Transcend 2

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Christmas time. What a joke. All that crap about peace towards men and shit means nothing. It’s just an excuse for people to buy crap they don’t need for their kids or friends. Hardly anyone thinks about the poor and lonely during this time. Some put a handful of change in the red kettles and think that they are soooo generous. At least some people volunteer during this time, but how many of them even think about doing that any other time. I hate them all. Stupid pretentious bastards.

I pulled my coat closer to me, trying to keep the whipping gusts of snow out of my face. Cars zoomed by, throwing more and more into the air. No one even noticed me. Why should they? I was outside their little bubbles of happiness. Why should anyone care about a poor kid, freezing his ass off in the snow? No, no. They have far too much shopping to do, parties to go to, crap that needs to be done.

I continued walking down the street as I saw a woman and two kids approach. The kids saw me and smiled, but their mother quickly gathered them up and crossed the street, words of malice and warning on her lips. “Don’t get near him, he’s dirty,” I could see her say. Yes, I’m evil and dirty and bad. I couldn’t possibly be human could I? It’s all my fault that I’m on the street in the cold. I spat on the ground, frustrated and angry at her.

As I pass by a church, I was reminded of my earlier time in the orphanage. The matron was a nun and she was quite possibly the worst person I could imagine handling children. She constantly berated us, punishing us for any transgressions, never having any type of forgiveness for our mistakes, yet kept extolling the virtues of the church. I hated every moment of it. It was god hates this and god hates that and you’re going to hell if you do this or that. And the bile spewed when she spoke about anyone gay. That’s what hurt the most. I didn’t want to be gay. Why did god make me gay if he hates them so much? There must be something wrong with me. But I never let her know. I couldn’t stand her at all. Still, it ate at me every day, her words about the bible and god.

I rounded the corner to the building site where I had been spending a lot of my time since I had walked to this town. The framework was up and there was a wall around it, so it made a great place to sleep. Most of the cold and snow stayed out, and as long as I made sure that none of the construction workers saw me, I didn’t have to worry.

It was a quiet day. The snowfall was pretty fresh and I didn’t think anyone was going to be out and about, except the few people brave enough to do their shopping with the snow drifts claiming the road. I felt I would get some sleep, save up my energy in the cold weather.

I awoke to the sounds of mumbling guys and moving machinery. I poked my head out from under my pile of cardboard to see a small skeleton crew of guys working. I cursed my dumb luck. My being here could risk the best spot I found for resting, but if I left now, I was sure to be seen. So I decided to wait. It couldn’t be long before they got tired of the cold and decided to head for the safety of a warm house or bar.

I watched the men work pretty steadily. There wasn’t much else for me to do. They seemed to work hard, but enjoyed their labor. I heard lots of laughing and joking as they mixed a load of concrete for the far side of the building. What was it like, I wondered, to be so happy and carefree. Not worrying about who might find out you were gay, or worrying about where your next meal would come from. I sighed to myself frustrated at everything, including myself.

Then, the talking grew a bit louder. My attention was drawn to the group of guys who were beginning to split up. Some went to the cars, others went inside the trailer on site, but one guy simply went to the back of a truck. It was that man that I locked onto. I don’t know how I never noticed him before, but now that I did, I was fixated.

He had a big truck, that was a simple thing to notice. It was like a Ford or a Chevy super cab, I wasn’t sure. He was fishing around the back of it for something and when he got out and stood up, he stood head and shoulders above the top of the massive vehicle.

And speaking of shoulders, I could tell his were gigantic even from this distance. They stretched wider than the top of the door frame and probably thicker too. I could only see the back of him, and from this distance I couldn’t make out any details, but his profile was awe inspiring. His red and black plaid flannel shirt was pretty big but it still looked like it clung to his body. He raised one arm up above his head and the other to his mouth as if he was yawning and I gasped. I saw the ball of his muscle flex in the shirt and I swore I could see the fabric strain to stay together. I had no idea where this guy had come from, but I was grateful he was in my view today.

He grabbed an old-fashioned steel lunchbox that glistened in the winter sun and slowly meandered towards a pile of steel beams. I watched as he crossed the courtyard, every step tossing snow into the air as his black boots hit the ground with an inaudible thud. His walk exuded confidence, security, pride; all things I wish I had. He finally got to the beams and set his lunchbox down. He casually opened the box and pulled out what looked like a simple sandwich piled with meat.

As he sat there, I couldn’t help but stare at him, trying to burn every feature of the huge man into my brain. Even though some part of me was saying it was wrong to lust after him, I could not help myself. He had a black skullcap on that I imagined covered a bald head and the lower half of his face was kept warm by what looked to be a thick, soft beard of black hair. I watched as his jaw muscles worked as he chewed the sandwich, then watched as his neck worked to swallow it.

His neck was so thick and veiny, I could see the blood pulse through even from the distance I was hiding at. The massive column of flesh led down to his beautiful torso. He leaned back on the beams, using them as a chair that only a beast of a man like him could be comfortable on. I could just imagine him bending and warping the steel beams around, fashioning them into a throne fit for a muscle god.

I realized my breathing had changed. I was taking in huge gulps of air as I watched him eat. It was such a simple activity, but the way he was doing it aroused me to no end. He would raise the sandwich to his mouth and I would see the ball of muscle in his left arm swell to the size of a large softball. He would take a huge bite of the sandwich and lower his arm, chewing the bread and meat as he relaxed. Then, his right arm would come up with his soda can, that arm swelling just as big. Then he would look up and stretch a little, showing me how huge and sexy he was.

I couldn’t help myself as I reached down to give my throbbing cock some attention. I had not thought about jerking off since I left the orphanage, but seeing all that man in front of me made me forget temporarily about that bitch and her bigotry. But, as I shifted slightly, the pile of boxes that made up my shelter shifted ever so slightly. The guy I was watching perked up slightly then looked my way. I froze in place, praying he wouldn’t see me. A guy that size could kick my ass and throw me out of the unfinished building and god only knew what he would do if he saw me with a boner.

He squinted in my direction and I just knew that I was completely fucked. I lowered my head in anticipation of him walking over, but it never happened. He had simply relaxed again and went back to eating. He was on his forth sandwich before he looked back in my direction. I froze again, but while I looked at him, I was almost sure he was looking directly at me.

After his seventh sandwich, he started to pack up all the extra plastic and cans into his box. Then, the lunch whistle went off and he stood to his feet. He raised his arms up in a stretch before bringing them down in a double biceps pose. I was sure he didn’t know what he was doing to me, but if I weren’t so scared, I probably would have cum at the sight of those huge biceps and wide lats hidden beneath the flannel shirt.

He looked back one last time and I was could have sworn he had a smile on his face. He went back to the other side of the site and back to work. I finally let out a sigh of relief. My heart was racing and I was sure that encounter had taken off at least a year of my life. As I let my head loll to the side, I noticed he had left something behind.

I wasn’t going to come out of my hiding spot until everyone had left, so the mystery nagged at me for another four hours. Finally, everyone had packed up and headed home. I unburied myself and walked over to the beams where he had spent his lunch. I found lying there under a light layer of snow, wrapped tightly in plastic, a sandwich just like the ones he was eating. I frowned; I didn’t want to accept it. He probably was just like everyone else; thinking they could do one nice thing and make themselves feel great. I was going to leave it there, but my stomach protested loudly. I had not eaten anything of worth in days and the sandwich called to me. So grudgingly, I took it back to my boxes. Closing myself in, I ate it, then fell asleep.

The same thing happened for the next two weeks. Thankfully, the snowstorms had stopped, but it was still cold as a meat locker. Every day, he could have his lunch in the same spot, relax, eat, and occasionally look at me. Then when he went back to work, he left a few sandwiches for me. I was grateful, but still suspicious. Sure, it looked like he had a heart unlike most people, but no one gives someone something for nothing. So, while I took the food, I still didn’t trust him.

The third week is when he started to invite me over. The first few days I refused, sensing that it was a trap. But by the fifth day, I figured that he could do anything he wanted to me, me trespassing and all, so I decided to join him.

His grin widened as I approached. He swept some snow off the beam next to him and I sat down. As I looked at him, he handed me a couple of sandwiches. I wanted to be polite, but hunger gripped me tightly and it was all I could do to get the plastic off them before I wolfed them down.

“Name’s Sarge. How ‘bout you kid?” he said with a voice so deep, it sent vibrations from my ears, through my chest, down into my stomach and straight to my cock.

“Ben,” I said between bites. It wasn’t my real name, but I left that behind. Behind with Sean, the orphanage, the matron and everything else that hurt me so badly.

“So Ben, what are you doing out here in the cold? You don’t have anywhere better to be?” he asked, his voice slightly tinged with concern. I shook my head no. I didn’t want to think about the past, all the hurt and pain that it held.

Sarge seemed to understand what I was going through because he didn’t press the issue. He simply pulled out another sandwich and continued to eat. As he sat there, I took the time to drink in his physique. From this range, he was even more massive than I thought. Even his hands were huge, his fingers like thick sausages. His entire body was immense, from his legs that threatened to break free from the confines of his black jeans to his barreled chest and bowling ball shoulders and humongous arms.

I forced myself not to stare as I devoured my sandwich. We then sat in silence, but it wasn’t one of those uncomfortable silences. It was more of a comforting silence, the kind you have when you’re with a good friend. I would glance every now again at him and just watch his huge chest heave up and down as he breathed. He seemed so relaxed, confident in his power and ability to handle any situation that might arise and comfortable in his own skin. Besides, I was such a small and frail kid, half starved and frozen. I wasn’t going to do anything to make him upset.

Sooner than I would have liked, the lunch whistle blew and he packed up his stuff. Before leaving though, he turned to me and said, “I’ll talk to you again after work.” I was completely confused by the statement, but the way he said it with such authority and confidence, I had no choice but to nod. I simply watched him walk back to work, his beautiful muscled ass bulging against his tight jeans with each step he took.

I sat on the beams the entire time he worked. Occasionally, he would look in my direction and smile. It was so infectious, I had to smile back. I had to huddle in my jacket to keep from getting too cold, but there was something about his gaze that kept me a bit warm. But I kept reminding myself that he would end up being just like the rest of them. He couldn’t be any different. A guy that huge, beautiful and seemingly perfect had to be flawed, just like everyone else.

The shriek of the whistle brought me out of my thoughts. I watched as the crew slowly left the site, laughing and joking like friends normally do. A few moments later, I saw the beautiful man slowly walk towards me. Again, he had a huge smile across his bearded face and I could feel myself just melting. I had to rebuff myself; don’t fall for him. He’s just going to disappoint you. He’s just like everyone else.

He laid a hand on my shoulder and said, “So Ben, do you feel like getting something to eat and getting out of the cold?”

I looked up into his face and saw his beautiful blue eyes, deep and inviting like the Caribbean ocean. They seemed to be soft with concern and threatened to drag me completely into them. I nodded softly in his direction and again he beamed a set of beautiful white teeth at me.

We rode in relative silence. I listened to the hum of the engine as I watched his every movement. He had rolled up his sleeves and I was simply awed by the size of his forearms. They were almost as big as my legs and were snaked with veins. They looked so big and powerful, befitting a man of his size. His Popeye like forearms led up to his softball sized biceps that bunched and relaxed as he turned the steering wheel. Then my eyes fell on his chest. It matched perfectly with his huge arms. His pecs were like two huge pillows on his chest, but hard as stone. A stray thought ran through my head as I imagined myself being embraced in a hug, engulfed by his huge muscles, safe and secure. But I shook those thoughts out of my head. There was no use in me getting hopeful for anything. I would get one good meal, then be back on the streets again.

I was shaken out of my daydream by the slowing of the truck as we turned into a driveway. It wasn’t until then that the thought of this guy being a crazed killer crossed my mind. Perhaps he had driven us to the woods so he could rape me, filet my skin and leave me to die out in the middle of nowhere. I sighed at the morbidity of my thoughts, and realized that even something that gruesome didn’t concern me. Hell, maybe he would kill me, but what did it matter. I couldn’t do it myself. He would be doing me and the world a favor.

We approached a fairly nice house centered in a patch of forest. He smiled and turned to me, “Well buddy, we’re here.” He parked in front of the porch and quickly got out, motioning for me to follow. Feeling like I had nothing to lose, I meandered after him.

We went into the house and I was awed by my surroundings. It was a beautiful place, tastefully decorated for someone like him. I didn’t know much, but the big man had style. There was art lining the walls, mostly greek if I had to guess by the naked men in them. He also had some flags and bear paws around, but everything looked well placed. The house was also pristine, as if a maid had just left a moment before we arrived.

“Hope you like the place,” he said with a smile. I simply nodded back at him and continued to look around. He walked up to me and placed his hand on my shoulder. I looked at it and was awed at how huge it was compared to my shoulder. “I know you’re probably a little scared right now and I can only imagine what you’ve been through, but I’m hoping that you’ll stay here. I just can’t imagine leaving you to struggle on the streets out there. You look like a good kid and I really want to help.”

His words touched me deeply, but I couldn’t trust him, not yet at least. “So, do you want me to suck your cock here, or do you want to do something else?”

He laughed loudly and said, “You are way too young to be selling yourself like that. No, I don’t want any kind of sex from you at all. You’re what? Twelve? Thirteen? “

“I’m twelve last time I checked.” I looked up into his eyes. Again, I was tempted to fall into the deep blue ocean that they contained, but I steeled myself. “So, what do you want from me? Nothing in life is free.”

His smile dimmed ever so slightly. He said, “It’s sad that you’ve gone through so much to be so jaded right now. Honestly, as long as you don’t rob the place and help me with the cleaning, I don’t want anything. Eventually, we’ll have to get you in school and I wouldn’t mind you bringing home good grades. That is, if you can trust me enough to stay here.”

Home. It had been years since I heard that word. Maybe this place could become home. Maybe this man could become a dad, my dad.


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