Hunter: Living the Dream (musc mc ar)

I felt the last chapter was a good stopping point for the acronyms, turning a new leaf just as Hunter has with the birth of Burke. I still welcome ideas, and thank you everyone for your feedback and compliments

Once again, all characters and situations are fictional (unfortunately) and have no roots in real life, and resemblance to any person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Hunter didn’t remember the accident happening.

He didn’t remember how it occurred, or where he was going or coming from, or anything. All of a sudden, he was locked in a burning mass of steel and gasoline, struggling to think coherent thoughts, let alone to free himself.

Hunter welled up all the strength he could muster and smashed his window out, slowly wriggling his large body through the opening and collapsing onto the grass. It was with growing horror that he realized he couldn’t move his legs, leaving him to crawl army-style away from the wrecked car. And then he saw two feet, and he looked up. “Help me, help me…”

Hunter looked up at the man’s face, framed by hot sun rays. “Hello, Hunter.”

“Y-you know me?”

“Everyone knows you. But the question is, do you know me?” The man stepped into the sun’s path, blocking the light’s reflection and showing his face clearly.

Hunter released a guttural scream, low and terrifying. Hot tears flowed out of his eyes and down his face, and his features immediately contorted into hysterical sorrow. “Noo, no! NO! NOO!”

“Hi, son.” Sam Scott eased down onto the grass and sat down.

“It can’t be you! Y-you, you died! No! You ARE dead! And that means…that means…no. No! No, please! Please, Dad, please, no, I can’t be dead.” Hunter reached out his hand and grabbed Sam’s legs, wrapping himself around them, desperately pleading. “I have a wife! I have a child!”

“So did I.”

“But, but, that wasn’t my fault that you died! I needed a Dad. I was so little, so lonely! I NEEDED ONE AND YOU WEREN’T THERE. What was I supposed to do, Dad?!”

Sam slowly wriggled out of his true son’s grasp and looked at him. “You could have at least left a memory of me.”

“I’m sorry,” Hunter choked. “I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t know. I was 10! You can’t…you can blame me, but please, don’t take me, I don’t want to go. I can’t go. I can’t…please…Dad, show some compassion.”

“This is not my choice, nor is it yours. You don’t even look like me. You don’t sound like me, or act like me. And I certainly never played football. You’re Sean’s son now, not mine. You saw to that.” Sam’s words were cold. “And the Universe can only sustain one man with this power. You have served your purpose. There is another now.”

Hunter’s eyes opened wildly. “Burke.”

Sam nodded. “I wanted to be there for you, too. I didn’t expect it. But fate is fate, and he’ll be fine.”

Hunter thrashed and crawled backward, horrified, powerless for the first time in his life.

He bumped into another pair of legs and looked up at a handsome man. Tall, beautifully muscled, classically handsome. He looked to be about 25. Thick, dark blond hair, sparkling green eyes, a superhero’s jaw with a cleft. His broad shoulders and powerful chest betrayed an athletic background. The man’s heavy brow was knitted with concern. He crouched down next to Hunter, who was helpless on the ground. “Are you hurting, Dad?”


The handsome man nodded, and Hunter noticed his own features on his son’s face, then he began to notice parts of Katie in the kind expression. The color of the eyes was his, the shape was his wife’s. The nose was unmistakable. The Hardy bone structure was pronounced and perfect. There was no doubt that this man was his own flesh and blood. They weren’t identical, but the positive attributes were all there.

“Noooooo.” Hunter reached up and caressed his son’s lightly whiskered cheek, and Burke grasped the large hand in response and kissed it, as his eyes overflowed with tears too. “It can’t be. You were only just born! You’re just a baby!”

“I won’t always be.”

“You can’t be grown up, you can’t be. Please, no. I missed it. I can’t have missed it!” The six-six QB was reduced to a quivering mass of sobs and sorrow. “I wanted to see you happen.”

Sam stood behind him. “It’s time to go now, Hunter.”

“No! No, I can’t!” Hunter wrapped himself around Burke this time. “I won’t!”

“It’s okay, Dad,” he heard Burke say, in a deep voice very similar to his own. “I’ll take care of Mom, I promise.”

“Don’t forget me. Don’t replace me. Please! Don’t make the mistakes I did.”

“I won’t, Dad! I won’t! I promise. I’ll be good.”

Hunter felt himself being dragged backward and he saw Burke get farther and farther away. He screamed and sobbed, his entire face slick with tears. His throat went dry, hoarse from the screams. The pleas emanated from the depth of his soul, like a wounded, dying animal. “NOOOOO! NOOOOO!

“Hunter! HUNTER! WAKE UP!”

“No! No! NO! I WON’T GO! I WON’T!”

There was a blur of motion and histrionic movement, and suddenly he was staring into Katie’s horrified face through eyes that were blind from overflowing tears. Her tiny hands were clasped around his face, and she rubbed his tears away with her thumbs. “Is this real? This is real,” he gasped, looking around frantically. “Katie? Kate?”

“I’m here, I’m here. It’s me.”

“Kate!” The tears started anew and he wrapped her up completely in a bear’s embrace, his massively muscled body enveloping her. “I thought I wasn’t going to see you again.” He buried his face into her shoulder and sobbed from relief, and from exhaustion and fear. His teeth dug slightly into her soft skin, as he grasped and groped her, terrified she would be pulled away, that she wasn’t real.

“I’m right here,” she kept saying. “Tell me what happened." She felt his fingers in her hair and felt the heat radiating from him. His arms were clenched in a powerful grip around her smaller body. "You were screaming," she whispered. "I’ve never seen you like that. You woke up Burke.”

He snapped backward. “Burke!”

Hunter stumbled out of bed, not noticing his nakedness, his boxers long since thrashed away. He darted across the room and looked into the crib to see the small body of his baby son, staring up at his father with big, unknowing eyes.

“Burke,” he breathed softly, scooping up the boy into his big arms, kissing him and caressing him. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” He looked into Burke’s face, each generic infantile feature in place, no trace of the adult that would one day emerge. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, his lips quivering with emotion. “I love you. I’m sorry I woke you up.” He kissed Burke’s forehead again, he kissed the small hands, and slowly walked over to the bed, easing into the soft waves of silk sheets.

He held onto his child and put his other hand on Katie’s face, connecting the three bodies. The last tears rolled down his face. His grip around the baby boy got tighter, Burke nestled in the crook of a powerful forearm and shapely pec. “Burke’s like me.” Hunter nuzzled his son as if he were a calf, then looked at Katie. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize,” she murmured softly. “We talked about this. I knew it was possible. You know what? You wound up just fine, and I’m glad he’s special. Is that what your dream was about?”

He nodded, slowly. “I had been in a car accident. Someone was saying that only one person on Earth could have that power without tipping the scales. And Burke has it now, so it was my time to go. And suddenly, Burke was there. But he was grown, he was a man.”

Katie moved in closer and put a hand around her son, and they both held Burke, as if to convince them that he was still a week-old baby. “Was he a good man?”

“He was. Weren’t you?” Hunter quietly whispered to Burke. “Yes, you were. You were kind, and caring,” then back to Katie, “He looked like both of us. He was beautiful. He is beautiful. I was crying, because I’d missed out on his life. He was a grown man and I’d missed all those years in between…it was horrible. It was worse than death. And I was being dragged away, and I was screaming, and he was reaching out to me and said that he was going to take care of you, that he would be a good man and a good son.”

There was a long silence as they both looked at Burke with wonder. Hunter held on tightly to both Katie and the baby.

“I think that answers our questions,” Katie said as she gently ran her hand across Hunter’s burning-hot skin, still soaked from sweat. “I think that that was actually a good dream, with a good message, in the form of a nightmare.”

He kissed her very softly. “I’m still trying to calm down. I’ll stay up with Burke, you go back to sleep.”

She leaned back into the downy pillows and her gorgeous eyes fluttered shut. “I’m kind of glad we don’t have a nanny yet.” She looked up and sleepily smiled at her big husband, as he slowly rocked the baby back to sleep, neither of them knowing Burke’s habits yet. “You’re cute.”

“So are you.” He looked down on her beautiful long limbs, her lustrous blonde hair resting on the pillow, and he smiled. “I’m just so glad you’re here,” he said, recalling back to the nightmare. “Go to sleep, babe.”

Katie woke up in the morning and looked over at the hulking figure next to her. Hunter had slipped back into his boxers. She could see the outline of his big dick in the loose cotton. All six-and-a-half feet of him were splayed out, every muscle on view, from the mountainous traps to the biceps like bowling balls to the thighs that were wider than his relatively small waist. The handsome face was still and asleep, the mouth dropped open slightly. Hunter was not looking his sexiest, but Katie was enamored nonetheless. Sleep, the world’s great equalizer, turning even the world’s biggest, buffest, most beautiful men into pictures of innocence.

Burke was asleep, too, looking comically small on top of the powerful torso of his Dad. Hunter’s bulging left pectoral was being used as Burke’s pillow. Both of Hunter’s large hands were wrapped around Burke’s small body, almost entirely covering it from head to very small toes.

She grabbed her cell phone from next to the bed and took a picture, then stared at Hunter long enough that his eyes fluttered open. His mouth immediately curled into the smirk. “Mornin’, creepy.”

“I could watch the two of you sleep for days.”

They both sat for minutes on end, watching Burke sleep, his head nestled in between Hunter’s pectorals. How could something so small be so fascinating?

“I’m loving being home.” The guest house of Sean and Wendy’s mansion was proving to be a welcome respite from the requirements of celebrity and work.

“Me too.”

“And I’m so happy Burke was born here,” Hunter said as he angled his head to look at the baby’s face. “The same hospital we were born in with a man I fine-tuned as the doctor.”

“It’s pretty poetic, huh?” She lightly tickled Burke.

“I keep expecting Neil and Mel to call. You want me to go out and get breakfast?”

“You sure you want to drive?” She smiled.

“It was just a dream,” he said, slowly passing Burke to her, trying not to wake the baby. “I’m a fantastic driver.” She watched him get dressed, as the jeans slipped up his beautiful legs, as the white shirt buttoned around his big chest. He left it untucked, pulled on a ball cap and some Nikes, and gave Katie a kiss, then started nibbling on her neck.

“Stop!” She giggled. “You’ll wake up Burke.”

“He should see how much his Mama and Daddy love each other,” he whispered as he moved up to her ear. “And I looooooooove you.”

“You’re insatiable. I love you too.” She was trying not to laugh. “Go get food.”

“Yeah, hi. Can I get the poached eggs without mushrooms, an order of buttermilk pancakes and waffles, the date and almond granola, and, uh…coffee. Lots of coffee.” Hunter remembered he needed meat. “Oh, and two orders of bacon.”

The girl behind the register was cute, a striking redhead, and clearly frazzled by Hunter’s presence. “That’ll be $64.97.” He handed her his card and returned the stare of a table of college girls meeting for breakfast. Their mouths dropped open, he smirked and they collapsed into giggles.

“Congratulations on your baby, Mr. Hardy,” the cashier said hesitantly, returning his card. “I go to school with your brother.”

“Well, thank you very much. With Henry?”


Hunter took off his ballcap and flicked his fingers through his thick black hair. “You guys friends?”

“Kind of. I’m a couple years older than him but I cheer, and he’s on the football team, so…”

“…so there’ve been a few parties?”

She blushed. “Yeah, some good times, definitely.”

“I remember those days.” He smiled. “I’m glad you’re living it up.”

A hand reached up – and up – and tapped Hunter’s rock-hard shoulder. “Hunter?”

Hunter turned around and looked down at a man about his own age, but not anywhere near his physicality. The guy was about six-feet, a buck-sixty, with a slight bald spot appearing on the back of his head. Hunter’s mouth opened slightly – he recognized this guy, but he met a whole lot of people. Hunter raised his index finger. “High school.”

The shorter man nodded. “Yeah. Mrs. Duncan’s Psychology class, senior year. Plus, I did track when you did, uh, field.”

“Ohhhh, man, I remember you. I do. Your first and last name start with the same letter like mine does. I’m sorry, it’s been eight years and my brain is in a million different places.”

The guy smiled. “Carter Cage.”

“Cage!” They shook hands. “Carter Cage, badass name, how could I forget. How’ve you been? You married? You have kids?”

“Not married, no kids. I’ve been good though, there’s still time. I know you’ve been doing great. Congratulations on your own kid though!”

“Thank you, thanks very much. He’s already tired me out more than a game against the Patriots.”

People loved when Hunter Hardy said stuff like that. It showed off how much more
special he was than they, and Carter was no exception. His eyes sparkled in utter
admiration. “That’s so cool. We always knew you’d have a great career. How’s Katie

“Well, she had a baby about a week ago, so she’s still a little tired. But she’s great. She’s
always been great. People ask me if she’s always been that perfect and the people we went to high school with know that she has been.”

“Exactly. So’ve you.”

Hunter laughed. “Why thank you. So what do you do, Carter?”

“It’s funny, actually. I’m the Program Director for Greek Life at the University. Not really the job I thought I’d be in.”

“That’s crazy, man. You pledge a frat in college? I would’ve but, y’know, student athlete…the Gators kept me too busy.”

“You could’ve gotten in to any one! No, I didn’t pledge. I wanted to, but my parents didn’t like the idea, said it would distract me. They were right,” he shrugged. “But I wound up working for Student Life during college, and then they offered me a job right after graduation – 22 years old, job right outta college, you don’t say no! And I wound up getting a couple promotions and now I’m in charge of the frat guys and sorority girls. It’s ironic. I think it’s good that I didn’t pledge, I don’t think I could’ve handled the rejection.”

“Or the hazing,” Hunter laughed.

“Oh, there’s no hazing on our campus. I see to that personally.”

Right. Still as naïve as everyone else.

“Mr. Hardy, your breakfast is ready.” The pretty redhead handed a bag full of food over the counter. “Tell Henry hi for me, if you see him.”

“I’ll see him today and I certainly will.” She smiled as he turned to Carter. “Best of luck being the frat king, dude.”

Carter chuckled. “Hardly, but thanks. And best of luck with your son. I’ll be watching the next season!”

“Oh, I bet you will.”

“Good morning, bud!” Hunter gently took his son out of Katie’s arms as she sat down for breakfast. “I still can’t believe you’re here. We’ve talked about you and wanted you for so long, and now you’re here.”

“It’s hilarious how you talk to him.” She took a spoonful of granola.

“Shaaaaaddup. Hey, I saw a guy we went to high school with at the restaurant. Carter Cage?”

She tipped her head back and shut her eyes. “Cage. Cage. Oh! Okay, yeah. How is he?”


She looked back up. “I know that tone.”

“Oh, I didn’t do anything right there. I did the little dose.”

“Mmmmm, putting him in control. Those always end up interesting.”

“I’m wondering what he’s gonna do, after the way he behaved in high school.”

She knew he wanted her to ask. “And how was that?”

“Well, he tried watching me undress. Like, every day after track.”

Katie laughed so hard she nearly choked on her granola. “Who didn’t? Most high schoolers didn’t have a body like you. He was probably looking for some gymspiration.” She raised an eyebrow. “Did you let him watch you undress?”

He turned red. She loved it when she got him. “I, I, not really. I mean, sometimes, uh, I couldn’t go anywhere else, it was too crowded. I mean, I didn’t have time…” He looked down at her as she was shaking with laughter. He sighed. “I’m glad Burke won’t remember this.”

“Mmmm, well, maybe you should discuss it with him eventually, when he’s big and strapping and six-and-a-half feet tall at sixteen, and all the boys are trying to watch him take off his jockstrap.”

He smiled as Burke wrapped a hand around Hunter’s finger. “I was eighteen, and he’ll never be as big as his old man,” he said, laughing. “He’ll be a little boy forever.”

She laughed. “He’s going to be huge, look how long he is already!” She reached up and touched his head. “You gonna be in touch with Carter?”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure I’ll hear something. It’s totally up to him.”

“Fuck.” Carter Cage stared into an empty fridge. “Not even any milk.” With a sigh, he looked at the clock – 10:00 PM. Enough time to go to 7-11 or something.

He grabbed his car keys and headed out into a stormy night, crouching as he ran down the walkway and got into his car. He drove for five minutes until, suddenly, he felt a bump in the road and the next thing he knew, he was swerving. “Fuck! FUCK!” The car popped over the curb and the passenger side scraped a tree, until he finally came to a stop 10 yards away from where he started up on the lawn. The airbags didn’t deploy, but his neck hurt. Cursing, he stepped out into the rain and saw two flat tires – Carter wasn’t sure if they had popped and then he’d hydroplaned, or if they’d popped when he hopped the curb. He reached for his cell phone.

He’d left it at home.

“FUUUCK!” Carter slammed the hood of his car and shivered in the pouring rain. He looked up and saw the lightning-streaked sky illuminating the huge manor. He smiled. A frat house! He hadn’t realized that he had been right on the Hill. He could order his way right into the house. He turned off his headlights, grabbed his car keys and bounded up the hill, like a princess arriving at her castle.

The pounding on the big wooden door was finally answered. “I’m comin’, I’m comin’, Christ.”

The door was opened by a good-looking young man in a t-shirt and sweatpants. His hair was tousled, lightly, and he looked exceptionally youthful. “Uh, are we in trouble, or somethin’? Aren’t you from the school?”

“Yeah, I’m Carter Cage, I’m the Program Director of Greek Life. Here’s my ID. I got in a car accident, down on the lawn.” He gestured. “You can’t really see it down there, I turned off the lights but I don’t have a cell phone. I figured the Alpha Delts would help me out.”

“Of course, bro, of course. Come in.” The kid shut the door. “I’m Austin. Everyone’s at the Greek Freak Beach Party tonight, but I had an, uh…” Austin realized he was talking to a superior, and changed his tone, “I had a behavioral incident and they told me I had to stay home and be the sober brother.”

“Well, they were right. You’re underage anyway.”

Austin smirked. “Oh, you’re right. Sometimes I forget that I’m only 19.”

The sarcasm flew right over Carter’s balding head. “Yeah, can I have a cell phone and a phone number for Triple-A?”

“Anything for Greek Life,” Austin muttered as he walked away. Carter walked around as he waited for Austin. A hallway on the first floor, past the big main hall, had only two bedrooms. He poked his head into a large bedroom that was clearly inhabited by a young male. Clothes littered the floor, along with empty beer bottles. An empty cardboard case of beer hung over a lampshade. Carter pulled the door shut and opened the one across the hall – it was bigger, but empty. The Alpha Delts didn’t currently have a House President? That seemed strange. He wandered into the room – it was shockingly clean for a frat house – and pressed his hand into the bed’s mattress.

“Wow, soft.”

Without really thinking through what he was doing, he kicked off his shoes and hopped onto the bed. “God, this is comfortable…shoulda pledged a frat so I could sleep in a bed like this.” The body of the bed was ornate carved wood. Carter couldn’t believe the brothers didn’t fight to sleep in this bed while it was vacant.

And, before he realized it, he had dozed off.

When he woke up, Austin was sucking on his dick.

Carter yelped with surprise and yanked back, but the teen’s mouth stayed. “What the…!”

“You asked me to,” Austin murmured lustfully. And as he tilted his head up to cock his eyebrow, Carter could see that Austin was different. His clothes were gone. His hair was slowly turning blonde, and his smooth cheeks were growing a layer of matching stubble. His cute features were becoming handsome, rugged. “A-Austin, what’s happening to you?”

“Whatever you want to happen to me,” Austin said as he clawed his way up the bed. His body was on top of Carter’s and Carter could feel thicker muscles forming on the teen’s – was he a teen? – body. Carter’s eyes were practically bugging out of his head. He tried to get away, but he couldn’t move. “I can’t move!”

“You must not really want to,” Austin said, in a deeper voice than before. “You want to stay here and let me fuck you.”

“No! I’ll lose my job!”

Austin laughed. “You can’t lose your job, you’re the king!”


The teen didn’t answer this question. He slid back down to Carter’s cock and started going to town on it. Carter slammed his hands behind him, into the bed’s head, and moaned gratefully. “Stop!”

“I can’t stop, because you don’t really want me to.” The man sucking off Carter was now a gorgeous twentysomething blond bodybuilder, with juicy, tan slabs of oily muscle all over his frame.

“What?! That doesn’t make sense!” Carter’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. “Unnngh! You’re good…shit, shit, shit, no…”

Carter felt his feet touch the foot of the bed, even as he grasped onto the head of it, completely overcome with pleasure. His mind was screaming with joy, but through it, he realized he shouldn’t be able to touch the head and foot of the bed at the same time.

Austin took a volley into his mouth and pulled out. “You must be enjoying this, Carter. It looks like you’re growing in more ways than one.”

Carter answered with a breathy squeal that deepened into a very butch moan. He clutched his throat and swore he felt the neck thicken. Then, the collar of his Oxford shirt popped open. “Austin, Austin, Austii-i-i-in, unnngh…do you know what’s happening to me?” His voice was deep and bassly and not at all his.

The burly blond cracked a big white smile through his whiskers, and Carter realized this man was nothing like the young one who had answered the door. Had he really done this to Austin? Had he made him into a glorious, macho porn star?

“You’re changin’ yourself,” Austin grinned, and Carter heard the lilt of Southern accent creeping into the new Austin’s speech. “And you’re changin’ me.” Carter’s eyes widened more, as the strapping Southern stud wiped the corner of his lips and began to reposition his muscular body. “Don’t ya do any work, Carter, lemme do everythin’.”

Carter tried to move but began to realize his subconscious really was in control. He desperately wanted to get fucked stupid by this enormous hunk. He’d never slept with anyone. Ever. And now, this blond bodybuilding stunner wanted to screw him. Looking into the hunk’s blue eyes, he realized there was no way this was a frat boy. He looked about thirty, and a day away from a full beard. They were just two grown men, fucking…in a frat house…

Austin stroked Carter’s dick and Carter felt it lengthening. “Ohhhh, what’s happeninnnng…” His balls enlarged into churning plums, and every time he moaned in his deep bass, some pre-cum slicked up his growing shaft, the big tip as red as an apple, the dick itself thicker than an aerosol can, and covered with veins.

“Nice ‘n’ hard,” Austin said hungrily, and he maneuvered his huge muscled ass over Carter’s dick, slowly working it in. “Unnnngh,” they both moaned. Carter leaned his head back and shut his eyes, groaning deeply. He felt his muscles began to press against the cotton fabric of his shirt, and as he desperately tried to regain his breath, Austin began moving and Carter shrieked with pleasure.

Two tears appeared in his long sleeves, right over the bicep. Then the armpits ripped out, then a button popped off his chest. Carter tried to stay in control. He tried to tell himself that he liked the body he had. It had been fine.

But then he looked at Austin, bouncing on his dick like a kid on a balloon, and he realized his subconscious wanted to be Carter Cage, sex god, male icon, and paragon of masculinity. He tried to fight it. He felt another button pop off, saw it fly toward Austin, and saw Austin catch it in between his mountainous pecs. With a smirk, the Southern man flexed the pecs together and the button disappeared, and Carter felt himself cum at this impressive display.

Maybe he wouldn’t mind being a little bigger…

Carter felt an itch under his pits and looked to see the light wisps of brown hair become thick, dark patches of black. He snapped his arms down to cover them and felt his shoulders explode through his too-tight shirt. “Fuck, that’s hot, Carter,” Austin moaned.

Carter looked down to see his own hands wrapped around Austin’s gigantic dick. “UNNGH, no, no, what am I doing…” He let go, and noticed immediately that his hands were much bigger, and as he watched, getting even larger. His fingers were both thicker and longer, his palms criss-crossed with calluses and scars. “Holy hell…” The hands seemed too big for him. They fell across his stomach and he looked to see his shirt being awkwardly tugged in all directions by his expanding frame. His arms were now bursting through, big toned biceps making their appearance. Austin was jacking himself off as he rode Carter. His cum began to dribble onto Carter’s shirt and the top of his open fly.

“Take off your shirt, Carter.” Austin started tugging on the worn cotton, which now had the muscle-shaped indentations trying to rip through it. Carter pulled it back, trying to resist but only quickening the process. “No, no, I don’t want to see-”

The buttons exploded off of it and it came off in tatters. Austin chuckled evilly and tossed the shreds away, then started massaging the rippling abs that Carter now possessed. Carter looked down at his body – it was much changed, buffer and bulkier, with cleanly cut muscles rippling – small, but developed.

He came immediately and Austin shrieked in gratitude. “YESSS.”

Austin reached down and began massaging Carter’s pecs, which were slowly plumping up like they did during a workout, rounding into hard square rocks and stretching the nipples large and tight. Carter wanted to push the transformed Austin off and run away.

But he didn’t, because deep down, he didn’t really want to. Carter wanted to see what his own subconscious had planned. He closed his eyes and felt his muscles filling Austin’s big grasp. Austin rubbed his hands up and down, back and forth, and Carter shuddered with euphoria, more so as he felt his body widen on the bed and take up more space.

Carter shut his eyes and felt himself slowly grow. Austin’s massage was the most erotic thing he’d ever experienced. He felt his stomach tighten, he felt the skin move over it; he felt the skin shifting and stretching all over his body. Then, he felt Austin’s hands move around to his ass and the glutes respond by growing outward, circular, just like his chest. Austin started sucking on his nipple. Then, Austin started sucking on his other nipple.

At the same time.

Hold up…

Carter opened his eyes and sucked his breath inward. The room was filled with the frat guys, freshly home from the party. They wore polos and khaki shorts or t-shirts and flip-flops or boat shoes and torn jeans – all the standard frat wear.

Carter turned red with embarrassment, but soon noticed that the frat guys weren’t horrified. In fact, they looked kind of…intrigued. Then they all started peeling off their clothes. Then they started advancing on him, hungrily.

Austin was goading them on. “Hey boys, Carter here is going to show us how it’s done.”

Carter shook his head. “No, no, it’s okay. It’s really okay if you guys all just…” He began to orgasm and his voice caught in his throat. “Unnnghhh….”

He felt touches and stimulation everywhere. Each of his hands and feet went inside a frat boy’s mouth. Three other guys lifted him off the bed and went underneath, caressing his back and penetrating his ass. Another boy was running his hands through Carter’s hair and kissing his cheeks and face. He felt tongues licking him, hands caressing him, mouths sucking him. Everywhere. He was barely visible from outside the intertwined group.

Carter wanted to squeal, or make any noise, something, but he was so over stimulated he could barely think. He could hear himself panting like a dog, like some cheap whore. His mind was like a racecar screaming around a corner, flames trailing behind it. His eyes – when they weren’t being blocked by hands – could make out the same thing happening to the young men as had happened to Austin. They appeared to balloon all at once, packing on so much height and weight that the floorboards began to creak. Mountainous shoulders sloped down into junky-big arms and pecs the size of basketballs. Faces became broader, tighter, more angular – older and sexier. Hair changed color and grew, on their faces, on their chests. Two or three boys changed races – Spanish, Asian. Grateful moans deepened into sexual grunts. And through it all, the temperature in the room rose, along with the musky stench.

Carter felt power and strength surge through his body, as if he had been struck by lighting. Every nook and crevice of his body was filled, and he felt so heavy, as if he was exploding outward – which in a way he was. He felt a finger in his mouth and sucked on it. “Hey, stud…yeah, look at your hot face, yeah, suck that,” the man massaging his head said in a deep growl.

My hot face? What’s happening…to…me…

Carter tried to look down and caught only a glimpse of a body that could in no way be his. Massive pectorals, as high and round as mountains, hard as rocks and not giving to Austin’s touch. Caramel nipples as big as a nipple on a baby’s bottle. Eight abs as mottled and defined as a loaf of egg-bread. A tiny, chiseled waist leading to a porn-star cock.

Carter arched his back and exploded with joy, and every man in the room moaned their thanks. He could feel the hands cupping his arms, fingers tracing the fierce definition of his enormous muscles. Biceps as big and round as his pecs, like a basketball or a melon. Horseshoe triceps matching in size. He itched as big veins etched themselves clearly up and down his body, down to his bloating legs. His thighs forced themselves apart and he felt hands slip in between his legs, massaging them, down to calves shaped like footballs and feet more than large enough to match his horse cock.

He felt a strange itch on his arms and back, shrugging it off as the fingernails of the men scratching him. A lock of his hair fell into his eyes, and before his worshippers quickly pulled it back, he saw it was now black.

A cool sensation enveloped him. They’re pouring oil on me. He started to give in, moaning with complete euphoria, feeling the power rush through his new muscles.

Hands and bodies slipped all over his oiled-up, sweat-drenched body. His back arched into a parenthetical shape and as he came, he felt cum shoot all over him as the room filled with manly roars. Austin collapsed on top of Carter’s body and giggled into the king’s ear: “It’s time to wake up, fucker.”

Carter Cage snapped awake. He sat in the bed, heaving desperate breaths and trying to get his heart rate down. His head was caressed by soft down pillows, not a man’s callused hands. He was covered not with oil or hunky bodies, but by sheets and a comforter. He lay there for a long while, looking around the room – he’d fallen asleep here. Austin was going to get him a cell phone and Triple A’s number to fix his car. How long had he been asleep?

“Hell of a wet dream,” he muttered, and he came as soon as he heard his voice. It was deep, melodious yet rumbling – the voice in the dream.

“I…” He tossed the sheets off and saw the body of his dreams. Not an ounce of fat anywhere. Ripped to fucking hell. His skin was golden brown, as if he’d been dipped in a vat of honey. Eight abs – looked like ten – trailing up into a pair of pecs that stuck straight out like a rock shelf, bigger than any pair of tits he’d ever seen. When he sat upright, they blocked the view of the rest of his body. It was hard to move his head from side to side because his shoulders were so big and his neck so thick. Bull-thick traps were even with his jaw line, sloping down into a valley and leading up into delts as big as cantaloupes, which appeared to be stuck onto the ends of his collarbone. They jutted out so far, and his shoulders were built broad already! He pulled his arm up and flexed – it was the biggest bicep he’d ever seen, he thought, at least as big around as Hunter’s when he’d checked him out that morning.

Oh, there’s where the itch was from. A tattoo of his mother’s name was on his circular deltoid. Several Asian characters were below it, and on his other arm as well – Strength, Peace, Harmony, Clarity. He realized he knew what they each meant, even if he couldn’t remember getting them. The eye of Horus was on his other delt. He tried to reach behind his back to feel the rockhard lats, wide as an albatross, but there was no way – his biceps were too big, his pecs too puffed out.

He ran his huge hands down the cobblestone road to his dick and pulled on it as if it were joystick. It was shaved free of pubes, in fact, there was no stubble – did he have it waxed? Or maybe even lasered? “Glad I don’t remember that.” Although the mattress was soft, it still felt he was sitting on two rock-stuffed pillows, which he quickly deduced was his ass. He pressed his thighs together and marveled at how their combined width was double than that of his waist. Even his feet were strong and vascular, and very very large.

A small cry squeaked out of Carter’s lips. “Yesssss.” It was all he could manage. He rolled out of bed and collapsed onto his knees on the hardwood floor, leaving a puddle of cum and reeking sweat. He was not oiled up – “Guess that really was just a dream” – but he was so large, so unbelievably perfect and buff and muscular, that he exploded with another rope of cum as soon as he smelled himself and saw his body stretched out.

He struggled to his feet and thought his head would hit the ceiling. Carter didn’t know his height then – although he would later learn it was six-three – but he knew he was considerably taller. He stood still for a second and breathed deeply, finally achieving a normal rate. He saw the mirror on the closet wall and thought about whether he even wanted to look into it. Did he really want to know? What if this really was just a dream?

He hopped up and down, his large frame making the room shudder. He pinched himself. He lightly slapped his face. Nothing happened - he didn’t shoot up awake, skinny and alone.

Is this really real?

He regarded the mirror with fear and stepped away slightly. Maybe he would just live his life without ever looking. Maybe he could just wander back out to his car…his car! Carter stuck his head out the window and looked into the clear morning air. He’d been asleep all night. Shit. And his car was gone! Double shit! Had Austin just called the tow truck himself? What about getting his info?

“Carter, you fuckin’ slut, put some clothes on,” he heard a young guy yell. “Nobody here wants to see your John Holmes.” The kid was leaning up against a lawnmower and sipping water.

This kid knew him. Shit. He was gonna get fired. “What time is it?”

The kid reached for his cell phone but had left it inside. “I dunno, like ten or so?”

“What day is it?”

“What is this, the fuckin’ Christmas Carol?”

Could very well be. “I’m beat, dude,” Carter said. “It was a helluva night.”

“I hear ya, man. It’s Saturday morning; you’re not missing class. Not that you care.”

Carter said thanks quickly and dazedly shut the window, stumbling backward. “Class?”

It hit him fast. Oh God, I’m younger. I’m back in school! I’m a frat guy!

He walked over to the mirror and held his head low, to obscure his features. He could see a head full of thick black spiky hair, totally tousled, very bedhead and not balding in the least.

He could see his unbelievable body, barely even half-visible, shoulders and arms spilling off of both sides of the mirror and out of view. He didn’t have a single hair anywhere save for his head and the short whiskers he had felt on his face; even the pit hair he’d seen in the dream was gone. One deep breath caused every muscle to twitch and move, like an anatomy lesson, and his foot-long trousersnake became instantly erect. He bounced his pecs up and down. He slowly turned and looked over his shoulder, raising his hand to block a view of his face, to see a huge dragon tattoo covering the broad expanse of his lats. The fire coming out of the dragon’s mouth twisted down and around the center of his back, dissipating before reaching his lower back. His ass was plump and juicy and pert, young and gravity defying – perfect, and large.

He turned back around, short of breath once more and trying not to cum. “This is it.” C’mon, Carter, it’s just your face. It’s just…your face…“C’mon.”

He sucked in a quick breath and pulled his neck up, revealing the new face of Carter Cage.

Cum splattered all over the mirror like a fire hose.

“Fuck, Carter, you were wasted last night,” a young brown-haired kid chuckled as Carter walked into the expansive living room, wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants slung low on his chiseled out hips.

“I was?”

“Don’t you remember?”

Carter’s brow furrowed together. “Wait…you’re Austin.”

The kid shut his science book. “Guilty as charged.”

“You’re not blond.”

Austin pulled his head back in surprise. “Uh, no. How observant of you.”

“God, you’re so young. And little. Do you even lift weights? And what happened to your accent?”

“Excuse me?” Austin turned around to make sure Carter wasn’t talking to somebody else. “Are you high or something? You’re fuckin’ with me, right?”

Carter realized that he wasn’t making sense and nodded. “Uh, what happened to my car?”

“Kyle drove it back here for you, you were so tanked. Nobody wanted to see that beauty get wrecked. It’s in your space, don’t worry.”

“My space?”

“Uh, yeah, the president’s parking space. Are you sure you’re okay, man? You’re acting real loopy.”

“I’m good, I just need food, that’s all. I’m going to the kitchen.”

“Hey, Carter, personal question - I have to collect data about people’s lineage for this stupid fuckin’ genetics class. What’s your cultural heritage?”

Carter turned and, without thinking, recited the history he didn’t even know he knew. “Half English, one-quarter Spanish, one-eighth Cherokee and one-eighth Chinese. There’s a little Italian and Greek in there too.”

Oh my God.

“I knew it would be exotic.”

“Yeah, I’m an amalgam of humanity,” Carter responded, dazed.

“Someone told me you speak fluent Spanish, is that why? One of your parents is half?”

“Si, mi madre.”

Holy shit, oh my God, OH MY GOD. I’M FUCKIN’ AWESOME.

On his way to the kitchen, Carter stopped at a hallway mirror and gazed at his godly beauty once more.

A perfectly shaped face with chiseled jaw that dropped down just enough to not be completely square and swooped up into sharp, 90-degree angles. Tendons that bunched when he moved his thick neck. Sexy, squared-off chin, strong nose that was feminine enough to be beautiful but masculine enough to not be just cute. Gorgeous, big brown/black eyes that had just a hint of an almond-shape and a slight upward slant. Plump lips that curved upward sensually, heavy stubble – must be the Spanish – and sideburns that hinted at a propensity of body hair, even though his golden muscles were smooth as glass. Seriously high cheekbones soared outward like cliffs, and beautifully shaped eyebrows that matched his long black eyelashes. His golden skin was stretched so tight across his gorgeous bone structure that it caved in slightly at the cheeks, the way supermodels looked. Carter had inherited all the attractive attributes of the cultures that defined him. It was the face of someone who got everything they wanted. Soap opera star meets bodybuilder’s aesthetic. Ethnic. Unique. Breathtaking. The face of someone who was always going to be good-looking, no matter what the age or size. He didn’t look much younger than he had been before, but he knew he was. He had mature features, but there was some youthful innocence in there.

But the size helps.

He grabbed some food and looked out the kitchen window at the president’s parking space, with a red Porsche sitting in it. “Oh, fuuuck yes.”

Carter quickly scooted back and shut himself in his room, which he observed was very inhabited now, not the empty room of the night before. He looked at a shelf full of bodybuilding trophies and another with Greek rewards, then a drawer full of letters he’d collected from practically every sport in high school and college. Academic rewards were present as well. He was as smart as he was buff and beautiful.

He picked up a “Mr. Greek” trophy and held it in his big hand. It had two matching friends next to it, and another one he assumed would be on the way once he won the contest his senior year. He’d won as a freshman? Impressive, he nodded to himself. Way to go, Carter Cage.

“Why just objectify the girls’ bodies in wet t-shirt contests and calendars? Let’s objectify the guys, too. Objectify me.” He smiled and looked at the trophy, then down at his body. He was actually better-looking than the golden trophy boy. Carter set the trophy down and looked through drawers full of nice clothes, clothes he’d gotten for free at modeling events and through sponsorships. He slipped on a very big polo and was amazed at how skin-tight it was. He popped the collar and grinned, then flexed and felt the seams stretch, slight tears forming in the sleeves. He tried to wriggle out of the shirt and failed, so with a flex, he burst out of it and came inside his sweats.

Carter opened a leather wallet on the dresser and saw his new face staring back at him from IDs and licenses. He was 22 years old now, same birthday, different year. He was a brand-new senior, majoring in Exercise Science and Physical Education. He was six-three. The license said he was 280 pounds. He wanted to be bigger, he thought, and thoughts of his gym routine got him all the more aroused. He couldn’t wait to go to the campus fitness center with his frat brothers and show off his body, and work out like a bodybuilder, tossing on 45s like they were dimes.

And he was, quite obviously, the king of the frats - of the entire Greek system, in fact. The sororities lined up for a chance at bat with Carter. The frat guys wanted to be him, to work out with him, to be his best friend. He was worshipped. He was the campus stud. He realized if he went into the living room right then and tore off his clothes, Austin would have no choice but to bow down. He had an image of Austin hanging off of his bulging arm as he flexed, Austin’s feet dangling in the air as Carter preened.

This is the life I wanted. That everyone wants. Oh God, this is it. I have it.

He found a drawer full of posing straps of every possible color. He found a bottle of oil and smiled a big white grin.

He slipped on a posing strap, which took considerable effort, then began to oil himself up and pose. He loved the way it accentuated his muscles, and how inhuman his dick looked stuffed inside the poser; the way his ass was framed by the hot pink color. Precum leaked into the poser, and he flexed and posed for himself, blissfully happy and as close to tears as possible without crying. He tilted his head up to the ceiling. “Thank you, whoever you are. I remember. Thank you.”

“Carter Cage is into some weird shit.”

“Language around your son,” Katie admonished her husband as she nursed.

“Oh man, this phase? I remember when Mel did this with Neil when Lachlan was new. He’s not gonna remember. He’s a week old!”

“But soon he’ll be two years old and hear his Daddy cursing, and then his first word will be the f-word, and won’t that be a funny story for Nana and Pop-pop? Let’s change your habits now before he develops his.”

Hunter sighed. She wins again. “Can I at least have a beer?”

Katie smiled. “Yes. As long as your trainer says it’s okay.”

“Thanks, Mom.” He smiled.

“So, Carter Cage. Weird?”

“Weird,” he nodded as he grabbed a light beer, his one indulgence of the day between the rigorous workouts his superiors insisted on in exchange for letting him go be with Burke and Katie. “My first change by gay sex orgy.”

Katie’s head snapped up. “Oh,” she said, her mouth forming into an “O” shape and staying.


She shook her head in surprise. “Intense.”

“It was just a dream, but those were some porno mental images.”

“Sometimes I can’t believe we talk about this stuff.”

He shook his head. “Meeee either. I forget that not everyone’s like me, sometimes. I feel like I belong in X-Men.”

“I think they have a character similar to you,” she smiled.

Hunter’s phone rang and he answered it. “Oh, she is? Now? For real. Okay. We’re on our way.”

Katie was already setting Burke down and preparing to go. “Mel’s in labor?”

“Yeah. They were going to admit her tomorrow to be induced since she’s full-term, but her water broke an hour ago and she’s in labor now.”

Ten minutes later, Hunter, Katie and Burke were on their way to the hospital.

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