The Alpha Kid 7: Wally and the Golfer

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As the summer came to an end, Marcus invited Wally to move in with him, so they could train and eat together with even more focus. Wally jumped at the chance to live outside of the dorms, and moved in a week before school started. Marcus had been eating more than ever, keeping up with Wally's voracious appetite. Despite the extra calories, Marcus was maintaining his body fat at around 8 percent, and looked more like a superheavyweight bodybuilder than he ever had. He had the most extreme V torso that anyone at the gym had ever seen. Wally had decreased his body fat from 19 percent to 11 percent, but kept his thick, blocky, powerlifter build. When he sat on the toilet, he'd look down at amazement at how hard his 39" quads had gotten. It was like his fat had literally changed into muscle. Even his gut, which still protruded out, had hardened up, and he could see his abs popping out, especially if he clenched his muscles in the mirror.

After school started back up, the two huge roommates worked out in the morning from 6 to 7:30. One day, after the workout, Marcus had to head straight to class. Wally went back to the apartment. His first class that day wasn't until noon. He made himself a breakfast of a dozen eggs, three cups of oatmeal, four chicken breasts, a quart of milk, and five bananas. After eating, he stripped down to his white briefs and flexed out in the wall mirror they'd put up in the living room. Wally had never felt better in his life. They had worked chest that morning, and Wally's pecs looked like someone had inflated them with a bike pump. He couldn't believe how huge they'd gotten. He heaved them up and out and watched them swell and round out, his jutting nips pointing down to the floor. "Aw, fuck yeah," he said as he admired himself in the mirror. He rested his chin on top of his pecs, they rose so high, like two huge globes slabbed onto his upper body. Then he started to bounce them back and forth. He loved the feeling of control he had over his huge muscles. Up and down he made his thick powerful pecs pop and swell. Despite his huge bulk, he could still see striations of the pec muscles. He flexed into a most muscular pose and watched as his chest exploded out even more, then he brought his hands up and grabbed his nipples and twisted them hard. He was just about to reach into his briefs and start jacking off to himself when someone knocked at the door. Wally waddled over to the door and opened it.

"Yeah?" he said, leaning one huge arm on the door jam, and filling the entire doorway with his mass.

The blond guy at the door almost fell off the landing. "I...I....uh, is Marcus here?"

"Who's asking?" said Wally, adjusting himself in his briefs with one big hand.

"I'm Tom, I'm a friend of his from last year," he said.

"Uh huh," said Wally, eyeing up the handsome blond golfer dude. "He's not here right now, but you can come in and wait." Wally turned sideways and held the door open for Tom to come in. Wally let his hard gut muscles brush against Tom's shoulder as he came inside. Wally shut the door and walked back over to the mirror. Tom stared as Wally's huge squat butt rolled from side to side in his briefs as he strutted across the room.

"I was just doing some posing before taking a shower. Check out my backspread," Wally said. "You like my tattoo? It's new."

"Oh man," groaned Tom, as Wally put his fists on his sides and spread out his big barn door sized back. Spreading across the upper muscles of his wide spread was the word "W A L L" in thick black lettering. The letters rolled and spread as Wally's skin stretched out over his mounding back muscles.

"Wall is the nickname Marcus gave me one day at the gym. Now everyone is calling me that."

"I can see why," said Tom.

Wally laughed. He turned around and faced Tom. "I worked chest today, can you tell?" Tom had never seen such thickly mounded pecs. Wally put his fingers in his pec valley and rubbed them up and down. "Watch this," he said, and he swelled his pecs outward. "See how my whole hand almost disappears in there?" he asked, as his chest muscle rose up and over fingers. "You gotta feel this, bro." Wally pulled his hand out of his deep muscle valley. He reached down and grabbed Tom's hand and put it in between his pecs. "Sorry my hand is wet with pec sweat, man, but this is so cool." He rubbed Tom's hand up and down his pec valley, until Tom's fingers were as wet with sweat as his were. Wally flexed his chest and looked down as his pec shelf swelled up and swallowed Tom's hand whole. "Dude, look at that. Your little hand just disappeared in there."

Tom's eyes nearly rolling back in his head from the feeling of Wally's huge pecs gripping his hand like a muscle vise. "You like big muscle, little dude?" Wally said, seeing the hardon rising in Tom's pants. "'Cause mine are huge." He grabbed Tom's hand and pulled it out of his pec valley. Then he rubbed Tom's hand all over his big sweaty chest. "You like that, man?"

Tom nodded without speaking.

"You outta see the power this muscle has too, man." Wally stretched his right arm straight out to his side. "Check it out bro, my biceps are 21" around...unflexed. Touch it." Tom didn't really have much choice in the matter, as Wally just took his hand and put it on his hamhock sized upper arm. "Imagine what it looks like when I flex it."

"Ahhhh," groaned the stunned golfer.

"Grab on and try to do some chinups." Again, Tom didn't have much choice. Wally simply grabbed his other hand and put it under and around his thick arm. Tom shifted his hold on the meaty upper arm. "Go ahead, lift your feet off the ground," said Wally. Tom kicked his feet up behind him and swayed on the big teen's arm, while Wally balanced out his weight as he turned back to face the mirror. "Oh yeahhh," he said. "Man, you look so small next to this body. Hard for me to realize how big I am lately. Chin-up on me, golfer dude."

Tom started pulling up on Wally's arm. He did twelve reps before lowering his feet and letting go. "That all you can do?" asked Wally.

"My hands were slipping," said Tom, although he also knew that twelve was about his limit anyway.

"Yeah, guess I am kinda sweaty. I coulda held you for another 20 reps at least. Look at the pump that gave my arm though." Wally flexed his huge swole arm into Tom's face. "Measured out at 26" last week, but I bet it's bigger than that now. You think it's bigger than that?" He pushed his arm closer to Tom's nose.

"oh my god," stammered Tom

"You like that, man? You like having 390lbs of muscle flex out for you? Yeah, I can see in your pants that you like that. Let me see what you look like." Tom was frozen in place as Wally grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up over Tom's head. "Yeah, that's what I thought," said Wally, as he tossed the shirt aside. "Buff little golfer build. You got a nice tan, too. But I bet you got a lily white ass. You got a lily white ass? All silky and smooth?"

Tom gulped hard as he shook his head yes.

"I think I should tap that ass, slow and hard. Fill you with my seed. I bet that would make you grow. Make you into the world's strongest golfer. You like that, Tommy? To be the strongest golfer ever?"

Tom shook his head yes. Wally grabbed him under his armpits and lifted him off the ground.

"You like this power, Tommy?" Tom was about to cum in his pants, he liked it so much. He shook his head yes again. Wally pulled him in and kissed him on the mouth. "That taste like musclebeast?" asked Wally. Tom lowered his mouth onto Wally's thick neck, and sucked some of the sweat off of it. Then he looked up at him and said, "Yes, it does."

"Oh yeah," said Wally, "I'm gonna breed you into a musclehead golfer."

He threw Tom over his thick shoulder and carried him into the bedroom.

To be continued?