Hunter: Unrequited Love (mf musc)

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“Burke,” Hunter whispered, addressing the baby in his arms. “This is Leighton.”

Leighton Blue was swaddled in a blanket of his namesake color, his very large blue eyes staring up at his own Dad.

Neil scooted closer to Hunter and they held their sons inches away from each other until Burke and Leighton made eye contact and Katie snapped pictures. The two babies – only a week apart in age – stared at each other intently and with deep fascination.

“Well, we got our two boys,” Katie said with a smile. “And now we have a picture for their dorm room.”

They all stood close to each other, around Mel as she rested. Lachlan clutched Mel’s hand and beamed. “I wanna hold Leggon!”, he said, with an adorable rasp.

“LAY-ton, sweetie,” Mel laughed.

Lachlan focused. “Laaayyy-ton. Leighton. Can I hold LAY-ton?”

“Okay, bud, okay. Sit in that chair.” Neil pointed to the recliner in the hospital room, very safe and snug. Lachlan hopped up and scooted back into the cushions, and Neil crouched down and placed brand-new Leighton in his older son’s arms, hovering right above him, just in case.

Lachlan’s small arms were filled with Leighton. The two young Blues were locked in a deep gaze. Lachlan grinned down at his brother, showing off his crooked baby teeth, and then looked up at Neil.

“I love my brother,” he said loudly and with a big smile, as if announcing it to the group. “I think he looks like me. I hope he looks just like me.”

Hunter was pretty sure he could see Neil’s heart melt into a puddle of warm goo within him. Neil Blue had always wanted a male presence in his life. His Dad had died when he was five. He was an only child, and a classically unattractive one at that. But then Hunter had stepped in…

And now he had two sons. Now he was the Dad, and Lachlan and Leighton would have the childhood that Neil had so desperately longed for. They would be loved and all their needs would be met; they would be attractive and confident and have all the friends they wanted. He was sure of it.

Neil crouched his tall, muscled frame down and put his hand behind Lachlan’s head. “He loves you too, bud. You’re a big brother now! Are you excited?”

“Yeah!” Lachlan looked back down to the baby. “Yeah, I’m really excited.”

They could all see a switch go on in Lachlan. His eyes sparkled, his smile was wide. He didn’t seem shy, or timid – he seemed excited to be a leader and blaze a trail for his new brother.

Many years later, Neil and Mel would point to that exact moment - when Lachlan held Leighton for the first time - as the moment where Lachlan stopped being shy and became outgoing. Although he was just five and the bearer of the Blue name, adults had been scary and other kids intimidating. But now, he had Leighton – a guaranteed lifelong friend. And now that he had at least one, there was no risk in trying to add others.

“Oh, Lucky,” Mel said from her bed, calling Lachlan by his nickname. “You two are going to have the best time together.”

“I love Leighton,” Lachlan repeated, and they could already see the big-brother protection forming. Hunter recognized it well, and it made him smile.

“Do you think I’m good-looking?”

“Don’t talk for a sec, your Adam’s apple is moving the collar.” Allison pulled down on the white collar and tucked the tie underneath, brushing a few flecks off of her roommate’s shoulders. “There you go, you look fantastic. More than ready. How about me?”

“You look great.” Jordan looked at his roommate’s petite frame. She was so cute. Allison had always been cute, ever since they’d met in college. Big blue eyes, wavy blond hair, sparkling white teeth, looking every inch the former collegiate cheerleader she was. Five-foot-two, Jordan knew, but he didn’t know her weight. She was skinny and compact, like a gymnast, and she seemed to glow. At least to Jordan. He’d be surprised if she was even a hundred pounds. Her face could light up any room. Cheerleader Barbie, your All-American girl.

“Thanks. What was it you asked me?” Allison walked into the bathroom and primped more.

Jordan looked over her shoulder, into the same mirror. “I asked if you thought I was good-looking.”

She gave a sweet sigh and set down her mascara brush. “Jordo, you are adorable, and I tell you that over and over.” She reached across the bathroom and pinched his fat cheek. “Any girl would be lucky to have you.”

“I don’t want to be adorable,” he grumbled.

Allison made a noise best described as a kind guffaw. “You don’t WANT to be adorable? Most guys would kill to be adorable. Have you seen what happens to most men after college? Christ.” She went back to her makeup.

Fuck the friend zone. Jordan was cute, but in the way a little boy is cute, and he hated it. His face was perfectly round, like a moonpie. His big sparkling eyes had gotten him anything as a child, and red rosy cheeks that broadcast every time he was remotely emotional. The blush of his cheeks was accented by his porcelain skin, which turned lobster red after sun exposure. So much for ever getting a nice tan. His beard was thin and soft and he shaved only once a week, plus he was probably about thirty pounds overweight. Everything about him was round, from his head and shoulders to his rotund waist on his five-nine frame. Allison was right. He was adorable, boyish and precious-looking, and absolutely nothing a 24-year-old grown man wanted to be.

She’d friend-zoned him immediately, and it broke his heart. Allison was clueless over her effect on men. Jordan felt protective of her, like most guys do with tiny women. He wanted to hold her tightly in his arms and cover her with his love.

They’d been in the same major and field – hospitality – and had become fast friends. Jordan and one of his guy friends needed a third roommate in their off-campus house during senior year, and Allison needed a place to live after using up her two in-house years at her sorority, so it was a no-brainer. After graduation, Jordan’s friend moved, Allison and Jordan got a cheaper place, and then, by sheer coincidence, they’d gotten the two job openings at the nicest hotel in town. They worked together, lived together. Friends jokingly asked when he was going to put a ring on her, and Allison would laugh and the friends would laugh and Jordan would just smile, weakly.

“You excited to meet him?”

Jordan’s cheeks flushed. “Yeah, of course. Do you think we got everything set right?”

“I’m positive.” She smacked her lips together and turned to leave. “I hear he’s unbelievably down-to-earth though. We’ll be great, like always,” she smiled. “Ready to go?”

He looked at the cleavage peeking out of her camisole, the lace décolletage slightly covered by a well-fitted jacket. “I’m ready,” he said longingly.

“The flowers look fine, Ally,” Jordan said as Allison fiddled with the vase of lilies for the umpteenth time. “Relax.”

“Never thought I’d be the one who’s nervous! You’re the bigtime fan,” Allison said with a smile. “But my palms are all clammy!”

Her cell rang with a call from the front desk. “He’s here, isn’t he?” Jordan said to Allison as she listened on the phone. She nodded, and they both headed out of the immaculate room. She flipped the phone shut. “His car just pulled up. Perfect timing.”

They rounded the corner into the lobby just as the door to a very large black SUV was opening, and Hunter Hardy stepped out. They both took him in for a second. Broad, tall, beautiful. Everyone said so, but in person, good Lord…it was way different in person. He was just unreal. In the perfectly fitting jeans, tight grey t-shirt and the Mets ball cap, he was like the Adonis everyman. Perfect, and perfectly content to be so.

“Mr. Hardy?”

Hunter looked up – actually, down – at the two well-dressed figures. “Hi!”

“Hello, Mr. Hardy. I’m Allison Casewell, this is Jordan Denoux.” Hands were shaken. “Welcome to the Simon, we are here to ensure that your stay is as perfect as possible.”

“Well, that’s great,” Hunter smiled. “Should we walk?”

His posse carried his bags in. Allison and Jordan walked with Hunter in the center. Jordan spoke. “Mr. Hardy-”

“Oh, it’s Hunter, please.”

“Yessir.” Jordan blushed and Allison felt bad for him. “Hunter, this card has both of our personal cell phone numbers. We are the Hospitality Representatives for the Simon this weekend, and if you have absolutely any needs whatsoever, do not hesitate to call.”

Jordan looked up at the man who he had revered his entire collegiate life. He wanted to tell Hunter how much he admired him, but couldn’t find the nerve.

“Any time, any place, we will be there,” Allison continued. “We would love to assist you.”

“There is ONE thing. This is going to sound dumb,” Hunter said. As soon as the famous smirk crossed his lips, both Allison and Jordan were awestruck. “Can I get a copy of People, and a copy of Us? The new issues came out today and, well, you know…I want to see what’s being said.”

“Of course, sir. Hunter. I’ll be right back.” She spun around on her stilettos and hurried down the hall.

“She’s really cute, Jordan,” Hunter said congenially as soon as Allison was out of sight. “I say you go for it.”

Jordan’s entire face turned bright red. Hunter laughed and slapped his hand on Jordan’s back. Jordan swore it covered his entire back. “You remind me of my buddy Neil. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to embarrass you, dude, but I saw the way your face lit up when she started talking.”

Jordan coughed and looked down, then up at Hunter. “Is it that obvious?”

“Man-to-man, yes. She probably has no idea.”

They arrived at the suite. “This is it, Mr. Ha-- Hunter. Sorry. Habit.” They walked in. “Everything look good?”

“Good? It’s gorgeous. Every time I’m in one of these places, I can’t believe how lucky I am.” Hunter crashed his huge frame on the pure white couch, pulled off his baseball cap and tossed it across the room, revealing a thick mane of longer-than-usual black hair. “There a barber around here, Jordan?”

“Yes sir. I can actually get one of our hotel stylists to come to your room, to avoid a scene.”

“That’d be great. I’ve been meaning to get a haircut at home, but - I don’t know if you heard – we’re about to have a baby, and it’s been kind of busy. Lots of late nights. I had this speaking thing on the calendar a year ago, didn’t want to cancel, so I’m in and out.”

“Congratulations. You must be so excited.”

Hunter ran his large hands back through his hair. “It’s as crazy as everyone says it is. I already feel like a Dad, and it kills me to leave. I just want to be with my wife all day..”

Jordan didn’t know what to say to that, so he switched back to an old subject. He felt so comfortable with Hunter and by now he was too curious to let it go. “Do you really think I’d have a chance with Allison?”

“Absolutely, dude.”


Hunter smiled. “Why not?”

“Because, she’s a ten and I’m…not.”

“There’s more to life than being a ten.”

Jordan shrugged. “Easy to say when…” He shut his mouth quickly. This was a client! What the fuck was he DOING?

“…when I look like me? You’re right. But I think if you told Allison how you felt, you’d both start seeing you in a different light.”

Jordan suddenly felt as if he had compromised his job. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked, I-”

“Asked what?” Allison breezed in holding the magazines.

“Jordan asked if I was a fan of any other football teams beside the Jets,” Hunter said effortlessly as he stood to receive the publications. “Of course, I’m not.” He winked.

Jordan knew he was okay, but he was still embarrassed.

“Oh, ha, of course not!” Allison agreed, only a little too quickly – afraid that her complete ignorance of football would upset her client.

“We’ll leave you alone, Hunter.” Jordan stood and Allison waited by the door. “We’re your personal assistants for the weekend, and we’ll be here all day.”

“Thanks very much.” Hunter gave Jordan a thumbs-up after Allison had turned her back, and Mr. Denoux blushed anew.

“You know,” Allison said as she fiddled with her keys, “I thought it was going to be a really stressful day.”

“Me too,” Jordan nodded.

“But it wasn’t.”

“Nope. Not at all.”

They got inside, finally, and flipped on the lights. “Glass of wine to celebrate the nicest client in the world?”

Allison shrugged. “Just one for this petite girl. It’ll help me get to sleep, I guess.”

Three glasses later for each, Allison was getting close to tanked and Jordan was way past a mere buzz. Far enough along to be a little uninhibited. Far enough along to have ingested plenty of liquid courage.

“Allison, I love you.”

She laughed. “I love you too, Jordy.”

“No, really. I love you. I’ve been in love with you since we met.” He ended this sentence with a hiccup, which was not the world’s most endearing punctuation.

Allison was plastered. She laughed some more and then shook her head. “I don’t think you really love me.”

“Noooo! No, no, I do. Really.”

“I don’t think so,” she slurred. “You just think you do because we live together, but if you moved out, or I did, or shumthing, then you’d love someone else. You WOULD,” she repeated, thrusting her glass forward.

All of a sudden, Jordan was sober enough to realize he was being rejected in the nicest way possible. Allison kept talking nonsense about friends falling for each other but not really, silly, and honestly you could do better than me, Jordy, and blah blah blah. He spaced. This was his nightmare, he had avoided this, and now he had been too honest and she knew and nothing would ever be the same, and he felt his cheeks start to burn and…oh no.

Oh no.

“Jordy, are you crying?”

“No,” he muttered, lurching out of his chair and down the hall, with his hand over his face. “I’m going to bed. My eyes, uh, they hurt, I think I left my contacts in too long,” he lied.

Jordan slammed his bedroom door, slid his back down it, and collapsed on the floor. Years of suppressed secondhand rejection from Allison all came flooding out at once and the booze wasn’t helping his emotional control.

He cried and cried until he thought he’d eradicated all the moisture from his body.

Eight hours later, he woke up in the same spot.

He threw on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt to make it look like he’d made it to bed. Allison wasn’t in the kitchen. He turned on the coffeemaker, got the creamer out of the fridge, and turned around to see Allison staring at him.


“Sorry, didn’t mean to sneak up on you.”

“No, no, it’s okay.” He shuffled over to get coffee filters. “Hunter Hardy didn’t call you either?”

“No. Thank God. I don’t know how much wine I drank last night, but if he’d called, that would’ve gotten ugly.”

He turned and looked at her with a smile, but she looked down awkwardly, fiddling with the hem of her cami. “Jordy, did you tell me you loved me last night?”

The smile faded off his face and he went back to the coffeemaker. “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“You sure?”

The cupboard door’s loud slam answered her question. “Okay. Uh, leave some coffee for me, please.” He heard her footsteps pad across the floor and then stop at the kitchen archway.

Her voice was kind and true. “Jordan, I’m really sorry.”

His eyes welled up again and he stood still until he knew she had left. She liked him so much as a friend, he knew that, but you can’t force attraction. He looked at his reflection in the coffee pot’s silver handle and slammed his fist into the kitchen counter, utterly frustrated.

He’d never be good enough for a girl like Allison.

“Jordy, I’m going back to the hotel to get-”

Jordan wasn’t in the kitchen. “Jordan?,” she called out. No answer. She saw a post-it at her place on the table.

“At the gym. You were in the shower, sorry.” Uncharacteristically short and curt. She heaved a sigh and hoped that their relationship would be able to jump this hurdle. Tossing the note in the trash, she grabbed her keys and walked out.

Jordan had never worked out this hard, and he knew it. His feet pounded on the treadmill at an incline he’d never done before, at a speed he’d never tried. The sweat poured down his front and soaked his t-shirt. He didn’t care – he barely noticed, actually. He felt great. A pissed-off workout was cathartic.

He didn’t know how long he’d been on the treadmill once he got off, but he was so worked up, and he had to piss. With a light, bouncy tread, he jogged over to the bathroom and pulled down the waist of his athletic shorts.

To his surprise, instead of peeing, he came all over the urinal. “Ick. Got a little too excited there…” The way his sweaty fingers felt on his dick – it was great. Better than great. He’d never gotten so hard so easily before, and he looked bigger down there too, and thicker. This was great. Jordan felt masculine, and he liked that. He’d forgotten that.

And then, he realized, he was 24. There was no way he should have already forgotten what it was like to feel manly. He was in his prime! He’d been thinking he was done with the gym, but there was no way he was going home now. He had to do weights – it was almost a bodily compulsion; he had very little choice in the matter.

Jordan did preachers and hammers and all manner of curls until he felt like he couldn’t raise his arms anymore, and then he would add more weight. The weights class he took in high school just came right back to him. He asked a trainer if his squat form was correct, and it was, so after that he just trusted his gut. He did pec flies, and shrugs, all manner of back exercises, then moved onto the lower half of his body. He felt like he’d need to wring out his shirt, the sweat was so heavy, but he kept going. He loved the raw feeling of iron in his hands, the testosterone churning within him that he’d forgotten he’d had.

Jordan sat in his car for a second when he pulled back into the driveway. Resting felt good. I’m so proud of myself, he thought. I could go back to the gym right now. He gingerly lifted up his shirt. Had his little chub already begun to dissipate? His body looked a little harder, slightly less round and soft. The sweat sat nicely on his skin. He eased out of the car and walked awkwardly inside, soreness from the workout already setting in.

“WHERE have you BEEN,” were the first words he heard. Allison was standing at the other end of the hall. “I’ve been calling you and calling you! I called work, I called your parents! I thought you were dead or something!”

Jordan stood confused, still at the open doorway. “Did you not get my note? I went to the gym.”

For five hours? Where else did you go?! Why weren’t you answering your phone?”

“I didn’t want to be distracted, so I left it in my locker. Was I really there for five hours?”

Allison was not angry so much as dumbstruck. Her big eyes were wide, staring him down. “Wait, you’re telling me that the biggest client of our lives is in town, we’re on call, and you LEAVE your phone in your locker to work out? FOR FIVE HOURS? I can’t work out for five hours!”

Something in Jordan snapped. His brow furrowed and his face darkened. Who was Allison to yell at him like this? He didn’t yell at her, or ask where she was. Did she think she was better than him? “You’re not my mother, you’ve made it clear you only want to be my roommate, and now you’re going to stand here and call me irresponsible, and a liar? And then insinuate that I’m too fat to work out?”

She took a step back. “No, sorry, no…I didn’t mean it like that, I just can’t believe-”

“What, that I’m trying to better myself?” He walked up to her. “I knew you were at the hotel, so I felt okay leaving my phone in my locker.” He began to gesticulate more. “And I didn’t mean to work out for five hours, I just kept going and going, it was such a rush. I’ve never felt so alive.” There was a pause. He knew she was still mad.

“I just…” She pushed her hair back into a ponytail. “You’re just acting weird. You look good, though. Skinnier. Not that you didn’t look good before.”

He looked down, and she was right. He did look a lot skinnier. “I feel…taller. Probably because I just feel bigger, from the workout.”

“Everyone looks the same to me,” she said, finally breaking a smile. “Hunter didn’t call, by the way. I don’t think he’s going to. I did run into him once at the hotel, though.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. He told me that you’re a quality guy and to hold onto you. Wasn’t that nice? He thinks we’re dating.”

Jordan’s eyebrows furrowed once more. He knew that Hunter knew they weren’t dating. What an odd comment. Was he was trying to match them up?

He felt Allison’s hand touch his face, and it was like a lightning bolt through his body. He started to get hard. “You should work out more often, Jordy, you look good. I’m liking the intense look.”

His big eyes got even bigger, and his cheeks blushed. “Theeeere’s the Jordan I know.”

“Can I, can I…” He slowly wrapped his arms around her small, compact body and lifted her off the floor. He immediately could tell he’d gotten stronger. Before, he’d always thought of Allison and he as physical equals – although he was bigger and a man, she was in much better physical shape, and much more beautiful. But now, this was different. He had, well, power.

She didn’t say anything, but he could see she was surprised. So was he, in all honesty. He held her up against the wall, not wavering an inch, staring right into her face with that newfound intensity. His breathing was heavy. He could smell a musk wafting off him, and he hoped she did too.

“J-Jordan?” She wasn’t scared, but she was confused. “You okay?” She’d never seen this side of him before.

To be honest, it was kind of sexy.

He shook his head and snapped back into consciousness. “I’m sorry. I just, uh, I just wanted to try to, uh, to see…I…” He set her down gently, tenderly, clearly embarrassed himself. “You’re the best weight a guy could ever bench press.”

She burst out laughing and he blushed deeply. She responded by pinching his cheeks. “That was sweet. Thank you.”

And as he watched her walk upstairs, Jordan was thinking…what just happened?

Jordan Denoux masturbated a lot. He was young, single, attracted to his roommate…the makings of a real jacker. But when he started working out, his hormones went crazy. He began masturbating four or five times a day, at all hours, turned on by his newfound power. He felt like a man, like a real man.

He didn’t know working out could make your dick bigger, but he was definitely bigger. He’d peel his underwear down to finger out Jordan junior, and every time he jerked off he swore his dick was bigger than before, until his hand could barely contain his big meat. His balls were large and pendulous, and his shaft was like a soda can, thick and long and hanging halfway down his thigh. He was so proud of it. He had to buy new underwear for it – boxers were too floppy, and briefs were too constricting. It used to be Allison would walk into a room and Jordan would get hard, but now he had to cover up the third leg in his jeans before she noticed. He had thought about sex with Allison before, but now he knew with a member like this he would really be a good lay – real raw. Just had to work the body into shape…

Jordan didn’t know how much weight he’d lost because he didn’t know how much he weighed at the start. But as he looked in the mirror, he could see how different he looked. He wasn’t as round anymore – the gut was barely there. His waist looked slimmer, his shoulders looked broader. The arms didn’t jiggle when he moved them. Even his face looked different – longer. It wasn’t a circle anymore.

He stared at his face, intently. He looked the same, and yet…different. And as he stared, he swore he saw his jaw shift. His face was longer, squarer – angular. Pre-cum began to bubble, and he quickly jerked off in the sink, running his hands over his body, amazed at how much harder it felt. When he looked back up, his nose looked different too, straighter and thinner. His skin was just tightening, he reasoned. It happens, that’s the collagen. It’s normal…it’s normal…“Fuuuck…” And he came, hard.

“Wow, you look…really good.”

Allison tried not to sound surprised. Jordan always looked nice, he had good style. But today as they went to work, his suit looked great. It wasn’t new by any means, but the way he wore it was. The shoulders were filled out nicely. It was pulled in at the waist, which showed how he had developed one during his workouts. It bunched and rolled as he walked in a way it hadn’t before – Allison couldn’t believe she was thinking it, but Jordan looked kind of, well, buff. Good for him, she thought.

But it wasn’t just the suit. His hair looked better than usual – shinier – and his face looked tighter and more handsome, with his boyish cuteness that seemed to radiate. His eyebrows looked a little thicker, his beard shadow too. She’d heard about workouts ramping up testosterone, and when he talked, Allison realized his voice was pitched a little lower.

“C’mere,” she said, and she straightened his tie. “Is this a new shirt?”

“Yeah,” he smiled, and when he grinned his teeth looked whiter. Either his skin was more tan, or his teeth were more white, or both. “I bought it because my old ones didn’t look good. And I put on the watch that my grandpa gave me for graduation!” He held up his wrist to show off the elaborate silver timepiece. “I feel like I can wear it now without looking like I’m playing dress-up.”

“You really do look fantastic, Jordo. I’m glad to see you taking such good care of yourself.” She brushed her finger across his cheek. “Checking for sunless tanner,” she grinned.

“No sir, no cheating for me. I don’t know why, but I’m not burning like I used to. I went for a run the other day and didn’t put on lotion, and by the end I was tan.”

“Why didn’t you put on sunscreen?”

He shrugged. “Just forgot, I guess.”

His smile faded as he saw her scrutinizing him.

He smiled awkwardly “What, Ally?”

“Nothing, you just look…” Her eyebrows moved toward each other. “…so different.”

“I’ve just been working out a lot,” he said, trying to appease her, but they both knew that didn’t explain all of it. He didn’t know how to explain that he was two inches taller now and had had to let out the hems of all his pants. He didn’t know how his body had gotten so rockhard so fast. He didn’t know why he suddenly had a cock like a porn star, or why his voice had gotten deeper, or why his hair was darker and thicker. Jordan didn’t know how to explain any of it, so he just attributed it to the exercise and the revved-up hormones and didn’t mention it to Allison. But he knew she was noticing. And, he thought with growing confidence, it seemed like it was turning her on. He just wanted to grab her right now and fuck her senseless, until they both couldn’t walk, until he heard her screaming his name. And then when they were done, she’d put on one of his shirts, which would be cute because she was so tiny and he was big and getting bigger by the day, and they’d have some breakfast and talk and kiss a little, and then he’d get down to business and fuck her again with his big cock…

stop it, Jordan. Stop it. She’s not attracted to you.

But she’s looking at you differently. She’s sizing you up, like a hunter and its prey. I’m the hunter, not her. I’m the man. Say something, Jordan, something sexy. Make her love you. Make her long for you.

“Uh, you ready to go to work?”, he stammered, the familiar blush filling his cheeks.

You fucking dipshit.

Jordan’s serious weight training had been the best thing he’d ever done. Thanks to Hunter’s prodding, Allison had pissed him off enough to really get him in gear. In a way, her rejection was a good thing. It spurned him on.

Now, at the gym, he could tell he was regarded differently. He was a part of the brotherhood. He didn’t think twice when he needed to grab a different weight, and he didn’t hesitate when he needed to ask for a spot or a work-in. Working out had become fun and cathartic. Every time Jordan needed to add more weight, he got a little rush. His self-consciousness began to dissipate, and his confidence grew along with his body. Some of the gym guys even noticed how different he looked and complimented him.

But Jordan was also getting slightly freaked. As his pecs and biceps got bigger, and rounder, and stronger, other parts of him were changing too – parts that he knew weren’t usually affected by workouts. He was squatting 250 for the first time when he had cum explosively in his pants, and the shock nearly caused him to drop the weight. A stumble to the locker room revealed an even bigger dick than before and a face that was now only a step away from being quite handsome – maybe his eyes were a little too close together, or something, but there were only minute details keeping him from being a complete stud. How had that happened? And what was it? He still had the big blushing cheeks, but the cheekbones were sharper and wider now. His eyes were still large and sparkling, but their blue color was now vibrant and intense, and when he narrowed the lids he looked sensual and seductive instead of tired or stoned. The bump on his nose was gone. He had to shave three times a week now. And the way his clothes hung on his body – it was unreal. Obvious mounds where his pectorals were. A slight crinkle to the sleeves when he moved his arms and the biceps twitched. No longer a visible belly – the fabric hung flat across his stomach. Even his ass was high and muscular, now, instead of low and fat.

The fact that his height now began with the number 6 instead of 5 was a trip, too. If he grew anymore, he’d have to buy new clothes, and he couldn’t afford them. He liked saying he was six-feet instead of five-nine, though, but “physical growth” was not a section of his budget.

Still, deep down, he knew he wanted to be taller. Aside from a jockey, what guy doesn’t want to be tall?

Jordan was starting to get annoyed with his new gym habit – every time he lifted a new weight, his dick would get hard, and if he tried to push himself to failure in a set, he usually came in his pants. As he finished a bench press, he felt the familiar white goo spurt into the new jockstrap he’d bought for his also-new large genitalia.

The weight slammed back into the rack and at that moment, Jordan swore he felt himself grow. A barely noticeable noise was audible for only a millisecond, like stretching cotton. He sat up and looked at himself in the mirror. He saw the bodies of guys he used to hate, guys who would hit on Ally – frat guys, athletes. His pecs were square and firm, peeking out of his tank top. He kind of had abs now – ABS! – and his biceps and shoulders hung at a slight angle with round, sexy contours. The V-shape segued into a tiny waist that led down to his bubble ass and telltale large lump between his muscular legs. He was so tan now, a sun-drenched golden bronze, not a fake bake but the color of someone who genuinely enjoyed the outdoors. His large blue eyes burned over long lashes and stared into the mirror for a good long while.

Jordan Denoux was beginning to notice that he was sort of, well, beautiful. The thought made him cum once more. “Stop it, moron,” he admonished himself as he awkwardly gathered his stuff and felt the cool tingle of jizz caked onto his skin. He rubbed his throat when he heard the sound of his voice – still disctinctly his, and yet so different, so much sexier and richer. “Nothing’s happening to you,” he muttered to himself as he walked to his car.

Jordan didn’t believe himself at all.

Poor Allison was so conflicted. After gently rejecting Jordan’s advances – she did love him, just not like that – she had begun to feel guilty. But, as her guilt grew, Jordan seemed to become exponentially sexier. His body changed along with the negative aspects of his personality. She suddenly began to see him as a kind of cute guy, whereas before he’d just been…Jordan. Nice, sweet, not-too-exciting Jordan. Suddenly, he had more muscles and confidence, and was randomly picking her up. There was something primal within him that had awakened, but Allison was afraid she was making herself see things that weren’t there, out of pure guilt for hurting poor Jordan so badly.

And she felt so shallow, for not thinking she could love Jordan until he started to work on his appearance. Was she really that superficial? She was attracted to him and didn’t know why; she wanted to give him a chance but was afraid to let herself feel those things about her friend. She didn’t want to be one of those girls that only dated because of looks. But looks mattered, she always knew they did…

Ally cried on the edge of her bed, soft tears running down her cheeks. She felt like a shallow bitch. The nicest guy she’d ever known wanted her so desperately and she’d led him on, because she liked the attention, and then she took the first chance she got to tell him no. Fuck you, bitch. Any girl would be lucky to have a Jordan in their life, and you only notice him when he can fill out a business suit. As she wiped away tears, she realized that the very reason she was crying was deeper than just guilt, and that she was beginning to think of Jordan as more than just a friend and a roommate.

She stood up and walked into the hall, determined to get to the bottom of both of their feelings. Right as she reached up to knock on his door, she heard a moan.

Allison opened up her mouth to say something but heard another moan – or was it a groan? – and louder than before.

“Ally!,” said the voice from behind the door.

She froze. Was he masturbating, or did he need her?

“UuuuunnnghhhhhhhaallllYYYY…ALLY! H-h-h-help!”

The last word was all Allison needed. Jordan was asking for her. She burst into the room.

He appeared to have been masturbating but certainly wasn’t anymore. He also appeared to be completely naked – his comforter had been tossed off and a flimsy sheet covered his lower body, although his penis was erect underneath it and sticking straight up, tenting the fabric. Waist up was visible, as Jordan propped himself up against the head of his bed. He was covered in sweat; even his sheets had moisture stains. As soon as Ally shot into the room, Jordan locked eyes with her and she could see the fear all over his pretty face.

“What’s wrong?”

“S-something, something…” He wheezed, breathless. “Something weird’s happening to meeeee…”

“What do you mean-”

She was interrupted by a squeal from Jordan, and then the scariest thing she had ever seen in her life: her friend appeared to suddenly…expand. She could see the legs underneath the sheet get longer. His shoulders and chest rose and then stayed, his neck lengthened, his arms thickened. Jordan slammed his head into the back of the bed. “UNNNNGHHH OWWWWW.”

Ally stumbled back, shocked. “Jordy?”

“Please! Please, unnnghhh…I…I’m sorry, I…” The sheets balled up in his hands as he twisted. “I hurt all over. I can feel everything moving and working and, and, I think I’m growing.” He spasmed. “UGGGGGGH it HURTS…HURT! I HURT!” He yanked on the sheets and began twisting the wet fabric up in his enlarging hands. “HUUUURT,” was all he could bellow.

The man in bed was not the Jordan she knew. She watched as his abs thickened into the best 8-pack she’d ever seen on a man, even men in magazines. His shoulders were wide and carved, his chest square and powerful, pushing slightly into the bowling ball-sized biceps. Veins criss-crossed their way underneath his popping bronze skin. His skin was coated with sweat that made him shimmer like a human disco ball. Although Allison was frightened, she couldn’t believe how sexy Jordan looked. He was starting to look like men that girls and gay boys daydreamed about, doodling names in their binders and clipping their pictures from Cosmo.

He reached his arms – large, knotted and beautiful – out to her. “ALLY!”

She was trying to work up the courage to walk over to him, to touch him and hold him, but she was terrified now. “Jordy, your voice, it’s freaking me out.”

“I can’t h-h-help it, I know it’s a little different.” Jordan tilted his head back and the stubble on his face appeared to get heavier. His hairline pushed forward and his eyebrows thickened as a light dusting of curly hairs popped out across his pecs and forearms.

He looked across the room at her, their expressions mirroring each other – fear-streaked faces with wide eyes and mouth agape. She noticed tears rolling down his cheeks. Jordan twisted his body away from her, embarrassed and naked and trying to hide, but it only made him look bigger – his back, once soft and pudgy, was now shaped like an upside-down Christmas tree, every perfectly formed muscle looking ready to burst out of the skin. The powerful breadth of his shoulders was mottled downward in a perfect V, right to the pert, hard ass that peeked out of the sheets. He tried to cover himself but it didn’t work. The sheets were now tightly wrapped around his legs. Ally could see his dick, wildly erect and huge; there was no way Jordan had always been hung like that.

“Please don’t look at me,” he whimpered pathetically. “I shouldn’t have called you in. I don’t want to scare you, that’s the last thing I – nnnnngggggggh - want. I didn’t mean to, to, I didn’t really…owwwww…”

The handsome features and chiseled body that had slowly been revealing themselves over the past weeks were now bursting into view with urgency. His naked body radiated power and raw sex. Every muscle was carved with fat-free perfection, pumped up under his tanned skin. His black hair and elegantly handsome features bore only a barely passing resemblance to the man he had once been. Over his change, Jordan’s features had slowly become more refined – now, suddenly, he looked positively aristocratic, with the fine jaw and defined cheekbones of men in Izod and Ralph Lauren ads.

Jordan’s head lay against the head of his bed, propping him up as he panted and tried to regain his breath. He couldn’t believe how far out his pecs stuck, or how his abs felt. His arms were perfectly rounded, the arms of a true gym bunny and athlete. His shoulders were broad and intimidating.

Jordan kept one hand over his penis, his last declaration of modesty, and held the other hand up to his face, marveling at its new size and strength. He slowly looked up until his eyes – the same large, kind eyes he had always had, peering out behind long black lashes – met with Allison’s, who was staring at him with intense fascination and dread.

“Are you…still you?” She wrang her hands on the fabric of her cami and took a step back.

The blood rushed to his cheeks and she saw the gorgeous stud on the bed blush deeply. Relief filled her soul – she had seen that blush many times before.

“I’m me. I’m Jordan.”

Before she knew it, he had darted out of bed and pulled on a pair of gym shorts that now only came to his mid-thigh and did not at all hide his huge cock or well-formed ass. As he stood over her, she felt a tinge of fear.

He was huge. And perfect. He had to be a foot taller than her, at least six-two. His body was like an anatomy chart, every muscle visible and well-worked without being freakishly overdeveloped, just beautiful symmetry and virile masculinity. The growth of beard on his face and his thick black hair was obscenely sexy. Jordan looked like a prince.

“Don’t be scared of me.” His voice was deeper, but still soft and sweet. She could hear the longing in it that she always did when he talked to her. “Please, don’t go. I need you.”

“I’m not going anywhere. I…I…” She laid a hand on his chest and felt his heartbeat under the pillowy muscle. “I promise.”

“I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what I did.”

“Maybe you-”

He quickly interrupted as a thought burst into his mind. “Remember that conversation we had junior year, about what your dream man would look like?”

She didn’t answer but her heart dropped into her stomach as she remembered.

“I think I’m him. All those things you described…they’re me. LOOK at me, Ally. Look at me. I’m a new man.”

Allison started crying. “You didn’t have to be. I loved you just as you were, I…I’m so sorry, I was such a bitch, I’m not a bitch! I’m really not-”

“-I know you’re not-“

“I was on my way in here to tell you that I thought I was developing feelings for you! But I felt so guil-guilty,” she sobbed, “I can’t believe it took you working out for me to start liking you, I don’t deserve a guy like you, if I couldn’t see you for who you were then I have no right…”

“Shhhhh.” He pulled her close in an embrace and she shut her eyes and felt her head against his broadly muscled chest, feeling the vibrations of his heartbeat and smelling his sweat.

“I forgive you,” he whispered. “Because I love you.”

She cried more, and Jordan looked at the image in the mirror, this new man he had become – handsome and dominant – and the woman he loved wrapped securely in his arms. He tilted his head down and kissed the top of hers. “Please don’t cry, Ally. It kills me to see you cry. Why are you crying? I wanted this. I wanted this more than anything.”

“Your body?”, she sniffled.

“So that I could feel alright having someone as beautiful as you.”

“Can we give it a try? Us, I mean,” she stammered. “…you and me?”

His eyes sparkled and he broke into a huge, beautiful grin. “I’ve been waiting for you to say that since you first walked into my dorm room. I fought for you. I waited for you.”

Ally’s eyes welled up once more and she met Jordan’s mouth in a kiss. His lips were the softest and most beautiful she had ever felt, like kissing silk. Her eyes were closed as he pulled away. “I could eat kisses like that for dessert.”

He kissed her again, harder, his tongue in her mouth this time. His large hands began to fumble with her silk cami, then slid down to her waist, sending shivers through her body.

Holy shit, we’re about to fuck.

She could feel his heart begin to race again as she kissed his big pecs. He lifted her up off the ground and carried her over to his bed, the sheets of which were still soaked by his sweat from his sudden change.

I’m about to fuck Allison. Oh my God, this is it. She’s pulling my shorts off. I’m naked! I’m naked and PROUD of my body…look at me, I’m fucking flawless. Never as perfect as Ally, though.

His cock slid inside of her and she moaned as his porn-star rod began to do its work.

We’re perfect.

He thrust and she squealed. Their bodies pressed together and a mammoth lovemaking marathon commenced.

Fucking perfect.

“Why are you pacing?”

Allison woke up to see Jordan darting back and forth in the bedroom, almost akin to a caged animal. He turned to her and she saw worry all over his face.

“Last night was…incredible,” he said with a quick flash of a smile. “Last night was all of my dreams coming true – I got beauty, and I got you. I’d realized I was going through some kind of metamorphosis for these past two weeks, kind of like a butterfly, but I just didn’t believe it…now it’s undeniable. But, I was still me. I was the Jordan Denoux that everyone knew. And, I don’t look like myself anymore. The man on my driver’s license isn’t me. What if I have to quit my job? What if my family doesn’t recognize me? I have a new voice, a new body, a new face…what if my parents don’t know who I am? Wh-what am I gonna do? I can’t…I don’t know if I…” She could see him beginning to become emotional. He was freaking himself out.

“You’re still you, though. I see you in there. Your cheeks and your eyes – your kindness and your speech patterns. Where’s your wallet?”

“Bedside table.”

Allison flipped open the worn leather bi-fold and yanked out the driver’s license. Her eyes widened, she looked up at the hunk standing at the foot of the bed, and then back at his license.

“What is it?”

“This picture. It’s…it’s you. The new you.”

He pulled it out of her hands and saw his beautified face - with its wider jaw, thicker hair, shapely brow, more pronounced cheekbones and gorgeous mouth – staring back at him, tilted in the same direction and making the same expression that his previous picture had. “Oh, God.” He touched his hand to his forehead and slowly sat down. “I’m going crazy.”

“Right there with ya.”

Jordan handed the license back to Ally, vacantly. He looked down at the beautiful body he had developed – iron abs, perfect protruding pecs, cannonball shoulders and biceps like bowling balls. He just stared at it, then stuck his fingers in the sharp divide between his left and right pectorals.


He looked into her eyes. He was so pretty now that he didn’t look real. His skin was so even and smooth, his features so perfectly formed, and his body so heavenly, that it became very difficult to form coherent sentences around him. His beauty was almost distracting.

“Will you go with me to the hotel?”

“Of course. Why?”

“I want to see if they know me as me. I’m thinking Jordan Denoux 1.0 got upgraded to 2.0 and nobody remembers it but the two of us.”


By now, I’ll bet you’re seeing yourself in a whole different light. I hope all is well in your life and that you are finally content and confident with the man that you are. Life is what you make of it, but it doesn’t hurt to have some help along the way.

If you ever have a question for me, ask away. I’m easier to contact than you might think.

Hunter Hardy

P.S. How is Allison?

Jordan sat in the hotel stairwell and read the letter as tears streamed down his face and hit the paper on which the fax was printed. It was handwritten – a quick scribble, for Hunter Hardy was a busy man – but it was personal, “For Jordan Denoux only,” as it said on the top. Receiving it had knocked the wind out of the Jordan. Suddenly, everything made sense, and yet at the same time nothing did. Why Jordan? What had he done to deserve something so wonderful? He had been just another homely guy in love with a beautiful woman. The story was as old as time itself.

His phone buzzed and he flipped it open. “Jordan Denoux,” he said with a confident resonance, his deeper voice echoing through the stairwell.

“Jordy, where are you? I’m here and looking for you.”

He was already stuffing the paper into the pocket of his suit jacket. “I’m in the stairwell, I’m just walking into the hallway.” Jordan wiped the last tears from his eyes and pushed open the door to see Allison’s backside. He flipped the phone shut and a smile lit up his face.

“I’m here, baby.”

She turned and he saw her eyes sparkle when she saw him. She grabbed his tie and pulled him in for a quick kiss. “Dinner, Mr. Denoux?”

“As long as we can have dessert,” he whispered with a wicked twinkle. She smacked his chest playfully and laughed. Their hands intertwined as they walked out of the hotel, and Jordan looked at their reflections in the lobby mirrors. He was tall and handsome, she was thin and beautiful. His suit was perfectly fitted to his muscular body, his lilac tie was the same color as her top.

But above all, Jordan Denoux was holding hands with Allison Casewell, and she seemed to kinda like him.

Life was beautiful.

“I know that grin,” Katie Snow Hardy said to her husband. Hunter sat on the couch with tiny Burke in his huge arms, softly cooing and smiling to his son. But his lips curled up at the tips into a playful grin, and Katie had seen it before. Not often, but enough to know what he was up to.

“Is it Jordan?”, Katie asked, mentioning the man that Hunter had talked about so often for the past few days.

“I sent the fax today,” Hunter said. “He’s so blissfully happy now. Usual post-change freakout, which is understandable, but now…he likes her so much, Kate. Just the way he looked at her was so hilarious.”

“Ah, love is a beautiful thing,” she said with mock seriousness. “You’re eHarmony in quarterback form.”

“Higher praise was never spoken,” Hunter laughed. “I’ve been thinking, since Leighton was born…”

“…not another baby just yet. I have SI Swimsuit coming up.”

“No, no, not that. I know you do. I meant that Neil has two boys now. I had a boy. Grant Brewer has two sons, Lance Ridge has one, Max Rogers is having one…plus Jack Leigh and Bruce Hill, which I guess doesn’t really count. Chase Collins’ wife is pregnant; I’ll bet she has a boy too. But, no girls is my point.” Hunter hadn’t told Katie about Sean yet, but it took him five boys plus Hunter before he got a girl. “I think there’s something about the change that causes a propensity of boys. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.”

“Or maybe your God-given mission is eradicating undesirable genetic traits and repopulating the Earth with supermen,” she said with a twinkle.

He smirked. “You’re mocking me.”

“Maybe. My theory is that nearly every man wants sons, and there is always a trace amount of ‘change’ or whatever left in all of your, ahem, victims. And maybe they just want boys so badly, it just happens. Before Lachlan and Leighton were born, how did Neil refer to the babies they were expecting?”

“As a ‘he,’” Hunter realized.

“You thought Burke was going to be a girl. Why?”

“Because there are so many girls in your family. But I-”

“-you really wanted a boy,” she finished. “Even in high school, you were talking about when you had sons one day. You never mentioned daughters.”

“Yeah. Wow.”

“You’d better stop thinking about Y’s and begin thinking double X’s, because I want a girl sometime,” she grinned.

“Two boys and a girl, how’s that sound?”

“Good,” Katie shrugged, “Anyway, it’s just a thought,” she said, before sighing. “I mean, by the time Hudson was born, I bet your Dad was starting to really want a girl. And then he finally got one.”

Hunter’s head snapped up. “You know about him too?”

She smiled her wise-beyond-her-years smile. “I had my suspicions, but you just confirmed them when you mentioned that you had a son. You can’t change yourself and yet you were lumping yourself in with your other changes. Just because I wear bras for a living doesn’t mean I’m a ditz, honey.”

“To me, you’re brilliant. Don’t hate me.”

“I could never.” She walked over and kissed him. “But I want to hear the full story.”

“Anything for you. Y’know what was on tonight? Fireball Beach. Tivoed it.”

She laughed. “Oh did you? You’re sure you’re okay with me staring at Mason Leigh’s hunky Hunter-granted bod?”

“I kinda have to watch, I’m too curious. Look, Burke fell asleep.”

They both stared at the baby in Hunter’s arms, with love and amazement and pure, utter joy.

The same look that Carter Cage had as he looked over his built-up muscle body in the mirror. The same look that Max Rogers or Chase Collins had as they rubbed their wives’ pregnant bellies. The same look that Bryant and Dustin had as they kissed backstage before a fitness show, or that Drew Carver had every time he caught a glimpse of himself or one of his old sketches, or that Heath Bienkowksi had as he played football with his buddies on the high school field under the watchful eye of Coach Hill.

The same look that Jordan Denoux had as he talked to Allison at dinner, their hands lightly touching in the middle of the table.

The same look that Neil Blue, with his arm around his wife, was giving his two sons as they slept in their playroom.

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