Autumn 3

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Val and I watched as Lester drove out of the driveway. All the roids and meth had given him some intense size and power, but when he crashed, he crashed hard. We could see his hands shaking on his steering wheel as he drove away. Val and I went into her house, where she gave me back the shirt I had left earlier this summer. The shirt was way too small for me now, so I started using it to wipe away my sweat. Val suggested that we could take a shower together, that she'd be more than willing to soap up my big back. Sounded good to me, so we headed upstairs. We stripped down and got into the shower. The hot water felt good pounding on my battered muscle after my fight with Lester. Even though it bugged me that he'd almost gotten the best of me out there, it turned me on when I thought about the size and strength of the white trash muscle he'd used against me. I pinned Val against the shower wall and took her as I thought about his crushing handshake, the ease with which he lifted me overhead and tossed me down, and the cockiness he showed over his massive strength. I got harder and harder inside Val, and she moaned with pleasure as I pumped into here, dreaming of doubling my own strength, taking on two Lesters at once, or wrapping my arms around the huge tree trunk in Val's backyard, and ripping it right out of the ground with ease. I thrusted into Val deep and hard, lifting her off the floor with only the strength of my dick. I pumped and pumped and pumped with every thought of my growing muscle power. I came inside Val as I thought about the sound of the roots tearing thru the earth as my massive back and legs ripped it free. I spewed and spewed as I thought about powerpressing 1000lbs of wood overhead, using it to pump my delts big as basketballs. Lifting and lifting, my muscle growing stronger and stronger with every rep. I felt Val shudder with orgasm as I drained my last drops into her. I leaned my forehead on the shower tiles, and lowered her to the floor. Sweat was dripping off us even as the hot shower water pelted my broad back.

"Wow," said Val.

"Uh huh," I grunted, still in a zone. I was feeling so stoked up and strong, I could have gone a second time, but Val turned off the water.

"Did you hear that?" she asked.

"Hear what?"

"I think I heard a car pull in." She grabbed a towel and got out of the shower. She went to the bedroom window and looked out. "Oh my god, it's my dad," she said. "Quick, get dressed," she said, throwing me a towel. I stepped out of the shower to dry off as Val went into the bedroom to dress. I caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I looked bigger than ever. My skin was all red from the hot water and all the fighting and fucking. I flexed my chest and watched them heave up like kegs. And I was only gonna get bigger.

"Hurry up!" yelled Val from the other room. She ran downstairs as I came into the bedroom to dress. I only had my workout shorts and shoes, so it didn't take long. I heard a car door shut, and looked out to see Val's dad standing beside his cadillac. He was in a black suit, and looked like an overweight powerlifting mortician. Definitely a big guy. I saw him notice the Lester's car door that was laying in the drive. He went over to it and picked it up with one hand. He looked around, and I stepped back from the window a bit, although he didn't seem to look up. He took the door in both hands, and began to bend it in. He rolled the heavy metal door up like an old newspaper, crunching with his hands, then he took the roll, one hand on each end, and bent it in two, tapping the ends together. He twisted it up like a Twizzler, then tossed it into the garbage can. Definitely a strong guy.

I headed downstairs and came into the kitchen just as Val's dad was coming in the back door. Val greeted him with a kiss and a hug. Val was about 5'7", but she looked like an elf standing next to this mountain of a man.

"What was that scrap metal doing in the driveway," he asked Val.

"That was my fault, Mr. G.," I said, stepping forward. (I wasn't even sure of Val's full last name, we'd always called her Val G, because the name was so long and had so many vowels.)

"Who are you?" Mr G said.

"Daddy, this in Angela's brother, Mike. You remember my best friend Angela," said Val, staying between me and her dad.

"Why is your hair all wet?" he said to Val, never taking his eyes off me. It was painfully obvious that we had both just taken a shower. He lifted Val up and moved her aside.

"Dad," she said, "don't."

Mr G walked over to me until he was in my face. I had to look up at him, and I'm 6'4". He had to be 6'8" easy. And massive. He had a black vest on under his suitcoat. His big gut was straining the buttons of the vest, but it was not a big gut that looked in any way soft.

"Val," he said, staring me down, "what have I told you about having guys over at the house?"

"Not to," Val answered weakly.

"So now it looks I'm going to have to take your big friend here outside and teach him what happens when someone breaks a house rule."

"Daddy, he didn't know...." said Val.

"Oh, he knew," said Mr G, his nostrils flaring. "All guys know."

"Daddy, he just fought off a guy that was coming here to cause trouble," said Val in my defense.

"Did he now? Well, now lets see him fight me off. Come on, boy." He turned and headed out the kitchen door.

I shrugged at Val and started to follow him.

"Don't go, Mikey!" she warned me. "Go out the front door and get out."

"Hell no," I said, like that was going to happen. If the old man wanted a piece of me, then that's what he was gonna get. "What's he gonna do to a set of puppies like these," I said, bouncing my big pecs at her.

"Mikey," she said, "he beats the crap out of guys for a living, and gets off on it. Don't go out there."

Now she had me curious, and I went out after him. He led me to the door of the detached three-car garage. I followed him in, and realized that it went back a ways past the area for cars, a good 30 feet more, where there was a full-sized wrestling ring set up. Mr G walked back to it, and began to take of his suit jacket. He had to tug the sleeves pretty hard to get them over his arms. I was tempted to go help him, but he seemed to be used to it. Next, he stripped off the vest, and I could begin to see just how enormous the guy was. His white dress shirt was stretched to the max, especially at his shoulders, which strained the fabric like two fair-sized balloons. He took off his cuff links and layed them on the bench along the wall. Then he began to unbutton his shirt. His massive chest spread out the shirt as he worked his way down. He took the shirt off, and was now standing there in a super tight wife-beater, the bottom of which rode up his bulging powerlifter gut. The guy was huge, and hairy as a gorilla. Still ignoring me, he walked over to a chin-up bar that stuck out from the wall. He jumped up and grabbed the bar with a super-wide grip, and began to do pull-ups. HIs thick, hairy lats flared out like wings as he lifted his heavy body up and down. After he'd done 20 reps, I wasn't sure what to do with myself, so I started stretching out. I kind of wondered why Val hadn't followed us back here, but I figured this area must be strictly off limits to her. After stretching for about five minutes, Mr G finally dropped down off the chin-up bar. He must have done over 100 reps. He landed on his feet like a panther, and then peeled off his sweat-drenched guinea tee. His muscles bulged as he pulled it over his head, and then his enormous pecs settled back into place like wet sandbags. His upper body had a pump that was fucking sick. He raised his arms up halfway, then crooked his wrists downward, making his forearms swell and bunch up like gnarly bowling pins. His bloated forearms had more veins than I thought possible...nearly every inch of skin had veinage running under it, and they zigzagged their way up into his ballooning biceps, across his delts and into his chest. He looked like a white, offseason Paul Dillett, only older, denser, and ten times hairier. He sat down on the bench and took off his shoes and socks. He stood up, took off his belt, lowered his pants and stepped out of them. His legs were even hairier than the rest of him, and so heavy with muscle that they bowed out, making him look even more ape-like. He waddled over to the ring, which was about 4 feet off the ground, and did a standing vertical jump right up onto the apron. The big man had to weigh around 380, and he'd just done a 4 foot vertical jump. I was beginning to get worried.

He turned and faced me, finally. Without a word, he motioned to me with two thick fingers of each hand to come into the ring. I pulled myself up by the ropes and climbed in. Mr G glared at me hard.

"You ready to pay the price for fooling around with my girl?" he said. He balled up his hands into fists, then cracked each of the knuckles by squeezing his fists tight....his fingers thick as rolls of quarters, and his ape knuckles thick with black hair all the way up to his fingernails. The thick black hair on his head was greased back like the Old World guinea that he was. His face was scarred up and ruddy, like it had been through a hundred street fights, all of which he'd probably won. The old man reeked of bone-crushing strength.

"Ready when you are, old timer," I said. Although he was obviously a seasoned fighter, I was feeling confident that I could take him down. After all, he was over twenty years older than me, and I was in top condition, straight from football way I couldn't wear him down. His gut alone would have to wear him out after awhile, the old fucker.

"You are in for a world of hurt, sonny," he said, cracking out his bullneck from one side to the other.

"We'll see about that," I said, as we moved in toward each other.

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