Tow Truck

It was days like this that I hated my job. As the lead technician and the only one who knew the company’s software in and out, it was expected of me to handle all the troubleshooting whenever problems came up. The only problem is, the company had offices all over the state. So, yours truly was the lucky one who had to drive all over the place whenever someone did something stupid and deleted a database or if someone was promoted and no one knew how to enter information anymore.

Everything was going well for the most part until I got on the final leg of my trip. Returning home, I hit the interstate and quickly got to max speed. My car was an old, beat up Volvo, but I owned it for so long, I didn’t want to get a new one. The air conditioning didn’t work too well, but as long as I could go 75 miles an hour down the road with the windows down, I was good enough. The day was a scorcher though. Even at full speed, the heat was still affecting me so I knew it had to be a good 100 degrees plus.

Then the worst thing that could happen did. A tractor trailer in front of me had one of its tires shred and fly back at me. I had enough time to swerve and miss most if it, but one huge chunk of it landed under my right side. I cringed as I hit the rubber and I knew almost instantly that something was going to break. Sure enough, I could hear the thud of a couple of flats and some other noises that I knew were nothing good. Quickly, I pulled over to the side of the road and got out to look.

The heat from the pavement slapped me in the face as I looked at my tires. Both were shot to hell. In addition to that, there were marks all over the car and the muffler looked like it got hit good. I muttered under my breath at my bad luck and went to my glove box. I swore that I was going to demand that they do something so I wouldn’t have to drive all over the place again as I got out my AAA card.

The lady on the phone had some decent news as she took my information. Seems there was tow shop fairly close and it would only take them ten minutes to get to me. She told me to stay with the car and someone would be with me as soon as possible.

The wait was horrible though. Sitting in an old car, baking in what felt like 120 degree sunlight in the middle of a summer afternoon did nothing for my mood. I was constantly wiping my brow with my t-shirt and had already taken off everything I could to stay cool. I sat there, counting the minutes, hoping the truck would get there as soon as possible. I knew I would have to get a rental car and my car would probably be in the shop for a while. I muttered constantly about my bad luck when I finally saw the tow truck pull up behind me. I looked down at my watch and saw he was over fifteen minutes late. Feeling frustrated beyond belief, I was preparing to chew him out about how I had to suffer in the heat. That is, I was until I saw him get out of his truck.

This man was, for a lack of a better word, huge. He stepped down from the cab of his vehicle and I was awestruck. The man had to have been 6’6” and over 300 lbs easy. He was wearing a pair of coveralls that most mechanics wear, but I’ve never seen anyone make them look so sexy. He was practically bursting from his clothes. The front zipper was only pulled up halfway up his massive torso. From what it looked like, he wouldn’t be able to completely zip it up even if he wanted to. His shoulders and chest were so huge that they pulled at his clothing. I could see that he was obviously working hard that day because I could see the dirt, grime and sweat on his clothing and hands. Speaking of his hands, they were also wonderful. They fit him so well; meaty and huge with thick fingers. Then I glanced at his face and cursed under my breath. He had such a handsome face, I would’ve killed to look like him. His eyes were squinting in the bright sunlight, but even like that, it was still wondrous. He had a full beard of black hair with some grey sprinkled. It ran down his neck, which had to be bigger than my arms, down to his chest and, hopefully, everywhere else. In short, he was a walking fantasy for a guy like me who loved big muscle daddies.

He walked up to my car with a walk that looked like pure sex to me. His quads were so meaty that they rolled around each other, a sign of a truly huge man. He got to my window and stood there for just a moment, allowing me to catch a quick glimpse of his package. The sight of it nearly knocked me out. He was obviously wearing something under the coveralls, but I still could clearly see the outline of something huge. It was as if someone rolled up a few pairs of socks and stuffed them into his briefs. I had to stop myself from reaching out and touching it. Fortunately, or unfortunately, he leaned over and said, “Got some car troubles?”

I almost creamed myself. His voice was to my ears what water was to a dying man. I could have died right there and been happy after hearing him speak. It was such a masculine, powerful voice, but it also had an essence of comfort and gentleness in it. And it was so deep it made the baritones in my local gay choir sound like altos. I couldn’t say anything back to him so I just nodded. He continued, “You’re sweating like a pig. Why are you just sitting there without running the a c?”

I weakly replied, “Doesn’t work” and he smiled.

“Well man, how bout you go hop in my truck while I see what I can do about your car.” He gave me another smile that made me melt and went backed away from the door. I slowly got out of the car, trying to adjust my raging hard-on before he could notice. But I somewhat unsuccessful as I noticed how much he towered over me. As I stood near him, I felt miniscule compared to his massive body. At this range, I could see how strong and powerful he looked. It wasn’t the type of body you built in a gym. His muscles were huge from hard work. He might not have had the definition of a body builder, but his mass and size, combined with the beautiful chest hair he had, made him sexier than any pro I’ve ever saw.

As he walked around my car, I followed like a lost puppy, mesmerized by his muscular ass and the unearthly legs that threatened to burst free from his coveralls. I sighed to myself in lust and went to his truck. The thought of jerking my cock once I was in private flashed through my head, but I pushed it away out of fear this monster might come and catch me. So, I sat there and watched him work. It was great. He was obviously a lot stronger than I thought. He stood next to the car, and with one massive hand on the side, tilted it upwards a few inches off the ground. His brow furrowed and he gently let the car return to the ground. He started to walk back to the truck and I tried to make it seem that I wasn’t looking. He knocked on the window and I opened the door. “Hey man, can you pop your trunk real quick. I wanna grab your jack.”

I nodded and handed him my keys. He flashed me that smile again and I melted. He quickly closed the door, leaving me to cool in his wonderful ac and went back to my car. He opened the trunk and looked inside, moving various things around before finally getting the jack out. I was slightly embarrassed at the disarray my vehicle was in, but it was far too late. With the skill and speed of an expert, he had the car jacked and was under it looking at various things.

He got off the ground and lowered the jack, then dusted his back off. I moaned at the sight of how the tight fabric moved along his beautiful butt. The coveralls were beginning to become soaked with sweat, and with that, I could see his body better. I saw through the moist fabric some of the beefiest arms I had ever seen in my life. If I didn’t see the muscle through top, I would’ve thought he had footballs shoved in his sleeves. I drank in the utter splendor of his body as he slowly walked over to his side of the truck and got in.

“Well, I got some bad news for ya kid, that car ain’t going nowhere for a while. I’m going to haffa call a flat bed from the shop to come and pick it up. You’re welcome to wait in here with me. I don’t know how long it’s going to take though.”

I nodded and replied solemnly, “That’s ok, I don’t have anywhere to be.” In truth though, I couldn’t have been happier. Every moment I could spend with this monster of a man was a moment well used. He got on his radio and called his shop. I couldn’t understand what was being said except for one part about it being thirty minutes before someone got to us.

He put the mic back on its stand and told me what I already knew. He then lowered the zipper on his coveralls slightly to allow more of his massive chest to be exposed to the full blast of cool air coming from the vents.

“This is great man. If you didn’t have this great truck, I’d have to be sitting in that furnace of a car of mine. I don’t know how to thank you man.” I said as I stared at his huge chest heaving up and down as he breathed.

He turned to me and said, “I know of a way that you can thank me.” I glanced up at his face, seeing a mischievous grin. He then looked down toward his crotch, then back at me and grinned again. I sat there dumbfounded as he did the motion with his head again. “I saw the magazines in the back of your trunk. I bet you love guys my size.”

I was about to deny everything, trying to think of a way out of this situation, but he continued, “Don’t worry man, I’m not going to hurt you for being gay, even though I could.” To emphasize his point, he flexed his arm just slightly. The bicep bulged against the blue fabric, threatening to burst from its confines. “I’m gay too, and I love it when guys like you get off on my body. I have a feeling that you would do a great job appreciating all this daddy muscle, am I right?”

I was dumbfounded that a man like this was actually offering to let me service him. It was unbelievable. “But, if you don’t want to, I won’t mind” he mused. I saw the giant cock that was in his pants stretching down his leg, fighting the pants to get rise up, and I almost jumped across the truck to get to it. He zipped down his coveralls a bit more to reveal the rest of his beautiful body. He was even bigger than I thought. The coveralls were a thin fabric, but his mass was thicker than I could imagine being on someone. His entire torso was evenly covered in the same perfect salt and pepper hair that I saw earlier. It wasn’t too thick, nor was it too thin. It was the perfect length to make him look even more beastly and beautiful. His chest was barreled like something I’ve only seen in magazines and the mounds of his pecs sat atop them like two rocks with perfect silver dollar nipples pointing downward. They guided my eyes to his rock hard belly. It wasn’t a six-pack or anything like that, but it was solid and just as beefy as he was. Finally, my eyes rested on a jock strap. It was made out of a black mesh fabric and held a cock that made my heart jump in my chest.

I could tell he wasn’t fully hard, but the rod that he possessed was utterly amazing. It stretched down, tugging forcefully at his jock. I gently pulled the fabric away and unleashed his beast. It sprung up with such force that it slapped against his stomach and bounced off. I couldn’t believe someone could have a cock that huge. It seemed to be over a foot long and thicker than anything I’ve seen. It was beautiful too. The base of it was surrounded by a thick bush of coarse black hair and the shaft seemed to rise from it like a skyscraper rising against the horizon. It was as thick at the base all the way up to the top. Veins lined the shaft pulsing with blood from the root all the way to the tip that was capped off with a mushroom head, built for powering its way into someone’s mouth or ass. I felt that his cock alone was stronger than most guys. I was drooling at the sight of it all when his beautiful voice broke the silence, “Well, are you just going to stare at it or are you going to make love to it?”

I took that as my cue to start doing everything I wanted to. I began by licking the head of it while my left hand explored his chest. From the moment I touched his hairy mounds of muscle, my cock felt like it was going to explode. I had been with a lot of guys before and there were both good and bad things about them, but this was a perfect man. His chest barely moved as I rubbed it due to the powerful muscle that I was feeling. He rested one arm on the door and the other on my back, stroking my hair as I serviced his amazing cock. My hands ravaged his body as I worked earnestly on his cock. I felt his thick chest, his huge arms, his meaty legs, his massive balls, and everything in between all while sucking on his cock as if my life depended on it. And as far as I was concerned, it did. I wouldn’t have minded sitting there for the rest of my life sucking down that meat. Thankfully, the truck was high enough that no one could see me servicing this huge man, but the way I felt, I don’t think I would’ve cared if it was being broadcasted during the Super Bowl.

I could hear him moan and grunt softly as I worked on him. He would flex the part of his body that I touched, which sent shivers of pleasure down my body. I could feel his cock swell slightly and his balls pull tighter towards his body as I worked hard on showing him how much I appreciated him. The more he moaned, the harder I worked to swallow his cock. I could taste his precum flow from his dick like a leaky faucet and I lapped it up as if it were the nectar of the gods. I could tell he enjoyed what I was doing because he started to gently push my head downward and fuck my face. Even though his cock was so huge that I couldn’t swallow the whole thing, I did my best to stuff as much of it down my throat as I could. His motions became more powerful but that did nothing but make me work harder.

Then, it happened. I felt all his huge muscles tense up at the same time and the floodgate was broken. Waves of this muscle man’s juice began to flood my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could. Shot after shot entered me and I couldn’t do anything but enjoy the taste and the power of his enormous load. Finally, after about what seemed to be twenty huge shots, he relaxed a bit, but his cock didn’t soften in anyway. In fact, I bet he was already prepared to have another load for me to swallow. “My god,” I thought, “this is a beast of a man!”.

“That was real nice boy. You made daddy feel real good. Haven’t had a blow job like that ever.” I looked up at him, his thick cock still stuffing my mouth and smiled. “Looks like you enjoyed that too.” I then realized that I had orgasmed just from servicing him. I didn’t mind though, it was well worth it.

A truck horn honked and I sat up to see a big flatbed truck pull in front of my car. My muscle daddy slowly stuffed his huge cock back into his jockstrap and smiled at me before zipping up his coveralls a bit. “Looks like we’ll have to do something about that,” he said as he glanced at my soaked pants. “How bout a shower at my place once we get your car to the shop. Then, maybe you can thank me some more?” he said with that beautiful grin of his.

I smiled and replied, “How bout I thank you every day from now on?”