The Alpha Kid 2: The Alpha Kid Grows

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Marcus found that the more he ate, the more intense his pumps got. So he ate even more. He'd read in a muscle mag that you shouldn't eat a lot right before a hard workout, but one day he did it anyway. He got so bloated with pump that he'd almost cum in his sweats just from the feel. So he started doing that every day. It made his gains leap, and it didn't take long before he broke the 200lb mark. He was starting to look like a real muscle stud.

All his new size and strength was making him hornier than he'd ever been, too. He started bringing home chicks from campus. He'd never been much of a chick magnet, but now it was easy. He'd see them looking at him furtively, and all he'd have to do is walk over to them and smile, and he knew he had them. He even started nonchalantly bouncing his new growing pecs in the tight tee shirts he'd started wearing. Some chicks actually gasped out loud when he did that.

And the sex was incredible. He was amazing in bed, if he did say so himself. He drove the ladies wild with his powerful thrusts. Only thing was, he had to fantasize about himself in order to get off. He'd be pounding someone silly, and he'd be thinking about how swole he felt, how big he was getting, how strong he was getting. Then he'd think about being a superheavyweight muscle freak, and he would just about break the headboard slamming into the girl. Didn't take him long to blow inside her. Then he'd get up and start flexing for himself in the mirror, still sweaty and dripping, pumped and raging. He found out early on that chicks don't get into that as much as he thought they would. Too bad for them, he'd think to himself as he'd bone up watching himself pose.

In fact, it didn't take long before he lost interest in picking up chicks. They would get so demanding. And it took away time from his training and eating. And now, six months into lifting, he was closing in on 220lbs of muscle, so he found that he got off harder on himself than he had with any lady. Besides, he'd discovered that his gym had a couple of little guys that were willing to give him a blow job anytime he wanted one. These guys gave way better bj's than the ladies. And they were way more into his muscle. Little dudes would nut themselves right in their shorts watching him flex out in his bedroom. Especially now that he had veins roping up and down his arms. Some of them were getting pretty thick. Pencil thick. And they branched off in his forearms like a river delta. All he had to do was run that forearm across a twink's nose, and BAM, it was all over for them. This inspired Marcus to get even bigger.

He had gained a lot of confidence since he first started lifting at his gym, but he still hesitated to ask someone to spot him. Pretty soon, though, some of the bigger guys were asking him to spot them. And quite often, that would lead into him working out with them. That's when his strength really started to leap up. And the big guys were impressed with his power.

"Damn, kid," said one big dude who Marcus was doing bench presses with."I didn't expect you to get that so easy." They had 405lbs on the bar, and Marcus had just repped out three times with it. It was 40lbs more than he'd ever tried before. His pecs felt like bullets would bounce off them. He stood up and checked out his chest in the mirror. He pulled the straps of his string tank apart to see more of his pecs. "Geezus, man," said the big lifter, "look at those suckers." Marcus flexed them hard. Striations popped out all over them as they swelled out. "Dude, you're looking freaky! How old are you again?"

"Eighteen," said Marcus, as he continued to check out his chest. "I want to try for six," he said, getting back on the bench. With the big lifter spotting him, Marcus pushed out eight reps with the 405.

"Fuck yeah, kid," said his spotter.

Marcus would feel superhuman after lifts like that. And his weight shot up to 239lbs. He noticed how people moved out of his way now. Other guys at the gym would stop what they were doing to watch him make a new personal record. Or to watch him as he flexed in the mirror. Guys who had competed in bodybuilding contests were asking him to workout with them, and showing him how to pose in ways that would bring out the muscle to its most extreme. One time, when a guy showed him how to bring up his arms into a sweeping double bi, both of them watched him in the mirror, and as he squeezed out at the top, and his big, growing peak topped out higher than it ever had, both of them said "Whoa," at the same time. Marcus took his eyes off his reflection long enough to look at this bodybuilder next to him, and he realized that in a side by side posedown, he would destroy this guy. "Fuckkk," he said, and he squeezed his arms even hard, and watched as his peak popped out even more.

"Man, you are so jacked," said the competitive bodybuilder, in awe. Marcus smirked as he saw the guy popping a tent in his sweats.

"Wait till I'm 250 plus," said Marcus. He stripped off his tank top, turned sideways in the mirror, and hit a huge side chest shot, his melon pecs swelling out like a rounded shelf. He smirked again as he saw a wet spot forming on the smaller man's shorts.

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