Yet Another Choice

Another night, another dozen rejections. I swear, I just don't understand people these days. These big guys online say that they want worshipers, but they don't ever respond to a guy like me. It's just another sad night here at home. For the last few years, I've been looking for some one to get together with. I'm not picky at all. I just want a big muscular manly man to have some fun with and maybe some more. But sadly, no matter what the site, I just keep getting rejected, or worse, ignored.

I still can't understand why people would be like that. If I were that huge, I would love to be able to share with people. If only I hadn't spent my time working and making a living. Hindsight is twenty-twenty. I think I would've been a lot happier if I had stuck to weightlifting out of college instead of spending fifteen years on my ass behind a desk.

I checked my e-mail one more time to see if anyone of the muscle bear group responded to my invitation. While I may be rich, I don't want to have someone that just wants me for my money. I want someone who wants me for me. Unfortunately, that seems to be no one. Seeing my empty mailbox again just depresses me further. I shut down my computer and get ready for bed, 9:00 pm on Friday. God, this is so sad.

My king sized bed just goes to further reinforce how alone I am. I bought it with hopes that it would be filled with big beef, but that has yet to happen. I clap and the room plunges into darkness, and soon, I am sound asleep.

Tonight, unlike most nights, I dream. It started with me flying along. I could look down and see green fields and crystal blue lakes along the landscape. I flew along slowly, enjoying the peace and serenity of the area. Then, along the horizon, I saw a huge mirror. I glided towards it and gently landed in front of it.

The image reflected in it was obviously me. Naked, but it was me. That, more than anything else was depressing. I could see how out of shape I was. I looked horrible. I was short all my life, but at least when I was a kid, I was decently proportioned. But now, I was fat enough to make two overweight guys. The parts of me that I wanted huge like my arms and legs were sticks, and the parts of me that were big I wanted leaner. And seeing my penis almost made me cry. It was one step away from not being there. It was just a nub, no bigger than my thumb.

Sadly, I muttered that I wish I were less fat. Then the most amazing thing happened. The reflection began to become leaner. I stood there dumbfounded as I watched the fat melt away until my mirror image became a lean, lithe man. This excited me beyond belief. Then I remembered that I was dreaming so stuff like this should have been expected.

I then wished to be taller. The reflection began to rise slowly as I encouraged it to go faster. My image rose higher and higher until it stopped around six and a half feet. Saliva started to drip from the corners of my mouth as I wished to be massively musclebound. The mirror began to expand. Slowly at first, the neck began to thicken. It turned from a skinny stick into a huge mass of muscle that no shirt collar could hope to contain. Then the shoulders began to widen with muscles. They grew up and out, expanding till they looked like a pair of shoulder pads beneath the skin and his traps were up near his ears.

Next was his lats. At first, they were non-existent. Then suddenly, they exploded from his back. They unfolded out and out and out until they looked like a pair of wings, forcing his arms to rest at an angle away from his body. Then his arms started to blow up. They pulsed with my heartbeat, each time swelling with size and mass. Finally, they stopped growing, not before they blew my mind with their awe-inspiring size.

My attention was drawn to his stomach which started to look like someone was baking bread in his abs. One by one, eight perfect bricks inflated from what was a flat slate followed by a perfect pair of obliques. Even from a distance, someone could tell that they were solid as armor plating. Finally, his legs started to grow. They began to swell with muscles. I watched as his quads and calves grew until his legs were almost bigger than I was.

I drunk in the absolute beauty of the man that stood before me. He was bigger than any bodybuilder I've ever seen. He could make people like Markus Ruhl and Mariusz Pudzianowski look small and weak. But I thought a few things needed to be added.

I wished aloud that he was more bearish. Hair started to sprout, first from his chest, growing out from his pecs, up to his neck, down his arms. A treasure trail formed afterwards, leading down towards his crotch. His legs then exploded with a fine but noticeable layer of the same beautiful hair. Then the hair on his forearms and upper chest thickened until only the striation of his muscle could be seen through the layer of man-fur.

He was almost perfect, but the reflection still had my pathetic penis. I fixated my eyes on that part of his body and said with a loud voice my desire for his penis to become huge. Out of the corner of my eye, I could've sworn the image in the mirror smiled as the growth started. Slowly, almost teasingly, his cock began to swell. It was gradual at first, but as my heart began to speed up, the growth began to double. Each pulse of his organ grew it larger and larger. As it got up to around six inches and I thought the growth would slow down, it exploded with new size. It jumped up from six to at least twelve and continued to swell. It started to point upward towards the sky. It continued to grow up and out as I watched in awe. Finally, it slowed to a stop. I was amazed at how huge it was even on a massive man his size. If my arms were as big as his cock, I would've been happy. It had to be close to fifteen inches long and nine or ten inches around. It was so beautiful, it made me want to cry.

I wished aloud how I wanted that image to me. Then, off to the side, I heard a voice whisper, "What would you give to look like that?"

"Anything short of my soul would be worth it if I could have that body."

"Then we have a deal. Step forward and take hold of your destiny."

I stood there slightly confused for a moment. But then I realized that this was still a dream so of course I could have this body. I walked forward as the imaged stretched out his arms to me. I reached the mirror and took hold of him and...

The alarm jarred me from my sleep. I turned and slowly pried my eyes open. On the stand was a clock blaring at me. I instinctively slammed the snooze button and rolled over before realizing that I haven't owned an alarm clock for years, ever since I was promoted to Vice-President of Operations.

Wait, that can't be right. I work at the gym. I got that job after I barely graduated high school a couple of years ago. It was a great job because I could work out for free when I wasn't working. It went a long way to help me build my body.

No no, I graduated from college with honors. I majored in accounting and went to climb the corporate ladder and...

That can't be right, I can barely figure out how much I need to save to buy supplements.

I got out of bed and looked around the room. "Didn't I have a different bed than this? No, I remember buying this bed. It was sturdy enough to not collapse under my 360 lb mass. But didn't I have some fancy king size bed?"

I wandered around my apartment for a little bit, feeling that something was wrong but I couldn't put my finger on it. Everything was normal. The bench and my 130 lb dumbbells were there, sitting in front of the camera where I did my web shows. My protein shake was already blended and breakfast was made by one of my worshipers. Last night he got everything ready after he worshiped my huge muscles. He loved watching me curl those dumbbells he could barely roll across the floor. I even let him suck my cock and watch me sleep.

A beep from my computer reminded me that I had a web cam show today. After the show, I would need to head to the gym and put in my shift. While I could've lived off of all my worshipers, I preferred to just use them to supplement my income. I'm sure they got as much out of it as I did. I loved flexing and being admired by anyone and everyone. Shaking the stray thoughts from my mind, I sat down at the computer, turned on my web cam and grabbed the bottle of oil.

It was great being me.

Kaos placed his feet up on the table as he laughed softly. He waved his hand and the spectral mirror showing his newest subject faded. Gleaming a bright grin, he chuckled to no one in particular,

"Damn, I'm good."

To be continued?