Jake 5

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Jake got out of the showers and toweled off. He walked over to the mirrored wall inside the lockerroom. He loved checking out his progress in the mirror, seeing how much more powerful and dense he looked after each workout. Jake knew he had freakzone density, because his father had done a biopsy on his muscle tissue when Jake turned 16. Turned out, Jake's muscle fibers had six times the density of any pro athlete. And that was almost 3 years ago. Jake was sure that by now his muscle was at least twice that dense, making him twelve times denser than any other athlete.

He slowly rolled his thick pecs in the mirror. Harder than tractor tires, he had complete control over his thick rock muscles. He loved to make his pecs heave up, heave down, heave up, heave down. He could even make his nipples plump up just by concentrating on them. Jake looked down at his meaty nips, and willed them to engorge. They responded by swelling and bulging. He loved the way they felt as they got tighter and harder, and he continued to will them to grow until they had plumped up to the size of a man's thumbs.

Then he looked at himself in the mirror. He hit a double-bi shot, watching as his biceps bunched up like two camel humps. He was a total fricking muscle stud, strong as an ox, probably stronger. Just then, a big powerlifter came into the lockerroom and bumped into Jake as he rounded the corner. The dude just kept walking, no excuse me, no I'm sorry. Jake knew this guy was a total ass, cocky as hell and a rude SOB, especially to smaller guys at the gym. Jake looked at him and said,"Hey, asshole".The dude turned around and said,"You talkin to me?" (what else?)

"Yeah, I'm talking to you, shitface" said Jake. "Do me a favor. I need someone to test out my abs. Come over here and punch me in the gut, hard as you can."

The powerlifter, who weighed in at a beefy 290, stared at Jake in disbelief. "I'll knock you right through the wall, motherfucker," he said.

"Oh, we'll see about that,shit-for-brains,"said Jake, stepping toward the lifter. The powerlifter's face turned beet red. No one talked to him like that. "You got it then, fucker," he said, as he reared back his beefy arm.

Jake smiled, his hands on his hips. His 6-pack abs were hard as cinderblocks, and he tensed them even harder.The thick gut muscles responded by gripping in tight. The powerlifter slammed his fist into Jake at full force.

The powerlifter roared in pain, his wrist broken. Jake hadn't budged an inch. The lifter, red with fury, yelled at Jake "I'll fucking kill you!!"

He swung at Jake with his other fist, but Jake grabbed it in mid- swing, and SQUEEZED with his superstrong fingers. "Bad idea," said Jake, crushing every bone in the powerlifter's hand. The lifter's knees gave out under him, and he crumpled in pain.

Jake looked down at him in disgust. "Get your pussy ass outta this gym," he said. "And if I see you in here again, I'll break every bone in that fat pussy body of yours."

To be continued?