodded and then looked up. He wasn’t quite sure what to do next. Mule understood his look though and said, “Keep going, what do you want to do next?”

Jim said, “I think I want to feel your arms.”

Mule smiled and did a single arm flex and brought it down to Jim. Jim cupped his hand over the massive peak, running his hands along the veins. Jim squeezed, trying to move the muscle, but to no avail.

“Uh huh little guy, how does that feel? You like these fucking guns? 22 inches cold of raw manhood right there. These babies can curl 120 lbs easily. You like that, don’t you, thinking bout me curling those huge dumbbells, these boys getting pumped and bigger.”

Jim continued to squeeze the hard muscle. “How did you get so big and strong?” he inquired.

“All thanks to hard work and dedication ever since I was in High School. All natural too, that’s why I’m here. It’s a natural bodybuilder’s convention.”

“I’d give anything to be this big.”

“It’s tough work man, but I’m sure you can do it. Just stick with me for a while and I’ll show you how it’s done. Plus you’ll get to see more of this.” Mule flexed his pecs and instinctively Jim ran his hands back towards the bouncing muscle. “What do you want to do now?” Mule inquired.

“I think…I think I need to lick them.”

“Good boy, go with that feeling. Just tell me what you want to do.”

Jim started by licking around where his hands were, the nipples of Mule’s chest. He could taste a layer of sweat and his 3 day facial growth was tickled by the fuzz that was returning to Mule’s chest. Jim stopped to place his ear against Mule’s chest and to listen to Mule’s heart as Mule commented on every body part and action.

“Yeah, listen to that muscle heart, pumping blood to every thick muscle in my body. You gotta have a strong heart to run a machine like this. You got a good tongue, you’re a natural at worship.”

Jim looked up at Mule and saw the obvious pleasure in his expression. He wasn’t just saying this for Jim’s feelings; Mule actually thought that Jim was doing a good job. Jim stood on his tiptoes to give Mule a kiss, which Mule gladly accepted and readily returned. Jim then let his tongue run down Mule’s face, feeling the 5 o’clock shadow, down to his massive traps bulging with veins and onward to the primed peaks of Mule’s guns.

Jim kneaded and licked, kissed and caressed the bulge for minutes before switching to the other arm and repeating the process.

“Boy, you got me so hard and hot. Damn, you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“No, Dozer was the first guy I’ve ever been with and it wasn’t like this, but I so enjoyed that blowjob I gave him and the hand job he gave me.”

“I’m surprised he let you go, you’re a hot little fuck.” Mule grunted as he stepped slightly away from Jim. Jim looked up at the big man expectantly as he bent over to remove his sweatpants. Jim licked his lips as he saw the thick cords of Mule’s quads and hamstrings flex as he took off the pants. As Mule kicked them to the side, Jim could see the Big Dog’s boxer shorts Mule wore and the amusing catch phrase “All Muscle” printed over the button fly.

“That’s very fitting for you big guy,” Jim remarked.

“Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet. But that’ll come soon enough. Now, seeing this huge bulge,” Mule said as he adjusted his enormous package, “what do you want to do with it?”

“Holy Shit! I want to suck that ‘till my jaw is sore!” was the first thought that came to Jim’s mind. Mule stepped forward slightly and Jim said weakly, “Nibble and rub it.”

Mule nodded and Jim slowly went to his knees. Adjusting himself on the couch pillows, he slowly approached Mule’s crotch. Jim peered and looked intently at the blue shorts, the cuts of muscle extending downward from the leg holes, and of course, the distance the bulge stuck out from his body. Jim wanted to knock Mule down and suck him to orgasmic bliss, but Mule’s command of “Slowly, everything must be done slowly” reinforced his control.

Jim started not with the meat of it all, but instead went to the quads. He started to nibble right at the point where his leg was uncovered by the fabric of the boxers. Jim used his teeth to grab the short hairs around the boxers and gently tugged them. Jim licked his fingers and ran his along the grooves of Mule’s leg.

Jim looked up at Mule past the muscular pec shelf and towards his chiseled jaw, seeking approval and asked, “Am I doing this ok Mule?”

Mule opened his eyes and tilted his head forward to look at Jim. Panting slightly, he caught his breath and muttered, “Fuck yeah little man, you’re doing great. Just keep going with your feelings.”

Mule flexed the quads even more and did a modified most-muscular pose for Jim. Jim looked up into the amazing cavern that Mule’s chest made and immediately took his left hand up to it while his right remained at the quad.

Constantly looking at Mule to make sure he was doing it right, Jim slowly became more and more confident as Mule gazed at him with a look of endorsement.

“How does that feel cub? These legs can squat over 650 lbs and leg press almost 2k. Feel all that power, those muscles rippling, the raw fury contained in each tree trunk? You like it don’t you?”

“May I lick them?”

Mule nodded and relaxed the pose briefly, switched legs and flexed his left quad. Jim felt more comfortable in wrapping his arms around the meaty limb. He started by grasping the leg and giving it gentle kisses. Then, using his tongue, he slowly licked the crevices in Mule’s massive leg, giving the muscles a massage. Taking his hand from Mule’s chest, he worked his way to the hamstrings, gripping the firm muscle and acquiring a low growl from him.

Jim dismounted the couch after spending a few minutes caressing Mule’s humongous thigh and moved down to the floor to spend more time with his diamond shaped calves.

“How’s the view down there buddy?” Mule’s deep voice rumbled.

Jim didn’t respond verbally, but instead let his tongue work its way into the groove of Mule’s calves. Jim licked as Mule started to perform calf raises and growled, “Yeah, these babies are so fucking strong. 1000 lbs are nothing to these mothers. I have to do 60 raises with the stack just to start feeling it.”

Jim held his tongue and hands on the muscle and enthralled himself in just the feeling of the thick beefy calf flex and relax under his touch. The flexing of this huge muscle god turned him on even more and soon, Jim was back to the boxers. Placing his hands around the elastic at both sides of Mule’s hips, he grasped the cotton firmly. Using his teeth, he nibbled around Mule’s copious cock. Mule started to groan and Jim noticed a spot of pre forming around the head of the bulge. Jim placed his lips near the hot meat and sucked, acquiring a sample of Mule’s cream through his boxers. The suction created by Jim’s mouth and the friction of the fabric around Mule’s swollen head caused him to thrust forward slightly a few times, his cock desperately wanting to fuck Jim’s mouth.

“Fuck man, you’re doing one hell of a job. You’re going to tease me into shootin’,” Mule panted.

Jim took that as his cue. He slowly moved back towards the waistband, nibbling the shaft as he went. Grasping the waistband with his teeth, he slowly drew them down. As the boxers went down, Mule’s pubic bush was revealed to Jim’s nose. He caught a whiff of it, and smelling a musk that made him harder, Jim pushed his face closer. Then slowly, Mule’s cock began to be exposed. At this distance, Jim’s nose ran along the shaft. He could see the blood coursing through the meaty rod and he could smell the precum drip from it. Finally, Jim had the boxers below the lengthy head and freed Mule’s meat from its confines. In appreciation, Mule’s cock sprung upward, its uncut head bobbing and glowing red. Mule quickly took the boxers off, kicking them to the side and slid his hand down his cock once. This allowed Jim to fully absorb the length and breadth of the tool Mule was packing. Mule’s hand, which was huge compared to his hand, looked almost small when grasping his cock. Mule could probably place both his hands end to end gripping his shaft and still have an inch or so room before touching the head. And the head, that glorious uncut head. So shiny, so thick, so juicy. Jim’s thoughts were running rampant through his head as he looked up at Mule.

“So Jim, why are you still dressed?”

Jim looked up at Mule then down at the floor. “I’m not nearly as buffed or fucking hot as you. You don’t wanna see me naked.”

“You think that matters to me? If it did, you think I’d be standing here, hard as fuck and fucking naked? Now get naked. That is, unless you want me to get dressed.”

Jim never ripped off his clothes so quick in his life. A few seconds later, he was out of his jeans and briefs waiting for Mule’s disapproval. But it never came. Mule walked up to Jim, engulfed the smaller guy in a huge hug and grabbed Jim’s ass.

“Fuck yeah, that’s a nice ass you got.” He licked a finger and slowly poked and prodded his way around Jim’s furry hole. Jim moaned but in his mind he wasn’t ready to lose his cherry.

“I’m sorry Mule, I don’t think I’m ready to get fucked in the ass just yet.” Jim hung his head, preparing for the worst.

“That’s ok Jim. Being fucked is a big step and I can wait for you to get more comfortable with it all,” Mule smiled. Jim looked up and grinned, excited that his big bear wasn’t too upset.

“Go get me my duffel bag from the room,” Mule ordered.

Jim broke the embrace and ran off to the room. Grabbing Mule’s giant bag with both hands, he rushed back to the den to see a naked muscle god lying prone on the beige carpet. He rolled to his side and said, “Lay the bag here.”

Jim did what he was told, setting the bag near Mule’s upper body. He stood still and at attention while Mule rummaged around the bag. Finally, Mule pulled out a small packet of a clear liquid. Rolling to his back, he handed Jim the packet.

“Sit here,” Mule commanded, pointing to his massive chest. Jim smiled, then straddled and lowered himself on his chest. He looked back to see that his weight wasn’t even bothering Mule, which in turn made Jim even harder.

“Now, open that pack and spread a little on my fingers.” Jim did as he was told, smelling a scent similar to strawberries. Mule pinched the thick liquid between his fingers and rubbed them around a bit, spreading the substance all over his index and middle finger.

“Ok, now pour some on my dick. Don’t worry, it’s an editable lube that I’ve found recently.” Jim smiled and slowly let the viscous substance drip slowly from the pack onto the head of the massive cock. Once the head was thoroughly drenched, Jim tossed the empty packet aside. Gripping the head with both hands, Jim slowly slid them down, spreading the lube in an even coat down the meaty shaft. Mule moaned and arched his back slightly as Jim went lower and lower onto his cock. Jim was enjoying jerking the huge man off, but suddenly, a cold finger went into his ass, followed by a warm, sensual feeling as Mule probed Jim’s virgin hole. Jim moaned as he stroked Mule’s shaft and Mule slowly slid his index finger in and out of Jim. Mule’s cock was slick with lube and pre, and the moist meat called to Jim. He leaned down and put the tip into his mouth. He tasted Mule’s essence combined with a light hint of strawberry. Jim couldn’t mouth the entire rod, but nevertheless was content with just sucking the first few inches of the mighty meat stick. Slowly at first, Jim moved his head up and down, the luscious cock moving in and out of his mouth. Then Mule slid his middle finger in to join his index. Feeling Mule rub his prostrate, Jim redoubled his efforts as his cock hardened and leaked freely.

Jim couldn’t help but wiggle his butt as Mule worked his hole with the two meaty fingers. The pressure and stimulation from Mule’s fingers, combined with the moans from the big guy along with the thick head in Jim’s mouth proved to be too much stimuli for Jim to handle. He took Mule’s meat as deep as he could and came over Mule’s stomach without even touching himself.

Mule reached his left hand around and gripped Jim’s cock. Jim moaned as he sucked the big guy, feeling his rough hands grip his shaft and surprisingly feeling himself get hard again.

“Fucking hot cub man. Yeah, I’m really not going to let you go as easily as that other guy,” Mule moaned. Mule arched his back a bit more and started to fuck Jim’s mouth. Jim in response, matched Mule’s rhythm and thrust himself deeper onto his giant meat rod. The closer it got to the back of his throat, the harder he had to fight his gag reflex, but the rough and firm hand of Mule on his cock and the two thick fingers in his ass made it progressively easier to ignore his natural reactions. Jim let one hand slide to Mule’s tennis ball sized sack and began to fondle them gently. That was all it took to push Mule over the edge. He thrust upward with such force that Jim thought the back of his head would be run through by searing hot man meat. Then came the flood of Mule’s cum, rushing its way into Jim’s throat, powering its way down his gullet and filling his stomach with manhood. It was so much cum that Jim had trouble swallowing it all and some dribbled out the corners of his mouth, down the throbbing shaft and into the patch of sweaty cock fur.

Mule thrust a few more times, discharging the remaining contents of his balls while Jim greedily lapped up the muscle god’s fluid. Mule’s hot breath warmed Jim’s back as the big man panted from the endeavor. “Fuck.”

Jim didn’t need to hear anymore than that to know he did a good job. He smiled like he just won a gold medal at the Olympics. And each additional “Fuck” from Mule only reaffirmed his delight.



“Holy fuck”

“Fuck man, that was good.”

Jim felt better than he had in an exceptionally long time. He leaned back and turned slightly to kiss Mule. Mule took his hand that was stroking Jim’s cock and grabbed the back of Jim’s neck, drug him in and gave him a kiss full of passion and delight. Then Jim just leaned back, enjoying the firmness of Mule’s body.

About thirty minutes later, Mule looked at the clock. “Damn, I got a seminar in about an hour. I don’t know if you’ll be allowed in, but I’ll check for ya cub.”

Jim curled up against Mule. “That’s ok, I’ll just spend a little time down in the casino for a while while you find out if it’s ok. I guess we should start cleaning up.”

Jim got up and stretched himself out as Mule rose from the carpet. Jim got aroused again just watching the giant rise to his full height and his cock pointed forward in agreement. “Yeah, I was going to suggest that we shower together, but it looks like we wouldn’t get anything done.”

Both of the guys burst into laughter. After a few moments, Jim looked around for his clothes. He picked up his pants, boxers and shirt and began to walk to the back of the room.

“Dude, you don’t have any clothes, do you?”

“I got these,” Jim said as he held up his only set of clothes.

“Damn man, that’s sure as hell not going to work.” Mule bent over at his waist and began to rummage around his bag. Jim stood there and stared at Mule’s perfect ass and Mule turned slightly to catch Jim staring. Mule then started to shake the bubble butt back and forth. They both laughed a bit and Mule stood up with a t-shirt in his hand. Tossing the shirt to Jim, he said, “Here ya go little man. It’s one of the shirts I wear when I want to hulk out of something. It might be a little big on you, but it’s better than what you’ve been wearing. Wish I had some extra shorts, but I everything I have would look like Capri pants on ya.”

Jim smiled and hugged the big guy’s torso. “Thanks big buddy. You’re the greatest.”

Mule chucked and rubbed Jim’s head. “Now go on, go shower up.”

Jim nodded and went off the bedroom. Hopping in the huge shower, he turned on the hot water. Letting the warmth seep into his bones, he recanted the week’s events. From the depths of despair to the height of ecstasy, what was the whole cause of this drastic change. Somehow, he knew that it was because of the coin. He turned off the water and spread a towel over the floor so he wouldn’t drip all over the clean tile. Grabbing a hand cloth, he dried his hands and reached into his pants that were lying on the sink. He pulled out the coin and held it up to the light. It sparkled slightly and the glint soothed him. He pulled it closer to him, examining it in closer detail. The bicep on the coin seemed bigger than he last he looked at it, plus it felt warmer. He brought it closer to his chest and hugged it. Soon as it made contact with his skin, he felt the warmth flow through his entire body. It felt good, comforting and familiar. Suddenly, he knew what he should do while Mule did his convention thing.

Jim got dressed and went by Mule’s room. Sticking his head in, he shouted, “Going downstairs big man, catch me before you head in.” A gruffy, masculine voice responded, “Better not go any further than that sexy, I’m not letting you go.” They both laughed and Jim quickly rounded the corner and peeked into the bathroom to see his muscle god wet and pumped. It was just a moment but it instantly got him hard. But, Jim tore his attention from the showering behemoth and resumed his mission.

Jim headed to the casino area. Now, like any good southern guy, he smiled and greeted everyone en route. He even thought to himself, “You know, I might be wrong for swearin’ off women just because of that one bitch.” But as he walked through the gambling hall, not one woman even responded to his polite and sincere greeting. Most snubbed their noses at him. Jim sniffed himself and the new shirt that Mule gave him. “What’s wrong with me? I don’t smell or anything. Well fuck it.”

He headed to the craps table and bet 5 of his 20 dollars. After a couple dozen wins, he was up to 10 thousand dollars. Then he started getting attention. Ironically enough, a few of the ladies he greeted on his way in and was snubbed by started to try and snuggle up to him. But by this time, Jim was exceptionally jaded. He flat out said to them, “Oh, so now y’all wanna to talk to me, huh? I come in and greet you proper-like, and you ignore me just because I ain’t look like shit. Don’t think I didn’t notice.”

The ladies stammered to try and recover, but Jim cut them off. “Besides, I’m here with someone,” he commented as he waved down Mule. Mule swaggered over to him, causing jaws to drop to the floor as he crossed the room. When he arrived at Jim, he gave him a long, intense kiss and then greeted the ladies.

“Hello ladies, hope you’ve been treating my guy here well.”

The ladies couldn’t do anything but stand and stare at Mule’s awesome physique as Jim responded, “Don’t worry ‘bout them big guy, they were just leaving.”

They frowned and pouted apologetically, but Jim turned his back towards them and resumed his game. “Look big guy, my luck is still holding out. I’m up 10k.”

“Wow, you [b]are[/b] lucky. Make sure not to go overboard or anything, you don’t want to blow it all on a silly wager.”

“Don’t worry, I’m only betting half the pot each time. I’m lucky but not crazy.”

“Cool beans. Well, I’m off to the main hall to our first seminar. I’ll catch this sexy ass later,” Mule growled as he squeezed Jim’s ass. Jim chuckled and hugged the big man back before he went to the conference hall.

Soon after Mule left, Jim was up to 50 thousand dollars. Then a few gentlemen in suits came up to him and gruffly took the dice from him. “What the fuck?” Jim almost shouted, but maintained his composure. The big man that took the dice from him, threw them down the table. They landed on 3. The croupier slid the dice back to the guy. He rolled again, this time landing on snake eyes. Again and again he rolled coming up with numbers like 4, 11, 8, 5, 9, 7, 3, and other random results before he stopped. Jim stood there, slightly aroused and slightly intimidated by these two thugs. The one that was rolling the dice handed them to Jim and said, “Roll.” Jim was apprehensive about what was going on, but did what he was told, and again, rolled a 7.

“Come with us sir, please,” one of the big guys said to Jim, gripping his arm fairly tightly.

Jim winced in pain and said to the croupier, “I’ll be back and I know exactly how much I have there.” They walked into a back area, through some halls and into this white room with a table and chair. The big guys sat him down and the nicest of the three spoke up.

“I’ms gonna be honest with ya. We’s think yous been cheatin’ us tonight. The boss man don’t likes bein cheated.”

Jim leaned back in the chair and relaxed a bit, “And why does your boss think I’ve been cheating him.”

“He thinks either yous the luckiest guy in the world, or yous been cheating him. If yous been cheating him, he’s not going to be ‘happy’. And ifs the boss ain’t happy, wes ain’t happy. And ifs wes ain’t happy, wes got to take it out on somebodys. And todays, “ he leaned forward a bit, flexing his forearms and imposing himself a bit, “that somebodys is yous.”

Jim naturally tensed up, but then relaxed. He realized that he had nothing to fear because he was being completely honest. “I assure you gentlemen, I’m just exceptionally lucky as of late. If there’s anything I can do to help prove this to your boss, I’ll be willing to help.”

As soon as he said that, he heard a pair of latex gloves snap behind him. “Wes was hopin’ yous would cooperates. Wes needs yous to take off all your clothes.”

Jim was kinda shy about taking his clothes off in front of these massive thugs, but he controlled himself and willed his half-hard cock soft. He took off the over sided shirt Mule gave him, his socks and shoes, then his pants and his boxers. Laying them all over the table, he stood away from them covering himself with his hands. As two of the guys rummaged through his clothes, the third one with the rubber gloves began to grope Jim in his most private places. When Mule was fingering his ass, it felt beyond good, but when this guy roughly felt up Jim’s ass, Jim couldn’t help but to shudder and tighten up. But that didn’t stop the thug’s cavity search. A few moments later, the search stopped and the big thug said, “Open ya mouth.”

Jim opened his mouth as wide as he possibly could and wiggled his tongue around, showing he was hiding nothing. The guy looked for a moment, then turned around and said, “He ain’t got nothin’ on him.”

The other thugs, finishing up their search of Jim’s clothes, responded “Ain’t nothin’ in his clothes either. Just his wallet and a little cash. Wes sorry bout this man, but ya know, wes gots ta make sures yous ain’t cheatin’ the boss.”

Jim nodded and got dressed quickly. The thugs were a lot more polite to him now that he proved himself, escorting him back to the table. They nodded to the croupier and he slid the dice back to Jim.

Hours later, Jim was a millionaire.

The next day, Jim woke up from a beautiful dream to the sounds of grunting and rock music coming from Mule’s room. Jim got out of bed, already boned up and worked his way to Mule’s room to see the giant guy doing one armed pushups. Jim smiled and then went inside and laid himself on top of Mule’s massive back. Not even breaking his rhythm, Mule growled, “Morning sexy, how’s my little cub?”

Jim responded, “I have something to tell you after you finish.”

Mule grunted in agreement. He did another 50 with his left arm before switching to his right for a set of 100, all with Jim along for the ride before stopping. Jim got off Mule’s back as he stood to his full height. He grabbed a towel and began to dry off his sweat sheened body. Jim’s rod poked its head out of his boxers and Mule looked down and smiled. Stepping forward, he took Jim’s cock in his hand and said in a sultry voice, “So beautiful, what is it you wanna talk about?”

Jim’s eyes rolled back in his head. But even through the immense pleasure, he demanded focus from his lust filled brain. “Let’s go to the kitchen and talk while we eat.”

Jim lead the way with Mule right behind him, grabbing his ass and rubbing his half hard cock against Jim. When they got there, Mule sat down to the spread that room service left and starting chowing. Jim ate a bit slower and then went into the tale about his adventure from the night before, including every detail from the search to his newfound wealth.


After Jim finished his story, Mule looked at him with a somber gaze. “I guess you’ll be wanting to get back to your normal life then. Well buddy, it was amazing spending time with ya. I hope to get to see you sometime in the future.”

Jim looked at Mule and said, “I thought you weren’t going to let me go that easy. What happened to that possessive bear I felt all over last night?”

Mule sighed and responded, “That was before you became rich. I’m sure you’re gonna want to spend time with other rich people like ya and do rich people shit.”

Jim laughed and said, “Dude, I’m the same person I was when I was on your chest jerking and sucking that huge fucking meat. It don’t matter that I have money now. I’m going to stick with ya whether you like it or not. Besides, I have plans with this money that involve you.”

Mule stood up, obviously touched by the emotion and walked over to Jim. Picking him up out of the chair, he gripped him a tight bear hug. “You are one amazing cub, you know that man?”

“Heh, I’m just a lucky guy man. Let’s head to the living room and I can tell you about my plans.”

Mule carried Jim easily into the next room and sat down with Jim in his lap.

“Mmm, this feels wonderful. I could go to sleep on this pec.”

Mule chuckled and said, “Well, we have seminars in a couple of hours. I checked with the guys, they said it’s alright for you to be my guest. So you can’t nap yet if you want to talk.”

Jim snuggled the massive muscle once more before leaning up. “You know, when you’re sitting thinking about life, sometimes the question comes up, ‘What would I do if I had a million dollars?’ Usually, it’s stuff like, ‘Buy me this or that’ or ‘Go here and do this.’ But right now, I’m rich, and none of those things are crossing my mind. It’s strange. I thought I would just go crazy with hedonistic pleasures, fucking any beautiful woman that crossed my path, getting extravagant gifts for myself and whoever I was with, but right now, I just want to do something to help people.”

Mule looked down at Jim and whispered, “That’s very noble of you Jim. Too bad more rich people don’t think like you.”

“I think it’s because I was always a blue collar guy. Besides, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the kindness of other people.”

“So, what is your plan for helping people?”

“Oh, well, here’s the thing. I’m not sure if I can do all that I wanna do, but I’m going to try. I had a little dream slash vision last night. I saw you and me and Dozer in this area. It was real nice. It had a beach and some forest area and a nice house. And there were other people there. Women, men, all naked. And they all were bodybuilders or people working to become a bodybuilder. Then I realized that is what I should do with my cash. I wanna build a place where bodybuilders and other people who truly love muscle can go and be free. I want it to be a Mecca of Muscle. And I want you and Dozer to be right there with me.”

“Wow. I mean… wow. So in other words, you’re going to become a bodybuilder sponsor for a ton of people?”

“Not only that, but I want people who love muscle like I do to have a place where they can build up their bodies like their idols. I want to be more like you, and I kinda think there’s tons of guys and gals that think like me out there.”

“You know, you’re a wonderful man. Not many of you out there. Makes me love you even more,” Mule whispered into Jim’s ear.

“I only hope the future looks good for us,” Jim said as he kissed Mule.

That day, Mule and Jim hung out at the Natural Bodybuilder’s Convention and Jim began his plan. He started by creating a set of questions to pose to all the guys and gals there. By the time lunch had arrived, he had settled on a specific set of questions to ask.

1: Why do you lift?

2: What is it you love about muscle?

3: How do you feel about people like me, who aren’t as fit, hanging around you asking you questions?

4: Do you mind people admiring your hard work on a more ‘personal’ level?

Jim talked to Mule after he settled on those four questions, and Mule understood exactly what the purpose was. The first question seemed to knock out a good bit of people. Most answered stuff like “I wanted to be rich” or “I want to win the Mr. O and be famous.” Mule’s answer was, “Because it feels good.” Jim also accepted reasons like look and feel better and confidence issues. Each question progressively narrowed the field. If Jim felt that their answer had selfish motives, he stopped the inquiry. The final question was more personal than the others and didn’t really have a right or wrong answer, but it led perfectly into his proposal about his new muscle mecca. By the time the day was over, he had about 10 guys and 6 women interested in his proposal.

Jim and Mule went back to California where Mule lived after the convention was over. There, he eventually contacted Dozer and brought him into his new life. Between the massive Mule, the bearish Dozer and the little guy Jim, life at Mule’s condo was extremely sexually appealing. Jim also requested that Mule and Dozer stop working so hard and they agreed. They spent more time at the gym lifting and training Jim up. But sex and lifting wasn’t the only thing in their life. Jim took his winnings and invested them in stocks, some secure and some risky. He lost a little money, but his luck still held out because he had bought majority ownership and invested a large amount of money in a small company that eventually invented technology that desalinized sea-water and generated electricity from the process. This invention almost overnight made Jim one of the richest men on the planet.

After becoming wealthy beyond most people’s dreams, people thought that they would see more of this guy. But life went on as normal for the trio. Jim didn’t allow himself to fall in the trappings of wealth, but instead lived like a normal person. He limited his public appearances so people wouldn’t know who he was or looked like because he didn’t want his wealth to influence people when he asked them the questions. It was around that time that Jim, Dozer and Mule started going across the country looking for more people like them, enthralled with the concept of muscle. They went to gyms everywhere, from Gold’s to the hole in the wall dungeons. They scouted websites from your typical fitness sites to muscle worship and fetish sites. Discreetly, they found more and more people that felt like them and got their contact information.

After about 2 years of looking, the crew headed back to California. Jim found, with some difficulty, the area that would become his vision. It was a 100 acre area that needed heavy development, but had a large beach area, a wooded area, and a giant expanse of flat ground. Jim, Dozer and Mule lived at the construction site for the next year and a half as Jim worked furiously to get everything to match his dreams. The beach had to have all the rocks removed and the sand sanitized. The woods were slightly trimmed and cleaned up so trails could be added for casual walking. The grassy area was fixed up and tended so that it was heaven to bare feet explorers. He had small storehouses built at several places along the estate where towels, chairs, dumbbells, lotion and other materials could be readily accessible.

Then the main living area was worked on. In the center of the property, it stood like a massive hotel. He placed an observation deck on the top with a sun lounge, then one floor below that stood his office where he could see the whole area. The rest of the building was set up to be like a hotel, but with massive rooms set up exactly like the one he and Mule had at the convention where they met.

Finally, the gym building was slated for construction. He took Mule and Dozer in and let them do most of the design work. The gym was massive when completed. Mule had the engineers set up 3 separate but connected rooms solely for free weights and two rooms for various machines, each room being the size of most gyms. Mule also designed the posing and tanning rooms, mirrored walls with the handy feature of having sliding mirrored panels so privacy could be obtained. Dozer chuckled at that innovation. Dozer designed the pool, sauna and cardio areas, incorporating fluid motions and curves to break up the monotony of cardio and give the mind something to lose itself in. Of course, Jim let the locker rooms be completely open. There were lockers on the walls, and a giant community shower area with massage nozzles. Jim wasn’t sure about if he should separate the male and female locker rooms, so he opted to go with a setup that allowed one to go easily from one to the other. Jim wanted this place to be a place of freedom for everyone, but he understood sometimes girls just wanna be girls.

Jim, Dozer and Mule took a tour of the estate as it neared completion. All three were in awe at the majesty of it all. Woodland creatures scurried about in the trees as they walked through the forest. Bunnies hopped around the grass as the trio sat on comfortable chairs. It seemed that this place had a natural peace about it that none of them had experienced before. Even the beach had its own aura with its crystal blue water and white sands.

“This place is amazing. It’s like some kinda dream,” Dozer said as they walked across the southern plain barefoot.

“I know what you mean. I’ve never walked anywhere barefoot like this before. It’s like heaven just feeling this soft grass under my feet and to see the animals roam freely around and not even run away while we walk,” Mule commented.

Jim smiled and hugged his two buddies. “Yeah, I do think this place turned out really well. But I think we need some bike paths around here, and probably a rack for ‘em at the woods and the beach and gym.”

Mule and Dozer smiled then picked up Jim. “You know you’re simply amazing. Everyone’s going to love this place and what you’re doing,” Dozer growled at Jim. Jim smiled then let himself relax as they made their way back to the living area for some fun.

Jim’s project was finished with the addition of the bike routes and racks and the high walls sectioning off his property. Then, he went about the business of hiring people to run the estate. He found that there were lots of people willing to agree to work there for little pay because he was willing to provide them with room and board. Plus, a large percentage of his workers were also admirers of muscle and would be rewarded in other ways for diligent work. He hired people to run the living area, dieticians, doctors, masseurs, barbers, and hairstylists, everything that people could need to live comfortably.

Finally, everything was ready. He sent out mass e-mails to his list of people interested. It included how to contact him, who he was and the rules for living at his new estate. In exchange for having every need provided for them, Jim asked simply that they enjoy themselves, but they had to follow a few rules.

You have to stay natural. I don’t want the government interrupting or trying to shut down the dream, so it would be best for everyone to be natural.

Nakedness is not frowned upon, but instead encouraged.

Everyone must work out. You live here, you’re here because of your desire of muscle, ergo, you need to work out. No free rides.

If you decide to compete, I ask you donate your prizes either to the estate or some charity. I don’t need the money, but I won’t refuse a gift if you feel the need to give us something.

Everyone is to have a physical once a month. Since this is a free sex and heavy workout place, I want to make sure everyone is healthy and fit and uninjured.

No one looks down on anyone else. Some people don’t have the physique they admire just yet, so if someone comes up to you and asks that you flex for them, please respect their wishes.

And on a similar note, take care when you ask someone to flex for you. If they’re in the middle of a grueling workout, it might not be the best time for you to interrupt them. But I don’t think they would mind if you got them some water or toweled them off or unracked their weights.

Finally, I want everyone to know they can leave whenever they choose, but I hope you live and enjoy life here.

Jim didn’t receive any complaints about the rules, and in the first month after sending out the e-mail, he had heard from each and every person agreeing to his terms. Plane tickets were bought and sent, and Jim’s dream began.

A couple of years later, Jim decided to take a walk. He had been lifting with Dozer and Mule for 6 years now and he looked better than he thought possible. Living here all the time gave him a nice tan, and the grueling workout that they went through brought him to a mini muscleman status. He still was shorter than Mule and Dozer, but he was a ‘fireplug’ as Dozer liked calling him. He was built like a lineman, covered in fur, with thick muscle stacked everywhere on him. His arms hung out at a slight angle due to his thick lats, but Jim didn’t mind. He loved the feeling of how his lats felt after a tough set of pull-ups. He ran his hand along his right bicep, flexing it as he felt. He thought to himself, “God, that feels amazing.” He ran his hands over his swollen pecs, thankful that they were hard muscle now instead of soft flab like he used to have. He ran his hand toward his stomach, feeling the nice trail of fur that Mule loved to rub. He still had a gut from all the good cooking Diana did for him, but it was hard just like the rest of him.

Jim enjoyed walking naked, feeling his quads rub together, his cock flapping in the breeze. He leaned his head back to feel the wind glide across his body and through his fur. Even in the summer, the compound felt amazing thanks to the breeze that came in off the ocean. He gazed as he walked at the various builders on the grass stretched out with someone lying on their chest as they napped in the afternoon sun.

He strolled to the beach and enjoyed watching some people swimming in the ocean. He got hard at seeing some guy walk out of the ocean, muscles pumped and skin wet with sea spray. The guy smiled at him and waved. Jim waved back as the guy went over to an extremely attractive woman stretched out on the sands. He stood and watched as the two began to caress each other’s bodies. He smiled as they invited him over, but passed up the opportunity and continued his walk.

He made his way by the forest to see a few people having sex in the woods and one voluptuous woman sitting against a tree, writing poetry. He waved and greeted all his fellows, stopped to read the piece that the woman was working on, then eventually went to the gym complex to say hi to everyone inside. He stopped by the posing room to catch up with Mule and Dozer, who were already hard and all over each other.

“Didn’t wait on me again today, did you?” Jim commented with a chuckle.

Dozer and Mule unlocked their embrace and said nothing. Instead, they stroked each other’s cocks and winked at Jim. They motioned for him to come closer, and Jim did. He got into the muscle circle, hard and throbbing and the trio went back to work. They stayed in the room for a long while, kissing, rubbing, feeling and jerking each other, each holding back their release and enjoying the moment. Finally, they exploded over each other, plastering themselves with their man cream. After they were finished, they grabbed some towels, cleaned themselves off and headed to a cardio area.

“So fireplug, you got time for some cardio today?” Mule asked.

“Not right now sexy, I have some prospects to interview today.”

“That’s too bad, we were kinda hoping to enjoy a little sauna time with you before we head to the beach,” Dozer said with a wink.

“There’s always tomorrow big guy. I gotta get back and put on some clothes. I’ll catch you two sexy beasts later.” Jim waved at the gym, getting a few whoops and claps from the people there.

Later that day, Jim met this teenager named Greg and his parents. Jim looked down at the kid. He was skinny and frail, but his eyes spoke volumes. There was an awe in them that said more than words ever possibly could. Jim flexed his huge peak and said, “You wanna be like this one day?”

The kid smiled as if Superman had just spoken to him. “Yes sir, but I don’t think I’ll ever be lucky enough to be able to get that big.”

Jim pulled the lucky coin out of his pocked and kneeled down. Placing it in the kid’s small palm, he whispered, “I think your luck might change.”

Jim then took the little kid to the window, waving for his parents to follow. Showing him the view, he pointed at the various bodybuilders lying on the beach with a smaller person there taking care of their needs or swimming around enjoying the warm weather. “If you want, and if your parents agree, that can be you out there lying on the beach with someone rubbing lotion on you. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s possible.”

The kid almost jumped out his skin at Jim’s words. He looked at his parents and said, “Can I please?” His parents nodded and he almost jumped up and down with delight.

Jim placed his hand on the kid’s shoulder and said, “Welcome to your new home, the Muscle Mecca.”



Jim’s Muscle Mecca became a haven for any serious natural bodybuilder. Every year, his site had millions of hits of hopeful bodybuilders and muscle worshippers. The application process was rigorous, but if you passed, your dreams came true.

The government was concerned and regularly sent agents to see if Jim was organizing a cult. After the first 5 years of activity, they finally stopped. The official reasons were that there was absolutely no cult activity going on there, and the more agents they sent, the more that people wanted to take part in Jim’s dream. They realized that Jim wasn’t some crazy egomaniac, but was just some guy who had a great idea and was lucky enough to pull it off. They arranged with him a program where their agents could come and stay for a week at a time, almost like an exclusive resort. Of course, they had to fit the criteria and follow the rules just like everyone else, but those who got to go always came back relaxed, energetic and healthy.

Jim, Dozer, and Mule continued to share their life together. While they did play with other people, the trio always slept together and enjoyed each other’s company. Dozer and Mule pushed Jim beyond barriers and the three of them grew huge. Jim eventually obtained his bear status when he finally caught up with Dozer in the bench press. People passing by often commented on Jim’s excellent physique and he had a few cubs of his own that enjoyed playing with him.

Jim entered a natural bodybuilding competition on the advice of Mule and Dozer and won first place easily. The newspapers had this to say about him:

“It’s very rare that a guy that stands around 5’4’’ wins the overall competition, but today, we saw that very thing happen. Jim Daly has a physique that rivals many of the professional bodybuilders. The definition that he possesses combined with the density of his muscles creates an extremely appealing look.

The judges were impressed by several things.

One: He did not shave completely, which is exceptional unusual for any bodybuilder. Everyone assumed that to see maximum definition, the body must be smooth and hairless. But Jim’s physique proved them wrong. In fact, it almost appeared that the layer of body hair that Jim maintained added a level of depth to his body instead of subtracting.

Two: No one came close to his level of definition. Even with the body hair, you could every vein and contour and indention in his body. When he flexed, bulges were evident and apparent in his physique.

Three: He had a stage presence that was unmatched by anyone since Arnold. He danced during his single posing, flexing the quads and calves as he playfully hopped across the stage. He smiled constantly, even when doing an exhausting pose. He hugged each competitor before the awards were handed out and he was extremely honored to win. He ended up splitting the purse with everyone who competed because he didn’t need it.

To those who could even begin to think that the panel was influenced by his wealth were completely wrong. In post tournament interviews, no other competitor had anything negative to say about Jim. In fact, everyone was happy he won. Each thought that he was indeed the best man, and he was undoubtedly the perfect spokesman for the natural bodybuilders.”

After taking care of business, Jim usually spent his time in the gym with Dozer and Mule. He still enjoyed his position as cub with those two, slowly rubbing their pumped pecs after the bench set, licking the biceps swollen with blood, and massaging the legs after squats. They usually returned the favor, rubbing Jim down in a similar manner. After the gym, Jim would usually head to the beach where a few of his cubs were waiting while Dozer and Mule went off to the meal hall. His cubs, while taller than him, were more slim than massive. Everyday, Jim would lie in the sand and surf and his cubs would crawl all over him, caressing his wet muscles and his hard cock. They would rub their cocks over his ripped abs and spray their load over the brick muscles. Then one would suck Jim’s cock while the other rubbed and kissed Jim until he came. Then they would lie in the rising tide, letting the sea water wash the man juice away.

Eventually, Jim would make his way back to his room where Dozer and Mule were always waiting, sometimes with a fourth or fifth person. Then for hours on end, they would flex and pose, jerk, suck and fuck. Jim had finally allowed his ass to be fucked by Dozer and Mule a few years ago, and they were the only two he allowed to do so. But no one minded. Everyone got some cock in their ass when you got to hang out with Jim. Besides, all that muscle that was around, the giant Mule picking people up and ramming them on his tool, the bearish Dozer pawing at whomever, and the fireplug Jim going at it with almost teen-like enthusiasm, no one left that room without having come at least three times and without being overly satisfied.

“Truly, we are the luckiest people in the world.”