High School Bully 7

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Ponner and Ty began to train together in earnest. Ponner benefitted greatly from Ty's years of training for football, and his aggressiveness, attacking the weights like a raging bully, and making Ponner do the same. Ty would get into such a rage sometimes, that he would bitchslap Ponner halfway across the room if he thought Ponner wasn't going at it hard enough. At first, Ponner was totally stunned, and thought he'd made a mistake by agreeing to train with Ty. But soon, as he saw the results, he got into it, and looked forward to Ty's hard powerful slaps. In fact, it wasn't long before Ponner was returning the favor, cuffing Ty upside the head for missing that extra rep. The first time it happened, Ty looked like he was gonna kill Ponner, but instead let out a roaring YEAHHHHHH, and pumped out 8 more reps. After he racked the weight, he did tackle Ponner and wrestle him to the ground, just to prove that he was still vastly stronger.

The two teens would get so insanely bloated with pump that they could barely move, and their arms would be shaking so badly afterward that they would spill some of their protein shakes down their swollen chests as they drank them right out of the blender. Ponner was gaining 10lbs of quality muscle a week, and was soon over 300lbs at 5'8", and still ripped to shreds. Ty was gaining over 15lbs a week, but because he was going for more bulk and power, his gut was swelling out, tight as a tire. At 6' tall, he weighed 450lbs.

The boys had already figured out their goals. Ponner entered every bodybuilding contest he could find, and used his older brother's ID so he could enter, not as a teen, but in the men's superheavyweight division. No one would have questioned his age anyway, since his baby faced looks had faded, especially as his neck passed the 24 inch mark. He crushed eveyone he came up against on stage, and was aiming to get his pro card as quickly as possible. A local promoter steered Ponner to the contests he needed to win to get his card, and within 6 months, he had it. He and Ty had decided he should shoot for the Mr. Olympia.

Ty's goal was to enter the World's Strongest Man contest. After winning 6 powerlifting championships in a row, he entered some regional strongmen shows. He was ten times stronger than any of the local contestants, and he revelled in humiliating the grown men with his crushingly superior feats of strength. The only time he was nearly disqualified was when he cracked one of the Atlas stones in half by gripping it in his arms too tightly.

They practically lived in Ponner's garage. Ponner's dad bought them a ton more weights, and his mom fed them ponderous amounts of food, on top of their protein shakes. They could lift for 3 hours straight, and by the next day, be fully recovered for another 3 hour session. Ponner's V-torso became more and more pronounced, even as Ty thickened out and hardened, more densely packed with muscle than any powerlifter ever seen. Because Ty would occassionally jump Ponner and wrestle him to the ground, they came to discover that the most intense pumps they got was from wrestling each other. They began to wrestle in Ponner's backyard. They'd go at it for over an hour, digging huge divots in the ground with their matches. In the begining,Ty could pin Ponner with one arm any time he pleased, and did so from time to time, just to get off on his own strength, but the more give and take he gave it, the stronger he knew he was getting, and Ponner quickly gained on him. After an hour of intense grappling, they would sit in the yard, huffing, their chests heaving up and down, Ponner's 8pak throbbing in and out, Ty's rock gut doing the same. As they caught their breath, they'd talk about how there wasn't an MMA guy on the planet that could take either one of them, and how, after Ponner was Mr O, and Ty was the World's Strongest Man, they might enter next year's season of the Ultimate Fighter, just to toss Matt Hughes around like a joke. They'd both laugh, then go drink several gallons of protein shakes, focusing their attention toward attaining their first goals first.

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