The Big-and-Tall 15: Jeb vs. Jay

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Jeb left the doctor's office feeling stoked. Nothing like having your doctor blow a load right in his pants while he worships your powerhouse muscle to get a guy riled up. And now Jeb was aching to show that power, to crush something, or someone. It had been three months since he had seen Jay, and now it was time for Jay to learn what real power was. Jeb called Jay's cellphone, and left a voicemail, telling Jay to meet him at his house this afternoon, or he'd come looking for him. Then Jeb stopped at the local Chinese buffet, and proceeded to stuff himself with sushi and Mongolian beef. And mai fun and chicken. And ribs, and fish, and steak teriyaki. He spent over an hour cramming in the food, going up for plate after plate. He loved the feeling of complete fullness. Made him feel so strong. He could almost feel his blood thicken with nutrients and rush through him, feeding into his power. Felt so good. And as he lumbered out of the restaurant, people stopped and stared in awe, his superior power and confidence emanating from him like a beacon. He climbed into his truck, its shocks creaking and straining against his bull-like density, and settled into the driver's seat. His body was pumped up hard from the extreme caloric intake. He felt like he had just spent three hours lifting heavy. His cock was getting hard from the rush, and he stroked himself a few times through his jeans. Then he refocused, and put both his hands firmly on the steering wheel. "Time to find Jay," he said, and started his truck.

When he pulled onto his street, he saw Jay's Trans Am in the driveway. He was psyched. He wasn't sure that Jay would show up at all. After all, it had been over a month since they'd even talked on the phone, let alone hooked up. But there it sat, Jay's red shiny muscle car, the promise of some action. Jeb parked and got out of his truck, and walked around to the backyard. Jay was pumping out bench presses with Jeb's special homemade I-beam with two engine blocks attached, one at each end. Jeb watched as he pressed out twenty reps before slamming it back onto the rack. Jeb wasn't sure how many he had done before he came around the corner. Jay sat up. He was wearing a black wrestling singlet that was straining to hold the vast muscularity of his young musclehead body. He saw Jeb, and stood up. He was huge. His hamhock arms hung at his side like grappling hooks. His pecs were mounded and swollen with the pump from Jeb's bench press. His hair was buzzed, and he had a thick goatee that heightened his new menacing look. Although he smiled when he saw Jeb, he said, "You wanted something, old man?"

"Damn right I do, bouncer boy," Jeb answered. "I hear you're going into pro wrestling. Thought you might wanna feel what it's like to have your ass whooped before you do."

"By you and what fuckin' army, you cocky old fuck," smirked Jay. He had to admit, Jeb had packed on some significant size since he'd last seen him. Hard to tell how much power the older man had gained.

"Hope you have the strength and stamina to put up or shut up, sonny," said Jeb.

"Oh, I've got the strength," said Jay. He reached up and stretched the straps of his singlet over his huge shoulders. It peeled down, exposing his thickly muscled torso. All of the 'baby' fat he had had when Jeb first met him was long gone. Now he was solid muscle. "I'll show you strength," said Jay, and he made his way over to the monster truck in the side yard. It was a 1998 Chevy Silverado that Jeb had been working on for six months. He'd customized it with nitrogen-charged gas shocks, Rockwell axles, SCS gear box, Dominator TMax rims, and Monster Pirate tires. The truck was worth $175, 000, and weighed over in at over 10,000lbs.

"Get away from that truck, boy," warned Jeb.

Jay continued over the truck. He stopped and looked it up and down.

"Nice little Tonka toy ya got here," he said.

"Oh, I'm warning you, buddy," said Jeb, darkly.

"Looks like it can race real well," said Jay, "but can it fly?" With that, he crouched down and put his hands on the underside of the runner board. The muscles of his broad back began to tighten and twitch. His big glutes were almost hitting the ground, he was squatting so low. He grunted and pushed, and the truck rocked. He grunted again, and pushed harder, and the truck almost tipped. Then he PUSHED the monster truck with his monster delts, and pushed upward at the same time with his monster legs, and the truck lifted and ROLLED, a complete 360, airborn, bounced and rolled once, twice, three times on the ground, crashing through the backyard, parts flying, until it slammed into the stone wall at the back of the yard.

"YEAHHH!" roared Jay, and he crunched into a most-muscular pose, the steel fibers of his muscle firing with insane strength. Veins popped out and snaked from his neck to his hands, then doubled back again.

"You think that was something?" asked Jeb, his fury quelled some because he knew his monster truck was built to take a beating, and would be no worse for the thrashing it just took. "Let me show you something even better." Jeb headed toward the front yard.

"Hey, where the hell you going?" asked Jay, following. Jeb walked to his driveway and stood about ten feet away from Jay's Trans Am. He stepped off the driveway, and leaned over. He forced his powerful fingers into the ground next to the ten-by-ten concrete slab of driveway next to Jay's car. He managed to get a grip on the edge of the 4-inch thick slab. He grunted and pulled, and the concrete groaned. Jeb grunted harder, and the concrete slab ripped away from the rest of the drive. Jeb's face and neck reddened with strain as he yanked the loosened slab backward and up, pressing it over his head. "What the fuckk.." said Jay, as Jeb took two steps forward and SLAMMED the concrete slab onto the top of the Trans Am. The glass of all the car windows blew out as the roof caved in violently. Jeb lifted up the slab, high overhead, and SLAMMED it down on the car again, blowing out all four tires. He raised the slab again, and BAM, down on the car, crushing it into a flattened heap.

"YEAHHHH!" roared Jeb. He ripped off his shirt and hit a most-muscular shot. His mature muscle looked as dense and hard as the concrete slab that he'd used to destroy Jay's car.

"I will fuckin kill you," said a stunned Jay.

"You and what fuckin' army, Alice," said Jeb, stoked up and feeling unstoppable.

The two alpha beasts stared at each other, nostrils flared. Then they charged. They slammed together like two locomotives, locking up and shoving. Their feet dug deep divots into the ground as they pushed against each other. Jay lost his footing for a split second, but Jeb took advantage instantly, shoving Jay into the brick wall of the garage with such force that the wall gave way. Jay tumbled into the garage with Jeb on top of him. Jeb wrenched the younger man's arm behind his back and lifted him up. Then he ran him into the back wall of the garage, crashing thru it like poster board. They rolled into the backyard, slugging each other mercilessly, two debris-covered, sweat-drenched bulls, their muscles bloated and steaming.

Finally, Jeb managed to get Jay into a bearhug. He wrapped his big hairy arms around him and hoisted him into the air. Jeb squeezed tighter and tighter, and Jay roared with pain, arching his big back, trying to break the hold. Jeb, on the other hand, was trying to break Jay's rib. Just one rib, to teach the boy a lesson. He squeezed harder, but Jay was hard as granite. Jeb adjusted his grip higher, and grabbed his wrists with his hands, and TIGHTENED. Jay hissed thru his teeth as the pressure crushed the breath out of him.

"Give?" asked Jeb.

"Fuckk you," gritted Jay, then "aghhhhhh!!" as Jeb crushed harder, using all the bonecrushing strength of his freak arms and back.

"Son of a bitch!"


Suddenly, there was a muffled pop, as one of Jay's ribs gave under pressure.

"Give, you shithead," said Jeb.

"Nooo," grunted Jay. Jeb yanked into his ribcage harder. "Mmmppphhhh," cried Jay, searing pain ripping thru his muscled body.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash, as Jeb's garage roof collapsed from lack of support, due to the two busted up walls. He dropped Jay to the ground.

"My fucking garage," he yelled.

"My fucking rib," said Jay, holding his side.

"My goddam truck," said Jeb.

"My goddam car," replied Jay. Jeb looked around at the wreckage, and started laughing. So did Jay, although it hurt his rib to laugh. "You asshole," he said to Jeb,"You busted me up, and I got a try-out tomorrow."

"Shut the fuck up, and come inside. I'll tape up that rib. Then I'll fuck the crap outta you all night long." Jeb helped Jay to his feet, then the two strongmen went inside the house for the night.