High School Bully

Ponner was squirrelled away in his garage, working at his chemistry lab. A sophomore in high school, he had finally hit the wall with being bullied by Ty Radnowski. Ty had moved into his school district when they were both in 5th grade, and had immediately ruled the school. Even at the age of 10, Ty was a belligerent bully, and had the bulk to back it up. At 5'6", 160lbs, he outweighed everyone else by 60lbs. He was a thickly set kid, some would say fat, but his fat was not the sloppy soft kind. It was solid and hard. One kid made the mistake of calling him pudgy once. Ty worked the kid over for half an hour. The kid had tried to fight back at first, but every punch he threw, Ty returned, with ten times the power. He knocked the kid all over the room in a sadistic rage. No one had ever called Ty pudgy again.

By their freshman year in high school, Ty had grown to 5'10, 215lbs. He was on the football team, and was by far the strongest kid on the squad, being able to bench press over twice his bodyweight for reps. He could beat up the biggest senior guys, and they all knew it too. Even the coaches were intimidated by him, as he did what he wanted, when he wanted. He knew they wouldn't never throw him off the team.

Ty had never paid much mind to Ponner, who was a quiet, studious kid, all 5'5, 120lbs of him. But freshman year, the guidance counselor had asked Ponner if he would tutor a kid from the football team in science and math. That kid turned out to be Ty.

Ty was none to happy about being tutored by someone, especially someone his own age, but flunking a class was the only thing that would get him thrown off the football team, so he complied. They met up every Thursday, in a little study room off the library. Ty would wear the tightest tank top he could fit into. He still had fat on him, especially since he ate enough for four adult men, but with all his training and lifting, most of it was melting right into muscle. He looked like an off-season bodybuilder now. His shoulders were twice as wide as Ponner's, and he would flex and stretch out as Ponner tried to teach him algebra. Sometimes he would put his forearm down on the little table next to Ponner's and compare them. He'd ripple his arm by clenching and unclenching his fist, his thick forearm undulating with power. "Look at that little girl arm you got," he'd say to Ponner. "You wanna go outside and fight me?" Then he might stretch out his leg and flex it. Even thru his thick jeans you could see his thick thighs bulging. By the end of the hour, the little room would be overheated and rank, and both boys would be dripping sweat, Ty from flexing, and Ponner from anxiety. One their way out of the little cubicle, Ponner never knew if Ty was going to trip him, body block him across the room, or simply knock his books flying out of his arms. "Watch it, pussy," Ty would say, as he muscled his way by.

As the year went by, Ty just got bigger and stronger. By Christmas break, he was 225 lbs, now outweighing Ponner by over 100lbs of pure bully power. Ponner had gone to the guidance counselor to say he didn't want to tutor anymore, but Ty put an end to that, cornering Ponner in the school locker room. "You pull a stunt like that again, and let me show you what will happen." He grabbed Ponner by the wrist and twisted. Ponner fell instantly to the floor, and pissed himself from the pain. "That's just the beginning," said Ty. "And I will do it to you everyday till you start tutoring me again, twit."

Ponner continued to tutor Ty, who manage to pass every class. Ponner was greatly relieved when the school year ended, as he looked forward to a summer off without Ty. Unfortunately for Ponner, two weeks into summer vacation, as he was riding his bike down his driveway, Ty came jogging by.

"Well, looky here. This where you live?" Ty said, stopping. He walked up to Ponner and put his hand on the handlebars. He was shirtless and his running shorts were drenched in sweat, and he looked bigger than ever. He clenched his fist around the handlebars and lifted the front end of the bike off the ground. "Nice bike," he said. "I'm sick of running, I think I need to borrow this for awhile." He knocked Ponner right off the bike, right down onto the driveway.

"Hey!" cried Ponner.

"Don't worry, little buddy, I'll bring it back when I'm done with it."

The lightweight frame of Ponner's ten-speed didn't look like it would hold up under Ty's ponderous bulk, but it did. He was so big, he made it look like a little clown bike, his thick jock thighs pumping away down the street.

Two weeks went by before Ponner saw his bike again. He was mowing his parent's front yard when Ty came by with it. He was carrying it.

"This bike sucks," said Ty. "The tires keep blowing out."

Ponner looked Ty up and down. He was super bulked up and had to weigh 240lbs of fat and muscle. Ty saw him looking and said,"You bettee be real carelful about what you're thinking. Besides, this bike is a piece of shit. Watch." Ty put his hands on the frame of the bike and began bending it. It bent without much resistance at all, Ty's thick fingers easily folding the frame in two. Then in two again. "See?" he said, tossing the twisted frame onto the lawn. "God, I feel so fucking strong. I need to fight someone." Ponner began to back away from him. "You can go ahead and run, I'll just catch you," Ty said. But even before Ponner turned to run, Ty pounced, tackling him to the ground. The teen jock put Ponner into one hold after another, rolling him around on the lawn like a toy. "Ah, yeh, so fucking strong," the big growing musclehead proclaimed again. He pinned Ponner to the ground with one hand. "Now, give me some money, I wanna go buy breakfast." Ponner fished around in his pocket and pulled out a ten dollar bill. "Ten dollars ain't enough. Go get more," ordered Ty, lifting Ponner off the ground like a pillow. Ponner ran inside and came out with a twenty. "That's better." Then he waddled off in the direction of the diner.

Ponner spent most of the rest of the summer inside, reading. He'd peak out every once in awhile, and once he knew football practice had started their two-a-days, he went out more with his friends, so he avoided running into Ty. That is until school started again. His counselor said that Ty had specifically requested him as his tutor again, isn't that great. Yeah, super, said Ponner.

The first Thursday came, and Ponner waited for Ty in their study cubicle. When he finally showed up, Ponner barely recognized him. He was a good 3 inches taller, and even more muscular. "Hey, punk, why don't you lift your jaw up off the table? Not that I can blame you for being in awe. I started on a cycle about 6 weeks ago and look what the shit has done to me." Ty pulled his shirt up over his head. He was insanely jacked up. "Look at this freaking 8," he said, strumming his fingers up and down his washboard stomach as he clenched his ab muscle hard. He could easily win any amateur bodybuilding contest in the state. Maybe the country. He leaned over into Ponner's ear. "You tell anyone about the cycle shit and I will bust your spine in 24 places. Now, fucking teach me. Cause not only am I 100times stronger than you, but this year, I'm gonna get smarter than you too, cause I think this gear I'm on is making me smarter too."

And by the end of the hour, Ponner than he might be right. Ty was catching on to stuff way faster than he ever had. And he was way more into it too. When they were done, he reached over and put his hand on Ponner's knee. "How hard you think it would be for me to smash your patella into shards?" Ponner blanched white with fear, but Ty just laughed as he released his grip. "Don't worry, little twit. I still need you. At least for now."

That evening, at home, Ponner got on the Internet and began researching steroids and growth hormone. He found an eastern european site that sold veterinary grade products that you could mix together in a home lab to make your own gear. They also sold the equipment you needed. Ponner used his dad's Visa card to order the stuff. His hand shook as he hit the send button. One week later, the stuff arrived, and that's what Ponner was setting up in his garage. He was going to get big enough to at least hold his own against Ty if it killed him. He hoped it wouldn't come to that.

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