High School Bully 2

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Ponner quickly discovered that the dilution of the powders he had received was much easier than he had anticipated. The equipoise was already in solution. The hgh dissolved almost instantly. So did the hcg. The L-thyroxine came in pill form. One package of vials had only Romanian instructions, but the website had said it would produce mindblowing pumps. He was ready to go. Now all he had to do was inject himself. The thought of it made his palms sweat, but he dutifully watched the spot injection video on his laptop, and followed the instructions to the letter. He kept his eyes closed for the first jab, and was shocked by how little it hurt, and how easily the plunger went down. The next three shots were a breeze. So was swallowing the L-t.

When he was done, he cleaned up everything, and hid his gear behind his dad's garage workbench. His heart was pounding a mile a minute, he felt nauseated, and his skin felt flush. Could the stuff be working this fast, or was it just his fear? He decided to see what would happen if he worked out. His older brother Chris was away at college on a hockey scholarship, and his weights still took up half of the two-car garage. Ponner had rarely ever used them, but had seen his brother use them often enough to know what to do. He laid down on the bench, and, using only the empty bar, warmed up with 20 reps. That was easy enough, he thought to himself, as he got up and added a 25lbs plate to each side. He did 15 reps with this weight. He sat up and felt the blood filling his upper body. He got up and put two more 25's on the bar. He stopped at ten reps, as this weight was harder and his arms felt funny. He sat up and felt them with his hands. His biceps were flushed red, and felt pumped up like balloons. He breathing had become deep and steady. A trickle of sweat ran down his brow. Ponner had rarely ever broken a sweat in his life. He laid back down and did 15 reps with the same weight. When he sat up, he felt his chest. It felt full and firm. He stripped off his shirt and went over to the full length mirror his brother kept in the garage. He flexed out, and felt like Peter Parker in the first Spiderman movie, when he sees himself in the mirror and realizes his body is changing. Ponner could actually see his muscles. His pecs were ruddy and hot to the touch, and had the slightest hints of striations. And even better than that, he could see veins across his upper chest, into his shoulders, and down his biceps. He couldn't believe it.

He went back to the bench and did three more sets, before moving onto his brother's 25lbs dumbbells to do curls. He did one arm at a time, and used his other hand to help get the weight up when he couldn't move it anymore. He'd seen his brother do that, and remembered how Chris's muscles had strained and bulged when he did it. Now his were doing it. And he felt amazing. He did curls until his arms were shaking, and bloated so full he could no longer bend them. He went to the mirror and looked at how engorged he had gotten his upper body. He had always thought that weightlifting was stupid. Suddenly, he could see how someone could get into muscle building to the exclusion of anything else. The rush of it was mind-altering.

Ponner's nausea was gone, and replacing it was an intense pang of hunger. He pulled his shirt back onto his sweaty torso, and went into the kitchen. He pulled out a bunch of tupperware containers full of leftovers, and filled a plate with them, then nuked them up in the microwave. He ate that plate down, then had another. And another. Ponner had never been much of an eater, but now he could barely sate his appetite. He could barely shovel the food in fast enough. Once the leftovers were gone, he opened up one of the big cans of tuna his mom got at Sam's CLub for his brother. He ate it right out of the can, then had another can. Finally feeling fed, he let out a big belch, and patted his stomach, which was stretched tight. He slapped it hard, and liked the sound and the feel, like he was hitting a drum. Suddenly, he felt dead tired. He laid down on the couch and fell into a deep sleep. Two hours later, his mom was home from work, and calling him to wake up and have some dinner. To his surprise, and his mother's, he had three helpings of steak and potatoes. Then he excused himself and went up to his bedroom, where he promptly fell right back to sleep.

Eight hours later, Ponner woke up. He'd never remembered having such a sound sleep. But when he sat up in bed, he felt excrutiating pain in his arms and chest. The crook of his elbows felt like they'd been hit with a bat, and his inner chest hurt so badly, he wondered if he was having a heart attack. He grabbed his cell phone, and text'd his brother.

"Chris...used ur wts last nite...now 2 sore 2 move...help!"

A few minutes later, he heard back from Chris...."lol...u dope...u probly did 2 much 4 1st time. Take hot shower, stretch, & do lite wrkout 2 feel better"

How the heck was he going to do even a light workout, he hurt so much. Maybe he would just do legs. But the hot shower helped a lot. He went to the garage and stretched his arms against a post. At first, the pain was almost unbearable, bringing tears to his eyes. He felt like he'd been in a car accident. But within a few minutes, he felt better, looser. He stretched out more, and further each time. Still sore, but not scary sore. He did some pushups, and felt the flush of fresh blood going thru his veins. He did some squats like he'd seen Chris do, using only the bar, but going down deep as he could, his butt almost touching his ankles. Even with this light weight, he felt his legs swelling. He could definitely get into this.

That week in school, they had Thursday and Friday off for teachers conference. The week after that, the football team was gone on Thursday for a special scrimmage against a college team. Then it was Thanksgiving break. Ponner wouldn't be tutoring Ty for a good month, and he planned to put that month to good use, training as often and hard as he could, and eating to match. Not that he expected to get to Ty's level, but he was aching to see how far he could take it.

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