High School Bully 6

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Ponner stood at the end of his driveway.

"Get off my brother," he ordered Ty.

Ty looked up at Ponner, and slowly stood up, but kept one big booted foot on Chris's chest, pinning him down. "Who's gonna make me?" Ty asked, as he ground his foot into Chris, who tried pounding on Ty's 22" iron-hard calf muscle, but to no effect.

"I am," said Ponner, stripping off his shirt. He had become so much more muscular in the past couple of weeks that even Ty was taken aback. At 5'9" and 285lbs, he was a massive superheavyweight teen muscle dude who was ripped to shreds. But Ty still had over 50lbs on him, and now raging with the Romanian gear, he was cockier than ever.

"You and what army?" Ty sneered back, pushing the toe of his boot into Chris's sternum, making Chris groan from pain, and making Ty's calf bulge out to 24".

Ponner started up the driveway toward Ty. As he neared, Ty took his boot off Chris and took a step toward Ponner. The two huge muscleboys came nose to nose.

"Get off my property," said Ponner.

"When I'm good and ready," said Ty. Then he stepped over to the yard, and grabbed the trunk of a fair-sized sapling with one hand. He gripped it hard, and ripped it out of the ground as easy as if he were pulling a birthday candle out of a cake. He tossed the tree to the ground, slapped off his hands, then flexed his arms hard, squeezing his peaks to new heights.

Ponner flexed his arms back at Ty, and as his arms swelled up and tightened into peaks, Ty could see that the biceps were not as big as his, but much more perfectly formed, peaked high and distinctly split. Ponner could see Ty sizing him up. Funny how that made him feel, seeing Ty check him out, Ty who only seemed to have total disdain for him all these years. Ty, who he was just a punk to until now. Ponner felt heat rushing through his body, his new muscles feeling even more full and hard. He charged at Ty. They slammed into each other mid-yard, and pushed against each other like rams, snorting and shoving, digging their hands into each others' huge arms.

Ponner had come a long way in a couple of months, but Ty had been a jock all his life. He was still bigger, stronger, and was used to moving dudes around on the playing field. He spun Ponner around, pushed him back toward the house so hard that he dug deep divots in the yard with his boots. He plowed Ponner into the side of the house so hard that it dented the vinyl siding. He pinned him against the house, and slowly, with his thick forearm on Ponner's neck, slid him up the side of the house. Ty's face was red with rage, and if Ponner hadn't spent so much time working his neck muscles recently, his windpipe would have been crushed. Even as it was, he was having a hard time breathing. He looked down at the snarling musclejock, and choked out "Why do you do this?"

Ty looked up at Ponner, who felt the pressure on his neck give a bit. Ty slowly slid him down until they were face to face.

"I've got mental health issues," said Ty.

"Name someone who doesn't," said Ponner.

Ty paused again, released even more of his choke hold, and came in close to Ponner's face. "You," he said.

Ponner wasn't sure he had heard correctly. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about, man. I've watched you our whole lives. Seen how happy you are, how easy things are for you. How everyone likes you. The teachers, the other kids. You got the older jock brother who protects you. Parents who'd do anything for you. Look at this cute as shit fucking house. You blame me for wanting to pound the 'happy' outta you every time I saw you?"

"Uhh, yeh, I kinda can. You're the one that had all the muscle, the strength, the big cocky jock that everyone envied or feared, or both."

"Yeh, but look at you now. Fuckin' nerd two months ago decided to build some muscle and look what happens. Huge muscle nerd. Two months more of training with me, you'll be bigger and better than Cutler."

"Training with you?"

"Fuck yeah, man, you gotta do it. The two of us, training together. Look how big you got just using that shit in your garage. You could be the first teenage Mr. O. And I could be the first teen World's Strongest Man. Fuck, man."

"You'd wanna do that?" Ponner asked him.

"Man, when was the last time you saw me with a friend?"

"I never have."

"I'm ready for one now, if you are."

Ponner's heart was pounding hard. To train with Ty. To get bigger than ever. It sounded too good.

"OK," he said to Ty, "but there's a couple conditions."

"Name them."

"You have to apologize to my friend Jimmy for all the years of abuse."


"And you gotta pay to have my brother's car fixed." They both looked over at the beaten up sports car, with Chris now leaning against it, watching with puzzlement at the two beast teens talking it out.

"Deal," said Ty, taking his forearm off Ponner's throat. The two muscle boys shook hands. "You ready to get huge?"

"More than anything," said Ponner.

"Let's hit it then."

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