Jake 4

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As Jake was going into his gym, the owner noticed him carry his duffel bag packed with clothes. "You moving somewhere?" he asked Jake.

"Nah," said Jake," just moving outta my parent's house, is all."

"Yeah? You got a place to stay?" asked George, the gym's owner.

"Not yet."

"Well, listen," said George,"there's a little room in the back of the gym. If you want to clean it up some, I'll throw in a mattress, you can stay there till you find someplace."

Jake said," Sure, man. Thanks." Now Jake was psyched. He spent the next four hours hitting the weights hard, tossing around mindboggling poundage. He never wasted his time with split routines, or one day on, one day off shit. He just hit it hard as hell, in what ever order felt right.

Today he felt freaky strong, and it proved to be true. He started with bench presses, loading the bar with 595. He pumped out twenty reps, then stopped because he wanted to add weight. He did 685 for another twenty. Then he said fuck it, loaded the bar to 910. He chalked up and got down on the bench. This was 200lbs more than he'd ever tried. He grunted the bar up and out, lowered it slowly to his chest, then powered it up. He managed 12 sets of 15 reps.

Jake was so charged up, he could hardly stand it. He moved right to deadlifts, loading up 1200lbs. He hoist the weights up and down, his massive back exploding with thickness as he blew thru 25 reps, the tremendous poundage threatening to collapse the special lifting platform he was working on. He did 20 more sets, working his way up to 1600lbs, and to a total freak pump. Then he hit the showers.

Jake let the hot water bounce off his rockhard superhuman body. Fuck, he thought, this is awesome. No more school. My own place to stay. Can work out all fricking day. Jake was in heaven, and was stroking himself without even realizing it. But then, so were the three other dudes that were in the showerroom watching him. They had all been so turned on by his display of strength , they had practically jogged to the shower to whack, even before Jake came in.

When he showed up, every inch of his thickly muscled body glistening with sweat, pumped beyond anything they had ever seen, their minds reeled, and so did their cocks. In seconds, jism was washing down the drains as they unloaded to the sight of Jake's magnificence. Meanwhile, Jake was giving himself a turbo-charged handjob, his superstrong fingers milking his cock as he got off on the thought of his freaky strength.

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