The two merchant marines woke up on the beach. Tim, a 23-year-old California dude, sat up and looked out at an old fishing boat stuck on a reef about 50 yards from the shore. Paolo, a 22-year-old Brazilian, sat up next to him. Both men were silent as they watch the boat sinking slowing into the water. It had been several days since the ship they had been on was attacked by Somalia pirates who used the old boat and several smaller skiffs to launch their nighttime assault. No one was anticipating an attack that night because of the stormy weather. The seas were high and the wind howling. Once they realized what was going on, the pirates were already scaling the ship. Tim and Paolo managed to jump off the side of their ship, and swam out to the fishing boat thru high, pitching waves. They climped onto the back of the boat unseen. There were only four pirates left onboard, as the rest had taken the skiffs to attack the ship. Tim, who had surfed most of his life, and studied mixed martial arts, was a strapping blond athlete. Paolo, who had played soccer and rugby until he got into powerlifting, was swarthy and packed with muscle. The two of them grabbed the pirates from behind one at a time, and tossed them overboard with such ease that it surprised even them. But as they took control of the boat, and started toward their ship, a large explosion blew up one of the skiffs, and blew a huge hole into the side of the ship. The ship lurched as a big wave crashed directly into the hole. Tim tried to get closer to the ship, but wasn't making much progress in the rough water. Thru the rain and wind, Paolo managed to see the crew getting into the lifeboat on the ship, and lower it into the ocean. The crew was small, there would be only 8 men left onboard with Tim and Paolo gone, so they knew that all of them would fit in the lifeboat, but Tim still steered toward them to make sure. Unfortunately, the crew thought they were pirates, and began to shoot at them from the lifeboat.

"Shit," said Tim, both because of the sound of gunfire, and the thunderous waves that were knocking the little fishing boat back and forth. Paolo looked around for something to signal the crew with, but found nothing. And then a bullet went thru the front of the boat, and hit the engine block. Smoke billowed up from below, and Tim felt the boat losing power. The lifeboat sailed away from them, and the main ship was sinking quickly. The pirate skiffs were nowhere to be seen. To make matters worse, a big wave hit them, nearly capsizing the boat, and clammed them both into the railing, knocking them unconscious.

They woke up the next morning to calm seas. They were adrift in a million square miles of ocean, with nothing in sight but water and sky. If the fishing boat had had a radio or a GPS unit, the pirates or the storm had taken it. There were some provisions on board, but not much. Fortunately there were some jugs of water. The two men drifted at sea for three days, until finally, on the fourth night, the boat ran aground on the reef. They woke up to the sound of it scraping into the hull, and finally breaking holes into it. They looked out and saw the small atoll, so they jumped off the boat and swam to its beach. Happy to be on land, they fell asleep on the soft white sand.

So now, as they woke up to see the boat sinking downward, Tim and Paolo stripped off their tee shirts and swam out to it to retrieve some items that might come in handy. They grabbed a machete, tossed the few remaining canned goods into a burlap sack, got the water jugs, a small canopy, and several other tools. Then they swam back to the island atoll, and carried their stuff to where the jungle met the beach. Tim dropped his stuff down and looked around.

"Man, I am starving. You think these berries are safe to eat?" he asked Paolo, who looked at the plant Tim was pointing to. The vine spread out around them and up a coconut tree, where its berries hung thickly along the trunk.

"I think since they are not red or white, they are safe," said Paolo.

Both the men reached out and grabbed a handful of the purple fruit. They ate a few, slowly at first, then more rapidly as the flavor hit their tongues.

"These things taste awesome," said Tim. Paolo nodded in agreement as he ate some more. Then he took the machete and found a coconut, which he lopped the top off of and handed it to Tim. "Hey, that was smooth," Tim said.

"Yes," said Paolo, "I grew up with these." He grabbed another one off the ground, and cut it open. Both men tipped the coconuts to their mouths and drank till the milk was spilling down their jaws and necks and over their pecs.

"Wow," said Tim, wiping his face with the back of his arm. "That was good."

"I agree," said Paolo, "and I feel full for the first time in days."

They both laid down in the dappled shade of the coconut tree and fell asleep. They woke up after an hour. Tim stood up and said, "I feel awesome, man, I'm going for a swim." Tim stripped down naked, and Paolo watched from the shade as Tim's athletic body ran to the water and dove in. As he swam around the reef and along the shoreline, Paolo got up and walked into the jungle. He saw more of the vining plants around, but none quite as big and full of fruit as the one by the beach. He found a solid looking tree with a strong horizontal branch about 8 feet off the ground. He leapt up and grabbed the branch, and began doing pull-ups. After 20 reps, he dropped to the ground. He felt the muscles of his back, shoulders and arms swelling from the effort. It felt so good. He jumped up again and did more pull-ups. This time 30. He dropped down and flexed his arms. He'd never felt such a hot sensation from pumping up before. He looked at the underside of his forearms and was startled to see veins he'd never seen before, each one pulsing and growing as they fed his muscle.

"Wow," he muttered to himself, squeezing his fists open and shut, watching his already thick forearms swell with size. He jumped back up to the branch, and this time, did 100 pull-ups. Now he was jacked up beyond anything he had ever felt before, even more than when he had hit a max bench of 405lbs back in Brazil. His dark skin was stretched tight across his upper body. He reached up and felt his deltoid. It was as hard as the coconuts that laid around him. He walked back toward the beach, but stopped at the coconut tree that had the vining bush that they had first eaten from. Paolo had a raging hardon now, throbbing as tight and full as his upper torso. He looked out toward the water. Tim was out of sight. Paolo stripped of his pants. His cock sprung out straight, already dripping pre. He stroked himself and groaned at the pleasure of it, ten times more intense than he'd ever felt it. For some reason, he aimed himself at the base of the bush, whose very leaves seemed to be reaching out to him. He went into a zone of muscle pleasure, feeling every powerful sinew swelling and growing. It didn't take long before he was spewing, splattering the 8 inch trunk of the bush with his heavy load. Paolo had always had heavy loads, but he never remembered one of this volume. Or of this much ecstasy. He almost passed out, and had to put one hand on the trunk of the coconut tree until his jiz stopped spewing around the base of the plant. He shook himself out of his daze and put his pants back on. He stepped out into the tropical sun, and let his pumped up muscle soak in the heat. Before long, his dark skin was glistening with sweat. He rubbed it into himself, and was just about to get into the water himself, when Tim swam back up. As he got out of the water, Paolo took a step back in surprise. Tim's athletic body looked twice as tight and ripped as it had when he'd left for his swim. As he breathed in and out from his exercise, his abs showed thru as a hard eight-pack, heaving slightly in and out as his diaphragm contracted and expanded.

"Man, that was outstanding," Tim said, shaking the water out of his blond hair. "You shoulda come with me....." He stopped and looked Paolo up and down. "Holy shit, man, you look like a pro bodybuilder! What the fuck?"

"I know, Tim, and you look like a naked highly muscled Aquaman," said Paolo.

Tim laughed, and said, "I feel like one, man." Then he flexed his arms. A deep split formed along the rising biceps, a split that Tim had never had before. "Geezus," he said, "my arms have grown!"

"Yes," said Paolo, "and that's not all," nodding down toward Tim's groin, where his cock was sticking straight out.

"Shit, man, sorry about that!" said Tim.

"It's no problem," said Paolo. "Come with me."

Paolo led him to the bush. As they got closer, Tim's urge to cum grew almost overwhelming. He grabbed his cock and aimed it toward the base of the vine without Paolo telling him to. In fact, Paolo had grown hard again too, and reached inside his pants and whipped out his cock. Both muscular men jacked toward the plant, which Paolo noticed, even in his daze of ecstasy, had grown higher up the trunk of the palm tree, and had shinier leaves than before. Even the berries seemed to be fuller.

Tim began to cum first, his 8-pak abs clenching and unclenching, hard as bricks, as he spewed all around the base of the vine's trunk. Paolo came quickly afterward, their jiz mingling amid the underbrush of the vine.

Tim steadied himself on the trunk of the palm. "What just happened?" he asked, sweat dripping off his golden forehead.

"I think we just fed the Mother plant," answered Paolo.

And as the two men looked at the vine, they could practically hear it growing, its tendrils spreading outward, its berries swelling, a cluster of which seemed to be offering themselves to the men. Both men took handfuls of them and ate them. Then they ate more. Then some more. When sated, the two men laid down in the shade and slept.

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