The Kid 6: The Kid vs. Max

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The Kid stood in the doorway, filling it with his mass. At eighteen, he was big as a brahma bull and many times stronger. His powerful body was clad only in his boxer briefs, stretched over his thick thighs like a second skin.

Max looked him up and down, then lifted Tim, who he had bent over the counter. He tossed Tim across the room like a ragdoll, slamming him into the vault in the back corner.

The Kid went over to Tim, and helped him up."Get into the vault," said the Kid. Tim stepped inside the 6 foot vault door, and the Kid shut the heavy steel door, spinning the lock.

"You think that'll keep me away from him?" smirked Max. He stepped over to the 500lb anvil that was against the wall. He wrapped his thick muscle fingers around the horn of the anvil and lifted it. He reared it back with his powerful arm and flung it at the Kid.

The Kid's hands went up like lightning, catching the hurling 500lbs of iron inches from his face. He lifted it overhead like a pillow, then brought up his knee and smashed the anvil across it, snapping it in two. Then he whirled each piece like two Chinese stars, back at Max.

Max stood with his hands on his hips, and let the broken anvil pieces slam into his massive broad chest. He didn't even budge as the two hunks of iron bounced off him and hit the floor.

"Not bad," said Max. "Now let's say we armwrestle for your friend."

Max stepped up to the counter and slapped his beefy arm onto it, his grip open and waiting. The Kid, on the other side, walked up and did the same. The two freak strongmen were now eye to eye. Max was taller, rougher and more brutal looking than the Kid, but the Kid was broader, his smooth teen muscle busting with fresh, growing strength.

They locked hands.They angled in for a better grip, and testing each other. They both squeezed harder, and the skin underneath both their fingers began to turn white from the pressure, pressure that would have smashed a normal man's bones like eggshell. Max snorted and smirked, while the Kid stared at him, poker-faced.

"GO," said Max, trying for a jump on the Kid, expecting to slam him down with ease. But to his surprise, the Kid was ready for him and held his hand steady. Max, impressed, poured on more power. The Kid did the same, staring right at Max, and doubling the strength of his grip. Max's bullneck reddened and the veins began to bulge out as he intensified his exertion. Small beads of sweat began to appear on the Kid's smooth forehead. Both of their forearms had already swollen immensely, the muscles bulging and as striated as bridge cables.

Both of them inched in closer, angling their big shoulders sharper and higher. Their noses were almost touching.

"I'm taking you down, Kid," huffed Max.

"You and what fuckin Army, old man?" answered the Kid.

Max had never had to go full-force to take a man down before, but now was the time. He poured on everything he had, determined to crush the big teen. But the Kid held, and poured back an equal amount of intense arm power.

Then there was a loud Crack, as the granite-topped counter gave way under the superhuman power of the two armwrestlers. The counter began to wobble. Max, refusing to stop this battle in a draw, raised his free hand and smashed down on the counter with his fist, smashing it into pieces. As it collapsed, the Kid kicked away the broken counter, leaving the two Bulls standing, and now locked into an Indian-wrestling stance. They began to knock each other off balance, destroying everything in the office, until finally they crashed into the cinder-block wall, smashing through it like nothing, and landing outside in a heap, and breaking their grip.

"Now look what you've done, prick," said Max.

"You're the one that did it, cocksucker," said the Kid.

They glared at each other, then slammed into each other like two bulls in heat. They grappled around the workyard, slapping each other into hold after hold, each muscling out of whatever position they found themselves in. Bearhugs, scissors, backbreakers, half-nelsons, full-nelsons....neither could gain the advantage. Max would find himself on top of the Kid, only to be thrown clear across the workyard, smashing some piece of construction equipment, and then being pounced on by the Kid. Then he'd toss the Kid off, and reverse positions. For two hours they fought like this, both of them drenched in sweat and dirt, huffing like machines, muscles raging. Finally, Max had the Kid pinned up against the wall, and right before the Kid pushed back, they kissed. They kissed deep and hard and long. Their sweat and power mingled with their lust. Until the Kid pulled back and said "Fuck!"

"Ok," said Max.

"No, man... the vault... Tim is still in the vault. I don't know how much air is in it"

"About two hours," said Max. "We better get him out."