The Alpha Kid 3: The Alpha Kid Rules

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When Marcus walked around campus now, he sensed his growing superiority. He started to see the other male students as weak and inferior. They were so scrawny. Especially the ones who don't lift. They moved out of his way as they saw him coming, and good thing too, because he could toss them aside like gnats, he was getting so strong. He saw the big jocks looking at him now, sizing him up on the pecking order of masculinity. Marcus knew that he was passing them all, and very quickly. He'd weighed in at 248lbs this morning, and that was before a breakfast of a dozen eggs, four cups of oatmeal, three bananas and a quart of milk. He knew he was over 250, he could feel it as he moved. Even his dick was growing. He checked it out in the mirror every morning, and he could feel its new size and heft. Even flaccid, it hung down club-like.

One of Marcus's classes had a very handsome blond guy in it. Marcus noticed that the dude started sitting closer and closer to him each day. He would catch the guy looking at him, so he made sure he wore a tight XXL polo shirt to class. He would casually flex his triceps and biceps, making them pop and swell. One day, when the blond was sitting right behind him, he brought up his arm and looked at it, like he had an itch. He tugged the sleeve up to his delt. He tightened his arm right in front of his own face. Then he licked his index finger and ran it along the jutting bulge of his big arm muscle. He ran his finger back and forth, and made sure the kid could see how his skin slid back on forth over the hard biceps. He heard the guy say, 'goddam' under his breath.

After class, Marcus didn't get up. He waited as everyone else left the classroom. The blond waited too.

"Hey, man," said the blond. "You want to go somewhere and go over the notes together?"

"Sure," answered Marcus. "Why don't we go to my place."

The blond took a hard swallow before saying, "OK, cool. I have one more class today though."

"Now," ordered Marcus, standing up and towering over the blond. He bounced his pecs, and smirked as the guy stared at his rolling mounds, big as pillows.

The blond gulped again. "OK, sure," he said, standing. They were about the same height, but Marcus could tell that he outweighed the guy by 70 to 80 pounds of hardcore muscle.

On the walk back to his apartment, the Marcus discovered that the blond guy chatted a lot. Maybe he was just nervous. He told Marcus about being on the golf and tennis teams. Not exactly alpha sports, but the dude was fit, and almost absurdly good looking.

As they walked into Marcus's apartment, the blond was saying how he wanted to gain some more size, but not too much, because he was hoping to become a pro golfer after college.

"You don't like big muscle?" Marcus asked.

"Don't get me wrong, man, on you it looks amazing. I just can't get too musclebound for golf."

"You think I'm too musclebound for golf?"

"Naw man, I didn't mean...."

"Look at this arm, boy," Marcus said, flexing. "I can hit a 300 yard drive with this arm." Marcus had no idea how far he could hit a ball, since he'd never actually golfed. But he felt like he could do anything, especially as his biceps peak rose up and ripped the sleeve of his polo clear past his shoulder.

"Oh my god," stuttered the handsome blond.

"Yeahhh," said the bigger man. "We'll have to go out on the links one day, so I can crush you with this musclebound muscle."

"Geezus man, your arm is huge!"

"Get on your knees."

"What??" asked the blond. But as Marcus pulled his polo shirt over his head and tossed it aside, the handsome golfer dropped to his knees, either out of obeisance, or by faintness.

"Too musclebound for you now?" said Marcus.

" ggod no," stammered the stunned blond.

Marcus flexed and posed in front of the glazed eyes of his worshipper. He'd never seen anyone get so awestruck. But then he was bigger than ever, and the new 120lbs of muscle packed onto his former 140lbs body, was so tight and full, no wonder the little golfer was jonesing for it.

"Strip," ordered Marcus, and the blond started undoing his shirt buttons, fast as he could. Marcus kicked off his shoes, and pulled off his pants. He was wearing posers underneath them, and his swelling member was pushing to get out.

"oh fuck oh fuck," said the blond, as he tore off the rest of his clothes, all the while staring at the big muscle in front of him. At 165lbs, he was very fit and attractive, but no comparison to the powerhouse he was stripping down for.

Marcus's legs had responded especially fast to his training, and he flexed his quads for his little friend. "Closing in on 28 inches," he said, admiring his own size by rubbing his hand down his leg.

"That's the size of my waist," said the blond, staring at the big hard thighs in front of him.

"Touch it," said Marcus. The blond reached out and grabbed a thigh. His hands looked small on the big limb. Marcus flexed his quad hard. The blond responded by groaning, and then putting his mouth on the leg and sucking. Marcus reached inside his poser and pulled out his big cock. He let it flop down on the smaller man's blond hair. "You want to suck me off, or you want me to fuck your hole-in-one?" Marcus asked.

"Let's do both," said the blond, who boldly opened his mouth and swallowed Marcus's dick down his throat.

"Oh yehhh," growled Marcus. He grabbed the blond's ears and guided him up and own his cock. And it was definitely bigger. At least 2 inches longer than it had been before he started lifting. Thicker too. He could tell by the way it was stretching the golfer's mouth out. By the time he was fully engorged, the blond kept gagging on it each time he pushed it in. Marcus pulled out of his mouth with a pop, and stroked himself a couple of times, watching as precum roped out of his big slit. "Hold on," he said. He went into his bathroom, and when he came out, he had on an extra large trojan, and a bottle of body oil in one hand. "Bend over and grab your ankles. I'm going to fuck you standing," he told the blond, who did what he was told. Marcus poured body oil all over the blond's smooth ass, then sank into him slowly, pulling his hips into him with his strong hands. He quickly got into a hard, even, pounding rhythm. It didn't take long for the blond to shoot all over Marcus's rug. Who could blame him, thought Marcus, he's getting fucked by a super stud of muscle. Then he pictured himself as a 340 pound stud of muscle, and he didn't last long either. He came so hard that when he pulled out, he saw that the end of the trojan had blown apart like it had been put over the end of a shotgun that had been fired.

After the blond got himself cleaned up and left, Marcus mixed himself up a double batch of protein shake. He could feel his balls churning out testosterone as he got ready to go to the gym. He was psyched up for a 2 hour hardcore session of lifting, one that would cripple a normal dude for a week. Today was back and bi day, and Marcus was going to bloat his lats and arms till they were swollen like hardened balloons.


As his first year at college began to come to an end, Marcus continued to make impressive gains at his gym. Now at 279lbs, there were a few bigger guys around the place, but he was by far the most muscular. He would have occasional posedowns in the locker room with some of the guys who had competed, and although they offered encouragement and told him how great he was doing, he knew it bothered them that here was an 18 year old kid who'd trained for about nine months, was still natural, and he could wipe them off the stage with his physique. He felt kind of bad about it, but not too bad, and it made him want to get even bigger. So he could crush them even easier. Show them what real alpha muscle looked like.

He got with the blond golfer dude from time to time. The guy was his best worshipper. He'd practically beg Marcus to show him his muscles, but Marcus would make him wait about a month in between sessions, so he could show the guy the gains he'd been making. They'd gotten into a scene where Marcus would tie the guy up to a chair in his apartment, then put on a muscle show. One time, Marcus starting flexing out, fully clothed, his big muscles practically shredding his clothing. Then Marcus slowly pulled down his pants, saying "You ever seen 30" quads, little dude?". The guy squirmed in the chair as he pulled on his ropes, aching to touch himself. "Wait till I get them to 32." Marcus flexed his legs just a few inches from the blond's face. "Ever see a sartorius muscle jut out like this?" And boom, he tightened his muscles so hard they looked like granite, with a muscle the size of a boa constrictor sweeping across the front of his thigh. He tapped the end of the blond's nose with the jutting sartorius. Then he stepped back and shook out his quads, the thick heavy muscle flopping back and forth like sacks of hardening cement. Then he flexed his legs, and they hardened instantly into thick, grainy granite columns. Marcus looked over at himself in the mirror. "Oh yeah. Fucking legs look like they're morphed, don't they, little dude." His worshipper was only able to grunt out "oh my god, oh my god," over and over.

"Now I'll show you what a real man's chest should look like," and he grabbed the bottom of his sweatshirt and started to pull it up over his head. He went ever so slowly, and by the time he had exposed the last of his brick-hard abs, the blond had cum in his pants.

Another time, he tied the guy up naked, then he stripped down to his posers in front of him, and proceeded to run one body part after another across the smaller man's dick. "Don't you cum yet," Marcus ordered, as he dragged his 17" forearm across the blond's hardon. Then his biceps peak. "Feel that split?" Marcus asked, as precum oozed out of the golfer's dick, leaving a trail on Marcus's huge pumped up arm. Then he put his foot on the chair, right in between the guy's thighs. "How about this 20" bull calf?" he said, as he flexed up onto the ball of his foot, making his calf muscle ball up and tighten. "Check out those veins. Look at them, popping out all over, feeding the muscle."

"Don't you cum," he said, as his worshipper moaned. He stepped back and grabbed the chair on both sides. Then he lifted the blond into the air, raising him up over his head. He brought the chair down slowly toward his right shoulder, tipping it until the blond's dick was resting against his big trap.

"Feel how hard that is, golfer? That's from doing shrugs with 750lbs. That's why my neck swells out past my ears now. Twenty-three inches of bull neck muscle power. And I'm just getting started."

That was all Marcus's smaller classmate could handle. With his dick pressing hard against the stone hard mound of muscle, he came like a hose, shooting jiz way out behind Marcus's huge back.

"Oh yeah," said Marcus, "cum to this muscle." He slowly lowered the chair, letting the blond's dick slide along his big muscular torso on the way down. They were both sweaty heavily, and the room stank of muscle. The blond's eyes were glazed over, his thick hair matted to his forehead. Marcus looked over his shoulder and said, "For a little dude, you got some huge loads." Then he pulled his posers down to his ankles, and stepped out of them. "Now you ready for an even bigger load?" He walked up to his little buddy and straddled the chair. He pushed the blond's head down until he felt the handsome dude's lips working on his big cock.

God, how he loved being worshipped.

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