Ursa Major 13

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Grizzly smiled a beaming smile I haven’t seen in the longest and I realized how much I had missed it. Quickly, we drove to his place with the big bear making sure to not break any laws en route. I smiled inside thinking about how loyal to the law this man was.

We got inside and immediately I stripped down to nothing and bunched my clothes into a ball. I heard a chuckle come from the big bear and I could only assume the speed my clothes came off offered him some amusement. I hurried to the back with Grizzly causally strolling behind me. I was already going through the stretching routine when Grizzly came in.

“Anxious, aren’t we?” Grizzly asked with a sly grin on his bearded face.

I bent to touch my toes and replied, “It’s been forever big man. Over these last few months, something has been missing.” I stood up and continued, “I didn’t realize it, but I was slowly drifting away from you and the other bears. Ursa was gone for a while and it felt like I wasn’t myself. My mom finally snapped me back to myself.” I took a deep breath, “Working out, becoming a huge bear, being with you guys, all of it is a major part of me now. It’s something I have to do and I don’t feel right when I’m not working out.”

Grizzly’s smile broadened, “That’s great to hear little cub. I’m glad that you’re feeling back to normal.”

"I couldn't see past my own pain. It was...blinding. I was so focused on what I had lost, I couldn't see anymore what I had gained. My mom told me how my dad was so proud of me and now I see that it's not just me wanting to be huge, but it's my dad, you guys, the bears at the gym and probably people I've never met that wants me to be huge. And I know where this path will lead me. I've seen what will happen if I keep working hard at it. I know that as long as I keep at it, I'll be huge. And I'm not going to stop until I get there."

Grizzly tilted his head to the left a little and smiled. He walked up to me and placed his huge hand on my shoulder and said, "I'm glad to hear that cub. You wouldn't believe how tough it was for us. We knew you were hurting, but there was nothing we could do to help. It broke my heart to watch you go from a happy cub to a sad recluse. I could do nothing but hope against hope that the depression wouldn't break you completely."

I smiled up at him. "I know what you mean big bear. But I'm back now and I want to get on the road to being huge."

Grizzly chuckled loudly and I realized how much I missed his deep laugh. He quickly stripped and we both got to lifting.

It took me a few weeks to get back to where I was before the accident. By this time, I was back in school so the routine went back to normal. I continued to do my cardio as Allen coached the basketball team. The solitude of running gave me time to reflect on things, but it also gave me focus. I enjoyed the time running around, occasionally looking down on my mentor down on the court.

Sadly, the peace and serenity of my life would be shattered once again. One afternoon after school, while I was on the way to the locker room to change, I noticed a few of the jocks crowding themselves into a janitor's closet. Part of me wanted to continue about my normal routine, but deep down, I knew something was wrong. I turned around and went closer to the room. I could hear a bunch of movement and chatter. I listened more closely and could tell the various voices that were talking. It was three of them; one of them was the quarterback, one of them was the guard on the varsity basketball team and the other was one of the track guys.

"I've seen how you've been checking me out in the shower."

I sighed to myself, "Why are so many people so homophobic?"

"I swear dude, I ain't been looking at you."

The last voice I recognized from my gym class. He was a nice guy, about a year older than me and a good bit bigger than me. He wasn't in good shape so he was a prime target for bullying just like I was.

"I know you've been looking at me. You just want to have a real man, don't you?" said the quarterback.

"Dude, I don't want shit. I don't know what you think but I ain't gay man."

"Sure you are, and we're going to show you what we do with faggots like you."

I snatched the door open and stepped forward. The three jocks turned to me, shock painted across their faces. They relaxed when they saw it was me. "Go away little kid, this don't concern you," the tall one said.

"Oh, but I think it does. How 'bout you come after me? I'm actually gay, unlike that kid over there."

They looked at me, then the kid, then back to me. "Ok kid, you're free to go. We'll take it out on your friend here. Now get out of here before we change our mind." They parted far enough to let the kid get through.

"Dude, I don't know who you are or where you came from, but thanks. Hope you survive." And with that, the kid ran as fast as his chubby legs could take him.

I watched him run, making sure he got away when my attention was snapped back to the thugs. The quarterback growled, "We're going to pound your ass into the ground."

I glanced over my shoulder at the quarterback. With a grin, I replied snidely, "I bet you don't even know why you are picking on people that are gay. I mean, you assume he's gay because you think you caught him looking at you in the shower. I mean really, how clichéd is that? Unless he came up to you, wrapped his hand around your cock and tried to kiss you, you can't be sure he's gay. What do you suggest he do in the shower, close his eyes and walk around blindly? You know what? This reminds me of something Shakespeare wrote: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." I think you're probably attracted to guys and are just acting all tough to hide your feelings to others and yourself. I bet you go home and jerk off thinking about seeing the rest of the football team all wet and soapy."

Soon as I said that, the quarterback roared and charged at me. He swung wildly at me, his face twisted in rage. I smiled and stepped to the side and used his momentum to toss him into the wall behind me. The force from the impact immediately knocked him out cold. The guard came after me next, but obviously he didn't do any real fighting outside of gang tactics. He swung a right hook that went way off target. I stepped forward as he swung, ducking under his extended arm. His reaction time was slow too. I assume he always relied on his size to overpower his adversaries. I would have to ponder on that later, but at the moment I had a fight to win. I used my right leg to kick the back of the guards knee, bringing him down to my height. As he turned his head, I spun around with a back fist and then followed up with a left punch. He fell to the floor unconscious, just like his friend.

I turned to look at the last guy. He stood there dumbfounded. For some reason, he didn't attack me. It was slightly jarring seeing him sitting on the fence like he was. But, since he wasn't attacking me, I wasn't going to press the issue. I stepped over the basketball player and headed back towards the door. I glanced back at the last guy and said, "Hey man, I know these are your buds and shit, but maybe you should start thinking for yourself. You want to fit in and peer pressure and shit, but seriously, do you really want to be like this?" I waved my hand at his two buddies lying on the ground.

I didn't look back to see his response as I went back towards the locker room. It was sad that people had to be so ignorant. Especially the track guy. He was quite cute. He had to be a shot-putter with his build. He was nice and thick and had some muscle packed on him. I could see the way his chest and arms bulged against the sweatshirt he had on. The school's mascot was slightly distended due to being stretched across his pecs. While not as beefy as the bears, he did have some potential. But sadly, unless he got away from being prejudiced towards homosexuals, he would always be unattractive.

All these thoughts were running through my head as I ran around the indoor track. On my last lap for the afternoon, I came to a conclusion. I'd have to add one more item to my list of goals. I was going to have to change as many views as I could possibly could.

To be continued?