The Juicehead 3

The 340-pound muscle freak stood facing me in my living room. His big cock hung out of his jeans like a club-sized pendulum. He saw himself in the mirror on the far wall. He slapped his cock with his big hand, and it sounded like he was slapping a thick pork tenderloin. "The beast leaks precum all day long," he said, stroking himself. His cock looked like all muscle and veins, just like him, and I could see the veins swelling bigger as his big pole engorged. He flexed his free arm in the mirror. "Oh yeah, look how huge I am," he said, never taking his eyes off his reflection. "Twenty-five inched peaked python. Maybe 26 by now, I haven't measured it since yesterday." Then he raised his peak up to his mouth and kissed it. Then he licked it with his big muscular tongue. He stroked his cock and a thick rope of precum flowed out. "Fuck, I'm horny." He took a step toward me, finally taking his focus off the mirror.

"What about Jessica?" I said, in the hopes of not becoming someone's bitch anytime soon.

"She's a cunt. Won't even suck me off. Says it's too big. Won't even put the head in her mouth. Doesn't even want me to fuck her anymore, my dick hurts her. And she kisses like a dead fish. Bet you're a better kisser than she is." He stepped into me and looked down at me, his pec shelf so close to my face that his chest hairs were bristling against my nose. I could feel his body heat pouring off him.

He leaned into me until our noses were touching and said, "Bet I could suck that tongue right outta your throat." He put one big hand on each side of my head. Then he leaned into me and put his mouth on mine. He pried my mouth open. He tilted my head so he could go in deeper.. He was a good kisser, with thick full lips and a hot tongue. I'm a real good kisser myself, and when I started kissing back, I heard him groan, and lean into me. It was like being kissed by a huge muscular planet. I reached out and put my hands on his massive traps, stroking the veins with my thumbs. We kissed slower and deeper and harder. I could feel his huge pec slabs bouncing up and down as he leaned into me. Suddenly, he broke off the kiss and leaned back.

Then he pushed me up against the wall, and punched me hard in my sternum, knocking the wind out of me. As I gasped in short quick breaths, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small inhaler. It looked like it had Chinese writing on it. Just as my chest relaxed enough for me to take a big breath, he put the inhaler up to my mouth. I struggled to get away from him, but he held me in a grip of steel and pressed on the inhaler. After I breathed in the mist, he pulled the inhaler away and covered my mouth and nose with his big meaty hand. His fingers were almost twice as thick as mine.

"Let it sink into your lungs, little man. This is all there is to it, no injections needed. Those Chinese think of everything. You'll feel the effects almost immediately, especially this first time." And he was right. I could feel my lungs opening up, the mist spreading thru. When he uncovered my mouth, I took another big breath in, a deeper breath than I'd ever taken in my life. "You feel it already, don't you little fucker?" Not only that, I could see better. It was like I was seeing the world in high definition. He saw my looking around, blinking.

"Oh yeah, it improves your eyesight too. I've got 20/4 vision now. It's gonna jack up every sensation you have, even for sex. Maybe especially for sex. I have stamina you wouldn't even believe...but you're about to find out." He ripped my shirt open. "It's gonna raise your body temperature too. Mine stays at 102 degrees all the time now. That's why I sweat so heavy." And why his hard cock felt like a red hot poker as it swelled against my chest. He grabbed my ears and shoved my mouth down on his cock head. He forced the head into my mouth and I felt his hot pre flooding my throat. "I got this gay doctor who pays me to let him blow me," he said as he casually bobbed my head up and down on his cock. "He sent my blood out to have it tested, and the lab called him and told him to stop sending in bull blood for testing." He chuckled. "Imagine that, I got fuckin' bull blood running thru me. And my bone density is 5 times that of any human. And my DNA? They couldn't even figure out what kind of animal it came from, they told the doc to stop fucking with them. I know what kinda animal it came from," he said, pounding my head harder on his dick, "A totally superior one, that's who."

On the little table next to me, my cell phone beeped that a text was coming thru. Tony grabbed the phone and read the message, while continuing to push my head on his cock with his other hand. Precum was flooding out of him. Tony snorted, then wrapped his fist around my phone. He held it up to my ear and I heard a cracking sound as he began to crush it. Crunch crunch crunch went my phone as Tony closed his big fist around it. He pulled my head off his cock and I watched as he let the pieces crumble to the floor. My vision, enhanced by some intense Chinese chemical, was like looking at the world thru blu-ray glasses. Tony looked more insanely muscular than ever. I couldn't take my eyes off his rippling massiveness. Every bone in my body ached with desire for the freakish cocky bully in front of me.

"Your girlfriend Teddy is on his way over," he said. He sat down on my couch and pulled off his boots. Then he peeled off his jeans. He stood up, and his quads were so huge, my knees almost gave out. I had been with a Polish rugby player once who had massive legs, but they were like toothpicks next to Tony's. And now free from the jeans, they seemed to be swelling out even bigger. Tony saw me looking at them, and shook them out and then FLEXED. I could see every sweeping striating, every fiber, on his 39" quads, dancing and rolling up and down his legs. He flexed his calf and it balled up to 26" of deeply split bull muscle. I felt like I could see every molecule of muscle on him.

He strutted over to the front door, his massive glutes rolling with every step, striations flashing up and down the jutting globe-shaped mounds. I felt like my jiz was about to fly clear across the room and hit him in the head. And when he put the hard head of his monster cock against the credenza and used it to push the heavy oak dresser out of the way, I did almost nut. But then there was a knock at the door. "Rick, you in there?" I heard Ted say.

"Now we're gonna have some fun," said Tony, as he undid the deadlock, opened the door, and stepped back. Ted stood there looking intensely hot, in his black "TAPOUT" tee shirt. He'd told me he was doing mixed martial arts and kickboxing on top of his powerlifting training, and was hoping to take the kickboxing to a professional level. He was in insane condition. I sure wouldn't want to fight him.

Ted saw me standing against the wall, and he stepped inside before seeing Tony. But then Tony kicked the door shut so hard, I wasn't sure it would ever open again properly. Ted jumped and turned to see the massive pantless muscle beast with a raging boner staring right at him. Ted took a step back. "What the fuck....." he said. "Are you two guys gay for each other?"

"Why," sneered Tony, "you looking for a date?"

Ted's face grew dark. "I think you oughta get out of here and leave Rick alone."

"Make me," said Tony, and he flexed into a most-muscular pose, and he swelled so much inside his lycra shirt that the fabric became semitransparent. Then Tony flared his arms outward and brought them in again, and his mounding back muscle tore the shirt right up the middle. Then he grabbed the front collar of the shirt and ripped it open, shredding the shirt to pieces and letting it fall to the floor.

"Jesus," said Ted, as he watched the massive superheavy weight muscle of Tony's freak body rippling with superhuman power. Tony took a step toward Ted, who reared back and punched Tony in the jaw. Tony's head barely moved. Instead, he just smiled, and tapped his chin with his finger, inviting Ted to try again. Ted shook out his hand, made a fist, and punched Tony square in the jaw again. No effect on Tony, but it sounded like Ted might have broken some hand bones. Tony raised his huge arms out to his sides, parallel to the floor. "Go ahead, punk, take your best shots," he said, motioning with his fingers for Ted to come at him. Ted started pounding Tony's huge torso with body punches like he was working the heavy bag. Tony just grinned the whole time. Then, Ted threw a roundhouse kick that smacked right onto the side of Tony's knee. Tony didn't budge. Didn't even flinch. Instead, he said, "My turn," and he grabbed Ted by his belt and curled him off the ground. Then he tossed Ted into the wall so hard that Ted's hi-top sneakers flew off him. Ted hit the floor, somehow managing to stay on his feet. He came full force at Tony, but Tony turned sideways and clotheslined Ted right across his chest. Ted flipped into the air and did a full 360 before slamming into the ground. Tony leaned over and picked him up, then pressed him overhead. He did ten slow full reps with Ted's bodyweight, then dropped the 260 pound gym manager behind his head like a sack of potatoes. Ted hit the hardwood floor with a thud. Tony sneered at me and rolled his huge delts, making them bulge with ropey muscle. A thick vein ran across each delt that branched into a Y, then branched into two more Y's before turning down into his 26" biceps. He turned around and straddled Ted. He leaned over and undid Ted's belt. He picked Ted up, stood him next to the credenza and flipped his torso down on top of it. He pulled Ted's pants down around his knees. Tony stroked his bullcock, letting precum drip all over Ted's ass. He rubbed his dickhead on Ted's glutes till they glistened with pre.

"Gonna breed you like a chick," growled the massive brute.

"Leave him alone," I said, and jumped over the couch and hopping onto Tony's big ape back. I started punching on his thick muscle.

"Oh yeah, bring it on, little dude," he said, as he began to aim his fist-sized cockhead toward Ted's precum soaked ass crack. "It'll just make me fuck him harder." He jammed his cockhead into Ted's ass so hard that the credenza creaked. My punches had no effect on him, he continued to sink his cock into Ted. Then he began to buck into him, back and forth. I felt like I was riding a bronco. A musclebound sweat-drenched ass-fucking bronco. In desperation, I pictured my fist as a rocket, and aimed it right where I figured Tony's kidney would be and PUNCHED. I heard him grunt. "That fuckin' hurt," he said, reaching back and grabbing me by my arm. He lifted me up and slammed me onto the hardwood floor. I rolled away from him and went over toward the couch, grabbed Tony's jeans and pulled out the inhaler. I took a deep puff.

"You little cocksucker," he said, just as he jammed in deep into Ted's ass. He pulled himself out of Ted, then he came at me. As he leaned in for me, I dodged him, and stuck my leg between his ankles. He stumbled and went crashing shoulder first into the brick wall, cracking the mortar and some bricks.

I scurried over to Ted, held the inhaler to his mouth and said, "Take a hit." He breathed in deep and I saw his eyes widen. Then I took another puff myself. My ears started to ring.

Tony brushed broken brick pieces off his shoulder. "The dosage on that shit is one hit per month, little dude. God only knows what's gonna happen to you now. But I'm still gonna fuck you up." As he came at me, I jumped up quick as lightning, whirled around him, and jumped on his back again. I put one arm around his neck, grabbed my forearm with my other hand, and pinned it under my biceps, putting the huge musclefreak into a choke hold. I pulled as hard as I could against his densely muscled 25" neck column. He tried to pry my arm off his neck, but I could feel power surging thru my arms and held the hold. Then he turned with me on his back, and ran backwards into the brick wall, so hard that more bricks cracked as I slammed into it.

Ted stood up and pulled up his pants. He came over to us and went to slug Tony, but Tony grabbed him around his neck and lifted him off the ground, choking him and shaking him back and forth. But my hold was having some effect on him, and he lowered Ted to the ground and let go. Ted slammed him in his roid gut, and Tony staggered back, smashing me into the brick wall again. It hurt, but it was also pleasurable. My ears were still ringing from that third puff, and I could feel my arms swelling with power as I tightened my choke hold. Tony went down on one knee, then the other. He tapped on my arm, submitting, but I kept the hold on till he fell face first into the floor.

"Dude, holy shit, you took the guy DOWN," said Ted. I could see that his cock had gotten hard. Tony's lips were blue, but he let out a groan, so I knew he'd come to soon.

I looked at Ted and said, "Should I make him my bitch?" My voice was an octave deeper than it had been earlier. I flexed my arms and felt them harden tighter and bigger than ever. I felt like Superman.

"Oh man, you totally should."

I straddled Tony's big legs. I spit in my hand and stroked my cock as I got ready to top the biggest juicehead I'd ever seen. My cock engorged a good 2" bigger than it ever had. I knelt down and my thighs rested against the hardest glutes I'd ever felt. I bitchslapped the back of Tony's head and he grunted.

"Wake up, Alice," I said, "you're about to get drilled." I stuck my dick in between his massive glutes, and wondered what might happen when he became fully awake.

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