The Kid 5

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Tim looked out of the window of the office and saw the milktruck pulling into the parking lot. He wondered why the truck was leaning to one side, until it parked and leveled out as Max stepped out of it. Max was still wearing his prison-issue chinos, but had stripped off his shirt. Still pumped from busting out of prison, his huge shredded torso glistened in the morning sun. He stretched out after the long ride, his impossibly hard muscles twisting and writhing at his slightest move. Then he crouched down and slid himself halfway under the truck.

What the hell's he doing, thought Tim, until he watched in amazement as the freakishly strong Max lifted the truck up and down, bench pressing it for 25 reps. On the last rep, Max tossed the truck up and back, sending it flying and crashing on its side, bleeding milk onto the pavement. Max stood up, then looked down at his massive pecs, all bloated and tight with power. Then he walked up to the front gate. The gate was locked with a giant steel padlock.

Max lifted the lock in one big hand, tested its weight, then began to squeeeeze. His hand closed in on the lock, engulfing it with his thick muscled fingers. The steel began to fold and indent, no match for his handpower. Max sneered at the pathetic lock as he crushed it like an egg. He let the broken steel pieces and cogs fall to the ground, and tossed the gate open. Then he headed toward the office.

Tim was frozen with fear. He couldn't move as the office door flew open and Max filled the doorway. Thru the dark hair of his buzzcut, you could see several old scars where the hair didn't grow. A thick twisting vein stood out on the left side of his temple. His jet black eyes searched the room like the raptors in Jurassic Park. They spotted Tim, and bore into him. The stare that could bring a hardened lifer to his knees was now lasered in on Tim, a nineteen year old college boy.

"Who the hell are you?" said Max, in a dangerous deep growl, more of a warning than a question.

Tim tried to stammer an answer, but couldn't speak. Max's brutish masculine presence made Tim dizzy. He could actually smell Max's thick musky sweat from across the room, and he backed up against the counter as Max began to step toward him.

"I asked you a question, boy, and I never repeat myself," said Max, walking up to Tim and looking down at him. Tim could feel the heat coming off Max's huge thick torso. Max put his hand up and cupped Tim's jaw, stroking the smooth skin of the young jock. Tim couldn't help checking out the veiny powerful forearm of Max.

"You sure are pretty, boy," said Max."And you like all this muscle, don't ya, babe? Feel this chest," he said, taking Tim's hand and laying it on his massive pec. Tim ran his hand thru the bristly black chest hair. The muscle was hard as a wall. Max's nips jutted out thru the thick hair. Max's nostrils began to flare as Tim felt up his powerful chest.

"I got another muscle for ya too, boy," said Max, shoving Tim's hand into his pants. Tim was getting nervous, but was pinned by Max. He grabbed onto Max's cock and let out an audible gasp as he felt the thick musclebound rod.

"Squeeze it, boy," ordered Max. As Tim squeezed, the big pole gushed precum, soaking Tim's hand and lubing up the shaft. Tim began to stroke it, and Max moaned. Then he flipped Tim around and bent him over the counter.

"Let him go," said the Kid, who had stepped into the room unnoticed from the stairway.

Max stopped and looked up. He sized the Kid up, then his lips curled into a sneer. "Now things are starting to get interesting," he said.

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