High School Bully 8

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Ponner and Ty continued to lift and grow, using the two-car garage at Ponner's house as their own personal gym. Ponner's parents, Sue and Nate, decided to totally support the two boys in their goal to become bigger, stronger and more muscular. Ty moved in Ponner's brother Chris's room. They dropped out of school after Sue agreed to home school them. Nate took a second job in order to pay for all the extra food the boys were eating. On the weekends, he drove out to a local organic dairy farm to get fresh raw milk, where to farmer agreed to sell it to him in 10 gallon containers. Each boy was drinking 2 gallons a day, so he needed 3 containers a week. Then he would head off to the cattle ranch down the road, where the cattle was all grass-fed, and buy a side of beef. Fortunately, he had also found a chicken farm in the same area. He bought 30 dozen eggs a week. The boys shoveled away that much food, and more, and their growth was reflecting that intake. Ponner tried to eat clean and stay symmetrical, had sprouted up to 6' and weighed 335lbs. Ty, who was going more for pure size and power, was now 6'5", 405lbs of powerlifter muscle. Ty liked to run into Nate in the hallway. Sometimes, he just laugh as Nate tried to squeeze by his bulk. Other times, he would ask Nate where he was headed. and then simply lift him up and carry him there. When he got him to the bathroom or bedroom, he'd plop him down like a toy. "Enjoy the ride, Dad?" he'd ask Nate, then he'd flex his gargantuan 28" arm in Nate's face. "Geezus, boy," Nate would say. "How big are you gonna get?" "Just wait," Ty would answer. Then he'd turn and waddle away, turning sideways to get thru the doorway, and still his chest and gut would scrape the door frame.

Between gorging on food and marathons of heavy lifting, the boys liked to wrestling in the backyard. One day, Nate was sitting on top of the picnic table, watching them. When Ponner noticed him looking on, he stopped rassling with Ty and stood up. He stripped off his tank top and tossed it.

"Hey, Dad, what do you think?" Then he hit a double-bi shot, and Nate almost fell off the table. He was stunned at how huge and striated Ponner had gotten. The kid had an etched 8pak at 335lbs. He showed how narrow he could make it look by sucking his gut into a vacuum pose. Then he turned and flexed his back, and the lower back muscles popped out into a huge Christmas tree of shredded muscle.

"Son, we need to enter you into some bodybuilding contests," said Nate.

With that, Ty got up and came over to the picnic table. "What about me?" he asked, as he put his hand under the table and lifted it off the ground with Nate still on top. Ty's massive arm bulged like an over-inflated misshapen football with veins.

"You?" said Nate, looking down at the powerful teen. "How would you like to try out a powerlifting competition?"

"Fuck YEAH," roared Ty, as he raised the table overhead in a one-armed press.

Nate spent the next week emailing entry forms for several local contests. He saw no reason to enter the boys against other teenagers, so he lied about their ages. He used Ponner's older brother Chris date of birth for him, and made up one for Ty. The boys won every contest they entered, crushing their adult competition with ease. Ponner could have outflexed Branch Warren at this point, and Ty was benching 900lbs for reps of 20. It was time to move them up a few notches. Nate did some more research, and entered Ponner into a national qualifier bodybuilding competition. He found a regional Strongman competition for Ty.

Ponner came in first place in his contest, placing 1st in the superheavy's and 1st overall. Some of the competitors had left before the contest even started, having seen Ponner backstage.

Ty won his contest also,. although he was nearly disqualified for cracking one of the Atlas stones with his bare hands, in his excitement of having set an unofficial world record in the event. Nate figured it was the glare that Ty gave the judges as they decided what to do that might have made them decided not to take away his medal.

Now, with the summer starting, both boys were more psyched than ever for growth. They kicked up their workouts to two a day, two to three hours each. They ate more during the day. They woke up in the middle of the night to eat again. Even when they were stuffed, they'd force feed each other. Nate started having a food eating contest for them once a week, pitting the two boys against each other, to see who could down the most protein shake, or chicken breast, cans of tuna, hot dogs, ice cream, etc. It all seemed to turn to muscle on them. Ty's powerlifter gut only grew even harder. Ponner stayed amazingly buffed up.

Both boys kept their focus by reminding themselves that they would soon be entering national level competitions, one for bodybuilding, one for Strongman. With the taste of victory from their other contests, neither teen had any desire to lose the next one. In fact, they planned to annihilate the competition. Ponner wanted to earn his pro card as the biggest muscle freak to ever do so, so after every workout or wrestling match with Ty, he would spend another hour flexing in the mirror, squeezing his muscle impossible hard, willing them to grow and swell. Ty would spend that time eating, stuffing himself so full that he would be nearly immobilized for nearly an hour. He would become almost semi-comatose as his massive body processed the insane caloric intake. He would awaken feeling thicker and stronger than ever, which he was. As Ponner approached 375lbs of ripped up muscle, Ty was weighing in at nearly 450lbs of powerlifter mass. And they still had month before their contests to gain even more.

To be continued