Jake 2

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At eighteen, Jake was stuck in high school. He was sitting in the back row of his English class, concentrating not on his schoolwork, but on his arm muscles. He held his left arm out in a hard half-flex, rolling his wrist and watching as his bowling pin shaped forearm writhed with steel cable muscle. He loved clenching his fist as hard as he could, then releasing his hand and watching as the blood surged into the heavy veins snaking all over his gnarly forearm. He couldn't wait till three, when he could hit the gym and work his arms, his back, his delts, his...

The bell rang, and as the other students started to file out, the teacher called from the front of the class.. "Jake, stay in your seat, we need to talk for a second". As the last student left the room, he shut the door behind him. The room was silent now, with Jake in the back, and the teacher, Mr. Siedel, in the front.

"Jake," said Mr. Seidel," I don't know what to do, man. You're failing my class again, and I need you to help me out a little."

Jake looked up at his teacher. He liked Mr. Seidel because he knew he really did want to help him out, but Jake just didn't care about school. He also knew that the teacher had the hots for him; he had caught him checking out his massive body on more that one occasion. Jake went to stand up, but his thick thigh caught on the top of the desk. As he stood, the desk came off the ground, clinging to his leg. Jake looked down at the desk, then gave his quad little flex, causing the screws to bust apart like brittle clay. The desktop tumbled to the ground noisely. Jake leaned down, picked up the formica desktop,held it straight out in front of him, and snapped it like a wafer.

Mr. Seidel said nothing. He just stared at Jake in amazement. And, yes, he did have the hots for this huge muscle kid. He'd never seen anything like it. As if reading his mind, Jake said "You wanna see some muscle, teach?" and put his hands to the collar of his XXXL tee, and ripped it off his body. Mr. Seidel audibly gasped at the sight of Jake's thickly muscled torso. The teacher had done some amateur bodybuilding in college and even judged contests now and then, but had never seen anything close to the density of this kid's body.

Jake began to roll the muscle's of his granite 8-pac abs. He had total freaky control of his contractions, and at 3%bf, every rippling fiber showed. He ate so much that his gut protruded some, but was still hard as rock, as Jake knew, since he liked to take baseball bats and snap them across his abs like toothpicks.

"Now, take a look at a back," said Jake, as he turned around and slowly began to spread his lats. His thick wings flared out wider and wider as he pulled his elbows forward. His teacher couldn't believe it. Jake's traps mounded up like a yoke. The freaky wideness of his upper back tapered down to a rippling christmas tree at his lower back.

Suddenly, Jake felt a surge,starting at his feet and moving up through his football-sized calves, into his loins, and converging into his groin. Jake moaned as his bullcock began to swell and wrestle in his jeans. He ripped his pants open, and his cock jumped out like a boa. Jake had never felt like this before, and he LIKED it. The surge continued up through his torso, charging his upper body, pumping him bigger than he had ever been.

He turned to face his teacher, his massive muscles glistening, his cock throbbing and oozing ropes of precum to the floor. Jake hit a double-bi shot, threw his head back and ROARED, shattering every window in the classroom. Mr. Seidel stumbled back against the blackboard. Jake's thick squatter's butt began to contract, pushing his pelvis forward. Suddenly, Jake's cock began to shoot load after load of cum jet-streaming across the top of 12 rows of desks, splattering all over the top of the blackboard. His thick paste ran down the board in gobs. Mr. Seidel had cum in his pants without even realizing it, just before he fainted.

Jake left school that day and never returned. He didn't wait to be expelled, he just knew his time there was done. Besides, all he really wanted to do was get bigger, and stronger... much stronger.

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