The Big-and-Tall 14: Jeb's Physical

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Jeb went to his doctor's to get the results of his blood test. His doctor, Ralph Mendez, was also a friend of his, and had convinced Jeb to get things checked out after his 40th birthday. He was led into the exam room by a young nurse, who asked him to take off his sweatshirt so she could take his blood pressure. She turned to get the machine, and when she turned back to see a shirtless Jeb, she gasped outloud at the sight of him.

"I'm so sorry, sir," she said, visibly shaken. "It's just that I've never seen anyone so heavily muscled." She had always had a thing for brutish, powerful men, and had dated her share of football players when she was in college, but this guy made them look like dweebs. "Let me just slip this over..." she said, pulling the cuff up Jeb's arm. "Oh my," she said, as she realized that the cuff was way too small to fit around Jeb's huge upper arm. "Let me try this," she said, leaving the cuff around Jeb's forearm. The fit was still snug, but she thought it would work. As she smoothed the cuff out, she looked up at him, and their eyes met. Jeb smiled. The nurse felt her knees weaken. Jeb's physical presence was intoxicating to her. She had never been near someone who oozed so much power and sexual prowess. She wanted him to kiss her and take her right there in the exam room, to take her petite body in his big man arms and use her in anyway he pin her against the wall and jackhammer her into thrust and thrust and thrust...

"You alright, miss?" Jeb asked her.

She jumped. "Oh...yes...I'm fine," she answered, jolted back into real time by his question. "Let me get this reading." Her hands were shaking, but she managed to take Jeb's blood pressure without further incident. She avoided looking Jeb in the eye again.

"120 over 80, perfect," she said, hurriedly. "The doctor will be right in to go over your lab results." She scurried out of the room, and went into the ladies' room, where she splashed her face with cold water, struggling to regain her composure. She would fantasize about Jeb for a long long time to come, and her boyfriend would enjoy wild, unbridled sex as a result of it.

Jeb was left waiting in the exam room. There was one tiny mirror above the small sink in the counter. Jeb flexed his arm in the mirror, framing out his monster gun, and watched as the reflection of his huge peak filled the mirror. All he could see was his superhuman-sized arm muscle. He flexed again, and watched as hose-sized veins swelled and pushed against his skin. He held the flex hard, so hard that his massive arm shook, and watched as the muscle shuddered and grew, bulging with size and power. Highlighted in the mirror, the size and thickness of his powerhouse arm muscle captivated him. He twisted his fist, and marvelled as the snaking steel cable muscle of his forearm writhed and bunched up, obscenely powerful, and dense with veins. He was going to have to call Jay when he got out of here, and challenge the younger man to an arm wrestling match. Jeb started getting stirred up, thinking about pinning Jay down with his enormous strength, shocking the younger man with his superior power.

When the doctor walked in, Jeb's jeans were stretched tight by his massive thighs, his thick calves and his bulging package. The heavy denim seams strained to hold in Jeb's powerful size. The doctor took one look at his burly, shirtless patient/friend, and stopped in his tracks.

"Holy shit, Jeb!" he said.

"Hey, Ralphie boy!" said Jeb, grinning, and rolling his huge pecs. Even bulked up, his chest was etched with striations. He put out his hand and shook hands with his friend, pulling him in closer. Ralph looked him up and down in amazement.

"You've put some quality size, Jeb. Your labs came back, and your testosterone levels are off the chart. You're not using anything I should know about, are you?"

"Nah, man," said Jeb, cupping his groin and readjusting himself, "it's just these bad boys pumping out more test than a Tijuana pharmacy. Have nearly tripled my strength in the past three months."

"Yeah, well, it shows," said the doctor. "Now let me listen to your lungs," he said, slipping on his stethoscope. He went around to Jeb's back. Ralph gave physicals to hundreds of athletes, but he had never seen a back so heavily developed. It was a mounded muscle landscape, rolling and throbbing with masculinity and power.

"You like that back, Ralphie?" asked Jeb, knowing the answer. He put his fists to his waist and flared out his elbows, causing his huge lats to spread out like bat wings.

"Fuckk," said Ralph. A divorced father with four kids, Ralph rarely found himself attracted to other men. Jeb was the exception. His physique was vastly superior to anything Ralph had ever seen before, and now he felt sweat beading up on his upper lip as he gaped at Jeb's huge gorilla back. Ralph laid his hands on Jeb's mounded traps, he couldn't help himself, he had to touch him.

"That's right, Doc, feel the power," said Jeb, rolling his shoulders and accentuating the thick bullmuscle of his neck and shoulders.

"My god, Jeb," groaned the doctor, and he leaned into Jeb's neck and breathed in deeply through his nose, inhaling the aroma of a man, a big powerful man, with the potent scent of a circus strongman.

"Hey Doc," said Jeb, pulling down his jeans, "don't ya have to check out my balls, make sure I don't have a hernia or something?" Jeb's ample genitals flopped out onto the exam table. His cock began to expand. "Damn thing stiffens up the second it feels fresh air," said Jeb, looking down at his swelling member, as thick and powerful looking as the man himself.

Ralph came around the exam table, and took in the sight of Jeb's monster legs. He put his hands at Jeb's knees, and ran his fingers up the inside of Jeb's powerful loins. Now it was Jeb's turn to groan.

"Ah, Doc, you got a great pair of hands." Ralph massaged the superhuman thunderthighs, thighs that could crush a bowling ball without thinking twice, thighs with veins as thick and hard as a heavyweight garden hose, snaking up and down. Ralph massaged the quads that were as dense and powerful as the hindquarters of a heavy Draft horse. Jeb's cock hardened rapidly, and thumped against his rockgut. Ralph reached out and cupped one of Jeb's egg-sized balls. He rolled it in his hand, feeling its weight and heat.

"Squeeze it, Doc," said Jeb, his eyes closed. Ralph began to squeeze. "Take the other one too, and milk those mutherfuckers." Jeb groaned as Ralph clamped down on the other big ball. Ralph crushed down hard, and could almost sense the test oozing out into Jeb's system. Jeb snarled as his massive muscles began to sweat from pain and glory. He through his head back and snorted. Precum gushed from his rockhard cock. His brutishly powerful body glistened from his oily sweat. "HARDER," ordered Jeb, thrusting his hips into Ralph. Ralph crushed down with the hardest grip he could, squeezing the heavy nuts tighter and tighter. Rivulets of sweat coursed down Jeb's thick heaving chest, and dripped off his meaty nips. "Mutherfuckin son of a bitchhhh," snarled Jeb, his hands cracking the exam table as he clenched down hard, his face reddened and sweat-drenched, veins popping out of his thick neck. Then Ralph twisted Jeb's ball HARD, and squeezed as hard as he could. Jeb roared and through back his head, shooting his load, spewing geyser after geyser of bullcum all over the exam room.

Ralph stepped back from the table. He had cum in his pants, from the proximity of the powerful man in front of him, and from Jeb's superhuman level of pain tolerance. The room reeked of mansweat and musclejiz. Jeb looked at his doctor friend, his eyes glazed from intensity of his explosion.

"You're healthy as an ox," said Ralph, as he turned to wash his hands in the exam room sink. "I'd say you're at least as impressive as your young friend Jay."

"You've seen Jay?" asked Jeb, focussing again.

"Yeah. He came in for a physical of his own the other day. Apparently, he's required to get one before fighting for that pro wrestling league that hired him. Have you seen him lately?"

"No, been awhile."

"He's gotten massive, just like you."

"You give him just as thorough an exam as I got?" asked Jeb.

"You know I can't divulge patient information, Jeb," said the doctor, smiling. "You should look him up."

"Oh, I plan to. Might just have to do some pro wrestling of my own."

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