Muscle, Fur and Vengeance

It was rare if I said I hated someone. But this guy I did. I hated him. With a burning passion that rivaled the sun, I truly disliked him. It wasn’t because how he looked. Sure he had a beautiful, rugged face and the body of a muscle god, but that wasn’t the reason I hated him. It was because he didn’t deserve it. I might not have the right to decide who deserves what, but screw that, he was too much of a pompous ass to be that lucky. And I would be the one to change it all for him.

We were fourteen years old, but as different as can be. I was a typical nerd. Although I lacked the stereotypical glasses and pocket protector, I definitely was one. He was more than your stereotypical jock, always wearing the least he could to show off his physique. Constantly lifting, eating or bullying anyone he felt like. I was around 4’8” and maybe 80 lbs. He was at least 5’8” and had to be over 150 lbs. My body was frail and skinny while his was overflowing with muscle, from this bull-like neck, to his thick chest, his bulging arms, well-defined abs and trunk legs. I was an A student while he was failing all his classes but somehow passing. But I didn’t hate him for any of that. Hell, I knew a lot of jocks were similar to him. I didn’t like it, but I was a low man on the totem pole. Not much I could say about it. What sparked my hatred was something a lot deeper.

While I never was a sporty kid, I could do ok in gym. I couldn’t do the hundreds of pushups and sit ups like the jocks, but I did around average. This day in gym though was a physical test. You had to finish a large list of physical activities and you couldn’t leave until they were done. Of course, the jocks blazed through them and got to leave quickly. A few others and I were pushed to the limits of our endurance and barely finished in an hour. We slowly trudged to the locker room to quickly change and get to our class in time. But once we entered the locker room, the door quickly shut behind us and we turned to see Rick blocking the door. He slowly swaggered up to us and started to taunt me and the two others that weren’t as fit as him. Sadly, I got the worst of it as my head barely reached his stomach. He was close to three times my size, bulging with muscle from playing sports since he was a toddler. Eventually, after taunting and bullying us, he shoved us into the pile of dirty uniforms and locked us in the laundry area.

From the time that class was over until football practice started, we were trapped. I knew we were in trouble because one of the guys was complaining that his arm was hurt. I looked at it and I could tell it was dislocated. We were finally found and released, and something happened that pushed my rage over the limit. He was standing there in his jock strap, his package filling out the mesh fabric. With a cocky grin on his face and punching his palm at us, he looked at us and dared us to say anything. Of course, my two friends looked at the floor, but I returned his gaze with all the rage I felt. Then he said, “Looks like some babies fell in the laundry. Aww, and one of them has a boo-boo.”

The whole room started laughing as the coach checked out my friend.

“Ok little guy, we need to get you to the doc,” the coach said with concern in his voice. Most of the laughter in the room died down but Rick laughed even louder. I understood the law of the jungle, the biggest and strongest usually gets their way, but I vowed right there that I would make sure Rick paid, and pay dearly.

I knew how I would have to exact vengeance. I had to become bigger and stronger. But the fact that I had genes geared more toward intellectual activities combined with Rick’s natural physical deposition made it impossible to get to where I wanted to be naturally. Thankfully, my father was a genetic engineer. His job interested me all the time, so I was able to read a few of his notes and knew vaguely what he was working on. In a nutshell, almost every aspect about a person can be tracked to a certain combination of chromosomes in that person. If you could alter these chromosomes, you could change a person, from their hair style to their tendency to learn and remember items. That was the key to my revenge. I spent the entire year studying my father’s work and even making improvements on it, without his knowledge of course. I could not risk him finding out why I was so interested in his job for fear he would attempt to sway me from my path.

The whole year was rough for me though, and it constantly reminded me why I couldn’t stop. Rick was constantly growing bigger and stronger. He was becoming unstoppable. Plus he was the biggest homophobe I’ve ever seen. If someone was looking at him for a moment too long, he would make sure they felt pain, usually outside the range of a teacher or adult. I lost a half a dozen friends that year, all of them transferred to another school out of fear. It just deepened my rage toward him.

It was sad that I felt so much hatred toward him. If he were a nice guy, he would have so many devoted followers, me included. Yes, I was one of those “fags” that he hated so much. I enjoyed looking at beautiful women and handsome men alike. He never caught on to me, but his body way very attractive. If only his attitude didn’t overshadow it so much. I had to sit and watch him become even sexier as the year went by. His clothes constantly got tighter as his arms, chest and legs grew and swell. But I also had to watch as his cockiness grew to where it couldn’t be contained. No one, except a teacher or a fellow jock, was safe. By the end of the year, he was 5’10’’ tall and pushing 180 lbs, as I heard quite often in gym class. Thankfully, the year ended and summer started.

I spent part of my summer in my father’s shadow. I was absorbing as much knowledge as I could, unlocking the secrets to human potential. My father was so proud of how interested I was that he allowed me to see everything. Eventually, I had all the information I needed to carry out my plan.

The plan was simple. My dad’s research center had the genetic information of thousands of people. Every type of body from small and skinny guys to massive bodybuilders was on file. Geniuses and average people, hairy, smooth, horse-hung, almost every type of characteristic was on file here. I would simply choose the best traits I could find and “upgrade” myself. But then, I thought of something even better. Why not change Rick while I’m at it? Sure, it was evil, but I didn’t give it a second thought. I prepared my batch first, since it was easiest. Using my hair as a DNA sample, I combined the genes of the tallest guy, a 7’1” pro basketball player, a 350 lb world champion powerlifter, a professional bodybuilder, a world famous porn star, and some other traits like body hair and other adjustments. From my calculations, I would eventually be amazing, and it would look all natural since I had yet to hit puberty.

Rick’s changes on the other hand would be harder to do, but so worth it. I chose the smallest and geekiest guys I could find. I wanted him to become everything he hated. The genetic makeup of three exceptionally skinny and weak guys were combined with the desire to learn and some of the female data that was on file. He was going to go from super jock to estrogen-flooded nerd. I made sure that all his muscles would disappear and there would be no hair to be found, including the pubic region. Speaking of which, by the time the process was finished, he was sure to have no more than a two-inch cock when fully aroused. Then I went further. New research had shown that homosexual tendencies were genetic too. I went crazy with that knowledge and made sure that he would be so homosexually inclined, he would make a drag queen look like a Hell’s Angel.

The final component was getting a sample of his DNA, a fresh hair from the root would do well. This was the biggest risk of all. I doubt he would figure out why I needed it, but if he caught me, who knows what would’ve happened. I knew that he spent everyday at the school’s gym. The guy was dedicated to say the least. It was sad that his good qualities were outweighed by his bad ones. Well, at least I would fix that. He would definitely be humble by the time this was all over.

I went to the school one afternoon after 6 p.m. and hid out in the locker room. He was the only one still in the gym that late. Everyone besides the coach had left for the day and he was pumping away. I had to wait about an hour before he came in. He was topless and was wearing a pair of extremely tight shorts. The kid was ripped and pumped. Each muscle was glistening with sweat and full to bursting with blood. Seeing him like that did make me a bit hard, but I was there for a purpose. He got naked to shower and I could see him from my hiding place. His cock hung down a good six inches down his leg with a backdrop of lemon-sized balls. I could tell why he was so proud and cocky in the locker room. Not only did he have a physique to die for, he had a cock that rivaled most grown men. He went into the shower and while I was tempted to watch his huge body get wet and soapy, I stayed hidden. He came out after around ten minutes with a towel draped around his waist. He quickly dried off, granting me another view of his superior body before putting on a pair of shorts. He tossed his jock in the laundry basket, and then strolled out of the locker room.

I waited a couple of minutes before quickly getting out of my hiding place. I went to the laundry, grabbed his jock and quickly found enough hairs for my purpose. I put them in a vial and stuffed them in my pocket before I felt a huge hand on my shoulder spinning me around.

“What the fuck is this?” Rick’s voice bellowed, even deeper than I remembered. I had been caught. He grabbed the jock out of my hand and screamed, “What are you doing with my jock you little faggot?”

When I didn’t answer him, he balled up his fist and punched me in my gut. I felt the wind rush out of me and dropped to my knees. “What were you doing you little bitch?”

I couldn’t respond quick enough for him. He picked me up again with his free arm, lifting me up to his eye level with ease. “I bet I know what you were doing. You were wondering how a real man’s cock smelt, weren’t you,” he said while shaking the jock in my face. I shook my head no and he responded with a backhand across my face.

“You want to smell this real man, don’t you faggot?” He shoved the jock into my face and pushed hard. While I might have enjoyed this some other time, right now I was terrified. He then dropped me to the ground and I fell backwards. I scrambled away from this monster only to find myself pinned against the lockers. I saw this cruel grin come across his face as he pulled down his shorts. “Bet you want to see how a real man tastes too, don’t you?”

I shook my head as best I could, but he already had his huge tool out and had closed the distance between us. Standing me up and gripping me tightly so I couldn’t move, he stroked his monster hard. I sat there in awe and fear as I watched it swell with blood. It grew inch by inch until it was a rod of unyielding flesh, just as hard and powerful as the rest of him. I was slightly aroused and if this was voluntary, I would’ve gladly serviced it, but this wasn’t a dream. Instead, it was a nightmare.

“You look like a woman, now I’m going to use you like a woman,” he growled and squeezed my shoulder till I had to scream in pain. Soon as I did, I felt my mouth fill with his huge meat. I tried to move my head back, but it was met with the unmovable steel lockers behind me. I was trapped, unstoppable flesh in front, unmovable wall behind me. He spent twenty minutes fucking my mouth against my will. I tried to bite it, but it was so big and hard that I couldn’t close my jaw properly and he squeezed my shoulder in response, hurting me. Then he would fuck my mouth even harder. Somehow I learned to deep throat his massive organ, otherwise I would’ve choked several times. Finally, he tensed up and started to shoot. I could feel the burning liquid pour down my throat and into my mouth. He pulled out and continued to fire white hot bursts of cum all over my face. I choked a little and wanted to spit it out, but he held me and forced me to swallow his huge load.

He smiled at his physical conquest of me. He had forced me to become his bitch and was pleased at his easy victory. “You’re a good bitch cocksucker. I’ll have to keep you in mind when I’m horny.” He laughed and dropped me, after wiping his cock clean on my face, then tossed his jock in the laundry and said, “I better not catch you in here sniffing my shit. If you want to smell me, come get the real thing, and if I’m in a good mood, I might let you and not kick the shit out of you.”

I remained there for a few moments letting my rage and fear wane. Once logic returned to me, I took out a spare vial, collected some of his cum, then washed my face and went back to the lab. I had all I needed to make sure Rick paid. Once back at the lab, I quickly mixed up the two concoctions, after making sure I was bigger, stronger and more aggressive than I had intended to be and Rick would be even smaller, weaker and more passive. I took both home and, before I went to sleep, put Rick’s into a school sports bottle and downed mine.

I knew the process was going to be painful, but the next few days were hell. It felt like the worse case of flu known to man, but I knew that it was just my genetic structure remapping. Thankfully, since I had combined it with my original DNA, my body would not reject the changes. That was the key to the whole procedure succeeding. I discovered that my father’s colleagues missed it in all their trials. Sadly, he would have to figure that out for himself. If I had told him, he might have figured out what I was up to.

After the sick feelings had passed, I went ahead with phase two. I snuck into school again, this time being a lot more careful. I went into the locker room while Rick was in the shower and switched his bottle with the one I had prepared. Ignoring the faint desire to catch a glimpse of his muscular body once again, I went home and thought about how things were going to change.

It wasn’t even a month before I started to see a difference. In less than a week after I recovered, my body sprouted a thick layer of very nice black hair. It covered me from neck down to my chest, along my stomach, into my crotch and down my legs and arms. I knew already that it was working because my father was not a hairy man. There I was though, covered in a layer of fur that outdid even Rick.

Plus, my hunger grew by leaps and bounds. I started to put away two, then three servings of dinner when I barely could eat one. My level of activity increased too. I could barely hold still. I would wake up in the morning and immediately do a few sets of pushups. It started with ten. Then I could do twenty, then the next day, thirty. It kept increasing until a week later I could do a hundred easily. I could feel the changes happening in my body. I was getting stronger and more athletic as each day went by. At the end of the month, my dad bought me an Olympic weight set and I asked him to contact the bodybuilder and powerlifter so I could get some advice. He didn’t see any problem with that, and in a few days, I had all the knowledge I would need to make the best out of my new gifts. They were glad to help, happy to know that I was as interested in their activities as I was in my father’s.

Near the end of the summer, I had grew a foot and a half and increased my weight by almost 150 lbs. I was running every day, learning how to play baseball and football, even powerlifting thanks to visits from my new friend Felix. He was the powerlifter that was in the study and was interested enough in my progress to visit and help. Thanks to him, I was even stronger than I would’ve imagined. I was benching 185 lbs and squatting over 300 one month before school started. Both Felix and I were surprised at my gains. Even with my ‘adjustments’, I would not have guessed I could get so strong so quick. But something wasn’t right. My father wasn’t as surprised I was and I could tell he knew something.

The day I found out why he wasn’t surprised I’ll never forget. I had just came out of the basement with Felix and headed to the fridge. My dad was looking at me as I strode over. I was shocked at how different we looked now and I became concerned with the thought of him catching on. Instead, he greeted me with a smile and asked me to sit down.

“Son, I thought now would be the best time to tell you something important,” he started. I thought it was going to be one of those ‘birds and bees’ talk by how he was rubbing his hands together, but for some reason, it felt a little different. “I thought it would be best if you heard it from me. Steven…” he took a deep calming breath, “your mother and I aren’t your real parents.”

I was almost floored. I slumped in the chair. How could the people who’ve raised me for thirteen years not have told me. He continued, “We thought it would be best to tell you now, seeing as how you’re hitting puberty. I’ve talked with your father and we’ve come to an understanding…” I blanked out after the words ‘talked with your father’.

“My father?”

“Yes Steven. You see, Felix is your biological father.”

My jaw dropped. “You’re kidding me, right?”

“No, I’m telling you the truth. Surely you’ve seen it yourself. You are by far hairier than me, plus you’re half a foot taller than me and still growing. You’ve read the research and you know that it’s highly unlikely that all the differences could come from our gene pool. We knew this day was going to come and now we want you to spend some time with your real father. Your mother and I are glad we could influence your life a bit, but you do need to get to know your dad.”

He got up and walked over to the basement and opened the door. Standing behind it was Felix. Obviously, this was orchestrated from the beginning. “Treat him good or you’ll have me to answer to,” my dad threatened. If I were in a better position, that would’ve made me laugh, but I was lost in my thoughts.

Felix walked over to me and placed his huge hand on my shoulder. I looked up at him and I could see the love and care in his eyes. I knew that I did need to spend time with him. This man was my father just as much as the people I’ve been with for thirteen years. I had to find out what was the reason he felt he couldn’t raise me.

My mother brought me my duffel bag with some clothes and I gave both of them a hug, noticing how different it felt now. I left my house followed by my massive dad, Felix. He led me to his massive Dodge Ram 3500 and I jumped in. He started driving and I stared out the window. A thought came unbidden across my mind that worried me beyond what just happened. All the adjustments I made to my genetic code was taking into account me growing up to be just like my dad normally. If I was going to be as big as Felix naturally, what would I look like with all the improvements I did?

The car ride was uncomfortably silent and long. Felt like an eternity before we pulled up to this log cabin. I was so lost in my thoughts I didn’t realize we were so deep in the woods. He grabbed my duffel bad and led the way in the house, with me following slowly behind him. The place looked massive on the inside and fairly modern compared to its external appearance. I walked in the door and he turned around and placed the bag on the floor.

“So, can I get a hug from my son?” he asked in his gruff voice. I complied with him, feeling his powerful embrace. He let me go and started to speak. “I’m sure you have a ton of questions floating around your head and I promise that I’ll answer them all. I’m sure the first one is ‘Why?’. Let’s sit on the couch and I’ll explain.”

I followed him to a comfortable black leather couch. I sat down and he sat not close to me but not far either. Seems we both had a lot of adjusting to do. “Well,” he began, “to start off, I did try to raise you a bit. Your mother died during childbirth and I kept you for almost a year. But I came to understand that a kid should have a normal family, and I definitely wasn’t that. So, I went to Samuel and asked him to take care of you. He agreed, but he wanted me to be there for you, especially when this time came around. I was informed of everything you did and was really pleased when you were interested in powerlifting like your old man here.”

I saw a tear stream down this big man’s face as he brushed it aside. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you for so many years, but I promise I’ll do as much as I can.” I looked at this guy and knew deep down in my heart for the first time tonight that he was my father. I also broke down into tears and the wall between us disappeared as he quickly slid to me and wrapped me in his powerful arms. He held me in a hug until we both stopped crying.

After our moment of bonding, my dad spoke up, “Well sport, how about some dinner?” I perked up almost immediately and he chuckled, “Yeah, you are definitely my son.” We both laughed at the joke and I followed him into the kitchen. I looked around the place as we walked. This cabin was a true bachelor’s pad. Just what a couple of guys need. No fancy curtains, throw pillows, or china, just a Spartan living environment. For some reason I felt very comfortable here. I guess that was a good thing since I probably was going to be living here.

Felix went to the huge refrigerator and opened the double doors. Inside was the most meat I’ve seen in my entire life. Shelves and shelves of beef and steak was stuffed inside, along with various vegetables. He turned to me and said, “I’m sure you’re going to be serious about getting big, am I right?” I nodded in response. “Good man. Well, I’m going to show you how a real powerlifter eats. Think you can keep up?”

I was about to respond when my stomach roared loudly. I looked down at it while my dad laughed, “I’ll take that as a yes.” My dad retrieved four large steaks and a bag of broccoli out of the fridge. He showed me where all the cooking stuff was and how to operate the grill and veggie cooker. I was mildly surprised at the amount of preparation that was involved in a power lifter’s meal. Around half an hour later, we were dining on the best steak and broccoli I’ve ever had. My dad explained throughout the meal the benefits of nutrition as it pertained to power lifters. I thought I knew a lot, but the depth and scope he went into blew me away. I knew I had a lot more to learn, and now I had a dad that could guide me.

After dinner, he showed me to the guest room, promising me that I would be able to get whatever I wanted in it later. It was bigger than my old room and had a nice size king bed with a set of plain white sheets and a wool blanket. Again, nothing fancy in the room, some oak furniture and a desk and chair was all that was in the room. He gave me a huge hug that lifted me off the floor, powerful and firm, and wished me a good night.

I got dressed and jumped in the bed. It was quite comfortable. It was fairly firm, but had enough give and I was relaxed fairly quickly. But my mind wouldn’t let me sleep. Instead, I was going over the events of the day. From one family that I loved to a man that I had respected, adored and was attracted to. Still, the biggest thing that was on my mind was the future. I had not prepared for something as wild as this. I probably should’ve made sure my genes matched my father’s. But now I know my lineage is that of a 6’6’’ 350lb former world class powerlifter. Now, where would that leave me. I knew I was going to be huge, not just because of the training my new dad was giving me, but because of the knowledge my old dad left me with. My genes were probably the most advanced thing on the planet. If I were destined to be a little geeky guy when I grew up, my genetic modifications would’ve let me be as big as my new father. But that’s not the case. Instead, my potential is virtually unlimited. I couldn’t even fathom how big I was going to end up. It was quite possible that I would never stop growing. A titanic muscle monster, the largest and strongest man ever, it was all possibly in my reach.

A couple of hours later, Morpheus was still eluding me, so I decided to get up and get a glass of water. The wood floor beneath my socked feet didn’t creak at all as I slowly made my way back to the kitchen. I was quiet because it had to be around midnight and I didn’t want to wake up my dad. A man that big though must sleep like a Kodiak bear though I thought to myself as I rounded the corner into the main area. As I approached, I noticed the warm lights of a television and a low murmur. When I turned the corner, I saw something that shocked and amazed me.

My dad was watching porn, not just any porn, but gay porn. He was stretched out on the couch with his head toward me. I could gaze down his huge body, over his thick pecs, down his hairy belly and saw him working his meat like an expert as the guys on the T.V. went at it. The hairy and muscular top was working on pounding his smaller partner’s ass like a sledgehammer. The volume was cut down low, but you could still hear the slapping of the big guy’s nut sack against the tight ass of the little guy. I could hear my dad moaning softly as he slid his meaty hand up and down his cock and I started to get hard in my boxer shorts. I shifted my weight to lean against the doorframe so I could get more comfortable and was about to pull out my cock when the floor groaned loudly. My dad jumped up and turned quickly to see me standing in the doorway and he fumbled for the remote.

“Um son! I..uh..I didn’t know you were awake!” he panicked as he pushed a button on the remote. But instead of turning the T.V. off, it went to max volume and the room was filled with the sounds of fucking. My dad’s jaw dropped and I couldn’t help but laugh. He calmed down and pressed the pause button, freezing the two muscle guys in mid orgasm.

“That’s quite an interesting video you’re watching dad,” I joked.

“Um…well, you know…I…um,” he stumbled. Then taking a deep breath, he sat back down and motioned for me to come over. I walked over, noticing how large his cock looked even soft. “Well, I knew I was going to have to tell you this sometime, but I wasn’t expecting this conversation would be preceded with this,” he waved at the big screen as I sat down.

“I am a bear, son, I’m gay,” he muttered as he slid back down on the couch. “I’m hoping it doesn’t bother you too much, but I can understand if you aren’t comfortable with it.”

I chuckled and responded, “It’s ok dad, I think I’m bisexual myself. I enjoy a beautiful woman, but those two on the TV are hot as well.”

He exhaled deeply and relaxed a bit, “Whew, I’m glad to hear that. I thought that this was going to be a lot weirder and more uncomfortable. So, when did you realize it?”

“Well, a couple of years ago,” I started, remembering the malice I felt but biting it back, “I met this guy that hit me in a way women didn’t. He had the muscle and the ruggedness and was attractive to me just like a beautiful woman.”

My dad nodded a bit and replied, “So, did you ever…you know?”

I recoiled, “Hell no dad, I’m still a virgin. Besides, this guy would pound me to a pulp for a lot less than hitting on him.” I could tell my voice had a bit more bile than I intended, but it was too late to take it back.

My dad, thankfully, didn’t press the matter. “I found out after your mother died. I loved her so much and when she died, I thought I would never love again. Women didn’t appeal to me much any more. Sure, some were sexy and I kinda lusted after them, but it wasn’t love. In the end, it was a guy like that,” he pointed to the small guy on the screen “that showed me I still could love a person. I’m like you, I can appreciate a beautiful woman, but now I know that I love being with a guy that is furry and powerful like me. There’s something about the bear foreplay. The wrestling for dominance, the feel of muscle against muscle and then the ultimate conquest followed by hard, hot and rough fucking that appeals to me so much.”

I could see his cock rising as he spoke, and mine was too. It was kinda weird, sitting with my dad, getting a boner, but for some reason, I didn’t feel as self-conscious as I thought I would have been. My dad looked at me in the glow of the T.V. and obviously saw my arousal. “Looks like you need to take care of something. I’ll leave ya alone to handle it.”

He started to get up but I stopped him, “Umm, I wouldn’t mind you sticking around. Maybe you could show me some techniques.” I might have blushed also.

Felix smiled and sat back down. I slipped out of my shirt and boxers and stood up before him. He smiled and said, “Looking real good there boy. You are getting a pretty good build so far, and you’re barely 15.” I nodded in response. “And look at that tool you’re sporting. You’re even bigger than I was when I was your age.”

“How big are you now dad?” I had to ask. It was almost unrealistically thick and long.

“The big boy here is a twelve-by-eight incher. Needless to say I was quite popular when I was young.”

I sat down next to him and slowly reached my hand out. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I felt the need to just touch it. My hand cautiously wrapped around his throbbing member and I looked up to see my dad smiling. “It’s ok boy, in here, we’re just two guys helping each other out.”

My grip tightened around his hard cock. It was an amazing sensation, the feel of this huge man’s thick cock. It felt similar to mine except he had a few inches on me. Then I felt his hand on mine. I gasped aloud. My dad was an expert. His hands were rough from all the lifting he did, but it only added to the sensations. He grabbed the remote, resumed the porn and turned the volume to normal.

We jerked each other off that night while watching his bear porn. Seems it was a wrestling video. I had to agree with my dad that it was very hot. My favorite scene was between two equally large bears. Just them standing there in their tight jeans, one holding the other in a massive bear hug and commanding the other to surrender, before dropping him and rolling around on the ground was amazingly sexy. I could feel my dad’s cock expand as his breathing got deeper. He was getting close just like I was. “C’mon son, let’s blow together. Tell me when you’re ‘bout to come.”

His hand started to move faster, stroking the head of my penis. I matched him stroke for stroke as he expertly jerked me off. Soon, I was approaching the edge. I panted out how close I was and he said, “Shoot it for me boy, shoot a huge load.”

I arched my back and released. I could feel my balls empty and I felt the best orgasm I’ve ever experienced. My dad shot at the same time, and I could see it spurt into the air just like mine. Almost simultaneously, our spunk fell down to our chests and spread slowly around. Then the second and third shots rained down on us. I felt my dad’s cock pulse in my hand as it spit his remaining jizz. It felt like an eternity in those few moments; me sitting there with my hand on my dad’s cock, his hand on mine, and both of us covered in warm cum. He reached over, rubbed my cum into my chest a bit, then took his hand, rubbed his and my cum into his furry chest, then rubbed my chest with the mix.

“That was great dad, I loved it,” I said after I recovered a bit.

“Yeah, you’re a little machine. Those balls of yours were full of spunk, but I think we need to shower now.” He stood up and reached out for me. I took his hand with confidence as he pulled me up into another massive bear hug. I enjoyed this man’s hugs more than anything. He led me to the master bathroom and handed me a towel and washcloth. He turned to leave and I asked, “Aren’t you going to take one too?”

He smiled and said, “Yeah, right after you finished.”

In what I considered a bold statement, I replied, “There’s plenty of room for both of us in here.” He smiled then came in the shower with me. He stood behind me and pressed his huge body against mine as he turned on the water. I felt his fur caressing my back as the warm water cascaded down us. He grabbed a cloth and a bar of soap and started to lather me up, holding me in a half hug as he washed the both of us. It was an amazing experience. I never knew a shower could be so sensual. I was falling so deeply for my dad and I could tell he felt something about me. We might not ever have sex, but moments like these were certainly in our reach.

I washed his huge furry body, flicking his nipples and rubbing his swollen muscles. He moaned softly as I worshipped his huge body, then returned the favor. After a half hour of this, we got out, wrapped ourselves in a large, wooly towel. Quickly drying ourselves, we went into his bedroom. I was about to leave and head back to my room, but he held me on the shoulders and said, “Do you want to sleep here?”

I smiled and said, “I’d love to dad.”

He led me to the bed and picked me up and placed me in it, then followed. He snuggled close to me, placed his huge arm around me like a shield and covered both of us in a wool blanket. I pushed myself closer to his warm body and quickly fell asleep, wrapped in his powerful embrace.

The next morning I awoke to find my dad’s huge cock working its way into my back. I reached back, grabbed it with my hand, and squeezed it, eliciting a moan from my father. He slowly woke up and smiled at me. “You better have something in mind if you plan on waking him up,” he said with laughter in his voice. I started to stroke it harder, but he stopped me. “As much as I would enjoy it, we have some work to do. We have to lift and eat before any fun.”

I moaned my disapproval and he patted my head, “Don’t worry son, it’ll be worth it when you’re big like your dad. He swatted my bare ass and rushed me out of the bed, towards a day of hard lifting and muscle building.

That’s how the last month of my summer went. We grew to become more than father and son and more than just friends. We had a bond that was indescribable. The love we felt for each was so amazing and by far the deepest connection I’ve ever felt. Each day, we lifted, ate, and enjoyed each other’s company. Sometimes we would walk in the woods, enjoying nature, other times we would sit on the couch with me wrapped in his arms. Some people might not have understood, but we loved each other as much as any couple could.

Summer ended with me approaching 6’4” and 190 lbs, a far cry from my former 4’8” 80lbs self. I didn’t have a six pack or anything, but my stomach was mostly flat and hard as rock. I was growing a beard that needed me to shave every day if I didn’t want to look like my dad. My body hair was amazing also. It was jet black and poked out through my collar. Thick and curly, it spread over my chest, down my stomach and around my arms. Thankfully, it wasn’t too thick on my back, but a layer did cover it. I was getting bigger and stronger every week, thanks to my father. Plus, he trained me in ‘other’ subjects that I planned on using. Everything from sports to how best to top a guy was in my range of teaching.

We went shopping for clothes and I let him pick out everything. I didn’t mind in the least letting my father decide what to wear, mainly because I knew he would dress me well. And I was right. We ended up going to a leather shop inside this bear bar. While I wouldn’t be allowed there at night, during the day was fine for our purposes. My dad bought me all kinds of leather gear, some suitable for school, some definitely for play. When I came out of the dressing room with a pair of leather chaps, a mesh jock and a leather harness on, I got woofs from not only my dad, but the store owner and his assistant.

My dad walked up to me, still a lot bigger than me and grabbed me in a hug and a powerful kiss, “Damn, my son is a hot mother fucker.”

“It’s all because of you dad, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you,” I said while hugging him back with all my strength.

We finished trying on clothes and the store owner asked us to come in later to pose for some pictures. He said that we were the best looking daddy and son bears that have ever come into his shop. He offered our clothing free of charge if we posed for some pictures for his catalog. We agreed and set a time for later in the week.

The photo shoot went well. But all that leather and bear muscle was a bit too much for him, and it eventually turned into an orgy with my dad fucking him as he sucked my cock. While it felt amazing, I kinda envied the shop owner because he was getting fucked by my dad’s huge ramrod. After fucking the shopkeeper to exhaustion, then waiting for him to wake up, he offered us a deal that we would get any new leather gear free as long as we posed in it for him and his catalog. We growled seductively at him and agreed.

Finally, the day I was waiting for arrived, the first day of school. I decided to wear my dad’s favorite outfit: a sleeveless Underarmor shirt, a pair of black leather pants, combat boots and a pair of chrome shades. We were almost late because of how hot it made my dad. But we got their in one piece, albeit hard and horny.

Not a single person recognized me at my school. Everyone thought I was a new student until my remaining friends heard me answer the roll call. Then I was bombarded with stuff like ‘What happened to you?’ and ‘You can’t be real!’ and the like. But I pulled out my wallet and showed them what happened over the last three months and, while still surprised, they started to believe and congratulate me.

Rick wasn’t in any of my morning classes I found out, but I was almost positive we would be in the same gym class again. I wasn’t sure of what to expect. The waiting was torture as I glided effortlessly through the day. I was amazed at the ease maneuvering was now compared to when I was a smaller guy. Plus the looks I got from both guys and girls was thrilling. It was as if everyone knew that I was turning into an alpha male. But this alpha was different than guys like Rick. I was never going to flaunt my status. I didn’t forget my friends even when the jocks asked me to sit with them at lunch. It kinda saddened me that I wouldn’t be able to help them like I helped myself, but at least me hanging out with them would raise them a couple of ranks in the social ladder.

Finally, the moment I had been waiting for all day had arrived. I raced to the locker room, stripped down to my jock strap, and waited. I watched as the guys filtered in and caught a glimpse of me. I could tell by how they were looking at me that some of them were indifferent, some of them were envious, and some were aroused. But I didn’t see Rick come in. Either he didn’t show up, he had changed so dramatically that I didn’t recognize him, or he didn’t have the same gym class as me. Only one way to be sure though. I put on my tank top and gym shorts and headed out to the gym floor.

The coach was the same guy that rescued us from the laundry so long ago. I smiled because he didn’t recognize me either. He got to my name and when he heard my baritone respond, he looked up and his eyes bulged out.

“Steven? Boy, you sure did shoot up and fill out over the summer. I expect to see you at football tryouts,” he said with an authoritative tone. I was personally surprised that he remembered me, but then it was always said that the coach cared about everyone, even if they didn’t play. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Rick’s name and a shrill voice responded? I turned to look down the line to see the new Rick.

He had shrunk a good bit since the last time I saw him. During the summer, he was 5’10’’ and almost 200 lbs, but now he was 5’5’’ and maybe 125. Coach looked at him with a raised eyebrow and said, “What happened to ya boy?”

“I got sick during the summer. Was in bed for a month. Doctor said I should be getting better but he can’t figure out why I’m getting shorter.”

I couldn’t help but smirk. The genetic modifications were working well, so well that nothing even showed up when he went to the doctor. And this was only the beginning.

After roll was called, coach had us run around the indoor track five times. Last year, this would always tire me out after the third lap, but this time, my pace was increasing until I lapped half of the class. I smiled as I noticed Rick near the back of the pack, panting heavily. I ran backwards a little and said, “What’s wrong Rick, this is easy stuff.”

He panted harder as he tried to respond, but I turned around and sprinted the final lap, coming to a stop next to the coach. He patted me on the shoulder and said, “Good job, quite a turn around from last year.”

I smiled at him and said, “Thanks coach, my dad had a lot to with my turn around.”

“I’m glad. It’s always a good thing to see a kid come into his own.” He squeezed my shoulder slightly, looking at me with approval in his eyes. “Now, you’re going to play football this year right? I’m sure we can use you as a running back.”

I smiled and responded, “I’ll probably play as long as it doesn’t interfere with my lifting. I plan on getting a lot bigger coach. I’m going to follow in his footsteps.”

“But isn’t your dad a scientist? He didn’t look anywhere near your size last time I saw him.” Again, coach shocked me that he remembered my parents. I smiled; this man truly did care about his students. My respect for him grew a ton.

“I found out over the summer that he was just my adopted parents. My father is really Felix Fidelibus.”

“You’re kidding me? You’re old Bus’s son?!” coach exclaimed.


“Oh man, if you’re really Bus’s son, I expect a lot from you.”

“What are you talking about coach?

“I’ll explain later, just meet me for football tryouts and I’ll fill ya in. Damn, Felix Fidelibus’s son right under my nose.”

I wanted to continue the conversation, but coach shooed me back into line for class. As I was walking back, I noticed Rick about to collapse, just like my friends were last year. It made me feel good to see him suffering like that.

The rest of gym went by fairly quick. All we did was a bit of calisthenics. Of course, I breezed through them while Rick struggled. It was a delicious reversal of fortune. I don’t think Rick even realized how much he lost until that day. Sadly, I didn’t have time to gloat as much because class ended fairly quickly and I had to get to my last class of the day. Thankfully though, that wouldn’t be the last time I saw Rick.

That afternoon, football tryouts were to start at five. I didn’t have enough time to go home and come back, so I decided to hit the gym. I went to the locker room, changed back into my gym clothes and headed to the gym. But as I walked into the gym, I was greeted with the best sight I could’ve imagined outside of a muscle bear orgy.

Rick was lying on the bench struggling with 65 lbs. The amount of effort that he was giving it was tremendous, but his new muscles refused to respond and lift the weight. He racked the bar and laid there, wondering what was wrong with him. I then strode in the main area. He sat up to look at me and I gave him an arrogant smile. I then walked causally to a nearby bench, making sure to keep his attention. I wanted to see if the last part of his adjustment had took hold, so I was doing my best to be teasing yet casual.

I put two 45’s on each side and started to stretch. I kept glancing at the mirror to see if he was looking, and sure enough, he was staring at me. I’m sure the tight gym shorts and sleeveless shirt had a lot to do with it, but I was almost sure that he was gay now. But I continued acting like I didn’t notice. I slowly laid on the bench and did a flawless set of presses, the 225 pounds being my warm up weight since I’ve been working with my dad. I sat back up and glanced Rick’s way. I noticed his eyes were fixated on me, more specifically my building muscle. I smiled and said, “Hey Rick, why don’t you come help me out?”

Rick snapped out of his trance and stumbled over to my bench. I could see the beginnings of a hard-on and decided to press the situation. “Put some 25’s on here,” I ordered. I smiled inside when I saw him snap to attention and obey instantly. “Yes, everything’s going perfectly,” I thought to myself.

After he put the weight on the bar, with a little difficulty, he stood off to the side. “How are you going to spot me from way over there?” I questioned him. He muttered a quick “Sorry” and moved into position. I laid back down and did another set. I kept my eyes on him the whole time as he watched my chest work against the weight. After thirteen reps, I racked the weight and sat back up. Rick was mesmerized. I smiled coyly at him and he quickly turned away, blushing. I looked at the clock and saw I still had about 30 minutes before people would be coming in for football tryouts. So, to taunt Rick some more, I went through a quick chest workout, making Rick change out the weights. I constantly tossed in comments like, “I need something a little heavier” or “This is how a real man lifts.” I enjoyed the looks of desire I got from him, but he was still fighting his new tendencies.

Finally, it was getting close to time for tryouts and I had to get ready for football. I ordered Rick to clean up and he obeyed without even thinking. I smiled to myself thinking of how submissive he had become and headed up to the field to warm up some more before the rest of the guys got there. Coach was already there even though it was twenty minutes before tryouts were to begin. He spotted me and called me over. I trotted up to him and he smiled, “God boy, you remind me so much of Bus. Always working hard to get better. I knew you would be here early but damn if you weren’t already pounding away in the weight room.”

“How do you know my father?” I wondered aloud.

“Follow me.” He led me back into the weight room, then to his office. Once in there, he closed the door and sat at his desk. I sat down opposite of him and he reached into a drawer and pulled out an old yearbook. He opened it to the teams sport section and turned it to me. Pointing at it, he said, “This was me, and this was ol’ Bus. We were both defensive linemen way back in the day. Your dad was like unstoppable back then. He was about a couple of inches taller but he was like 280lbs. He could run through almost anyone. I was about 220 back then and I was good, but your dad was the man. Our defense was crazy for the four years we played. You’re a lot like him. I can tell you’re a natural athlete and a hella hard worker. I’m really expecting a lot from ya. And just so you know, I’m going to push you a lot harder than these other kids. Don’t take it personally, but I doubt they could handle it, and knowing your old man, you’re used to it by now.”

I smiled and reached out my hand, “You got a deal coach. Push me as hard as you want to. I’ll take all you got and come back for more.”

He laughed heartily, took my hand in his, and shook it mightily. “Deal,” he said. “Now I want ten laps around the track. Move your ass!”

I laughed as I got up and he slapped me on the ass and chased me out. I went to the track and started my laps only to find that Coach was right along side me. “Oh, by the way, if I beat you, that’s ten more laps,” he chuckled.

“You’re on coach!” I responded with a huge grin on my face. I picked up my pace a little and found that Coach was keeping up. Then he would pick up his pace and force me to catch up. This kept going on until the last lap where we were sprinting. I beat him by a few inches and he patted me on the shoulder. “Good going son, I knew I was right about you.”

I was slightly out of breath, but beaming at the praise he was giving me. “Now, we got about five minutes before we start and people should be coming. I want pushups ‘till then. Show these guys that you’re serious.

I growled in approval and dropped to the ground and started pumping out pushups as people started coming in. I could tell Coach was proud of my endurance and determination. I felt like I was a show piece for him as he called a few of the guys that came around ‘lazy asses’ and that they should be working hard just like me. It made me feel good.

After everyone arrived, Coach took them through a warm-up, telling me to catch my breath a bit. After the warm ups, Coach split up the field. He had the guys trying for quarterback, running backs and kickers to move to one area, defensive backs and ends to one area and linemen in a third. But I didn’t move.

Coach came up to me, “What’s wrong Jr. Bus?” I was about to respond, but the name ‘Jr. Bus’ stunned me.

“Junior Bus?”

“Yeah, that’s you. At least you’ll be that in my eyes.”

“Thanks Coach.”

“Now, why aren’t you over there with the qbs?”

“Oh that. Well Coach, I wanted to do both running back and the position my dad played.”

“Shit man, you wanna run both sides? Fuck, I thought you were good, but if you can pull this off, damn!”

“So can I try?”

“Fuck yeah kid, let’s see how it goes. Do running back first, then after you finish, trot your ass on over to the linemen.”

“Yes sir!” I shouted as I ran over to the offense tryouts. A couple of hours later, I had passed both tryouts with flying colors and was still full of energy when all was said and done. Coach pulled me to the side as I was heading to the locker room.

“You did great out there today. I know I’m not going to be disappointed in you these next four years you’re playing. Good thing you came along. We lost a couple of people I was hoping would play this year. Oh well, doubt they would’ve been as good as you.”

I blushed a bit as he continued, “I want you to talk to Bus and see if he will volunteer to be the defensive line coach. If I had knew he was still around, I would’ve asked myself. Also, tell that big lug that we need to hit up a bar sometime and catch up.”

I nodded and continued back to the shower. After cleaning up real quick, I headed to wait for my dad. He arrived right on time and I hopped into his bear-sized truck. As we were driving away, I noticed a small figure in the shadows watching us drive away and realized it was Rick. I smiled to myself as the truck roared away from the school.

My dad agreed to become a volunteer coach. He said that he owed it to Coach, plus he could really help me follow in his footsteps. In addition, it would save us time since we could just hit the weight room right after school.

Every day after that day was amazing. I was pushed hard on the field and in the gym by Coach and dad. But the harder they pushed, the stronger I felt. I never tired of their training. I wanted it all bad. I knew that it all would help me grow stronger, and it did. I was constantly growing, swelling with new muscle almost every week. By the end of our undefeated season, I was a starter on both sides, and I was close to 250 lbs of hard bear muscle. My chest and shoulders were getting so wide I had to have special pads shipped in. I could curl over 200 lbs for reps. I was squatting 500 lbs with my dad. All his powerlifting training was doing great things for my body. I was becoming a titan in the gym; fifteen years old and out lifting everyone else. I got a little resentment from some of the guys, but it was all in jest. I was a hard worker and everyone saw it.

Before the semi-finals of our season, I was in the weight room as usual. Dad was going to be at the game tonight, so I decided to stay at the school and hit the iron again. Again, I found Rick in there. I never saw him at school anymore, nor did I see him in the gym when anyone was around, but I knew he was here often, trying to lift. By now, while I had grown to 6’6’’, he had shrunk to 5’1’’ and weighted no more than 70lbs. I also heard that he was doing amazingly well in his classes now that he wasn’t playing sports, to the point where he was an honor roll student. He immediately froze when he heard my 250 lb bulk thunder into the room.

Rick scrambled away from the bar that had no weight on it. I smirked as I knew he was having difficulty benching 45lbs when I was doing around 300. But instead of the bench, I went to the dumbbells. I picked up the hundreds and stood slightly akimbo. Smiling, I started cranking out the reps, glancing every now and again to catch Rick staring at me with his mouth wide open.

“You seem to like what you see Rick,” I started. He blushed a bit more as I continued my monologue. “Boy, I don’t have anything to do for an hour while I wait for the game to start. I think I’ll go sit in the locker room for a while. Get out of these clothes for a bit and relax. I don’t think anyone’s in there to bother me either. Just me all by myself in my jock strap.”

I racked the weights and then stretched, making sure to flex all my muscles before walking out of the weight room. I did as I said and went to the locker room, stripped down to my jock strap, laid on a bench, and closed my eyes. Around five minutes later, I heard the door open and a pair of soft feet walk in. I didn’t even bother opening my eyes as I knew who it was. He stopped near me and I could hear his heavy breathing. I locked my hands behind my head and flexed my biceps. He gasped aloud and I chuckled. “Enough playing,” I said to myself as I opened my eyes. Rick was standing there, still entranced with my physique. I stood to my full height and looked down on him. “What are you doing?” I growled at him. He stammered and backed up, obviously scared of the sudden turn of events. “Were you watching me? Of course you were. You’re just a little faggot that wants to see how a real man looks. Aren’t ya?”

He was frozen in fear. I’m sure he was remembering a similar situation that happened months ago. I grabbed him by the shoulder and pinned him against the wall. “You used to be so big and bad. Now look at you. Just a little faggot. I bet you just want to suck my cock don’t you,” I said with as much malice as I could conjure. I slipped my jock strap under my balls and pushed my cock forward a bit. It had grown to about nine inches since the summer, but still a far cry from my dad’s weapon. I released him from my grip and said, “I’m not even going to force you to suck it. I know you can’t resist this huge cock.” I took my free hand and stroked it a little, causing blood to start rushing into it. Rick’s eyes widened as my beast woke up. He turned and ran a little towards the door, but stopped. He looked back, then out the door, and back at me again. He sighed and slowly walked back to me.

“On your knees bitch!” I ordered when he approached me. He slowly dropped to his knees as my ramrod reached full mast. “Well bitch, what do you want?”

“I want your cock,” he whispered.

I took my steel-like meat and slapped him across the face with it. It left a red mark on his right cheek as I roared, “You will refer to me as sir when you speak to me!”

He shuddered and crumpled a little before responding, “Yes sir.”

I smiled and repeated my question, “I didn’t hear you. What do you want?”

“I want to have your cock sir,” he muttered.

“Speak up!” I yelled.

“I want to have your cock sir!” he answered back.

“You want this cock to fill your mouth, don’t you,” I said. “You want me to fuck your mouth and shoot my hot load down your throat, don’t you bitch?”

“Yes sir, I need to feel your meat in my mouth and your seed in my belly,” he responded partly aroused, partly broken. That’s when I knew I had him where I wanted him.

I got closer to him and slapped him a few more times with my cock and watched him try to get a taste of it as it flew by. Then I grabbed him by his ears and shoved the length of my cock into his mouth. He gagged a couple of times before I slid it out partially. “You better swallow this meat or it’ll choke you, bitch. Learn to suck my cock properly, or else!” I threatened as I pounded my stiff pole into his mouth. I felt his throat close up slightly, but my cock and thrusting was hundreds of times more powerful than his weak throat. Eventually, it opened up and allowed me to shove the entire length into his maw. My balls were flush against his chin and I stopped to allow him to become accustomed to the feeling.

Then I started fucking his mouth. I used every bit of leverage I could get to slam my cock into his throat. His eyes were watering from the force of my thrusts, but I was relentless. I put every ounce of my anger and resentment into my brutal face fucking. I tugged on his ears and slammed my crotch into his face repeatedly as my cock worked its way into his throat. Finally, after about fifteen minutes of my pleasure, I tensed up and emptied a huge load down his throat. The first and second shots fired directly down his throat. The third, fourth and fifth shots filled his mouth completely. When I had stopped shooting, I pulled out my still thick cock and wiped it clean on his face as he swallowed my load. “You’re mine now bitch. I own you, and don’t you ever forget it,” I snarled at him. “Now get out of here, I have to get ready for football. I might let you have some more of this some other day. You’re a decent cocksucker.”

I pulled up my jock and stuffed my cock back into the pouch as Rick trudged out of the locker room. A smile crept across my face as I thought about how humiliated he was feeling. Oh, the delicious irony, forced to suck the cock of the kid you teased not a year ago, and liking it. Oh yes, he liked it. Even through the humiliation, I could tell he was going to come back begging for some more.

And he did. After that day, he began a ritual. Before every game, he would wait for me in the locker room. He would get on his knees and beg me to shove my meat into his mouth. I would humiliate him a bit, then fuck his throat mercilessly. He was completely submissive to me and served well as my personal slut.

At home, life got even better as I grew and grew. My dad and I got to the point where we finally fucked each other. We ended up wrestling for dominance, and he won first. He rammed his thick cock into my ass and it was the best feeling I’ve ever experienced. He fucked me for an hour before shooting his creamy load up my ass. Then I returned the favor by wrestling him to the ground, pinning him and topping him with my equally huge cock. Then we showered and made love in his bed, us wrapped in each other’s arms, embracing, cuddling and kissing.

So, that brings us to today. Now I’m 18 years old. I stand over seven feet tall and I’m 350 lbs of rock hard powerlifting bear muscle. I hold every weightlifting, rushing and sack record at the school. Coach is really sad to see me go, but I promised I would visit to help inspire the team.

My dad and I are still lovers and friends, even more so than when I was young. We work out harder than ever, redefining our bodies constantly. He’s put on some extra muscle himself and we’re getting ready to shoot our own wrestling movie. We’ve got a waiting list already made after putting up our site and showing some amateur wrestling. We go out to the bear and leather bars and are the most popular guys there. It’s kinda weird being able to look down at my dad, but the man is still the most beautiful and powerful bear I’ve seen. We still get requests for bear magazines and catalogs. We even have a line of bear wear that is based on us for the powerlifting bear. I have to get most of my leather custom made, but all the leather crafters fight over the honor. Even now it makes me blush.

Rick is still my slave. He turned into a straight A student and has vowed he would attend whatever school I went to. He still sucks cock better than anyone I know, even taking my 13 inch monster down his throat. He never even thinks about how all this has happened, and I never plan on telling him.

My former family is still doing well. I visit them every so often. I find it amusing seeing as I can barely fit in the house and they almost break their necks looking up at me and their jaws hit the floor when they catch a glimpse of my muscles. I plan to repay their kindness when I go pro. I owe them a lot, more than they would ever know.

Several colleges, the NBA, the NFL, the Wielder Company, and others are actively recruiting me. Everyone is saying that I’m the biggest muscle guy they’ve ever seen. And I feel that I’m only going to get bigger.