Autumn 4

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Mr G stood in the ring, his arms crotched up about halfway, his fingers arched like grappling hooks ready to pounce and tear. I took up the same position as him, lurching my upper body forward just like the massive gorilla I was facing. We began to circle each other. Mr G moved in quickly, and we locked arms and shoulders. We jostled into each other's grips, tightening them, testing our strength against each other, our thick necks pressing together. The big Sicilian smelled of garlic and hair grease, but also of power. I could feel it in him, and wasn't sure if I was holding my own against him, or if he was just toying with me, testing me out to see how much I had. It wasn't that he was so much bigger than me, just that I could sense a density to him that was intense, like a black hole, so strong that not even light could escape from its grip. We pushed each other back and forth, grunting and shoving. I would get him back almost against the ropes, then he would force me back into the center of the ring. I could feel his neanderthal jaw crushing into my traps. His body heat was intense....He felt like he had a fever ten degrees higher than normal....steam was actually rising up thru his thick back hair.

Suddenly, he jerked free from my one side and slipped around behind me, his movements as precise and powerful as a mountain lion. He slipped one arm then the other under my armpits and locked me into a full nelson. His big gut pressed into my back, and, despite its size, I could feel the ridges of muscle, like steel bands, that were his abs. He locked his hold on hard, then began to jostle me around.

"You like coming to my house and violating my girl?" he hissed in my ear. "Now you pay the price, sonny," he said, as he began to jerk my neck back and forth. He had crushing strength in his hands, and now I was beginning to feel it.

"Fuck you, grandpa," I grunted out. "Val didn't seem to feel violated at the time." This might have been the wrong thing to say, because, although he did stop jerking me around, he starting forcing me toward the turnbuckle, his powerful ape-legs pushing us with surprising speed. My chest hit the turnbuckle square. I heard a crack, and wasn't sure if it was the metal turnbuckle or my sternum, as Mr G crushed into me with his full weight. I threw my head back hard and fast, and felt it connect with his nose. His grip loosened noticeably, and I spun us both around and flipped him over my back, freeing myself from his hold. Mr G landed and rolled like a gymnast, back on his feet in a flash. He looked at me hard, a little blood trickling from his nose.

"No one's ever gotten out of that hold," he said, swiping his nose with the back of his hand and checking out the blood.

"Yeah? Well how about this one?" I said, and, using a move that a bouncer friend of mine taught me, I reached up and grabbed his ears, then pulled his head down fast, as I brought my knee up, smashing his nose into my kneecap. When I let go, Mr G stumbled back, but steadied himself quickly. His big Sicilian nose was bent at a nasty 45degree angle, and there was more blood, so I was surprised when he got a big, snarling smile on his face. He reached up and grabbed his nose, then SNAPPED it back into place with a sick crunching twist

"Now," he said, "this is getting interesting." He used his forearm to wipe the blood away, then came at me, tackling me at mid-riff, lifting me off the ground with his force, and slamming my back into the corner. This time, the turnbuckle bent back from the power of it. The big fucker was charged up like a bull, but now, so was I. I pushed him back off me as he pulled me off the corner. We both ended up on the mat, rolling and punching like two jacked-up wild animals, both of us so thick with muscle that the blows just bounced off us. We rolled and rolled until we crashed into the opposite corner, busting that turnbuckle with our weight. The ropes now hung slack on all four sides of the ring. Mr G was on top of me when we hit the corner, and he grabbed my arm and pulled it behind me, wrenching it up so high and hard that on a normal dude it would have ripped right off. He used the arm bar to slide me back into the middle of the ring. He straddled me and crushed down on me with his ponderous weight.

"You better tap out, boy, or I will break your arm in three places," he said.

"You and what fuckin' army," I gritted back at him. With that, he pushed into my arm with all his strength and weight, wrenching it up so badly that I felt some of my delt muscle tearing.

"Ah, what was that, sonny, did I just hear some muscle rippin'?" The big fucker was getting off on it, I could feel his hard-on pressing into my lower back. I was almost blacking out from the pain, but I couldn't give in. He twisted my arm again. "Make it easy on yourself, boy, and give, or I will turn you into my little bitch," he ordered. I could hear him breathing heavy, but wasn't sure if he was horned, or getting winded.

"Fuck that," I said, and, pretending the entire defensive line was piled up on me, I pushed up with my free arm and twisted with my torso, knocking him off my back and rolling him onto the mat. He still had my arm, but the tension was off of it, and I was able to yank it free. I stood up and moved away from him. He got onto one knee as he was getting up, and looked at me. His upper lip was crusty with blood. My right shoulder was on fire with pain. We were both huffing like racehorses. The ring was drenched in our sweat.

He stood up full height in the middle of the ring, breathing heavy, but not winded. The thick abs of his powerlifter gut clenched and tightened with every deep breath he sucked in. He brought his hands up into a boxer's stance, clenches his big fists.

"Come at me, boy," he said.

I flew at him and swung, surprising even myself with the speed of it. I clocked him square in his thick protruding jaw. His head jerked to one side from the force of it. I'd only ever hit three other guys like that, and all three had gone down cold and fast. Mr G just turned his head back to center slowly. His thick bull neck was so heavily muscled that it stuck out an inch past his ears on both sides, and flared out widely into his traps at the base. He crooked his head to one side and his neck cracked like a thick branch snapping. Then he crocked his head to the other side, and cracked it again. He rolled his huge shoulders, loosening them up. I moved back, bobbing, and put my hands in the same stance as him.

"Nice punch, boy," he said. Then he moved in on me. I didn't even see the punch coming. I just remember hearing the wind roar. His big fist slammed into the side of my head. I felt like I'd been hit by a meteor. I careened back into the turnbuckle, dazed. I saw Mr G coming at me like a freight train. He pummelled me with body blows. I blocked some of them with my arms, but they were coming so fast, I couldn't keep track of them. He stepped back, looked me up and down, then moved in again, punching and punching, landing one solid blow after another, punishing my abs like a battering ram. It was all I could do to keep from going down. I punched back when I could, but they either had no effect on him, or he would swat them away like nothing. Finally, he stepped back again. I forced myself off the turnbuckle, and put my fists up for more. The old man alpha bull put his hands on his hips, his arms so full and tight from working me over that it looked like his skin might tear.

"I gotta give it to you, sonny," he said, "you got spunk. And this is the best fight I've had in a long long time. Most guys I bring back here piss themselves just seeing me strip off my shirt. And in the street, I finish most the punks off in about ten seconds. Sometimes less. Unless they pull out a weapon. Then, after I disarm them, I spend some time busting them up for being stupid. You, on the other hand, you have some potential. Val might have picked a real man this time. How would you like to work with me, let me train you?"

I was in a daze from the beating I'd just taken, but I felt a tug in my groin, thinking of working and training with Mr G. Even though I wasn't exactly sure what it was he did.

"Come over here, son," he said. I walked over to him, and he stepped up against me, our chest pressing on each other. "Yeah, I can see that you like the idea," he said. He put his hands on my traps and began to massage them with his thick fingers. It felt so good, I let out a groan. "Yep," he said, "you got great size and strength. I could turn you into a fighting machine." He put one hand down my trunks and grabbed my package. "Oh yeah, you got the balls for it too. Nice big set," he said, as he cupped my sac and rolled my baby bulls in his hand. I looked up at him, and he was staring right at me. The guy was a massive, muscled killer, for all I knew, yet I was boning up fast at the thought of him training me to be just like him. Strong as a tank, a totally in-charge brawler....a modern day warrior. He was stroking me with his rough, calloused hand. I was hard and leaking, thinking of his size and power, so superior to any other mortal man. "That's right, boy, get those balls churning. Pump that test into that body. I'm gonna get you huge and strong." I wanted it so bad, that I could barely feel the deep tissue bruising from where he'd torn into me. "I'll get you bigger than you ever dreamed, and stronger than ten men," he growled into my ear. I had spunk, alright, and at that moment, I gave myself to him completely, spunking in my shorts, all over his hand and my stomach, overwhelmed by his offer, by his massive presence, and his powerful, stroking fist.

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