Marooned 2

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When Tim and Paolo fell asleep, they were shaded by the fronds of the palm tree. By the time they woke up from their nap, the afternoon sun had moved enough to be baking down on both of them. Tim sat up and wiped the sweat from his brow.

"Man, it's hot as hell," Tim said, startled to find that his voice had gotten deeper. He looked over at Paolo, who also seemed to notice the change.

"You sound different, yes?" Paolo said, but stopped when he realized his own already deep speaking voice had grown even more so.

Tim stood up and stretched, his muscular body rippling like a racehorse. "I feel so fucking jacked up," he said, "I'm gonna go for another swim. Bet I can make clear around this island, see if there's anything going on."

"That's a good idea," said Paolo, standing. He brushed the white sand off his swarthy skin, which seemed to have gotten 2 shades darker from the afternoon sun. "While you're gone, I will see what I can find for shelter for tonight."

"Good thinking, and I'll help you out when I get back." Tim headed out to the water, feeling like he had downed 5 Red Bulls on an empty stomach. He dove into the waves and swam out past the reef, his arms slamming into the water with more power than he'd ever felt. As he swam off, Paolo picked up the machete they'd salvaged from the fishing boat, and walked into the jungle. It wasn't long before he found a small clearing on slightly higher ground. He cleared away the underbrush, and decided this would be a good place to build a lean-to for them to stay in overnight. He saw a half-fallen tree at the edge of the clearing and walked over to it. The trunk was about 3 feet around. Probably too big for what I need, Paolo thought to himself. He pushed on the trunk, and it moved easily, even though Paolo noticed it was still deeply rooted into the ground. He decided to test his strength, and straddling the tree, wrapped his dark arms around the trunk. When he pulled upward, he heard the roots ripping thru the ground. He had barely tugged, yet he felt a surge of power in his upper arms and back. He pulled again and again, each time feeling stronger, each time the tree roots pulling farther out of the ground. He finally ripped the tree clear out of the earth, and, feeling strong as Hercules, shook the black volcanic soil off the big root ball. Then he lifted the 20 foot tree overhead and lowered it behind his neck. He started squatting it up and down, pumping his quads so full that his formerly loose fitting khakis tightened up like a second skin. He did rep after rep, grunting like a bull, charged up by his insane strength. His pants began to rip down the sides of his swelling quad muscles, shredding them like tissue paper. Finally, he tossed the tree trunk behind him. It landed on the ground with a loud thunk. Paolo ripped what was left of his pants off, leaving him in only his briefs. He stared down at his legs in disbelief, watching the striations dance up and down them as he flexed the hard and held the flex till his legs swelled even more. Paolo got hard feeling his new size and strength. He abandoned his project and began to waddle back to the mother plant, rolling his huge swollen quads one around the other. He stopped about halfway back. He reached back to feel his glutes, which were already overdeveloped from his years of rugby and hard manual labor. Now, they mounded out 3 inches thicker than he'd ever felt them, and were hard as iron even though he wasn't flexing them.. When he clenched them together, he almost came in his shorts from the rush of power he felt in them. He started walking again, flexing his legs with every step he took. By the time he got back to the mother plant, his briefs were wet with precum and sweat. He pulled out his cock, and in just 5 hard strokes, he was spewing 2 foot ropes of cum all over the base of the bush, one thick rope followed by another. And another. Thick Brazilian protein paste, feeding the vine.

"My god," he said, leaning against the palm tree, drained. He noticed that one of the vines from the mother plant that twisted around the palm tree had grown thicker and harder. It had an almost muscular look to it, and was actually crushing into the spiny bark of the palm.

Meanwhile, Tim was swimming his way around the island. The sea was calm and the water crystal clear. He was able to stop and tread water in order to scope out the shoreline. The island appeared to be completely deserted. Tim could feel his muscles swelling with power, especially when he stopped to look around. They were throbbing with the pump from his long swim. The hot tropical sun and the salty water made the skin on his back tighten, and he could feel his lats flaring out wide and his traps rising up high. He swam about 200 yards doing the butterfly stroke, which had always jacked up his upper torso. Now, the effect was triply so.

He dove underwater and swam by only kicking. He flew thru the water like a torpedo. Aquaman, Paolo had said. Fuck that, thought Tim, Aquaman is a pussy compared to what I'm feeling. He darted thru the water, maneuvering like a big tiger shark. He saw a giant sea turtle, and followed it along easily. Then he spotted a tuna, not far from where he was. We're going to need more protein if we're going to be here long, he thought, and headed after the fish.

By the time he had swum around the island, and was approaching the reef where the fishing boat's mast stuck up out of the water at a tilt, Tim had caught the 50lbs tuna with his bare hands. As he walked out of the water onto the beach, glistening with power, he carried the fish in one hand. The tuna flayed uselessly against Tim's grip. He saw Paolo under the palm tree and walked up to him.

"Nice catch," said Paolo, impressed. "Good thing I built a fire." Not far from the palm tree was a ring of rocks with a small fire smoldering in it.

"How'd you start it?" asked Tim.

"There was a rusty old bic lighter in the stuff we got off the boat." Paolo waddled over to a banana tree and ripped some big leaves off of it. "Here, wrap the fish in this till we clean it. I want to show you something."

Paolo had piled a bunch of coconuts on the sand. He picked one up and cracked the thick husk in his two hands. The nut fell out onto the ground. He did this over and over again, his pecs and arms swelling with strength each time.

"Now, watch this," Paolo said. He leaned over and picked up a coconut, palming it in one hand. Then he began to squeeze. His fingers began to shake as he bore down on the coconut, and within 5 seconds, the thick-shelled nut shattered like an egg, splattering them both with the white milk.

"Dude, holy shit!" said Tim, wiping the watery cream into his skin.

"Yes, is amazing, no? Try one." Paolo tossed a coconut to Tim. Tim caught it and cupped it in his hand. He squeezed down hard. It took him 10 seconds, but then, the shell gave to his grip, and exploded.

"Fuck yehh," Tim said. "Give me another one!"

The two men took turns crushing coconuts with both their right and left hands, until they had worked their way thru the whole pile.

"Look," said Paolo, nodding toward Tim's forearms, which had swollen up to the size of Popeye's, and were snaked with veins. Tim twisted his fists and watched his fores bulge out with gnarly swells of muscle.

"Man, we are HUGE!" said Tim.

"Yes," said Paolo. "And watch this." Paolo stepped back on flexed into a double-bi. His arms rose up massively. He looked like Dennis James, except with coconut milk running down his mounded pecs and dripping off his big dark nipples.

"Hey, try this," said Tim. He took a few steps away from Paolo, then turned to face him. He put his hands on his hips, then flexed his abs. They popped out as if carved by a laser. "Throw one at them," he said.

Paolo picked up a coconut, tossed it up and down in his palm a few times, then gripped it. He threw it straight at Tim's abs. The hard nut bounced off the brick-hard muscles and fell to the sand.

"I didn't even feel that," Tim said. "Let me try something.:" He picked up the coconut and smashed into his stomach, crushing it into pieces. Coconut milk spilled down Tim's groin and down the inside of his legs. "Holy fuck, man, so fucking strong. Give me another one." Paolo tossed him another nut, and Tim smashed it hard against his midsection. It crushed like an egg, and more milk coated Tim's lower body.

"Nice," said Paolo.

Both men were now fully erect, and turned to the base of the vine to pay homage. Lubed with coconut milk, they stroked themselves into a nearly blind ecstasy, their cocks and balls swollen to nearly double their old size. They blew their big loads all around the vine's base. Then they gorged themselves on the vine's berries, which had grown larger, more numerous, and more plump than ever.

"Now, let's cook up dinner," said Paolo.

Within an hour, the two men had gorged themselves on pounds of freshly seared tuna, along with more berries. When they were done, Tim patted his bulging stomach and said, "Look at my roid gut, dude," Paolo laughed as he patted his own distended gut, still ridged with muscle. Tim stepped up to Paolo and said, "Punch it, man." He flexed his rounded gut into 8 bricks of muscle. Paolo didn't need to be asked twice. He reared back and slammed his fist into the hard gut muscle. "Oh yeh, bro," said Tim, smiling. "Fucking punchproof!"

"Now try mine," said Paolo, proudly jutting out his dark, mounded muscle gut. Tim hit Paolo with a good solid THUD into his gut. "Oh yes," he said, "that felt good."

The two men spent the next ten minutes trading punches, eventually working up to their big pecs and delts. They stopped when they noticed that it was getting dark. The fist-shaped welt marks on their torsos faded away quickly when they stopped.

"We should finish the shelter," said Paolo.

"Sounds good to me, man, I could use the shut-eye."

The two heavily-muscled men made their way into the forest as the tropical sun sank into the western horizon. The mother plant swelled with growth in the twilight.

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