Dr. Porter worked as a genetic scientist at a major teaching university, and when he and his wife decided to have a child, Dr. Porter decided he wanted to fool around a little with the baby's genetic make-up. Dr. Porter had been studying the gene structures of some of the world's strongest and most muscular men. He had noticed a similar pattern in one stretch of the DNA helix, and by extracting an ovum from his wife, he was able to re-align its gene structure to resemble this pattern. Then he fertilized the egg, and replanted it in his wife's ovarian tract,hoping it would attach and produce a world class athlete of a child.

Nine months later, their son, Jake, was born. For his first ten years, he was a relatively normal kid, but after his tenth birthday, he began to show signs of accelerated muscle growth. By the time he was twelve, he was 5'7 and weighed 175lbs, all muscle, and the boy had never touched a weight. At thirteen, his father set up a basement weightroom for the boy, just to see what would happen.

Jake took to lifting well. He loved adding weight to his lifts, workout after workout. And he put everything he had into it. His body would pump up so intensely that sometimes he had trouble flexing afterward, but he always went thru various poses, just to see how much bigger he was getting. And he was getting big, fast. His father made special protein shakes for him, and Jake added 20lbs of muscle in the first month of lifting.

When he turned 14, Jake was extremely muscular for his age. And at 5'9, 215lbs,not an ounce of fat, he was strong as a bull. He began going to his dad's university to wrestle with the college wrestling team. Jake was not only powerful, but fast too, and in no time was taking on the team's senior heavyweights, pinning them down in under 20 seconds. Jake totally got into his superior power, and would hold his opponents against the mat and taunt them, saying "come on, fat boy, try and get up".

It seems that his dad's experiment had worked well. But there was a problem too. Dr. Porter had assumed that since he and his wife were both very bright, their son would be too. Unfortunately, that genetic trait got lost somewhere, and Jake was a slow learner who came to detest school work. In fact, Jake had to be held back a few times, and, by eighteen, was still only a sophomore in high school. One very big sophomore. Much to the coach's chagrin, the 6', 285lbs Jake had no interest in organized sports, but prefered to spend his spare time at the gym, hitting the weights harder and more intensely than ever.

There was nothing Jake enjoyed more than pumping up with massive poundages. He was already benching 750 for reps, way more than twice his bodyweight, and he ached to make it to three times. He would pump out set after set, then strip off his shirt and bounce out his huge pecs in the mirror, totally oblivious to the other guys staring in amazement at this massive kid.

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