Ursa Major 3

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So lost I was in my thoughts, I didn’t even feel the car stop in Grizzly’s driveway. It wasn’t until Allen got out that I realized I’ve been imagining being a huge bear for almost half an hour. We got out and headed up to the house. Walking in, I noticed the music was a bit lower and Grizzly and Arnold were sitting on the couch watching T.V. The world’s strongest man competition was on and the two were cheering loudly for a huge guy labeled ‘Pudzianowski’.

“Glad to see you two made it back ok!” Grizzly shouted in between his cheers.

“Yeah, your bro gave our buddy here a clean bill of health. Even said something about him having a dense frame perfect for becoming a big bear,” Allen said loudly, trying to be heard over the blaring television.

“That rocks. Looks like you’re going to fit right in little guy.”

“Hey Grizzly!” I try to shout over the tv, but it’s too loud. Grizzly looks at me and then Arnold. Arnold perks up as Grizzly points to the t.v. and celing. Arnold nods and grabs a remote, and with a couple of button presses, the house became a lot quieter.

“You were saying cub?” Grizzly asked.

“Yeah big bear,” I started, amused at how quickly I’ve adjusted to calling these guys ‘big bear’ and such, “I was wondering how is Doctor Martins your brother? You two don’t have the same last name and don’t really look alike, besides the hugeness.”

“Oh, I guess I forgot to mention. Well, c’mere, have a seat on my lap and I’ll tell ya the whole story. Arnold, go get the bear.”

Arnold smiled and ran off towards the gym as I hopped into Grizzly’s lap. I felt like I was sitting in the most comfortable chair made from beefy, furry muscle. Grizzly brought me in a little closer as Allen sat down in a nearby chair. I felt like I was sitting on some hyper muscled Santa as Arnold returned to the main room with a little blue bear. After handing it to Grizzly, Arnold sat down and began to tell me a story.

“You see, a long time ago, I was about your size. I was going through a real tough time in my life, and my mother bought me this bear. I don’t know what it is about the little guy here, but he seems to inspire whoever it is with to become the best bear they can be. So, after I got him, I started feeling more confident about myself. I started lifting and stuff, but I didn’t really know what I was doing. But it wasn’t long before I met Tony. He became my big brother. He taught me everything I know about lifting and diet and stuff. We became closer than I thought possible. He was also the first person I ever came out too. And he didn’t look at me any differently. I was still his little bro.”

I nodded and understood what he was getting at. I didn’t have any brothers, but now I had this crew of huge bears to help me along. I knew I would be thankful for what advice and direction they would give me.

Grizzly continued, “After I graduated and became a cop, I met Arnold here through the youth program I started. He was similar to me when I was a kid, so I gave him the bear and I helped push him to what you see now. He’s a cute little cub, isn’t he?”

I looked over to Arnold who was turning 3 different shades of red. “Yeah, he’s really nice looking. All of you guys are really hot.” I could feel myself boning up as I said this.

“Yeah, we’ve had some good times. But not until after he was 18. I’m adamant about the law, seeing as how I’m a cop. We’ll let you jerk off with us, but there will be no touching of your special spot by any of us. Just so you know how it’ll be.”

I nodded in understanding, but I was somewhat saddened that I would have to wait to be able to have some real fun with these big guys.

Grizzly then put the bear into my lap. I looked at its blue fur, its police shield and I smiled. It was an exceptionally cute bear and I had to snuggle it a bit. Grizzly smiled and said, “Welcome to the club Gabe.”

Arnold stood up and walked over to us with a coy smile on his face, “Well, now that the fomalities are over, I think we should have a little bit of fun.”

I glanced down at Arnold’s jockstrap and saw the growing bulge rising to the occasion. My mouth started watering but Grizzly spoke up, “You know we still have some lifting to do. Plus Allen and Gabriel have some catching up to do. Let’s go hit the gym. We’ll finish up our chest and arms, then you and me will have some fun while Allen puts Gabe through his paces.”

I felt myself rising as Grizzly stood up, me firmly wrapped in his huge embrace. We strode towards the back room where I felt I would be spending hours upon hours of my time in. Allen and Arnold followed closely behind and in just a few quick moments, we were in a huge room. I would have sworn we were in a commercial gym. The amount of equipment was staggering. There were more machines and free weights than I could imagine and tons of plates were everywhere. I glanced around the room, not quite sure of what to do when I saw the three of them stripping down to nothing.

Grizzly and Arnold had whipped off their jockstraps, allowing their cocks to roam free. Arnold’s was stiff when he stepped out of his jock and Grizzly reached over to place one meaty paw on it. He squeezed a bit and Arnold moaned. “Let’s save that energy for the weights there cub,” Grizzly growled. Allen quickly got naked himself and placed his clothes neatly in a cabinet near the door. I stood there drooling for a few moments, drinking in the beauty of these three massive muscle bears standing before me in their natural beauty. Arnold’s body was a lot shorter than the two giant bears near him, but it was packed full of dense muscle. It was if someone just piled muscles on top of muscles on his frame. I could easily tell why he was so good at football. He was so thick I doubt anyone besides Grizzly and Allen could knock him down.

Speaking of Grizzly and Allen, I glanced up to see them giving each other a deep kiss. I started to drool seeing such casual passion shared between the two big men. They looked very similar. They both had similar bodies, but Grizzly’s was bigger. He had a solid gut and was covered in black hair with some grey showing. It was thick, but not too wild. Every muscle was defined even more by the beautiful fur he had. Allen on the other hand was a bit less furry, but still so very manly. His hair hadn’t gotten any grey, nor did it cover as much, but he still was so very sexy. I wanted so much to just jump into the middle of those two bears and feel them until I exploded.

They broke their kiss and looked at me. “Why are you still…oh, I forgot to mention huh?” Allen started, “in Grizzly’s house, we all work naked. So, you’re going to need to come out of those clothes little cub.”

My eyes darted back and forth, but then I calmed down and started stripping. These guys know I’m nowhere near their size, so what do I have to worry about. I took off all my stuff, folded it up and let Allen take it from me to store, placing the blue bear on top of the stack. Grizzly smiled and said, “Yeah, I can tell you’re going to be a nice bear once we put some meat on ya.”

My smile broadened as Grizzly clapped his hands and said, “Well men, let’s get to work!”

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