The Alpha Kid 6: The Alpha Kid and Wally Train Legs

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Marcus and Wally started lifting together from that first day they met at the dorm. Wally took to weight training like he was born for it. The first time they did arms, Marcus walked him over to the dumbbells, and he told Wally to try warming up with the 45's. Wally looked the rack of dumbbells up and down, then walked over to the end and said, "What about these?" as he picked up the 95s. Then he did a set of 20 reps. "Whoa, that feels good," he said, as he felt his arms bloating up with pump. Not to be outdone, Marcus picked up the 110s that were on the floor next to the rack. He'd never gone that heavy, but despite that, he pumped out 20 reps too. It felt amazing, and what Marcus came to realize over the next couple of fact, what both big teens discovered, is that by working out together, and eating together, and challenging each other, they both made dramatic and rapid advances with their physiques and lifts.

Just last week, doing legs, they had finished doing heavy squats, and had moved to the leg press machine. They worked their way up to sets with 1200lbs, daring each other to go lower and lower, until their knees were below their ears with each rep. When Marcus finished his 3rd set, he went to drink down some of the heavyweight mass gainer shake they each brought with them in gallon milk containers. While he chugged it down, Wally climbed up on top of the leg press.

"Try it now, man," Wally said, grinning.

Marcus knew that Wally was adding another 390lbs to the sled. He'd never gone over 1200, but he wiped gainer shake off his face with the back of his forearm, and got down on the machine. He pushed up on the sled and felt it lift off the racks. He turned the racks to the side so he could do full reps, and started pushing the leg press up and down.

"Oh YEAH," growled out Wally, as he slid up and down along with 1200lbs of iron. "Pump those mutherfucking monster legs, you beast. Look at those suckers SWELL!"

Marcus had never felt so strong. He felt superhuman. He kept doing rep after rep, grunting like an animal for each one. At 25, he stopped.

"Fuckkk," he said as he stood up off the leg press. Veins were popping out all over his huge swollen legs. He put his hands on his quads and flexed them stone hard.

"Aw man, sweeeet," said Wally, jumping down off the machine. "My turn," he said, and he got down on the seat.

"Dude, I bet I could handle more weight," said Andy. "Hey man," he yelled out to a lifter on the leg extensions. "Come over here and jump up with my pal here." The guy had been staring at the two brutes anyway, so he jumped at the chance to interact with them. "What do you weigh, about 200?" asked Wally.

"210," answered the lifter.

"Hmm. That ain't enough. You got a friend who could join you?"

"My buddy Joey. He weighs about 190."

Wally added in his head. "OK, so that's 400, along with Marcus's 400. Brings the sled to about 2000lbs. A freaking ton, man," he said to Marcus. Wally pounded on his thick thighs with his fists. "You think I can do it?"

"You fuckin better, pussy," said Marcus as he climbed up on top of the weights, his thighs so tight with pump he had trouble bending them at the knee. The lifter and his buddy came over, and Marcus helped pull them up with him like two kids on a swing, putting one on each side of him. "Hold onto my arms," he ordered. They grabbed a hold of Marcus's biceps, which were bigger than both the young lifters' quads. They couldn't help but squeeze down on the cement hard muscle of the huge alpha kid. Marcus chuckled and flexed his arms even harder. "Ready?" he said to Wally.

"Ready as I'll ever be," said the powerfreak teen. He put his hands behind his head and started doing reps. By the 12th rep, he was grunting like a bull. Sweat ran down his face and his legs. At the 20th rep, he stopped at the top. The two lifters started to climb down, but Wally huffed out, "Wait, I wanna do some calf raises," his sweat spraying as he spoke. He slow raised the sled up and down, just with his feet. After 25 reps, he stopped, then he rolled himself off the leg press and onto the floor. He forced himself to stand up.

"Jesus," muttered one of the lifters. Wally's thighs had bloated to a ruddy 36" of quad muscle.

"My turn," said Marcus, shrugging off the two lifters and jumping down. "Only this time, don't climb up. I want you three to pull against me. You two pull down on that side. Wally, you take the other side."

"Oh fuck yehhh," said Wally, as he went to one side of the leg press and put this beefy hands around the end of the bar. The other two lifters grabbed the end of the bar on the other side of the machine. With so many plates loaded onto it, there wasn't much to hold onto, but they managed to get their hands around it.
Marcus started doing reps, and the three men pulled against his leg power with all their might. He grunted out rep after rep, his legs searing with pain. After his fifth rep, with his legs shaking and quaking, Wally pulled down so hard on his side of the leg press that the bar holding the weights started to bend downward. Wally couldn't believe his own strength, and began to pull down harder and harder, until the whole machine tipped in his direction. Marcus racked the weight and said, "Dude, geezus. You broke the damn leg press." Wally stepped back and watched as the 100lbs plates slid off the bar onto the floor. He'd broken it all right. He felt bad, but he also felt like the Incredible Hulk. He wanted to rage even more. He grabbed hold of the bent bar and lifted up on it, trying to bend it back into position.

"Man, stop while you're ahead," said Marcus, getting up out of the machine, just as Wally, thinking he was bending the bar upward, tipped the whole leg press to the other side, making the rest of the plates slide off onto the ground. Wally stopped, leaving the leg press machine resting on its side. It looked like it had been hit by a train. "Geezus, dude," said Marcus.

Meanwhile, the two other lifters were staring at the two superheavy teens, in awe of both their size and their strength. Marcus noticed them staring, and flexed his quads, then pulled up the legs of his shorts. His thighs were so thick that the shorts stayed up even when he let go. . "Come here," Marcus ordered. The two men, both married with kids, were mesmerized by the mass in front of them, and came as they were told. Marcus pulled Wally over next to him. "Flex your legs, bro, show these two what muscle is supposed to look like." The smaller men's mouths fell open as the 6'4 teen flexed his 24" calves. "You wanna touch this shit, don't ya, dudes?" said Marcus. "Yeah," he said, as the two men's hands reached out tentatively. "Go ahead and's the hardest muscle you're ever gonna feel in your life."

Wally got goosebumps on his enormous quads as the smaller lifter put his hands on them. He'd never been worshipped at any level in his life. He looked over and beamed at Marcus, who winked at him as the other lifter rubbed the inside of the huge alpha kid's thigh. "Fuckin' sweet, right?" Marcus said to Wally. Wally nodded, and looked down to watch the smaller guy getting into his mass.

"OK, dudes, that's enough," said Marcus, stepping back from his admirer. He could see that both married lifters were bone hard in their shorts. "Go finish off in the showers." The two men got up, and rushed awkwardly off to the locker room. Wally was a little sad to see his worshipper go. He kind of wanted to play around with the little dude for awhile. Like a toy.

"Let's go to the buffet and eat till we're both 400lbs," Marcus said. "Then we'll go to my place and I'll show you how I can outflex any pro bodybuilder. I got some new posers."

"Yeah?" said Wally, forgetting his little buddy.

"Yeah," said Marcus. "I got a pair for you, too."

Wally wasn't sure he was ready to don a pair of those skimpy suits. He wondered how it would make him a dork, or like the most jacked up super freak who every walked the planet.

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